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Let the Black Waves Roll

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This story is No. 13 in the series "Resurrected 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is what happens when a Watcher of average abilities is forced into tight quarters with a Bear who’s faced numerous heartaches. Sanctuary will never be the same. (Resurrected 'Verse)

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesJmariaFR152253,51626016,65322 Mar 1228 Nov 12No

Still Same Old Tired Issues I Own

Title: Let the Black Waves Roll
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18
Disclaimer: I do not own: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Dark-Hunters (The Avengers, Charmed, Doctor Who, Glee, Supernatural or Torchwood.)
Summary: This is what happens when a Watcher of average abilities is forced into tight quarters with a Bear who’s faced numerous heartaches. Sanctuary will never be the same.
Words: 3,001
A/N: All the info on the Peltiers was taken directly from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s website. (As a mini-rant: I have no idea who’s up now that Ren’s story has been told - I kinda want it to be Sasha’s turn or Urien’s. I’m not sure I can cope with this one-Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter/Dream-Hunter book release a year thing. At least last year we got Retribution & The Guardian pretty close together. Her next release is a League title, and her last one was an Alterant. )
This chapter brought to you by: Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield, Enchanted by Taylor Swift & Do You Feel by The Rocket Summer.

Let the Black Waves Roll
But I’m Still Waiting In Line

Quinn’s friends had rallied around her, leaving Kit alone to face off with an incredibly pissed off bear. Dawn had taken one look on his face and had steered Carlos far, far away from them. Which still left her alone with the bear.

“You gonna explain why you’re throwing us away?” Remi glowered down at her.

“What’s there to explain, Remi? Has what’s gone down not slapped you upside the head like it did for me?” Kit stepped through to the kitchen - why the hell were they always in the damn kitchen when things got heavy? “We’re not - we’re not mated, so I really don’t have to tell you.”

“You think that’s gonna matter?” Remi stepped up into her.

“It might not matter now, but one day, when I’m old and gray and you still look fucking fantastic even pushing three hundred - it’s gonna hit you that you wasted time with a weak human.”

“I’m I still payin’ for that one?”

“No, Remi. But even if that didn’t matter - you can’t stay here.”


“And I can’t leave her.” Remi opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off. “I can’t leave here. I can’t take her to New Orleans. She’s already been uprooted twice. And for the next two years, she’s gotta have rock solid or else she’s gonna get into worse shit than I did when my dad died.”

Losing her dad had fucked her up good. She’d blamed everyone, including herself, no matter that there was nothing she could have done to save him. And Kit knew she was blaming herself for being with Remi the morning Quinn had found Eleanor. She should have stayed the night at Eleanor’s, like her grandmother had offered. On top of her guilt over Eleanor’s death, Quinn was just now coming to terms with what had happened with her baby. Remi knew a fraction of that guilt - even if he’d been blaming himself for not being there for his parents, she knew that Aimee still carried guilt over it.

“And if I wanna stay?”

“You can’t. Sooner or later, they’ll need you, and I’m not hurting your family that way.”


In the end, he’d gone without much more fight. And Kit had been left on the porch with Buffy. Which had been weird. They hadn’t had much interaction since the Head Slayer had helped save her from Sunnydale High, years ago.

“You pushed him away,” Buffy said quietly, her hands folded over her crossed knees. Kit smiled as she thought back to the first time she’d seen her in the guidance counselors’ office.

“I have a teenager to deal with, and I’m not his mate. I’ve seen what that means to them,” Kit looked straight ahead. “It’s a blessing and a curse.”

“And if his turns out to be a curse?”

“Then at least I won’t be there to see it. Even if it did, the Fates have insured that he could never be mine again. The males - they can’t be with anyone but their mates. The females can, but that’s it for the mated males. I‘d lose him one way or another.”

Buffy let this sit between them as she stared out at where Quinn was waving goodbye to her friends. The blonde around the house to the side door, not even looking at the porch. Quinn hadn’t been able to even come up to the front door again, and took the back or side entrances if she had to. The wounds were still too fresh for her. Kit, sadly, was used to death, and she hadn’t been the one to find Eleanor.

“What are you going to do about your job assignment?” Buffy’s question startled her.

“I can’t stay here,” Kit said slowly. “There’s not enough supernatural activity to warrant a permanent slayer or watcher here. Detroit’s watcher is capable. Cleveland is stuffed to the gills with watchers. I have one permanent slayer, who’s ties are to the south. And I’ve got a teenager who can barely step foot into this house, which we have inherited.”

“Plus, you put in a transfer request.”

“That still valid?” Kit asked.

“Kalamazoo,” Buffy nodded. “There’s been a spike in activity there the last few months. Enough to warrant the placement of two slayers and a watcher.”


“Vi’s been itching to get away from Sam Winchester, and apparently Cleveland isn’t far enough away from Lima,” Buffy sighed. “And I thought Dawn getting engaged to Dean Winchester meant that I would be spared boy drama.”

“Do you think it’d be good for her?” Kit blurted out. “After everything -”

“She can’t stay here,” Buffy said quietly. “I know what it’s like to find someone you love dead for no reason, with nothing to blame. Except you blame yourself over and over again, and that girl’s got enough emotional turmoil already. Make it a fresh start and watch over her.”

Same Old Tired Lonely Place

Quinn hadn’t come back yet, but Kit wasn’t worried. The Glee kids, starting with her old friend Cassie and going all the way down to the newest guy Sam, had been texting her nonstop on their whereabouts. Kit hadn’t broken the news to them yet. That she was gonna be the big bad in this situation, that she was gonna tear Quinn away from her support network and the home she’d come to know. She let her keys clatter on the kitchen counter of her borrowed apartment, and she couldn’t help flashing back to her and Remi. Had it been a week ago?

“Where’s Quinny?”

Kit’s head jerked up as she noticed Remi lounging in one of the ladder-back chairs. He was hiding out in the shadows, his face blank as she came forward.

“Out with the kids. Rina’s watching over her, and Dawn’s supervising,” Kit cleared her throat. “What are you doing here, Remi?”

“Had to see you.”

“Well, here I am,” Kit spread her arms out. “Everything okay with the Country Bears?”

“You gonna stop callin’ us that?”

“Nope,” Kit smiled. “Cody still reminds me of Haley Joel Osmet.”

It had been a thing for them, back when the twins flirted with her like crazy to annoy Remi. He’d been pissed about the assignment back then, and pissed that she didn’t need him as much as he’d thought she would. But then, Remi’d only had two moods: annoyed and pissed off. Then she’d met Etienne, the resident pretty-boy front man of the band. She’d been at the bar for the second time after the first throw down with Crawford. Kit smiled at the memory of her throwing over her shoulder to Cody, the band’s roadie, that they were really pushing the Country Bears thing a little too far. It was the first time she’d gotten a laugh out of Remi.

She was dragged back to the present by Remi, who’d straightened in his seat and had hooked his fingers into the belt loop on her jeans. He stood then, dragging his body up against hers until he towered over her again. His hand fisted the hair at the nape of her neck, and he tilted her head back to look down in her eyes.

“I hate that look.”

“Me smiling?” Kit asked.

“The one where I know you’re letting me go.”

“Don’t have much of a choice, Remi. The Fates really don’t like us,” she said on a swallow.

“They don’t even know us.”

“They know enough.”

Whatever Remi was going to say back to that, she ignored. She rose up on her toes and caught his lips with hers. It was bittersweet, that last kiss. He turned it hard, like he was trying to make her remember him. Didn’t he know he was burned in her brain?

In the centuries to come, he’d move on. He’d forget the little human who wasn’t scared of him - much. He’d forget the nights they’d sat around Sanctuary, drinks in hand shooting the shit. He’d forget the hassle she always gave his too-serious little brother and his too-playful one, who were at least two centuries older than her, shit about being too serious or too playful. He’d forget that she was the only girl in the room who didn’t fall for Etienne’s pretty face. He’d forget that she always sided with Aimee. He’d forget that she’d recommended stiffness remedies she used for her shoulder for Cherif’s leg. He’d forget the time his nephew Micah had come running to her as a cub and had hid behind her from his father Serre.

Kit pulled back as Remi stared down at her. She hugged him tight. She’d have nothing but memories, and in time she wouldn’t even be that to him. He tightened his grip around her hips and let her memorize this moment.

“And they better know enough to make sure they do right by you one day,” Kit said quietly. “You deserve a good mate and someone to make you smile.”

“Kitten,” Remi’s head dropped down to rest on hers.

“I’ve never met a better bear.”

“Sure you have.”

“I do keep forgetting about little Micah,” Kit gave a small laugh.


To say Quinn was pissed when she got back that night and found Kit drowning her sorrows in a gallon of French Vanilla ice cream and a six pack of diet A&W Root beer was an understatement. The teen had come to rely on Remi being there, and in a span of twelve hours he was out of their life.

“You pushed him away?”

“I knew I should have sucked it up and had real beer,” Kit sighed, shoving a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. After she licked the spoon clean, she pointed it in Quinn’s direction. “Do you really need to emphasis both of those words?”

“You’re crazy -”

“It’s not fated to be. I cut my losses,” Kit shrugged. “Besides, it’s not like I’m going to New Orleans any time soon. And his family is all there.”

Quinn stared at her for a second, processing what Kit had said. Then her face got all guarded and mean. Great, another teenage throw down.

“Nothing’s keeping you from going back there.”

“Um, yeah, there is stuff keeping me from New Orleans,” Kit plowed ahead. She hadn’t wanted to bring it up, but it was now or - well, later, but something told her Quinn would not be happy either way. “My job?”

“Was in New Orleans before Mandy -” Quinn cut herself off.

“Yeah, but I haven’t been there for awhile now, and the city’s still standing. Besides, Miss Buffy gave me my assignment.”

Kit had thought it hysterical that all of the teens called Buffy ‘Miss Buffy’. It was just too precious. They didn’t call her Ms. Summers or Mrs. Miller - okay, so Buffy & Graham’s wedding was only a few weeks off now, but still, they could call her that. She was Miss Buffy.

“Oh?” Quinn tried to act disinterested, but the blinking gave her away.

“Yep. Rina and Vi are being sent to Michigan. Us too.”


I Can’t Help It, I Have Too Many Issues I Own

Remi didn’t even bother going back to the bar. He went straight to his camp. It was his one luxury in life. His one escape from his family, from the memories of Kit. He was pissed that she gave it one go and, when that didn’t work, she was out. It was really easy to rail against the Fates, but he was sure that if he’d gone after them, they’d make his life an even bigger hell.

“You okay, Rem?” His head snapped up to see Q push himself up off the couch, his hand wrapped around a beer.

“Whatchya doin’ here, Q?”

“Cody said you flew like a bat outta hell after the funeral. How’s she holdin’ up?” Q shoved his free hand into the pocket of his jeans as he leaned against the counter.

“Cody’s got a big fuckin’ mouth,” Remi shook his head. “I ain’t in the mood for company.”

“Little brother always has,” Q nodded. “Didn’t answer the question though.”

“She’s holding on. And she wants to go it alone, so here I fuckin’ am,” Remi ignored him as he went to the fridge and grabbed a beer for himself. “Don’t you got kids to take care of?”

“Aimee’s nesting.”

“Aw shee-it,” Remi shook his head. “Fang get her pregnant already?”

“The wolf’s a fast worker,” Q smiled.

“Dev’ll be next.”

“Why’s she not coming back?” Q, the normally quiet bastard, was being damn sneaky.

“She’s got a sixteen year old cousin to take care of and she’s talkin’ shit about how the council doesn’t trust her anymore in New Orleans.”

“And the real reason?” Q quirked his brow at Remi.

“We fucked,” Remi took a long pull on his beer.

Q’s mouth dropped a bit. Then it hit him. Then he got quiet. Then he got mouthy. “It doesn’t always happen the first time. Just cause it did for me, Serre and Zar - it doesn’t mean that it’ll happen on the first time. Sometimes it happens later.”

“Fates’ already got fucked over twice by our family. Which means they’ll be extra bitchy with the rest of us.”

“Savitar sure makes enemies of goddesses, doesn’t he?” Q shook his head. He watched Remi for a few minutes. “You gonna be okay on your own for awhile?”

“Why I came out here,” Remi nodded.

“You need anything -”

“Go take care of those kids,” Remi shrugged off his brother’s hand and stomped into the big bedroom he’d stupidly let himself fantasize that he’d be sharing with Kit after the funeral.


Kit curled her feet under her. It had been weeks ago that they’d moved out of their grandmother’s house to Kalamazoo. Quinn had thrown a shit-fit. Then she’d tried running away. One Remi-learned glare had Artie and Mercedes spilling where she was hiding. After a knock-down drag-out screaming fit, Kit had dragged her home.

Quinn kept talking on and on about how Kit was selling Eleanor’s house. She’d bitched on and on about it, until Kit snapped and said that she wasn’t. That this was just a temporary move. She may have even promised that Quinn would be back to start her senior year at Lima, with Kit taking that year off on sabbatical. So now, Kit was screwed.

“Hey, Kit, Vi here?”

Kit’s head tilted back to see Sam Winchester sticking his head into her fridge. Sam had, oddly enough and despite all of the shit that had gone down in New Orleans between him, Vi and Quinn, become a fixture in his life as he pursued Vi. He even had a key - wait a second.

“Did you pick my lock again, Winchester?”

“Vi stole my keys,” Sam said over the door.

“You’re paying for those groceries. I have two teenagers to feed,” Kit glanced back at the TV. “Where is Vi?”

And then, boom, Sasquatch shows up!” Vi’s voice echoed down the hall.

“And boom, he’s in my kitchen, depriving teenagers from their much needed nutrition,” Kit shook her head. “Have you tapped it yet?”

“I’m not answering that,” but he didn’t have a shit-eating grin on his face, so Kit was pretty sure he hadn’t. Vi was even more gun-shy than Kit.

Maybe if you just let him do the business, y’all would stop chasing around each other.

“From the mouths of babes,” Kit shook her head as Rina’s words were met by a loud smack. “They break each other over you, Winchester, we’re gonna have words.”

“You threaten me with words all the time, Kit,” Sam chuckled.

“Then I’ll get Bobby and Ellen to have words with you.”

“Can you all please shut up?” Quinn yelled from the den where she was working away on the computer. She was supposed to be working on a project, but from what Kit could see, the kid wasn’t.

“Why? Are we interrupting your facebook status update?”

“I hate you!” Vi’s voiced as she ran straight into Sam.

“Oh, boy, it’s gonna be one of them nights,” Rina grinned at Kit.


Kalamazoo was working for two reasons. One, it wasn’t just Kit-on-Quinn. And two, Kit had made that asinine promise. Quinn was still pissy a lot, but it had been squelched a bit with the knowledge that she could have bi-monthly visits with the glee kids.

Which was why Kit was enjoying a relaxing afternoon in park watching over the teenagers. Three cars of kids had trekked up to K-zoo with Jo and Adam. And a tall, silent hottie.

“Who’s sulky?” Kit nodded to the guy.

“Oh, that’s Grey.” Cassie shrugged.


“He’s my great-uncle.”

“Cassie, he’s like three years younger than me. How is he your great-uncle?”

“You remember Captain Jack?”

“I dream about him every night,” Kit answered.

“Liar. He’s not a bear,” Cassie grabbed her arm when Kit winced at the mention of Remi. “But he is my grandfather.”

“Oh, eww,” Kit shuddered. “I’ve been having naughty good dreams about your granddad. And how is that possible?”

“I don’t know. Anyway. Grey’s seriously maladjusted and someone popped him out of cold-storage.”


“He kind of went crazy for a while and tried to destroy the world starting with Cardiff.”

“You’ve got Faith as an adoptive sister, Jack-the-omnisexual for a grandpa, and a mass-homicidal great-uncle. Plus you’re thinking naughty thoughts about a half-Winchester. And you’ve been dead for the last five years. Why does your family drama sound so much cooler than mine?”

“Just lucky I guess.” Cassie grinned at her. And then she went all stiff.


“You didn’t do it enough.”


“What you did wrong? You didn’t do it enough,” Cassie said quietly. “And I think Rona’s getting it regularly by a not-so-nice-guy.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Kit shook her head. “Rona’s sexing someone up? And she hasn‘t told anyone about it?”
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