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Moving forward to the future

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Companion fic to 'The past comes back'. What they knew is now coming undone and giving them a clean slate for a future none of them saw coming. Will add on to category when the chapters arise.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralCherryCloverFR181038,9504167,12823 Mar 1219 Nov 12No

Letty part 1

My Companion fic to 'The past comes back'.

This is a anything goes fic. So I can add a series if inspiration hits me and I will also take requests if I know the series - As in suggest a series and I might add it. :D

Warning it might get fluffy at times... LOL

If you haven't read my other fic, you might be a bit lost, but some of the chapters don't need you to have read the other fic.

This fic will start with the months between the Sons' incarceration and will go into other characters lives more and carry once 'The past comes back' finishes.

I do not own Buffy or any other characters that I might use. I am also going to play it loose with time-lines and stuff.

And this is rated 18, so swear words, violence, etc.

(For the back story of Letty, please read chapter 14 of 'The past comes back')

“Shit! Fuck!” Letty started cursing after she switched her phone off.

“What happened?” Buffy managed to talk Tara and Izzy in letting her go, after promising to be on bed rest for another week. Faith and Dawn has promised to keep her in it with Willow adding that she will stick Buffy to the bed if she had to. So today is Buffy’s day to go home. Giles, Willow, Xander and Dawn were home doing last minute shopping and getting it ready. They managed to keep Anise from coming to get Buffy, it took a lot of bribing and finally Giles put his foot down. So Faith, Izzy and Letty were the ones picking her up.

Faith did take Buffy’s suggestion and offered to spar with Letty, she agreed, but she wanted Buffy there. Something about Buffy mentioning that she really wanted to see the two of them spar. Dawn is a bit wary of Letty after her comment about taking Buffy shooting; she must have let the others know, because Willow has been in research mode all week. Xander and Giles seems to be taking it one step at the time, but they are curious and on guard. Willow said that Letty Ramon’s background is clean, too clean, almost like it’s made up, which prompted her to use face recognition tech to search. Leticia Otriz was what she came up with; Willow has kept quiet about her findings so far.

“There’s a picture of me in circulation. It was from when I was in Berlin.” Letty looked stressed.

“We knew that already.” Buffy commented.

“The call was from Han. Dom knows I’m alive.” Letty looked into Buffy’s eyes and the implication set in. She was going to be on everyone’s hit list, and Dom is most likely going to come after her.

“I need you registered on the council network. I can pull rank if the Feds try something, but I‘ve told you this before, this meeting between you and Dom are inevitable. Only thing is how you want to go about it.” Buffy calmly gave out what she thought.

“You seemed please.” Letty groaned out.

“Secrets always find a way to come to light, I would know.” Buffy smiled and looked to Faith. Faith was listening with interest. Izzy was minding her own business, having heard Letty's back story. Tara came back to the room with the release papers and a wheel chair. Indicating that yes she was going to be in one until they get to the front entrance.

“And like I said before, your life is a freaking movie. Come on let’s go, we can discuss what you want to do later. I think it’s time to let the other know what we’ve been up to.” Buffy gave Letty a grimace and sat down in the wheel chair. Letty sighed, took one of the bags and followed Tara and Buffy out. It’s going to be one interesting meeting that’s for sure.


Once they got home, Izzy took the bags up while Buffy sat down on the big couch in the lounge.

“You should be in bed.” Dawn looks at her sister who was making herself comfortable.

“There is something you guys need to know, and I’m off my feet. Get everyone.” Dawn hesitated for a second before she went and got everyone.

Once everyone settled Buffy looked around for Anise.

“She’s watching a movie in the basement. It should keep her busy for awhile.” Xander answered her and she nods before going straight to what everyone is most curious about.

“Willow I know you did a search of Letty. What did you find?”

“In the beginning nothing, I had to use face recognition software to get a hit. You’re Leticia Otriz, and you have a rap sheet, but aided the FBI in a case nearly two years ago. The same case which you were said to have died. I did some calculations, you were called around then.”

“I was called while in a coma, quite an anomaly I’ve been told. But I didn’t want to die and something was offered and I took it. The fact that I was twenty-nine when I was called, and not when you did your mass spell makes me one hell of a weird case and one of the oldest Slayers ever called. Trust me I know.” Letty supplied some information and every time Willow wanted to comment Letty seemed to be able to answer her before it actually happens.

“Letty was trained by a Watcher that left the organization a decade ago, Giles you might have heard of him, Markus Wellington.”

“Dead Lord! Markus! Yes I remember, his potential was called and died six months later. He never recovered from her death and turned against the council in a bid to help potentials. How is he?”

“He died a couple of months ago, cancer.” Letty gave Giles a sad smile.

“I’m so sorry my dear. He was a good man.” Giles said sincerely, he had a lot of respect for Markus for standing up to the old council.

“It’s okay. He let me know when he started training me that he was dying, I was preparing myself for it, but I thought we had more time.”

“Why isn’t she registered?” Dawn was the one who asked the question.

“Letty didn’t want to be on anyone’s records. As Willow said people thinks that she’s dead, and she wanted to keep it that way. But her past can wait. We are here to discuss something else.” Buffy looked to Letty and gave a nod.

“Before I go into what Letty found. I need to come clean with something.” Buffy said slowly and looked around the room; everyone was looking at her with interest.

“When we first started the new council I started to get tips here and there, mostly warning about things that were planned against the new council. There were tips for both human and demon activities. I was skeptical and on guard in the beginning, the warnings turned out authentic and valuable most of the time, so I started to take it seriously whenever I got one. I finally met the informant two years ago, I was by the window when a note came for me, but I saw him watching the place from across the street, so I followed him and confronted him. Giles, the old council screwed a lot of people over.” Buffy looks to Giles before carrying on.

“He was a father of a potential, but he had connections, so the old council made a deal with him. They let him keep his daughter, with a watcher coming to train her at their home, and he becomes the eyes and ears of the old council. His daughter died on a training mission. Apparently she and her watcher were ambushed by vampires... It turned out the ambush was planned; the old council was trying to find a way to see if they can force a calling. For twenty years he knew nothing about it, until he found records of what they did. He went on a rampage and his words were that there were a lot of accidents that year. He disappeared afterwards, but he said he kept watch over what happened. He tried to help some potentials when they were being killed off and from my reputation alone he decided that we are probably different. It’s one of the reasons that it took him a year to get into personal contact with me. He wanted to see how we will run the new council. He wished that his girl was a potential now.” Buffy became silent as everyone absorbed the information.

“Who was he Buffy?” Giles asked.

“He said that he lost his family name when he lost his only daughter, goes by John. Sorry it’s all I know. It took nearly six months to get why he was helping us out.” Giles nods.

“It was still irresponsible of you to just take his word for it. It could have been dangerous.” Giles still admonishes her, although there seems to be little steam behind it. They all have learned to trust Buffy’s instincts on occasions. But it didn’t stop them from worrying.

“You guys were busy. No don’t, let me finish.” She stopped the others from wanting to speak up. “Willow and Xander were out looking for Slayers and potentials and setting up international branches. Giles and Dawn were busy rebuilding the main council head quarters and another head quarter in the US. Not to mention the schools. Faith was in the new Cleveland Hellmouth. I was the only one that was free to do anything. He turned out fine, so let’s drop it there. He had a wealth of information, but he wasn’t willing to just talk to anyone, so I always tried to make time. After I came back to the US we had a system where he will email me anything he thought might be of interest. Don’t bother tracking him, he will always change addresses after one or two emails.”

“Anyways the issue at hand had to do with information that he sent me around two months ago.” Taking a deep breath she thanked Izzy when she served everyone tea or coffee depending on their preferences. It still amazes Buffy how she can remember everyone’s preferences after only one meeting. The exception to the hot drinks was Letty, Izzy handed her a beer, which she took, opened and took a big drink from. Everyone looked a bit shocked, it was only ten in the morning, but considering the circumstances, she really needed it. Deciding to take the attention away Letty Buffy started talking again.

“He sent me an email about a military operation out in Europe. He was still working on the specifics, but he had a bad feeling about this and rumor was that it was Slayer related. Two days later he said that it may be bad and he needed some help, so I told him I will send someone to him. Letty was getting bored here, so I asked if she was interested in finding something out for me in Europe.”

“Why her, why not someone from the council?” Willow asked.

“I can’t ask a normal slayer. I needed someone who had lived a certain life style…” She was still trying to figure out how to answer when Letty answered for her.

“This is shit. Look, she needed someone who can think like a criminal and who can use a gun and ain’t afraid to shoot if need be. Plus I can drive, which is a bonus for pulling things off.” Letty gave the Scoobies a smirk.

“Um, ja, what she said, Letty why don’t you finish the rest?” Buffy decided that maybe it would be better for Letty to finish explaining the job.

“I met John in Berlin and we managed to track the operation down to Russia and then back to Berlin. When we got there, we started to hear about this delivery that was going to happen. I decided that it was going to be easier to make it look like it was a heist and just take the goods. Going there alone as the Slayer would have alerted too many people we are on to them. There were a few heists that just happened in Germany and Poland, so I figured that it would be easier to high-jack the convoy and blame it on them. The heist went as planned and we got the stuff.” Taking a pause, Letty looked to Buffy who nodded to her. She out a small vile.

“It’s a sedative. It’s strong enough to knock a slayer out from one dart. At the moment the military has control of it, but if this gets out to the vampire and demon population. I don’t need to remind you of what would happen do I?” Letty gave everyone a hard look, and snorted when she saw their faces. Willow looked shocked; Giles, Faith, Dawn and Izzy looked worried; while Xander looked angry.

“John is tracking to see where they are producing it, from what we can gather. It hasn’t been widely produced because of the unstableness of some of the chemicals. I’ve no fucking clue what they were talking about. If you want detail you need to ask John for details. There are people who are very interested in getting the shipment back. So hopefully where ever they are making this haven’t changed. I was supposed to go back to help John after I was sure Buffy was okay. But now I’m not sure anymore.” Letty let out a sigh and finished her beer.

“Why” Dawn asked confused.

“Her picture was taken. For all intent and purposes she is supposed to be dead. There are people coming after her now.”

“The Feds?” Faith cut in.

“Among others… Easiest way to explain this is for Letty to explain how she ended up in the situation she is in. And then I will add in what I know.” Letty grimaced at that and gave Buffy a glare.

“I need more beer for this.” It was promptly supplied by Izzy. Who had also brought popcorn and went to sit with Buffy.

“You two are enjoying this way too much.” Letty glared at the two.

“Oh come on. It’s better than most action movies I’ve seen lately.” Letty zapped a sign at Izzy and glared at her beer. Taking a look around the room she started on her life, about racing, about Dom, her family, O’Conner, their life on the run, Dom leaving, her making a deal with the Feds for him, her coma, and ultimately coming out of it and having everything taken from her. She then explained what happened during her coma, the other’s escape, what they pulled, Hobbs, and her seeing him with another. Everyone was silent through the story and no one made any sound even after.

“They looked happy and at peace, so I made the decision to leave. It’s all for nothing now. They are all coming after me, Dom, Hobbs and the Feds. The latter two knows that if they get me they can get Dom. I’ve been thinking. Maybe you should keep the fact that I’m a slayer quiet. They coming after me just confirm the fact that they think it was a normal heist, I’m known in certain circles about the jobs I did and the kind of driver I am. It can work to our advantage. We need them to stay put. John’s email from two days ago says that he might be close to finding the Lab. He needed more time. This can keep their attention. I just need to hide.”

“And see Dom.”


“He’s going to be there when you go back… And he probably won’t be the only one. He might get caught; if you want him out of prison then you need to talk to him. Although I have a feeling that he won’t let you go afterwards.” Buffy finished with a smirk.


“Willow what you got there?”

“He is one big ass hunk of a man.” Willow blushed as she realized what she had said. While Letty was finishing her story, Willow pulled out the files she can find on the people she was talking about and Dominic Toretto was huge. Faith whistled as she took a look at the mug shot of Letty’s man.

“You will have to confront him sometime. Because if he is anything you say he is, he is not going to rest until he finds you.” Izzy supplied.

Letty groans into her hands and the girls let out a small giggle.

“Buffy and Izzy are right. Your life is better than the action movies and the drama!!” Dawn swoons as Letty gave her a glare.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Don’t think too long. I have a feeling he might already be on his way if not in there already.” Buffy chirped.

“Isn’t it your bed time already?” Letty asks her as Buffy stuck her tongue out at her.

They all have a lot to think about, the information that Buffy and Letty gave them has to be taken seriously, but at the same time they don’t want to create panic to the situation. For now they trusted this John person to ask for help if it is needed. Willow took the vile of sedative with her, intending on finding out what it contained and if there is a counteragent to it. Faith looked to Letty and offered to spar with her, it caught everyone’s attention. Letty took the offer; she really needed an outlet to her frustration. Plus it’s been awhile since she had a good spar.

Hope you like it!! Thanks for reading!!

Please review!!!!
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