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Infinite Dimensional Spaces

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Summary: Connor and Dawn are forced to leave their dimension and search for a new home.

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Chapter One - Leaving Sunnydale

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the characters/shows/books/films/ect. depicted in this writing. This writing is for fun, not profit.

Author's note: This story has been kicking around in my head forever and I finally decided to start writing it down. This is unbetaed so please let me know if you find any mistakes (I'm sure there's a bunch). Also, let me know if you want to beta for me.

Chapter One - Leaving Sunnydale

“At least we’ll have each other,” Connor said looking down at Dawn. “I don’t think I need anyone but you,” he added with a small smile. They sat side by side on Dawn’s bed on the second floor of her home in Sunnydale, California. Dawn looked back at him as she sniffed a little and rubbed her red puffy eyes.

"That's good because we're pretty much all that's left anyway,” Dawn said sadly looking down at their intertwined hands. She sighed. “I'm not trying to sound mean, but it’s different for you. You’ve already been through so much, so many changes. It’s sad that you’ve only know your real father for a few years but it’s harder for me. This is the only home I’ve ever really had. I mean sure, most of those memories are fake, but they are my fake memories. Ya, know?”

“It’ll be alright. If we end up somewhere like Quartoth we don’t have to stay long. You’ve got the spell mastered. We can dimension hop all we want until we find a place we want to stay. I can protect us, you handle the witchy things. Plus, we’ll be together.” Connor stood and walked to the window. He pulled back the curtains. Beyond their purple flowerily border was a town in smoldering ruin. It was eerily quiet out there. The sky was an ominous red and two streets over a house still burned. “We can’t stay here any longer,” Connor said turning back to Dawn.

“I know,” Dawn replied, still sounding apprehensive. “I’m ready.” She bent down and picked up her duffle bag. It contained a few changes of clothes, her personal grimoire, various herbs and supplies, her favorite short sword, and a handful of photographs of her family.

Connor nodded sadly at her and shouldered his hiking backpack. He picked up another duffle bag, this one mostly full of weapons, and turned to open the bedroom door.

Dawn turned to the empty bedroom. “Goodbye, room,” she said. “You’ve treated me well.” She leaned over and blew out the candles lined up on the top of the dresser plunging the room into darkness. “I’ll miss you. Try not to harbor any demons.” She followed Connor out the door and down the stairs.

“We’re ready now,” she said entering the living room. Giles looked up from his spot on the couch and tried to smile but pale and wan as he was it came out looking rather weak and more like a grimace. He struggled to stand and Dawn dropped her duffle and rushed over to help him.

“Are you sure you can’t come with us?” Dawn asked yet again. “Maybe it won’t turn you into goo,” she added hopefully.

Giles shook his head fondly. “We’ve been over this too many time to count. Only you and Connor can withstand dimensional travel. You must go. I’m afraid Sunnydale is lost and this world will soon follow. Knowing you two will be safe keep your sister fighting till the end. And your father as well, Connor. There is nothing more that can be done for this plane of existence. You two have a chance and I insist you take it.”

Giles wrapped his arms around Dawn as her eyes once again filled with tears. “Come now, we’ll toast to your departure,” he said. “Faith,” he called into the kitchen, “it’s time.”

Faith limped into the room carrying a tea set which rattled precariously on a tray with each of her swaying steps. She carefully lowered it onto the coffee table and sat on the couch with a sigh. “I’m gonna miss you brats,” she declared as she propped her injured leg up on the table next to the tea service. “It’s just not gonna be the same without you, either of you.”

Faith grabbed the tea pot and sloshed hot amber liquid into four tea cups. Faith handed them each a glass. She picked up the last one and raised it high. “Your family would be proud of you squirts,” she said.
Giles looked at them all and clinked his tea cup against Faith’s.

“Your family is proud of you,” he added gazing a Faith before turning to Dawn and Connor. Faith smiled and lowered her head. “Yes, we are,” she added as she smiled sadly at the two teenagers. Dawn and Connor added there cups to the toast.

The four survivors starred at each other for a beat before bringing their cups to their lips.

Giles immediately choked. “Faith, this is mostly whiskey,” he coughed his eyes watering.

“There’s some tea in it. What a little strong for you, old man,” she snickered.

“Not at all,” Giles sniffed, downing the rest of his glass. “I little warning, however, would have been preferable.”

Dawn smiled at the two of them and choked on a small sip of her whiskey tea. Connor drained his glass quickly.

“Let’s go,” Connor said standing up. Dawn stood reluctantly.

“I know we need to do this before it’s full dark, but it’s not. . .” Dawn trailed off looking at Connor. She nodded and glancing around the room one more time. She nodded again. “Okay,” she said.

They picked up their bags again and walked slowly to the front door. Faith followed with a large sword in each hand. “You stay here,” she said pointed at Giles. She turned to Dawn adding, “I’ll cover you so try to make it quick”.

“Good luck,” Giles said his eyes glued to Dawn as she walked out the door for the last time. “Be careful and remember that you’re a Summers woman. You can do anything.” He smiled trying to stave off tears as he watched the young woman he had come to think of as family prepare to leave this dimension.

The trio ran quickly out into the yard. Dawn had already set up the spell circle. She and Connor jumped into the center, careful not to touch any of the runes she spent the morning etching into the burnt lawn. Dawn knelt, cut her palm and smeared the blood on her face, then Connors. She began to chant.

“Hurry, they’re coming!” Faith called from a few feet away. Dawn grabbed Connor’s hands as her voice seemed to get louder and reverberate. Light began to pulse. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Faith behead a large demon and turn slightly to face her next opponent. Dawn kept chanting and a strange pressure began to build. Her voice, the light, and the pressure ratcheted up even higher before reaching a crescendo.

In a swirl of green light Connor and Dawn vanished.
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