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Let the Black Waves Roll

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This story is No. 13 in the series "Resurrected 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is what happens when a Watcher of average abilities is forced into tight quarters with a Bear who’s faced numerous heartaches. Sanctuary will never be the same. (Resurrected 'Verse)

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesJmariaFR152253,51626016,65322 Mar 1228 Nov 12No

I'm Just Your Type, I Was Holding Out

Title: Let the Black Waves Roll
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Dark-Hunters (The Avengers, Charmed, Doctor Who, Glee, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural or Torchwood.)
Summary: This is what happens when a Watcher of average abilities is forced into tight quarters with a Bear who’s faced numerous heartaches. Sanctuary will never be the same.
Words: 3053
A/N: So, it’s been a week or so since I’ve gotten anything written on this because of Thanksgiving/work/the-smartest-mouse-in-the-damn-world that has taken up residence in my house. One mouse has evaded EIGHT mouse traps. EIGHT. I’m calling him the Brain, my mother calls him Mickey. (Of course, she also named the cricket that lived in our basement Huxtable for some bizarre reason. At least the mouse’s makes sense.)
Also, I’ve had the hugest chunk of this written since before I even started the story. I’ve tweaked it, but most of it predates the first chapter.
This chapter brought to you by Hold It Against Me by Alex Goot and Second Chance by Faber Drive.

Let the Black Waves Roll
You Might Think I’m Crazy, But You Know I’m Just Your Type

Octavius Linius Carvalletti was not liking the shit he was hearing out of Cleveland. He especially did not like that a lot of the chatter was circling around one of the Squires. He’d been twitchy about the alliance between the New Council and the Squires’ own Council. Too many people knew about the Dark-Hunters. That one of the biggest sources of this intelligence leak was coming from the ex-live-in-Watcher from Sanctuary was making him extra twitchy.

Sheyle was preoccupied, and that left her Dark-Hunter vulnerable. Her replacement - her godsdamned baby daddy - was especially not acceptable. And the fact that they were perilously close to revealing that Henrik Sommers was really Hank Summers to his damn daughters was enough to drive him crazy. The situation was not contained, and when it wasn’t fucking contained, bad shit tended to bleed out on everyone.

Which was why Otto was headed to fucking Cleveland.


Every good operation took damn good planning. And if Remi wanted to hold the hell on to Kit, no matter how much she might fight it, his plan had to be fucking solid. And that took some damn good help. Having the oldest daughter of Cronos and Rhea in his pocket wasn’t bad. Having a few teenaged girls in his pocket was getting closer to good.

Having a ticket to wedding of one of her best friends, made it pretty fucking golden.


Anya’s announcement that she, indeed was pregnant with the-once-dead-but-miraculously-alive-again-Hunter Ash’s baby had floored them all. Xander hadn’t been able to talk about it. He’d moved on himself, but the news that the woman he’d once loved was pregnant with another man’s child kind of floored him. Kit could understand that. She was floored herself.

But then, Quinn was giving her the silent treatment, Dawn was mad that she’d punched Dean, Rona was off in New York with Faith because none of the other slayers or watchers wanted to follow her into that cluster-fuck, and Rina was keeping out of it.

Then, tall, dark and menacing showed up on her front porch and gave her a stern talking to. She wouldn’t have had an issue with that normally, but seeing as the damn Squire was up on her ass damn near every weekend, Kit was pissed beyond belief that she was the one getting shit for this.

Plus, Dawn was going crazy with last minute wedding plans and bridesmaid dress fittings. Because, the biggest thing coming out of that impromptu road trip to Cali had been Dean bumping up the wedding date.

Instead of Holding You, I Was Holding Out

Kit frowned at all the happy couples. God, they were annoying. Every one of them. It didn’t matter that she loved them and wished nothing but the best for them. They were just driving her absolutely batty with their happiness. It didn’t help that her fucking shadow had wedding crashed.

“I hate weddings,” Kit muttered.

“Me too,” the tall, dark and handsome man beside her grinned down at her. “Mind you, I do love a good reception.”

“It’s the free booze,” Kit managed a smile. Of course, Jack was pretty easy on the eyes and one couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“That is a bonus,” Jack nodded knowingly. “Although, all that booze means I have to keep a rein on my youngsters.”

During the whole thing with Crawford down in New Orleans, Captain Jack had been dealing with his own family drama. Grey, his homicidal younger brother had been brought out of the deep freeze. Grey still had abandonment issues, but they were working it out. Jack had also rescued a young African-American boy named Matt Rutherford, whose parents had been taken over and killed by demons. It turned out that Matt had been one of the Glee kids in Lima who’d up and left the year before. Jack had essentially adopted him. And two months later, they’d rescued Maria and her father during an alien attack on D.C. Maria, turned out to be one of Sarah Jane Smith’s kids. Their world was small and incestuous that way.

“Shit. I forgot about Quinn,” Kit muttered, sparing a glance over at her younger blonde cousin. The teen was stuck in the middle of a crowd of her peers and former classmates. Right now she was sidled up to a dark haired boy that Kit was unfamiliar with. “Who’s the baby face?”

“Sarah Jane’s boy Luke. He’s a good kid,” Jack chuckled.

“God. I’m mother-henning her and I’m not even sure I like the brat some days,” Kit groaned, leaning into Jack.

“Comes with the job,” Jack nodded. “You are her legal guardian after all.”

“If Gran hadn’t died and her parents weren’t utter wastes of human flesh, I wouldn’t need to be.”

“You regretting taking her in?”

“If you ever tell anyone I said this, I’ll drop you in the ocean. I know people who have experience doing that,” Kit glared at him before taking a deep breath. “But no, I don’t. I regret that our Grandma is gone and that I dragged her away from Lima, but I honestly think it was the right thing to do at the time.”

Kit knew she shouldn’t be appreciative of a hostile alien spore taking over Sam Winchester’s body and sending him on a homicidal rampage, but if that hadn’t happened she would have never figured out that Quinn was, in fact, her cousin Lucy. She wouldn’t have reconnected with her paternal grandmother, and would probably still be back in New Orleans waiting on Remi.

“Thinking about the Bear?”

“Shut up, Jack,” Kit took a deep gulp of her drink. Quinn was safe, Gran was dead, and Remi was sulking and killing people far away from her. Della sent her reports weekly on his kills. “Unless you want to ruin your chances of getting laid tonight.”

“Oh, darling, chances of that are always good,” Jack laughed. “But the chances of that happening between us are extremely slim for three very good reasons.”

“Really?” Kit cocked her head up at him. “And what would those two reasons be?”

“Ianto is off for the night from his heavenly duties, you’re not really up for sharing, and Remi bisecting me would put a serious cramp in my plans for hot boy-on-boy hotel sex.”

“What?” Her jaw dropped as he spoke.

“C’mon, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed him glaring daggers at me from across the room,” Jack nodded discreetly to the darkened corner across the room by the gift table that was heaped with presents for the happy couple. Sure enough, the hulking blond bear was playing with an actual dagger in the corner while glaring at them.

“Dawn swore he declined the invite,” Kit’s heart stammered. She hadn’t seen him since her grandmother’s funeral six months ago. And they hadn’t had a deep one-on-one conversation since before that night in her Lima apartment.

“Apparently, Henrik twisted his arm.”

“Remi could give two shits about Henrik.”

“Then Acheron did it.”

That Dark-Hunter was as impressively scary as he was attractive, so she could buy that. Kit wasn’t sure why she let this bother her so much. He’d made it clear that their partnership was at an end and wouldn’t ever go past platonic more times than she cared to think about. Especially after it had and it had ended with her hand blank. And she’d been the one who’d finally called it quits. She tried to remind herself that the bear was in love with his brother’s mate. The Fates had pulled the major bitch card and the girl that Remi had loved had ended up sleeping with one of his identical brothers. The mating mark formed and the two had no choice but go through with it. They had kids now, and still Remi mooned over her. Not that Kit had stuck around long enough to see the said mooning-over. Because she’d really wanted that mark on her hand.

“Hey, hey, no tears now, Kitten,” Jack turned her away from the view of Remi. “If you really want me, I think Ianto can be accommodating.”


Quinn stood right at Jack’s elbow, when the teen had snuck up on them Kit wasn’t sure. But even in her skulk, she noticed that Luke Smith was attached to Quinn at the hip. Kit plastered a fake ass smile to her face and turned to face her cousin.

“I’m fine. Quit being all empathy-girl on me, you know it freaks me out, cuz,” Kit joked. “You must be Sarah Jane’s son, Luke, isn’t it?”

“It is, Miss Holburn.”

“Call me Kit, I’m only like ten years older than you.” Kit would not let her eyes slip back to Remi. He had no right to be glaring at Jack, even if he didn’t know that she would never sleep with Jack. Cassie would know, Faith would crack jokes, Matt would act all weird around her and Gray would glare at her. Plus it would make things all wonky with Ianto, and she sort of had a working relationship with him.

“The kids were all worried about you, at least that’s what Quinn said,” Luke frowned.

“You guys need to focus on all of your little hook-ups and stop freaking out every time Jack and I get within ten feet of each other,” Kit joked. “It’s a bit too much like the single parents hooking up and making things awkward for the dating couples. Although, I don’t think there is any cause of fear of Quinn, Matt or Cassie hooking up. Maria and Adam would cut Quinn.”

“Maria wouldn’t -”

“It’s a joke, Luke,” Quinn glared at Kit. “And you know we’re worried because of Remi and how he hurt you-”

“Remi and I are still friends. He didn’t hurt me. I came to Ohio because of you and Gran, and Michigan because of work. Remi had to stay in New Orleans with his family. And I was redundant. It’s Dark-Hunter central down there. The slayers whine about how bored they are. Besides, my family needed me.”

“None of the Glee kids have spoken to him since then,” Quinn crossed her arms. “He hurt you, Kit.”

“You guys are making more out of this than -”

“Kit -”

“What!” Kit snapped, turning to face a nervous Dawn. “Sorry, Dawnie, but if you’re coming over here to tell me that Remi is here, you’re a bit late to the game.”

“I know,” Dawn bit her lip, stealing a nervous glance at the teens. Weird. “There’s someone here to see you.”

“At your wedding reception?”

“They are in the hallway. Bobby wouldn’t let them in.”

Bobby’s playing bouncer?”

“He is right now.”

Kit frowned but after telling Quinn to stay with Jack and Luke, turned to follow her best friend. Normally, people came after the Summers sisters during functions like this. And she knew it wasn’t Remi, because he was already here without warning. Then it clicked together. The nervous glance at Quinn. That bastard.

“Is it Uncle Russell?”


“How is it -”

“Hello, Kathryn, you thief.”

A blonde who looked a lot like Quinn had her arms crossed over her chest as she spat that acid-filled statement at her. Shit. She knew that this was gonna happen eventually, but that she would actually show up at Dawn’s wedding to have her little throw down? Such bullshit.

“Francine. I can see where the drama queen trait came into the family.”

“You stole my inheritance,” Francine Fabray spat at her. She was done up in a little black dress that looked like she’d stepped out of fashion magazine from the 50’s. Bobby, dressed up in a suit for a change, held her back with one arm.

“You’re really coming to my best friend’s wedding to chew me out about your inheritance from the grandmother you shunned? Has my life turned into a fucking soap opera?” Kit slapped her hand against her forehead. Which really fucking stung. And it probably left a red mark on her forehead. Damn it.

“You and that little whore -”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, right there, holier-than-thou, you need to shut the fuck up,” Kit snapped, her finger jabbing at Francine, who looked startled that someone dare tell her to shut up. “That’s your blood sister, and sure, she’s a dumb kid sometimes, but please don’t tell me you’re still the untouched virgin.” Francine turned beet red. Yeah, Kit hadn’t thought so. “Isn’t there something in the Good book denouncing hypocrisy? Granted, I’m not best buds with my Bible these days, but I vaguely remember that passage. It had to do with those without sin casting the first stone.”

“He’s my fiancé.”

“Yo, Bobby, ain’t there a saying about not buying the cow when the milk’s already free?” Kit tipped her head to Bobby. “Not that I think sex is a dirty, nasty sin. I rather enjoy it myself.”

“Ain’t something I ever needed to know, Kitten,” Bobby shook his head, but she could tell the cantankerous Hunter was enjoying her verbal smack-down of her bitchy little cousin.

“It’s a good way to burn calories,” a smooth, annoyingly familiar voice said from beside Bobby. Otto, his shades tucked into the neckline of his dark gray shirt, slid his eyes over to Kit’s body. Okay. That was freaky, and a little hot. “Not that you need to burn any extra calories, sweetheart.”

“Please, she could stand to lose fifteen pounds,” Francine snorted.

Bobby shook his head at her, Kit glared and Otto stared her down. Before Kit could even open her mouth to respond to the bitchy comment, someone beat her to the punch.

“Not everyone wants to fuck Skeletor. And whoever told you that you look healthy as a bag of bones was on fucking drugs,” Remi growled at her.

Francine actually jumped a bit at his words, finally realizing she was an utter dumb fuck. Of course, her mother and father both were, and Quinn had been on the slippery slope towards that herself. The images of their mother that Kit had seen had proved that someone had been picking at all the Fabray women’s self-esteem for a long damn time. One more check against her shitheel uncle. But this shit needed squashing. Like five minutes ago.

“Look, you picked a really shitty time to come and give me grief. Your parents sucked at their job, they abandoned your baby sister, and they -”

“I don’t have a sister. She made her bed, now she has to lie in it,” Francine was obviously getting flustered now. Why she’d decided to come and throw down at a wedding was beyond Kit’s comprehension. Of course, she’d had shitty parenting, so that could explain some of it.

“She’s your little sister - ain’t anyone ever told you family is fucking important?” Remi had stepped up behind Kit now, which felt nice and horrible at the same damn time.

“Not if she proved herself to be a thieving tramp,” Francine had apparently got that bizarre family trait of being able to stand up to Remi. Only Kit and Quinn gave him shit before today. But even Kit wouldn’t have pushed him when he was already fucking beyond control.

“You need to shut your goddamned mouth, right now, Francine,” Kit stepped up to her cousin, who actually stepped back. “Quinn and I simply took what you and your fucking loser of a father had already thrown back in Gran’s face. You signed the rights away, or did Daddy forget to remind you of that before he sicced you on us? So now, you need to get the fuck out of here and let me get my motherfuckin’ drank on.”

“Whores do always stick together,” Francine spat out as Kit turned away from her.

“You been on a corner lately, Francine?” Kit tossed over her shoulder. Then she gave a tiny tweak of her pathetic powers and knocked her cousin back a couple of steps until she was up against the door. Otto walked forward, and pushed open the door, which she stumbled backwards out of. “Let me know what the going rates are, won’t you, princess?”

Bobby slapped the doors shut in Francine’s face. Otto was shaking his head at her. Great. Misuse of magic, in front of the guy who was already ready to pop a cap in her should she reveal a secret she’d already-kinda-sorta had on accident.

“She fucking tripped, right Bobby?” Kit blinked innocently at the older hunter.

“With a little help,” Bobby snorted.

“Don’t worry, princess, I won’t hold it against you,” Otto chuckled. “Something else, maybe.”

“I need a fucking drink,” Kit huffed as she realized that Remi had gone tight behind her.

“Why was she here?”

Quinn stood just outside the door to the reception room. Dawn, in her big, poofy white dress stood behind her, looking panicked. Shit. Luke Smith, Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans were beside her.

“Because she has shit timing, and she likes to run her mouth,” Kit stepped away from Otto and Remi, who were now sizing each other up. What the hell was that? “Now, we’re gonna watch Kit get smashed and dance to bad ass pop songs. You in, Quinny?”

“Can I drink?”

“From the chocolate fountain, yes. From the bar, fuck no,” Kit pulled the teenager up beside her as she turned back to enter the room. “In fact, the dessert bar is my first stop. I don’t want to look like Skeletor, now do I?”

“Super skinny girls are so overrated,” Sam Evans nodded. “You’re smoking hot.”

“Get in line, kid,” Bobby shook his head as caught up to them. “You feel like a dance, Kitten?”

“If it’s with you, Bob-o, I’m always ready for one,” Kit grinned at them, and continued to ignore Remi and Otto’s glare off behind them.

She proceeded to get smashed. Two of her besties still couldn’t be in the same room with each other for more than fifteen minutes, damn them. Her cousin had come to shit on her and Quinn. Otto and Remi had wedding-crashed. Quinn was digging a boy. Hardcore. And the chances of Kit getting laid anytime in the next twenty-four hours had been seriously compromised. So she got her fucking drank on.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Let the Black Waves Roll" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Nov 12.

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