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Red Queen

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Wonderland AU". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The defeat of the Necromonger army was supposed to mean that he had time with his family. Not mercs, pilgrimages, and betrayals. Oh, and another pregnancy. Awesome.

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Movies > Pitch Black SeriessparrowshellcatFR18656,40917269,36329 Mar 1229 Mar 12Yes

Alice! A childish story take

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy nor Pitch Black, and both fandoms are used without permission, but with great respect.

The forest was quiet, and silent - or as silent as a forest got, at night, when the animals were moving about and moving and trying to hunt and eat and hide from those that were hunting and eating. It was a normal quiet night, and there was nothing that seemed likely to disrupt that.

Until the sky lit up with a fire in the West, and a streak of light screamed across the sky before some object, wreathed in flame, slammed to the ground. Trees smashed to the ground around the impact point, flaring out like matchsticks thrown across the dirt, spread out in a bow around the impact point. Some of the trees lit on fire, and crackled away as the object came to its final resting place, half buried in the mossy ground.

For several long moments, the whole forest sat still.

It was like the world was holding its breath.

A fox was the first to encroach in on the new ring of fallen trees, confident in knowing that it was a predator, that it was not a prey species, and curious. Nose twitching, it moved closer, until it was close to the metal device that sat, open and empty, in the middle of the little ring of dead trees.

There was a sound from somewhere deep inside the object, and it shied back at the metallic 'ting', but nothing seemed to happen, and it slowly moved forward again.

Silently, there was a shift, and it was as though the metal ball split slowly in half, the top of it falling open. The fox's nose twitched as it shifted even closer, trying to identify scents it couldn't place, that it had never smelled before, putting one paw boldly on the outside of the shape as it tried to get closer to the now-open device, trying to place what was inside, trying to understand why there was a familiar scent that didn't seem just quite right...

There was a soft cry of pain, and a woman stumbled out of the sphere.

The fox backed up, rapidly, still slightly off kilter, like it couldn't figure out what exactly it was supposed to be doing, and backed up a little.

The woman panted as she landed on her hands and knees, panting heavily. There was blood dripping down her forehead, down to her jaw, and one of her arms looked twisted, broken. There was even more blood on her legs, running down her thighs to drip on the dirt, and as she sat up, slowly, she clutched at her own heavily pregnant belly. Fighting to breathe, she looked around the little burnt up clearing, as though trying to figure out where she was. It couldn't be right, it wasn't the right place...

There was a flare in the sphere behind her, and she grabbed at the open edge, fighting to pull herself to her feet.

Leaning forward, she held up a small black square, hands shaking as she supported herself on the remains of her craft, wincing slightly as she tapped at the screen of the device with the fingers of her broken arm. Her teeth were grit, tightly, and she looked furious, but still she worked. For a moment, she looked like perhaps she was going to calm down, then abruptly she let out another shout, and threw the little device before bolting into a run, as fast as she could, trying to get as much distance between herself and her vessel, as quickly as possible.

Behind her, the fox crept closer to the thing she had thrown, hoping that it was food. It smelled of cold and nothing, though, as he sniffed at an image that meant nothing to him.

A black ship, hanging like a bird of prey among the stars, like a malevolent beast waiting to swing down and destroy.
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