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Starting Over in Raccoon City

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Summary: Buffy leaves after Chosen, traveling the States, only staying in cities for months at a time. During one of these times in Texas she learns more about her Slayer heritage, then she's off the Raccoon City.

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilBillieGaleFR18814,7264487,06425 Mar 1217 Apr 12No


Disclaimer: I own NOTHING of Buffy or Resident Evil. I am just borrowing them for my own devices for this story.

A/N: I haven't decided exact pairings yet but there will be a girl/girl pairing, so if that bothers you don't read. In this story Buffy is on the outs with the Scoobies, except for Giles and Faith. They wanted her to take over leadership of the new slayers but she never forgave them for kicking her out of her own home. There will be differences but hopefully they're not too ridiculous. If there are any questions, feel free to leave a review and I'll try to clear 'em up for you. Enjoy.

Beta'd by McGurrin


Buffy's P.O.V

I never gave much thought to what I would do if the world came to an end. I'd always figured that when that time came, I'd be six feet under. In hindsight I should have, because nothing is ever concrete in life.

It's been almost a year since I left my friends and sister in Cleveland to watch over the new slayers and Hellmouth. I haven't regretted it for two reason. One, they immediately assumed I would be friendly with them and take over leadership and two, I never forgave them for kicking me out of my own home on the word of one of the potentials. Only two people know of my general whereabouts, Giles and Faith. Giles since he owned up to his mistakes and sincerely apologized and Faith because she never turned on me since showing up with Willow.

I never stayed in one place for too long, only a couple months at a time. The longest I stayed in a city was five months with a small coven in Texas. I became involved with one of the witches, it was one of the most intense relationships I'd ever had but we both knew it wouldn't last. We loved each other but weren't in love. During those months I learned a lot, about myself and the supernatural. Morgan helped me to accept the slayer half, to not keep her caged. She also taught me about magic, that because I'm a slayer I can't be corrupted by magic, that I purify it.

It was in my last month of staying that my relationship with Morgan became completely platonic. A new witch had shown up and Morgan had felt an instant connection to her. Seeing this, I kissed her one last time and told her that I loved her before moving my stuff into the guest room. At the end of the month I loaded my stuff up and left for a new destination, which is how I ended up in the deserted Raccoon City.

So what did y'all think? R&R please.
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