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Mommy Aoife

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Summary: What if Aoife has adopted Harry Potter? Dumbledore and Hogwarts weathered many challenges, but can they deal with Dark Fae?

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DmitriFR181111,42412116,89618 Mar 129 Apr 12Yes

Hermione Grainger

Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

The rescue of Remus Lupin took the potions-master two weeks. Considering that the Fae style of travel (provided in this case by Jacob the siabrie) was instantaneous (even more so than Apparating or travelling flue-style), this still implied an amazing level of efficiency and action, especially for a human. The fact that Snape returned not just with his ex-school mate, but with several “souvenirs” both for Rubeus Hagrid and Pomona Sprout, only emphasized these qualities of his further.

However, Murphy’s Law being what it is, on the day when professor Snape (and Remus Lupin) did returned (all tanned and skinnier than before), Aoife and her neighbour Mrs. Creevy took the older boys to the dentist’s...

* * *

The door opened and closed, the electronic doorbell rang. “Yes?” the secretary asked as she looked up from her post.

“Hello,” Aoife smiled brightly both at the young woman and at the little girl who was playing quietly with some blocks and coloring books in the corner. “We’re Ms. Ambroise and Ms. Creevy; we’re here for our first time’s appointment?” Aoife said brightly, looking around with some curiosity: the Fae did not have dentists, for most of them had several rows of teeth, grow-ing throughout their lifetimes; in several rows, in some cases, like the manticore.

“Why yes, hello again!” the woman looked slightly flustered. “Henry, our ten and ten-thirty appointments are here!” she turned back to Aoife and Ellen. “Sorry about this. We’ve opened only recently and some things still need to be smoothed out.”

“That’s okay,” Ellen Creevy grinned back. “We all had bad times in our lives. Is that your daughter?”

“It is,” the woman looked even more flustered. “Sorry about this – we were unable to find a regular babysitter yet; we’re new to this neighbourhood-“

“I can help,” Aoife said thoughtfully, as all of these months and years hanging around Ellen Creevy and the latter’s social ways suddenly caused a reaction. “I’m something of a housewife at the moment, and this is our neighbourhood, so maybe we can hammer out a deal?”

“Maybe... you’re not acting for a discount on your medical, are you?” the other woman asked half-tentatively half-suspiciously.

“No, just channelling Ellen over here,” Aoife grinned back. “Sorry about the spontaneity. Seriously, though, she is a lovely girl."

"Yes, she is," the woman agreed, softening once again. "Hermione, say hi to the boys!”

“Hi!” the girl spoke, revealing a pair of large incisor teeth (still, since her parents were dentists, odds are that she was going to get rid of them sometime in the future). “I’m Hermione! Who're you?”

“Hi! I’m Colin!” said Colin. “You’re funny!”

“I’m Harry!” Harry moved forwards, trying to overshadow the slightly younger and shorter Colin. “I’m older!”

“And it’s your turn to go to the nice doctor first,” Aoife said with a slight smile – this was a sight that was more than familiar to her, after all. “But don’t worry,” she added, seeing how Harry’s face fell a bit upon hearing this, “they’ll be here, once you get back from the office.”

And so, off Harry went to get his teeth checked for the first time and to become a big boy.

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