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This story is No. 14 in the series "Adventures of A Line Hopper". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: SEQUEL to "Don't Be" and "Paradox". Who is Elizabeth Summers? What happened in 2003 in the other timeline? With the universe falling apart, and tensions between Elizabeth and the Doctor rising, the Scoobies struggle to work it out.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Other BtVS/Ats CharactersShoshiFR73064,721610123,21923 Mar 1225 Apr 12Yes

Chapter Ten

Author's Note: And here entereth the Doctor!

(Actually, in Chaucer's day, doctors were called Leaches, did you know that? And not just because they used leaches to cure people. It was mainly because they leached your money away from you, and did nothing, as well as being considered to be sort of scummy individuals in the first place.)

Okay. Two things.

First, the Doctor. In terms of placement for his personal timeline, he's from shortly after "Paradox". Which means this is shortly after he meets/loses River, shortly after ditching Rose on Bad Wolf Bay, and shortly after losing Donna. Just so you understand his psychology. I've been trying to put this into the narrative, but it keeps getting cut out, because it's stupid and pointless and makes everything sound way worse. So I'll just shove it up here.

Now, before you say, "But Shoshi! The Doctor knew in 'Paradox' that Buffy was dead!" I urge you to look back through "Paradox" (Chapter 27) at what the Doctor knows vs. what Buffy knows. I did. The Doctor knows that Buffy jumped into the portal. He knows that she "died" in the same way that he "died" at the end of the Time War. Except... the Doctor didn't actually die at the end of the Time War, remember? So it's only natural that he would assume that, against all odds, she survived. (Also, as we've established previously, Buffy's idea of "dead" doesn't always mean she actually stops living. See the discussion about CPR and the Master in "Don't Be".)

The fact that Buffy actually dies for good in this incident is coming from Buffy's time sense in her own mind. If you look carefully at Chapter 27 of "Paradox", you'll find this is the case.

Second, the Russian Revolution. In Buffy, they say that Anya was basically responsible for the Russian Revolution. As a history student, I know that the Russian Revolution would have happened anyways. I get that. But to completely admit this would undermine the Buffy cannon, and I don't like undermining shows in my crossovers. So I've decided that Anya exacerbated the situation. That fewer people would have died, and perhaps even the second part of the revolution with Karensky would not have happened if it weren't for Anya. I'm trying to do justice to both shows, as well as history, and that may well be impossible, but I'm darned well going to try!


Elizabeth ran, her feet hitting the sidewalk with small, rhythmic thuds, the summer night air streaming across her face. She sniffled, and hugged her arms.

"It doesn't have to happen," she muttered to herself. "It doesn't have to happen. It doesn't have to happen."

She felt herself grabbed from behind, and thrown against a wall, a snarly vampire face peering down at her, with evil-looking yellow eyes.

"Actually," the vampire said. "I think you'll find it does." He hissed, and then made a move to bite down on her neck.

He flinched backwards, as a metallic buzzing sound filled the air. A metallic buzzing sound Elizabeth recognized. She shut her eyes.

"No," she breathed. She tried to grab at the wall behind her, her heart pounding. "No, no, no, no, no!" she screamed.

The buzzing sound died away, and the vampire's hands released her, leaving her standing with her eyes shut, back against the wall.

The vampire swore. "Look, it's not the way it seems," said the vampire. "We were just, you know, kissing and stuff. She was into it."

"Leave," said an English accented voice. "Now."

A hurried pattering of footsteps, as the vampire ran away.

Elizabeth opened her eyes, trying to back further into the wall, her fingers twitching against the rough surface. The man before her wasn't exactly who she'd been expecting — a tall, skinny guy in a brown pinstripe suit and red trainers, with spiky brown hair and sideburns. He held a small, thin tube in his hand, and looked over at her, meeting her eyes with his own.

It was him.

She could tell by the way he held himself — like he was better than everyone else. The clothes that didn't quite match, the technology that wasn't appropriate for the time period, and even just the way he looked at her, as if they were back to the way things had been before he'd started hurting her. He even had that same spark in his eyes, when he smiled, the one she used to love so much. Now, it just sent that horrible shiver of fear running across her spine.

"Bad night?" he asked, with a grin.

Elizabeth gathered up her courage and strength. He wasn't unbeatable. He wasn't the ultimate authority in the universe, as much as he might want to think that. He wasn't a god.

"Good thing I found you," he continued, not waiting for a response (like he didn't even care about her at all, typical). "Lots of temporal disturbances going on around this time and place. Figured you'd be up to the challenge. What do you say?"

Elizabeth walked over, and punched him, as hard as she could, in the jaw.

He stumbled backwards, under the blow, and stared at her. "Ow," he said, rubbing his jaw. "What was that for?"

"Ruining my life," she snarled. "Killing everyone I've ever known. Manipulating me. Forcing me to do things against my nature. Turning me into your Little Slayer and torturing me for years back on Earth when you were done!"

The Doctor stared at her. "Elizabeth?"


"No way," said Anya to Angel. "That's not happening."

"It's the safest thing to do," said Angel. "We haven't had a time jump in a while, now, which means he's probably here already. The moment he sees that Elizabeth got through into this world, he's going to start checking the identities of everyone else around here. He'll find you in two seconds."

"I know about Time Lords," said Anya. "For some reason, vengeance demons that change timelines so that lots of innocent people die really bug them. Rule number one for a vengeance demon: if you want to survive, you avoid the Time Lords. And you're just asking me to throw rule number one out the window." She huffed. "I might as well not have any rules at all."

"The Doctor isn't perfect," said Angel. "But he's incredibly forgiving. If he really believes you've reformed, you'll be fine."

"He's supposed to be the worst," said Anya. "The Uncreator? I know all about him. If he finds me, he won't just kill me. He'll make it so I was never born. Just because I killed a few humans and started a tiny little world-shattering revolution!"

"All you have to do is admit you were wrong and apologize," Angel said. "Trust me, he likes that sort of thing."

"Couldn't I just hide the way I usually do?" Anya asked Xander.

"You know, as much as it kills me to say it," Xander said, "Angel might be right." He paused, then shot Angel a glare. "Just this once!" He looked back at Anya. "It's better to do this now, because… well, he is a time traveler. If he runs into you at some point in the past, before you've actually reformed…"

Anya's eyes widened. "I didn't think of that."

"Don't hide what you were," said Angel, "and let him know you're different and you're here to help, and he'll let you go with a warning."

"Couldn't I go with you, instead?" Anya asked Angel. "You're not going to run into him."

"There's just as much chance that I'll run into him as anyone else," said Angel. "Possibly more. But I've got to get Dawn. If she's the only way to break the Time Lock, we have to make sure we know where she is at all times, until the Doctor leaves."

"You think he's going to hurt Dawny?" Willow asked.

"I don't know," said Angel. "I just don't want to take any chances."

"But there's only one time that the portal could open," said Willow. "And it's already over."

"Um, time machine," Xander said. "Remember, Will?"

Tara came up from the basement, carrying a box filled with a bunch of flashlights and some weapons. "I've got the stuff. We can go find Elizabeth."

"And Giles is on his way over," said Willow. "I just called him."

Angel nodded. "I better go get Dawn," he said. "And if you do find the Doctor, make sure he stays away from Elizabeth. Believe me, you have no idea how bad things can get with those two together."


"You can't be here!" the Doctor said. "It's impossible. How—?"

"Is this supposed to be some sort of disguise?" Elizabeth demanded. She looked him up and down — at the new face, the new hair, the new body. "Because I know it's still you. I can tell."

"No, it's… just a Time Lord thing," said the Doctor, scratching the back of his neck. "When we die, we — never mind. Listen, Elizabeth. I'm sorry about this, but you have to go back. The two timelines are linked through you, and therefore, any instabilities in your personal timeline affects this entire world. You're the one causing all these—"

"You would say that, wouldn't you?" Elizabeth hissed. She backed away from him. "You made me live through the future once. You want to do it again."

"It's not about me!" the Doctor insisted. "You wound up in 2003 twice. I had to drop you back in the past to make that happen. If I hadn't, all of time and space would have—"

"Then why'd you bring me there in the first place?" Elizabeth demanded. "You knew it was my future!"

"I didn't bring you there," the Doctor said. "We crashed."

"Oh! Right! I forgot! 'Rift energy'," said Elizabeth, making finger quotations in the air. "Massive 'rift energy' from a 'rift in Sunnydale' that threw us into 2003." She glared at him. "There is no rift in Sunnydale!"

"It was from this Sunnydale," the Doctor told her, fiddling with his sonic. "It was this rift that forced us to make that emergency landing. The energy from whatever happens in this timeline in 2003 was enough to bleed into the other one."

"And here you are, in the Sunnydale with the rift," said Elizabeth. "What'd you do? Open the Hellmouth? How many people did you murder in this timeline, so you could make sure that 2003 still happened in mine?"

"Elizabeth, I'm sorry about what you saw in 2003, I really am, but you have to believe me. There was nothing I could have done to save—"

"You could have just laid down and died!" Elizabeth shouted. "Don't you get that? It was you or thousands of innocent people, and you chose yourself!"

"It was Sunnydale or the world," the Doctor told her.

"How long did it take to convince yourself of that?" Elizabeth snapped. "Oh, I know you, Doctor. Everyone here thinks I'm all hell demony, because I'm good at talking people into doing things, but they've never seen you at your best, have they? That's the most important thing with you — never let you talk. Because that's how you manipulate the situation around you. You did it to me. And now you're doing it to yourself. Convincing yourself of a lie."

"I never—"

"Why do you think I fell in love with you?" Elizabeth shouted. "Because of you? Ha. That's a laugh." She rushed towards him, her eyes blazing, fists clenched by her sides. "I hate you. I hate you more than anyone else alive. You're a monster, and everyone is always too blind to see it. Even you."

The Doctor gave a little sigh, and ran a hand through his hair. "So we're back to that, are we?" he asked. "Go on, then. I believe the last thing you called me was soulless, evil, inhuman, and — oh, yes, that's right, you wished you never met me."

"You have a soul," said Elizabeth. "That's the worst thing. Everything you did to me, and you chose to do it!"

"I've told you a thousand times that I'm sorry," said the Doctor.

"Then why won't you stop it?" Elizabeth shouted.

"I can't. That timeline is—"

"See?" said Elizabeth. "You say you're sorry, but that's just words, Doctor! You've never really been sorry. You won't even admit what really happened!" She seethed at him. "All your talk. Your lies. Your mixed messages. I can't believe I ever fell for it!"

"There were no mixed messages," said the Doctor. "I meant exactly what I said."

"Iphidrin?" Elizabeth prompted. "In the Andromeda Galaxy? You remember that? Because I sure do!"

The Doctor's eyes darkened. "There were certainly no mixed messages on Iphidrin."

"You know what I think?" said Elizabeth. "I think if you ever really accepted responsibility for what you did to me, to Sunnydale, to everyone, the guilt would be too much for you to deal with, and you'd completely fall apart."

"And I suppose you'd love that," said the Doctor.

"At least it'd be some form of justice," Elizabeth hissed.

The Doctor put his sonic back into his pocket. "I don't have time for this," he said. "I need to find the other — Buffy, I need to find Buffy. Any idea where she is?"

"Oh, you thought you could weasel your way into other-me's affections?" asked Elizabeth. "You destroyed one Elizabeth, so you thought, hey, that was fun! Let's destroy her all over again!" She crossed her arms. "Guess what? You succeeded. She's dead."

The Doctor gave a small sigh. "Fine, I'll find her myself." He strode off down the street.

"I said she's dead!" Elizabeth called after him.

"Of course you'd say that," the Doctor called back, as he kept strolling away.

Elizabeth watched as his figure faded into night. She knew. The monsters had just arrived in Sunnydale. And it was her job to get rid of them.

Everything was clear.
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