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Let the Black Waves Roll

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This story is No. 13 in the series "Resurrected 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is what happens when a Watcher of average abilities is forced into tight quarters with a Bear who’s faced numerous heartaches. Sanctuary will never be the same. (Resurrected 'Verse)

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesJmariaFR152253,51626016,65322 Mar 1228 Nov 12No

A Side You'd Never Thought You Would See

Title: Let the Black Waves Roll
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Dark-Hunters (The Avengers, Charmed, Doctor Who, Glee, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural or Torchwood.)
Summary: This is what happens when a Watcher of average abilities is forced into tight quarters with a Bear who’s faced numerous heartaches. Sanctuary will never be the same.
Words: 2,860
A/N: Okay, supposed to be out earlier, and then a fucking mouse ran through my room. Seriously a little brown mouse - it‘s just one, and it came in through the hole at the bottom of my front door. I got one hour of sleep after a clean-everything-and make-tons-noise-party I had in my room Sunday-into-Monday, and pretty much passed out when I got home from work Monday afternoon. Ugh.
This chapter brought to you by Wild Ones by Flo Rida feat. Sia

Let the Black Waves Roll
A Side You’d Never Thought You Would See

Rona wasn’t answering her phone for two very good reasons. One, was because she was busy riding on the back of a dangerous biker’s sweet ass bike. Two, because Cassie had fired off a text to her to tell her that she kinda, sorta, told on Rona. Three - okay, yeah, there was a third reason - she was trying to forget all about the disastrous fling between her and Carlos. Still. Because they were never getting over that one. So she held onto Juice’s back, her thighs pressed in tight against his hips and promising to give him a good ride later.


“She’s sexing someone up!” Kit yelled to Vi.

“Who’s sexing someone up?”


“Wait, someone got through little miss sour-puss?” Jo gaped at her.

Dawn, Jo and Anya were now all in on the conversation. It was weird how’d they formed this tiny little ass-kickers association. It was the teens’ faults. At least, that’s who Kit was blaming. Quinn & her crew could be blamed for everything. It was flippin’ awesome. Except for Remi, that one, she couldn’t pin on the kids.

“Someone got all up in her pants,” Kit nodded.

“And she’s not answering?” Dawn looked worried.

“She’s getting it regular. And she’s been checking in with her Watcher. She’s just not answering us,” Vi dropped down onto the bench and was looking at her phone. “Going straight to voicemail.”

“That’s disconcerting.”

“Rona having sex?” Anya, who’d only just joined their little group.

“This was not what you were supposed to get from our conversation,” Cassie rolled her eyes. “I’ll get Adam.”

“What does the wee Winchester have to do with this?”

“Ahn, you’ll write me an excuse for missing school, won’t you?”

“We so should go and investigate!” Dawn slapped her hands on the table.

“Are you insane?” Jo snorted. “Dean and Sam are out hunting down a spirit in Brownsburg. They’ll bust a nut, you go out to California and leave Ben here alone.”

Dawn’s face got dark as she was reminded of her new impending step-mother duties. Lisa Braeden, Ben Braeden-Winchester’s biological mother had been in severe car accident early in the summer. She’d slipped into a coma and had never come back out of it. Lisa had kept Ben’s paternity from both Dean and Ben, until Dawn had figured out the truth when she’d gone to break the news of Dean’s death to her - Dean’d since gotten over that whole being dead thing.

She’d had to break the news to him not long after Dean had been dealt a couple of blows in the form of two half-brothers, Adam and Noah. All of the family drama had drawn Dawn and Dean closer, but since Lisa’s death, Dean had been super over-protective of Dawn and Ben. Which was driving Dawn absolutely batty. And Jo telling her that Dean wouldn’t approve just made Dawn all that more eager to get going.

“Ben can crash with Mrs. Puckerman,” Dawn’s head snapped back to Kit. “You can’t come, obviously.”

“Bullshit,” Kit glowered at her. “I’m the one who brought this to you.”

“You don’t have an extensive support network in K-zoo,” Dawn pointed out.

“Damn it.”

“And neither is Vi or Jo.”

“Why not me?” Vi’s head jerked up.

“Because you two are on Lima rotation this weekend, remember?” Dawn rolled her eyes. “Honestly, I’m not even in charge of your schedule and I know it better than you.”

“It’s because you can remember stupid shit,” Kit leaned back against the table. “Who’s going with you if I’m in K-zoo while Jo and Vi are in Lima?”

“Cassie. She knows where Rona is sexing up at. And Rina.”

“Wait, I got shanghaied into this?” Rina’s head popped up from where she was sitting on the grass.


“Well, hell, I don’t care who Rona’s banging. I’m more concerned over who’s givin’ Kit some lovin’,” Rina snorted and jammed her headphones back into her ears.

Dawn, Vi, Jo and Anya all turned to look at her. Great. How’d this get back to her? Cassie only shook her head.

“Clint during the summer, Remi - well, she’s still hopin’ on him,” Cassie confirmed what the others thought about her and Remi. That she was lusting after him but that nothing had happened. Because once you got Remi, how could you move on without him? She loved and hated the psychic in that moment.

“I gotta get Quinn back on the road,” Kit looked away, really not eager to see the looks on her friends’ faces. “I see Dean, I don’t know where you are.”

“And what are we supposed to do?” Jo demanded.

“Oh, I know! There’s a club that I think you two should go to,” Anya said brightly. “Get all glammed up tonight, girls. We’re hitting the town.”

“Glammed up?” Jo’s brow cocked up.

“There’s a town to hit?” Vi asked at the same time.

“Fine, wear jeans and one of your ratty tees. See if I care,” Anya threw her hands up and stalked away from the table.

“What the hell is up with her?” Jo’s head whipped around to the others, who only shrugged.

“It’s the adjustment. Still gets to her,” Cassie answered, looking away with a smile on her lips.


Remi spat out a mouthful of blood as he grinned like a maniac at the vampires he was taking down. Della, the New Orleans watcher, looked down on his interference, but between burning shit at the bar and staking damn vampires, Remi had little to occupy his time. Other than think on those few hours he’d had in Kit’s bed. Damn it. His phone chirped in his pocket, the one he kept on him in case she called him. He’d take a moment of desperation from her. In a fucking heartbeat. But one glance down told him it was Quinny.

“Ain’t got a lot of time, kiddo,” Remi’s lips gave a cruel twist as he slammed into one of the vampires.

Kit’s up to something.


“Okay, so it’s more like Dawn is up to something, but Kit’s in this hardcore.”

“Call Winchester if it’s a Dawn issue.”

A few short jabs and a head butt later, Remi was punching a stake through the vampire’s heart and listening to Quinn sigh like only a teenager can in his ear. The other kids had kept hassling him after the funeral, but Quinn had been pretty damn quiet towards him. Granted, she had a shitheel for a father, and had not been successful with teenage boys, so his defection from Kit had been another nail in the coffin.

Kit’s gonna do something stupid-

“She ever do something spectacularly stupid before, Quinny?” Remi wiped the blood from his mouth and waited for her to answer. Which was a damn long time coming.

She didn’t fight for you.

“You see either of us fight real hard for it?” Remi said quietly.

You should have!

She hung up on him and Remi only shook his head. Kid couldn’t understand it, why things weren’t in their future for a reason. Still didn’t stop him from hitting up Winchester’s phone. If Dawn was planning something stupid, she was probably dragging all of his girls in on it.


Quinn wasn’t talking to Kit for some damn reason. What the hell was going on with her cousin, Kit couldn’t even wrap her head around right now. Rona was off sexing a stranger and Kit was not in on the takedown. It was killing her.

“You do your homework?” Kit yelled up the stairs seconds before Quinn slammed her door shut. “That isn’t an answer!”

Like you care!”

“Oh, god, I love teenagers,” Kit shook her head and headed back into the living room to do some more research. She wasn’t there for more than ten minutes when her cell phone vibrated like crazy. “What the hell now?”

The caller id showed that it was Vi. Which was weird. She was supposed to be out with Anya and Jo. Nevertheless, she hit the talk button and held it back from her ear as Vi started yelling.

“Vi? What the hell is going on?”

Why can Dawn’s cousin Henrik hold me down without breaking a sweat?”

“Because he’s a Dark-Hunter,” Kit answered without even thinking. “Sheyle told me when we had that situation down in New Orleans with Crawford. But he’s stationed in Madrid -”

No, he just pulled me off of a male stripper.

“Male stripper?”

He smacked Jo’s ass with his belt and she didn’t want him to. Adam held her back.

“Why are you in a strip club with Adam Milligan and Henrik?” Kit wasn’t following this at all.

I’m not! I was here with Jo and Anya bemoaning the fact that Jo thinks Grey is hot and that I’m still hot for Sam and then Anya was spending money like it was water. She talked about being taken over by a parasite, and I started having alien-spore-Sam flashbacks and then she dropped that she’s preggo!”

“And it’s making her drop money like water - is Jo there for me to talk to -”

Why didn’t you tell me that Henrik is a Dark-Hutner?”

“Um, because it never came up. Had other shit on my mind at the time,” Kit sighed. Great. Just what she needed on top of the whole Quinn drama tonight. “Why did Adam come track you three down at the strip club?”

I have no - hey! I was -”

“Back off so I can talk to your watcher,”
Henrik’s voice snapped over the line. “Holburn where’s Dawnie? I’d ask Vi, but she’s already working towards blotto.

“Who the hell says blotto?”

Me. Answer me, kiddo.

“How should I know?”

You don’t answer me, I figure you got hell in the form of a Winchester coming down on you -” A knock on her front door interrupted whatever Henrik was about to say.

“Yeah, thanks for the heads up.”

She didn’t even get a chance to open her door for the Winchester brothers. Sam broke in. Again. Dean looked pissed and Sam looked all worried-puppy. Fuck.

“Where the hell is my fiancée?” Dean snapped.

“She’s on Watcher duty.”

“Dawn doesn’t have Watcher duty. She’s been mentoring in Cleveland,” Dean snapped. “What the hell have you crackpots cooked up this time?”

“Dawn - who is not a crackpot, by the way - is investigating something that’s going on with Rona,” Kit yelled at his back as he stormed into her living room.

“I do not have time for your bullshit, Holburn,” Dean snapped at her. “You wanna be bitter over the shit that went down with you and Remi, that’s your mental deficiency. Don’t fuck up things between me and Dawn cause you ain’t happy.”

“Dean,” Sam snapped, realizing this might not be where his brother wanted to take it.

Kit didn’t even let that knife dig in deep for long. She slugged him and then winced as her hand hit his face. She was getting pretty fucking sick of everyone throwing Remi in her face. It had hurt like hell, that shit that had gone down between them. Dean, who had a shitstorm of his own making, had no right to even go there. Even if he was pissed off about Dawn being in California.

“First off, this shit has got nothing to do with me, Remi, or even you and Dawn. It’s got to fucking do with Rona. Rona who’s keeping secrets from her best friends, Rona who’s been in her own headspace since shit went down between her and Carlos. Now she’s off in California, bagging bikers and giving Cassie fucking visions -”

“Bikers in California?” Dean rubbed at his jaw.

“How the fuck did you even know to come here?” Kit snapped, pissed at herself for venting everything after the Remi card was played.

“I called Remi.”

Kit spun around to face Quinn, who looked guilty as fuck. As she should. She had no right to bring Remi into this drama.

“Remi called me, as he should -”

“Fuck off, Winchester,” Kit snapped, turning back to Quinn. “You have school in the morning. Get to bed.”

“Kit -”

“You’re done with this conversation, Quinn.”

Quinn looked between her and Dean, before finally settling on Sam, who gave her a reassuring nod for her to go. Kit didn’t even look in her direction. She was glaring daggers at Dean.

“You could’ve called Cassie. Could’ve called Adam, cause I’m pretty fucking sure she texted him before her ass ever hit the highway. But you brought this fucking drama to my house. Sam, welcome’s been rescinded,” Kit said quietly. Cause Quinn was still eavesdropping. “Unless Vi drags your ass in here, I don’t want to see your face.”

“Dawn’s going off half-cocked -”

“Newsflash, Dean, you do it all the fucking time. And she wasn’t going off half-cocked, she went stocked up with a Seer and a Slayer. Cassie and Rina went with her. Maybe if you didn’t leave her behind when you go on all your little fucking hunts, Dawn wouldn’t be itching for one of her own,” Kit nodded to the door. “Now, get the fuck out of my house.”


Remi was serving the Goddess of the Hearth a Shirley Temple, heavy on the cherries, when the phone behind the bar rang. Aimee was at the end of the bar, cuddled up to Fang, and Cherif was bussing tables. He heaved a sigh and barked a ‘what’ into the phone.

I need you to stay out of the Winchester-Summers drama that Quinn dragged you into.”

Her voice slammed through his senses. How long had he wanted her to pick up the phone and call him? And now it was because of this shit with Quinny and the Winchester clan? What utter bullshit.

“She’s worried about you,” he said thickly. “You’re all she’s got.”

“Then she should have come to me, not go run to someone else so I get hassled in my own damn home by Dean Fucking Winchester.”

What?” Remi rasped.

What the hell did you think was gonna happen, Remi? He’s freaked out that Dawn’s doing something stupid - which she’s not - and he gives a shit about her enough that he’ll come and harass her best friend.

“Put him on the phone.”

I already kicked his ass out. But he pulled Henrik in on this, and now I’m getting shit about why I didn’t tell anyone Dawn and Buffy’s cousin is a Dark-Hunter.

Remi’s spine snapped straight. Shit. That was supposed to be kept from the Summers’ sisters. Henrik wasn’t even supposed to have contact with them. Otto, one of the big and important Squires, would have Sheyle’s ass for spilling the beans to Kit. Which meant he’d be gunning for Kit. Fuck.

“ - Are you even listening to me?

“Yeah. Don’t confirm shit to anyone about Henrik.”

Cat’s already out of the bag, Remi. I’m pretty sure I just confirmed it to a very drunk stripper-fighting Vi.


“How did we even get off topic with this? Next time Quinn calls you, just - I don’t know. Hang up on her.”

“Not gonna happen, Kitten.”

Yeah, well, I can’t deal with being the bad guy where this all comes down any more, Rem.” She hung up on him then, and Remi felt like crushing the phone in his hands. He felt a hand on his arm, drawing his gaze up at the saddened goddess, Hestia.

“You love that girl, bear,” Hestia said quietly.

“What does that matter?” He didn’t shake her off, but it was a damn close thing.

“I know that feeling. The one where you want to go to them, giving them everything, but fear you can’t.”

“It’s not a fear, Goddess,” Remi clenched his teeth and his fist around the phone.

“I’ve been celibate for countless millenium because the one that I’ve always wanted - wanted something better than the Goddess of the hearth,” Hestia’s eyes shone with a profound sadness. “The Fates be damned, Remi Peltier, if they keep you from what your heart is desiring.”

And in that moment, Q’s words to him and the Goddess’s quiet vote of confidence made him rethink why in the hell he wasn’t with the one he wanted.


Rona was pissed off with all of them. Not a shocker, considering Dawn and Rina had walked in on her buck-ass nekkid with a biker named Juice in a crappy little town called Charming. Rina had been traumatized when she’d relayed this all to Kit when Dean and Sam dragged them all back to Cleveland and Kalamazoo.

Rona wasn’t speaking to them. Which sucked. Because Anya was not shutting up about being pregnant at any and every turn. Vi was pissed at Kit for the whole Dark-Hunter secret for two whole seconds, until Kit reminded her she’d been dealing with some heavy shit at that time.

The only good thing to come out of that insane ass weekend was the finalized date for Dawn and Dean’s wedding. And that was still up for debate as a 'good thing'.
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