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Mommy Aoife

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Summary: What if Aoife has adopted Harry Potter? Dumbledore and Hogwarts weathered many challenges, but can they deal with Dark Fae?

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DmitriFR181111,42412116,95118 Mar 129 Apr 12Yes

Unpleasant developments

Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

The first time Aoife saw Remus Lupin – after a long hiatus, that is – she knew that there was going to be trouble. “And what do you want?” she asked curtly, pretending to fail to recognize him after several years (and feeling very relieved that Harry was currently at the Creevey house). “Orange juice? Or fiscal charity?”

“I don’t want anything from you, Aoife,” the werewolf wizard growled, indicating that he had not forgotten the last time they saw each other, and the succubus left him hanging. “I want Harry.”

“I told you,” Aoife said, as she shifted position and started to approach the one member of the wizarding world whom she had known intimately and betrayed as it was the custom of the succubae, “that there’s nothing between us, didn’t I? Back then, in Edinburgh.”

“And I am telling you,” Remus growled, “surrender Harry. I don’t know how you were able to keep him within your grasp, but this ends now.”

“You’re right, it will,” Aoife snapped right back, “because I am not working solo at the moment – I got back-up.”

That was the last thing Remus heard for a while, because at this moment he was knocked out for a long time.

* * *

“And what’s the story with this one?” Alexandra’s turquoise-eyed minion asked Aoife crossly.

“A werewolf wizard – one of those who got bit, not born,” Aoife admitted. “Admittedly, this may not be too important in the long run, but this one did his best to cut-out and minimize the wolf in him; if he could purge it out of him completely, he would.” She paused. “I ran into him when I was working against one of Shami-Amourae’s clan – it was personal, not court business. He was running errands for ABPW Dumbledore, and it was prudent for us to become allies for a while. Sadly for him, I found his moralizing and self-pity unpleasant, and the fact that he actually tried to recruit me for this order of the wizards was a major turn-off. So, once I was done with my part, I left, hoping that it got the message across. Apparently I haven’t, not completely,” she glared at the unconscious werewolf. “I guess he thought that I really was merely a helpless, powerless strumpet after all.”

The other Fae looked thoughtfully down at the prone werewolf. “He really keeps his wolf under tight control?” he asked flatly. “Natural” werewolves, though not the most social of creatures’ outsides of their own packs, were still Fae, and those who got “cursed” by them were considered “honorary Fae” too. To think that one of them would do his best to change this, was an insult to Fae-dom – at least in the eyes of the Unseelie Fae, and right now this was the only kind of Fae that mattered to Remus Lupin... if he was currently conscious.

“I see,” the other Fae continued to speak, and his voice was as warm and friendly as a piece of metal. “So. This is what he does.”

“You’re not making any sense,” Aoife said flatly. “Either elaborate or shut up.”

“I shall send him to the Sahara,” the other Fae said flatly. “There he’ll get his priorities straight or die, but either way, he will not insult us by his behavior.” He snapped his fingers. “Yes. That’ll what I do.” The next moment he vanished alongside with Remus Lupin.

* * *

“...and that’s the last I saw of them,” Aoife told Severus Snape a couple of hours later. “I must confess, I never liked Remus Lupin. He was quiet, docile, annoying, used borrowed opinions as his own-“

“I lived and studied alongside him for seven years,” the current head of the house of Slytherin replied quietly, “so I understand the gist of your ideas well enough. But I will have to bring him back, wherever your copper-skinned buddy have taken him, and-“

“Why?” Aoife asked, also quietly. “You have no love for him, and this wasn’t your fault at all. Why?”

“Because what your – what that Fae has done, is doing, is wrong,” Snape said quietly. “I owe Dumbledore a lot and I owe Remus nothing, but what Remus is doing regarding his lycanthropy... I have to take his side. It’s just human.”

“Ah. And Dumbledore is thinking of sending you after Lupin anyways?”

“Not really. He obviously doesn’t know that Lupin’s actually not in England,” the potions-master said wryly. “This would’ve actually given me leeway not to go after him, but... he was Lily’s friend, and that’s good enough. It’ll serve.” He paused and added. “Plus, with the Longbottoms actually recovered and beginning to spill the beans – like, how they got cursed by Rudolphus by incapacitating and impersonating Bellatrix – it might be good for me to leave England for a while, you know?”

“No doubt about it,” Aoife nodded, her own wry smile on her lips. “Anyways, here. Take this letter. Go to Gringotts, ask for Jacob the siabrie.”


“Jacob the siabrie. He does not like me, but he owes me, and helping you would be a perfect way to wipe the slate clean between the two of us.”

“And he – whoever, whatever – he is, is working at Gringotts and will help me?”

“Yes,” Aoife nodded. “The goblins, after all, are tied to the Unseelie and the Seelie courts too, though they won’t admit that readily.”

“All right,” Severus Snape said firmly. “I’ll take it.”

“Good luck.”

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