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Destiny In The Stars

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Summary: Faith is taken prisoner by Kakistos, magically altered by Ethan Rayne and sent far far away.

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Star Wars > Faith-CenteredBloodCloverFR1513,3651881919 Mar 1219 Mar 12No
Destiny in the Stars

Summary: Faith is taken prisoner by Kakistos after she blinds his eye, and he hires chaos mage Ethan Rayne to exact punishment on her. BtVS/Star Wars crossover and a fine example of why you shouldn’t smoke weed. There will be more for me to blaze up and come out with this kind of crazy bulls**t.

Disclaimer: Joss owns BtVS, Lucasfilms owns Star Wars.

Warning(s): Language

Chapter I: Changing Faith

Faith Donna Lehane cracked one of her swollen open slightly at the sound of the metal door scraping open, wincing at the sight of the two vampires, both in full game-face,
that entered her small cell, located somewhere in the basement of the lair of the vampire Kakistos. The heavily injured fifteen year old starts to struggle as the two vampires approach her and grab her roughly, but the one on her right side is in no mood for her antics and a swift punch to the side of the face disorients her enough for the two minions to drag her out and down the corridor outside the room.

Faith’s vision is hazy as they half-carry her through the building and up at least two flights of staircases before she feels, rather than sees the presence of the hated Kakistos. She dispels a whoosh of breath from her lungs as she is mostly thrown from the grasp of her two escorts, landing roughly upon the splintering wood floor and feeling several of her cuts rip open.

Slowly she raises herself up on her hands, her black and swollen face coming up to meet the eyes of her hated nemesis, the walking corpse who had killed her watcher. She fixes him with the fiercest look she can muster, but he just looks down at her broken form and chuckles deeply.

“At your best you couldn’t have beaten me slayer.” Kakistos sneers down at her as he stands from his makeshift throne and steps up to tower over her. She strikes out at the vampire lord, but her movements are sluggish and the ancient master easily grabs her tiny fists in his own, and drags her up to her feet, keeping her from collapsing as the two minions that had brought her up step forward again to stand behind the beaten slayer. “Bind her to the altar and then go and collect those three hunters who killed Mr. Trick and Connolly.”

Faith lets out a soft whimper of pain as the two minions grab hold of her again and drag her over to the altar that has been set up in the center of the room, throwing her upon it and quickly binding her wrists and ankles with the chains that are fastened to the concrete slab.

She turns her head in Kakistos’ direction, catching sight of him speaking with a human looking man holding a box under his arm, and strains her ears to pick up their words through her disorientation.

“I have made modifications, obviously, to the spell.” The human man said, in an accent Faith quickly identifies as British. “While she will retain her human mind, the changes to her appearance will be permanent, and will make her appear demonic, should she ever escape the hell dimension you picked out.”

Faith’s swollen eyes widen more than any doctor would ever encourage in her state and she winces in pain as tears pool within, the saltiness burning her. She watches as Kakistos gives the British man a curt nod and the latter turns and begins towards her, a look of disinterested contempt in his eyes. Their gazes meet briefly as Ethan Rayne steps up to the altar that Faith is chained down to and he places the box down on the middle of the stone slab, out of the young slayer’s manacled reach.

She watches with growing anxiety as he casually flips open the box, reaching in and pulling out what Faith can only describe as a double tentacled headdress, that looks extremely lifelike. Each of the two protruding appendages have green and gold crisscrossing lines painted on, and there is a crown of sorts that the two are pulled through, covering the base of the hat. She watches with her eyes still wide as he pulls the tentacle hat down over her head, securing it down with some difficulty and with the aid of the chinstrap that he pulls tight so she cannot dislodge the odd headdress with her weak thrashing. She is unable to do much more than lay there helplessly as he adjusts the adornment slightly, allowing some of her dark hair to fall out around the sides and front of it before stepping back.

“She’s all set for the spell.” Ethan informs the ancient vampire, who moves up to stand next to the chaos mage.

“Good. You can start in a moment.” Kakistos replies, a dark look of glee in his remaining eye. The vampire and mage both turning to face the returning minions, dragging three chained and beaten humans between them, two men and a woman, the hunters that Kakistos had ordered be brought before him. “Unchain the hunters, but hold them still until I give other orders.”

Seven other minions converge on the trio of hunters as the first two unlock the shackles on the prisoners, and each of the three is firmly kept from trying anything heroic as they are brought within a few feet of the altar that Faith is chained to and forced to their knees.

“You may begin mage.” Kakistos instructs, and Ethan steps back up to where Faith is chained down, holding his hands out above her restrained form.

“Oh great god Janus, look kindly upon your priest on this night and let your beautiful chaos bleed over this soul.” Ethan intones, his eyes turning black as he speaks and mist begins to emanate from beneath the stone slab, obscuring Faith’s view of the rest of the room.

Then the pain hits her. Searing and burning agony fills her whole being as the tentacled ‘hat’ fuses itself to the back of her scalp, her body writhing and jerking against the chain restraints as her screams echo out of the cloud of fog. Two minutes later, her excruciating ordeal is over, the pain flees her leaving behind a strange numbness from the back of her skull and the fog turns to water, falling around and on her.

Faith begins shivering at the cold wetness that soaks her clothes as she continues to lay on the altar, still chained.

“It’s done, and my spell can be reversed by no one but me.” Ethan boasts, looking down over Faith, a look of twisted satisfaction on his face as he reaches out and rubs the wet surface of one of the lekku that protrudes from the back of the fifteen year old’s head.

Faith gives an involuntary twitch at the sensation of the touch, noticed by both mage and master vampire amidst the dark haired teenager’s shivering.

“Prepare the portal!” Kakistos roars at the other two magic users, these both demons who give a nod of compliance before the vampire regards Rayne. “Unchain her and stand her up, I will be the one to throw her through, after the other three have gone.”

Faith feels the pressure on her bound appendages lessen and she attempts to break free, but in her weakened state the British man easily overpowers her as he pulls her off the slab, one arm wrapped around her upper torso and the other holding her midsection firmly as he pulls her back to his chest and slowly walking her toward the vampire, Faith’s twin lekku trapped in the space between.

“Easy girl, you aren’t a slayer anymore.” Rayne coos maliciously in her ear and she panics internally, her lack of strength seemingly backing the mage’s claim.

The portal spell has been cast as Ethan hands the still shivering Faith of to Kakistos, who grabs her by the back of her neck and one of her lekku, forcing her to watch as the first hunter, a natural Irishman by the looks of him is forced up to the edge of the portal, the redhaired female hunter’s outcry of ‘No!’ causing all eyes to shift to her.

“It’ll be alright Ava, I’ll find you.” The Irishman promises before he’s shoved through the crackling portal and is gone.

The redhead woman and the other hunter, a darker skinned male follow suit and disappear into the vortex, leaving Faith alone with Ethan Rayne and a roomful of vampires.

“Your short journey is at an end, young slayer.” Kakistos crows as he drags her weakly struggling form across the room until both are at the portal’s mouth. “To hell with you!” The vampire’s voice booms in her ears and she is shoved forward into the black.

Faith feels herself tumbling down a seemingly endless hole, Kakistos’ last words to her still echoing in her ears as she descends. After what feels like an eternity of the black, Faith’s vision fills with light and she feels her back impact solid ground before she finally falls into another black, the bliss of unconsciousness.

“I think she’s waking.” Faith heard a voice say as she slowly fought her way back to consciousness, cracking her eyes and squeezing them shut again as the bright overhead light fills her vision. “To fifty percent, dim the lights to.” She hears another voice say from beyond her closed eyes, and she blinks a couple times a moment later.

“W-w-where am I?” Faith croaks out, her voice sounding much younger than her fifteen years.

“In the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, you are.” A different voice informs her and Faith turns her head to the side, to see the two men that have spoken. One is a tall black man, and for a moment the former slayer is reminding strongly of Jules from Pulp Fiction and then sees the little green guy, who is clutching onto a cane and she shoots up in bed, feeling the added weight of the two lekku that are coming out the back of her head.

“Be at peace youngling, you are quite safe here little Twi’lek.” The green man says, and Faith feels waves of calm washing over her and meets the gaze of the impish man.

“I’m not little.” Faith half snaps, then takes notice of how short the space between her head and the spot where her much smaller feet are poking up from beneath the blanket, and in a swift motion she has the coverings off and is gaping at her now tiny form. “Shit.” She curses, her gaze falling back upon the two men with a sad look on her face.

“I’m guessing Coruscant isn’t on Earth.” Faith says softly, her small hands coming up to feel the lekku that the mage had fused to her head. She sees the pair exchange a confused look. “You don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

“Quite a stir, your arrival here caused.” The imp tells her, stepping forward with his cane in front of him. “Your name, can you tell us?”

“Faith.” The young girl answers after a slight hesitation, her hands falling from the lekku and she hugs her knees as she pulls her legs close to her chest. “What is a Twi’Lek? Is the kind of demon that Kakistos’ mage turned me into?”

Another look is shared between the two Jedi Masters, not missed by the de-aged slayer turned alien/demon girl.

“I have no knowledge of anyone with the name of Kakistos, and there are no practicing mages on this planet, nor is their any planet within the rim called ‘Earth’.” The Jules lookalike answers after a moment. “And yes, your appearance is indicative that you are of the Twi’lek race, we have several of your people in the Jedi Order.”

“The Jedi Order?” Faith asks, now the one to be in the dark. “Is that like the Watchers Council?”

“I have no id-” Jules’ reply is cut short by the green imp.

“Of the council, I have heard. There are writings of them in the archives.” Green Imp says. “They were purged from existence nearly four thousand years past, hunted down by the ancient lords of the Sith. Odd to me it is, that a youngling of five standard years would have knowledge of such things. Misplaced, you have been eh?”

“Something along those lines.” Faith agrees, catching onto the green imp’s odd speech patterns. “Although thrown away would have been a better term for what happened to me.”

“Know how to return to home, do you?”

Faith turns her head to meet the imp’s intense gaze and gives a small shake of her head. “I wouldn’t even know where to start.” She admits in a sad tone. “Before I ended up here, the people that sent me did some kind of spell that gave me these.”

Faith’s small hands return to the twin appendages now coming out of the back of her head, pulling them over her shoulders so she can closer examine them. “What are these anyways?”

“They are called lekku and they are the distinctive feature of the Twi’lek race, of which you are clearly a part of, whether or not you were before your arrival.” Jules tells her, taking a step forward and Faith cranes her neck to look up at his towering form, her lekku falling behind her as the two lock eyes. A long moment passes between the two and then ‘Jules’ speaks again as he breaks their eye contact to look to the imp.

“Are you sensing the same thing I am, Master Yoda?” Jules asks, his eyes revealing nothing to the (now) five year old Twi’lek girl, who glances uneasily between the two.

The green imp, Yoda, gives a stern nod. “Predestined it seems, her arrival here was. Strong in the force, I sense of this one.”

“Wait, were there any others that were found with me?” Faith suddenly remembers the other three that had been forced through the portal before Kakistos threw her in, but receives twin looks of blank confusion.

“You gave several of the younglings quite a shock with your sudden appearance in the hall outside the training center, but you were alone.” Jules answers, a troubled look on his face. “There were others sent with you?”

“Not with me exactly, but forced through the same portal.” Faith recollects. “There were three others, two men and a woman. I don’t know the names of the men, but one of them called the woman Ava.”

“Found anyone with that name, we’ve not.” Yoda tells her. “Friends of yours, these are?”

“No, not exactly, just other prisoners of the one who sent me here. I don’t even know what they look like really, I wasn’t in the best condition during the brief time we were in the same room before they forced us through the portal.” Faith admits, moving her small body to the edge of the bed and letting her now much shorter legs dangle over the side for a moment, before dropping to the floor and standing in front of the two Jedi masters. “But if there is any chance that any of the others have survived as well, I need to find them.”

“You will in time.” A new voice speaks and the three all turn to face the new arrival, who had appeared just as unexpectedly as Faith had been told she had.

“Who are you?” the slayer turned Twi’lek questions suspiciously, recognizing the man’s accent as being Brooklyn in origin.

“My name is Whistler, and I’ve been sent to set you on your new path, Ms. Lehane.” The man announces, bowing slightly as he silently prays that this encounter with a slayer will reap better results than the last, and he would get to keep his ribcage where it was. “As the chaos mage Rayne told you, and I’m sure you have discovered by now, you are no longer the slayer. There has been no need for them in this part of the multiverse for thousands of years. I apologize for your ordeal and banishment here, but having two active slayers in one dimension tips the scale too far to one side and the powers were forced to correct things.”

“I have no idea what you just said.” Faith deadpans, blinking her eyes a couple times. Her twin lekku twitching slightly in synchronization with her blinking. “But I don’t think I care for the tiny bit that I did.” She adds, taking a step forward with her eyes blazing.

“Easy there tiger.” Whistler holds his hands up in mock surrender. “I don’t make the rules or plan a damn thing, I just give people the lowdown on what they need to do.”

Faith glares at Whistler as he looks down at her, his height easily dwarfing her greatly reduced size. “Now since you got the short straw in all of this, the powers have decided to grant you a boon by changing your powers to fit this dimension.” The Italian man says, his gaze moving to Yoda and Jules. “Masters Yoda and Windu, you must admit her to the academy for training. With your guidance, she will be one of the greatest of your order. Dark times lay ahead in the coming years, and Faith will play a pivotal role in what’s to come.”

“Can you stop talking as if I’m not here?” Faith demands, her tiny fists balled at her sides as she continues to fix Whistler with a glare. “Have your ‘Powers’ turn me human again and send me home.”

“My apologies Ms. Lehane.” Whistler says, true contrition in his voice. “They aren’t going to change you back, and if you want to go home you’ll have to find your own way. And before you ask, it is beyond my power to interfere with their direct orders.”

Faith’s shoulder slump and she falls back to sit on the edge of the bed. “I can never go home then.”

“There are ways for you to go back, but I am forbidden to give you any information on how to accomplish this.” Whistler says with visible contrition, turning once more to face the Jedi. “Keep her safe, and on the path of light and she will help turn the tide of the coming war.”

Faith’s glare lessened slightly as Whistler regarded her one final time. “You might end up liking it here, who knows? You take advantage of what those two can teach you, you’ll do just fine kiddo.”

Whistler fades from existence in front of Faith and the two Jedi, who slowly turn from where Whistler stood, to stare at one another.

“Much to discuss, it seems we have.” Yoda intones, receiving a non-committal nod from Faith, who keeps glancing at the spot where Whistler had stood.

Ten Years Later

“Padawan Solara!” the now once again fifteen year old Faith shot out of the chair she had been relaxing in at the sound of Master Windu’s voice, her twin lekku dangling behind her as she meets the gaze of her teacher.

“Master?” She inquires, her calm stirring at the conflicted look in the eyes of her teacher.

“I have an assignment for you to undertake.” Mace Windu informs his apprentice as he comes over to where she is standing in their shared apartment.

“What do you need?” Faith asks, having no plans for anything outside of compliance.

“You are to accompany Knight Jinn and his Padawan Kenobi to Naboo, to observe their negotiations to end the blockade that the Trade Federation has imposed on the planet.” Windu instructs quickly. “Pack a few belongings, you’re leaving in an hour.”

Faith gave him a wide grin and rushed past him toward her quarters, her lekku swinging behind her with her quick movements.

“And Faith?” Mace’s stern tone stops the teenage Twi’lek Jedi-in-Training in her tracks and she turns to face him, her attention fully on him. “Observation only, and use your Twi’lek name exclusively. Last thing we need is for someone to start looking into your past.”

“Of course Master Windu.” Faith promises, before she continues her trek to her quarters to pack a few of her belongings.

To Be Continued…

A/N: The next chapter will get into the events of Episode One, showing snippets on how Faith/Tanwyn’s presence affects things in the events leading up to the confrontation with Darth Maul.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Destiny In The Stars" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Mar 12.

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