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Starting Over in Raccoon City

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Summary: Buffy leaves after Chosen, traveling the States, only staying in cities for months at a time. During one of these times in Texas she learns more about her Slayer heritage, then she's off the Raccoon City.

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilBillieGaleFR18814,7264487,06425 Mar 1217 Apr 12No

Interlude From Faith, Buffy and Alice Find Trouble

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING of Buffy or Resident Evil. I am just borrowing them for my own devices for this story.

A/N: I know it's been a while but here's a short update that can hopefully tide y'all over until I update next. There will be some of Faith, and a short description of what happened when she and the others were leaving Raccoon. Enjoy.

A/N 2: Also, I will be editing all the chapters before this one, as they were checked over and some things were changed.

Beta'd by McGurrin

Chapter 7

Previously: Grinning ferally Alice tightened her grip on the wheel, flooring the gas pedal and forcing a path either through or over the soldiers. "Cleveland, here we come."

Faith Lehane sighed quietly as she watched over the sleeping brunette, eyes darting around the cell they were in. After the virus escaped Raccoon it had spread rapidly, taking over cities within a few days. She’d taken the girls from Raccoon and started to head towards Cleveland but the nuke used to sanitize Raccoon reached farther than they’d thought it would, killing over half of the group. Only Faith, LJ, Reighan and about 20 slayers survived. It was around that time that Faith felt her connection to Buffy fade.

Reighan and two other slayers had to drag Faith along as she fought to go back to the decimated city. After about an hour Faith shook them off and sat down, forcing her tears back. That was when Faith decided they’d head to Los Angeles, where Dawn was stationed. Along the way they lost another 10 slayers while two slayers had their powers enhanced and one lost her powers. When they reached L.A the group of 13 immediately realized that the infection had escaped Raccoon City. Faith had called Dawn, who informed her that the wards had collapsed around the slayer HQ when the witch that erected them had been killed. Dawn told Faith that they were safely holed in a prison in the middle of the city.

And that’s what led Faith to where she is now, standing watch over her best friend’s sister. She never told Dawn about how her connection to Buffy had faded, as not even five hours later it returned. Shaking off those thoughts Faith hoped Buffy would come for them soon, she missed her sister slayer.

Two figures on black sports bikes eased to a stop as the first rider’s handheld radio crackled to life.

“The is KLKB. We have seven people... in need of urgent medical attention. We need help. This is KLKB. Can anyone hear us? Can anyone help us? Please?”

The riders looked at each other, the smaller one nodded towards the radio. Starting back down the deserted road they came upon the deteriorated building belonging to the KLKB radio station. Turning their bikes off and dismounting they cautiously made their way towards the entrance. The smaller figure stopped, head cocking to the side as the sounds of laughter and growling reached her ears. Looking over at her companion she knew the taller figure knew it was a trap also.

“Lets see what they got,” the taller figure said cockily.

Entering the station they came upon an older woman hunched over, holding a bundle of blankets. The woman looked up at them.

“My baby,” she said, holding out the bundle to the newcomers. “Please. Please help my baby.”

Alice glanced at Buffy, eyes glinting in amusement, before turning back to the woman, taking the bundle. Opening it she dropped it when she found a dirty doll’s face looking up at her.

“You bitch. You dropped my baby.” The sounds of guns cocking echoes around the room. “We’re surrounded. We need help. Can anyone hear us? Can anyone help us? Please.”

“Works every time, mama,” one of the guys said with a laugh, getting nods from the three other guys.

Exchanging a look with Alice, Buffy turned back to the older woman. Slowly both women raised their hands, grudgingly allowing the crazy group to lead them further into the station. The slayer growled softly when one of the guys started stripping her mate of her weapons, his hands lingering on Alice’s body. Alice locked eyes with the slayer.

‘Don’t do anything, we don’t need them to find out we’re different. I don’t like his filthy hands on me anymore than you do.’

‘I’m going to kill him when they finish their sick game,’ Buffy swore mentally, hazel eyes taking on a violet hue.

Alice smothered a growl when the guy removed her kukris, sliding his knife down her leg to the holster around her thigh. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

The others laughed as he backhanded the tall blonde. Buffy growled audibly, taking a step forward and reaching for her Glock, freezing when the guy pointed his gun at her mate. The slayer forced herself to step back, letting her arm fall away from her gun. The guy smirked and continued searching Alice for weapons only to let out a high-pitched squeal as the tall blonde’s boot connected with his family jewels, sending the knife tip attached to the boot into his groin, hitting one of his arteries. Alice smirked ferally when he dropped and didn’t move.

“She killed him,” one of the guys yelled. “She killed him, mama!”

The older woman glared at the blondes, nodding towards two of her boys, causing them to knock both blondes out. “Shove them in the pits, and release the dogs!”

There it is, just a short update while I work on the story. Hope it's enough to tide ya over for a few days while my muse and I collaborate. R&R.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Starting Over in Raccoon City" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Apr 12.

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