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Summary: The had been running for so long they both longed for a place to rest, even if only for a short while

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Chapter Four: Taking Council

I don't own it. Joss and others own Angel. Kazue Kato and others own Blue Exorcist.

Yukio and Rin quickly started feeling their way around their new powers, trying to make sense of how they worked. Yukio made his way through all of the materials his father had collected, along with all of his notes, but it was a paltry amount of information.

Rin also made his way through the reading, although he started with Father's notes and then used them to puzzle out what he could of the text. Yukio was impressed with some of Rin's inferences from the notes, but he was slowly beginning to see that Rin had been exposed to a different side of their father than Yukio had experienced.

Even with both of them working through the information there was not a lot to be gained from the books. Shiro hadn't been able to research too deeply for fear of alerting the Order to the existence of the twins. As they slowly made their way away from Japan, Yukio and Rin tried to find more information, but all of the legitimate supernatural literature seemed to be disappearing. Yukio couldn't figure out where the books were going, since he knew the Order was not actively seeking to expand its library.

Currently they were poking around the back corner of a musty book shop. Rather Yukio was poking around, while Rin alternated between complaining and squashing Coal Tar. Yukio pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"If you want this to go faster, you could help me look through these books, Rin."

"How am I supposed to do that when I don't even know what three quarters of this stuff says. I can make out some of the Latin, and the Japanese is easy, but the rest of it might as well be in gibberish. How many languages do you know to be able to read it?"

Yukio turned towards his brother, set to answer the question, but the words died in his throat.

Arrayed behind Rin were a row of eight young women, standing in a shallow triangular formation. They were blocking the exit to the shop, and hemming the two of them into the corner. Rin saw his look, and turned to see what was behind him. He took a step back from the women to stand beside his brother. Yukio was grateful Rin had the sense to keep his mouth shut.

"Is there something I can do for you?" Yukio asked, swallowing against his suddenly dry throat.

"You will come with us, demons," one of the women in the center said in English.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Rin furrow his brow in confusion.

"What did they say, little brother?" Rin asked in Japanese.

Yukio blinked. He knew his brother spoke English relatively well. He had caught Rin putting off homework to watch Food Network with Ukobach enough times to know he was fairly fluent. He glanced over at Rin, his own brows furrowing. Rin caught his eye, and a brief flick of his eyes towards the girls let him know what was going on. Yukio just hoped they were good enough actors to pull this off.

"I don't know, big brother. I don't understand what they are saying either. I think they're speaking English though," he replied in Japanese.

The women were obviously not happy at being ignored.

"You will come with us, demons. By order of the Council," the leader spoke again, still in English.

Yukio choked down the feelings of shock at the name of the Council and spoke to the women again in Japanese.

"I am sorry, ladies," he said with a slight bow. "I am afraid my brother and I do not understand what you are saying."

The leader of the group made an angry noise before one of the other women snapped at her.

"They don't understand you, moron," she said in English.

"Well how the hell are we supposed to take them into headquarters if we can't tell them to come with us?"

The woman made a scoffing sound then stepped forward to grab Rin by the forearm. In a well practiced move she yanked his arm out, spinning him around and pulling the appendage up tight behind him, pinning him against the shelves. Rin gave a squawk of protest, but didn't make a move to stop her.

"Ow, what did you do that for?" he protested, his face a wash of confusion. "That hurts."

Yukio stood there shocked by how his brother let the woman manipulate him. His moment of shock was enough for one of the other women to put him into a similar pin.

"Ouch," he said, even though the hold was only mildly uncomfortable due to his physiology.

"Shut up!" the woman holding Rin barked, covering Rin's mouth and pinching shut his nose.

Rin's eyes widened, but he ceased making any more sounds. She blocked his breathing for a several more seconds, before letting go. Rin filled his lungs with a gasp. She glanced meaningfully at Yukio, and he clacked his mouth shut on any protests he would make. He felt the gun at the small of his back being removed from its holster, and heard a rough slide of material as the woman pinning Rin yanked the Kurikara off of his shoulder.

"Three of Eight, get over here," the woman holding Rin barked again.

Another of the girls approached, but Yukio almost didn't notice. He was too busy trying to stifle the snicker that was bubbling up in his throat at the obvious reference. A whiff of copper meant that Rin was probably biting his tongue to keep his own laughter in. Yukio cursed Brother Izumi's love of all things science fiction.

The familiar click of a safety being removed brought him back to reality. The barrel of a gun dug into the small of his back.

"Fuck around and I shoot," the new girl said, pressing the barrel in harder.

Yukio swallowed thickly, but he didn't resist when the woman pulled him away from the wall and marched him towards the exit of the shop. Rin was marched along beside him, and as they moved towards the entrance, some of the women moved to gather their bags. The brothers flicked a glance towards each other when they saw another woman push a wad of bills into the hands of the shop keeper before he could voice a protest.

Once outside, they were blindfolded and tied up. Yukio flinched at the fact the chains were both blessed and silver, and he heard Rin jerk in his captors arms. Then there was the sound of a fist hitting flesh, and Rin gave a pained grunt.

"Brother!" he exclaimed. His reward was a sharp smack in the face.

Rin gave another grunt, this one almost muffled. Yukio was then manhandled until the backs of his legs connected with something. He lost his balance and fell down. He was roughly shoved the rest of the way into the small space, squished up against his brother. Then something was slammed down, plunging them into darkness.

A few minutes later, an engine came to life. It was only then that they felt it was safe to talk.

"What the hell, Yukio? Who the fuck are these chicks and what do they want with us?"

"I'm pretty sure they were Slayers, Rin."

Rin sucked in a breath.


"You know what a Slayer is?"

"One time after Izumo shot down another pass from Shima, I heard him mutter something about her being a slayer. Bon told him he was an idiot, and I jumped in to ask what a Slayer was. Shima was so glad to get Bon off his case he got him to explain them to me. What makes you think these these chicks are Slayers rather than Exorcists?"

"One of them mentioned the Council, which is the group that oversees and directs slayers."

"They grabbed the Kurikara when they pinned me."

"They got my gun, too."

"So what do we do? I'm not sure I want to try using the flames to get out of here."

"No, if we did that, we'd have the Council after us with as much fervor as the Order."

"So what, we let them try and slay us?"

"No, if they were going to do that, they wouldn't have bothered driving us anywhere. With the amount of hush money they paid that shopkeeper, they could have gotten away with it."

"Yeah, I saw that. Where did they get that kind of money?"

"Apparently the Council is looser with its purse strings than the Order was."

"Which leaves us locked in a trunk being taken to god knows where by a bunch of super powered women, with no idea how to get away from them."

"We'll have to play it by ear, Rin. Your idea of pretending to not understand them was a good one. It gives us an advantage."

Yukio could practically hear his brother puffing up with pride behind him, but he ignored it and went on with his planning.

"We just need to decide on a story which is as close to the truth as possible, and make sure we agree on it. If they question us separately we want to make sure our stories coordinate."

"We should probably just tell the truth, except leave the whole 'sons of Satan' thing out of it. Tell them we don't know what kind of demon, our father was, but our mother was human."

"Well technically it is not know exactly what kind of demon Satan is," Yukio replied.

Rin snorted.

"My point, little brother, is that we tell them exactly what happened, just leaving out anything specific. I started showing my demon heritage, but you didn't at first. We had to leave the place we were raised after Father died. After you started showing your powers, we were forced to flee to avoid being hunted. Oh, and no names."


"Our names. We can't give our real names. The Order has to be looking for us, and if this Council has heard of us, then it could be bad. So we'll keep up the big brother, little brother routine."

"You just like rubbing in the fact you're older."

"Eh," Yukio felt his brother's shoulder move in a shrug.

"A surname?"

"Well as much as I don't want to be associated with that rat bastard Pope, since it was our mother's name, Egin."

Yukio raised a brow at the depth of his brother's planning.

"That is incredibly well thought out."

"Thank you."

"What manga did you read it in?"

"Oh shut up, spotty four eyes. It's a good plan, admit it."

"I believe I just did. I'm just not sure how someone whose battle strategy is usually whack at something until it is dead, came up with it on the spur of the moment."

It was probably not the best time to be teasing his brother, but the familiarity of it helped to calm his nerves. Despite the fact that Rin's plan was a good one, there was still a strong chance that the Council could slay first and ask questions later. So any chance to keep Rin and himself calm was to be embraced.

"Idiot. If you don't know, then I'm not telling you."

"Hah! So you admit it."

"I admit nothing. Just tell me if we're going to follow my plan or not."

"Well I will admit that your plagiarized plan," Yukio had to raise his voice over Rin's growl, "is a good one. We'll just have to make sure to stick to that story, and not give any hints that we speak English."

"We're gonna have to keep letting them hit us, too," Rin's tone was a bit more sober.

"I know," Yukio was sober as well. "We just have to remember that we'll heal and take it. Hopefully if we keep doing what they ask then we'll just have to deal with a few bruises."

"Yeah, but I still don't like seeing them hit you."

"I don't like seeing you pushed around either. We'll also have to explain how we don't speak English, because it sounds like someone who didn't speak Japanese named us if we are just going by Nii-san and Otouto Egin"

"Maybe...," Rin trailed off a moment to think. "Mum told Dad that I was the oldest and you were the youngest, so they put that on the birth certificate, expecting us to be adopted. By the time it was clear we weren't going to be adopted outside the monastery, the names had stuck."

"I don't like making Father sound like an idiot."

"If it keeps us alive, the Old Fart will understand."

The two faded into silence as the car ride continued. It seemed like hours before the vehicle pulled to a stop, but Yukio knew it wasn't that long. He felt Rin tense beneath him, as he readied himself for the next round of abuse.

Yukio kept silent as the trunk was opened, and bright light leaked around the blindfolds. He was grabbed and pulled out of the trunk, banging his head against the lid. He choked off any noise, knowing he would probably be hit for it. The people dragging him out certainly weren't worried about him being injured. Once outside he was set roughly on his feet, and a slayer stood on each side holding each arm.
He heard Rin's feet hit the ground, but there was no further movement, so he figured his brother was getting the same treatment.

One of the slayers reached over and yanked off the blindfold, pulling away a chunk of hair caught in the knot and catching painfully on the tip of one of his ears. Luckily he was so busy blinking against the bright lights that he didn't think to protest.

As he was trying to get his eyes to adjust, he and Rin were forced forward several steps. As his eyes cleared he saw they were being brought before a man. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, although he was dressed much older, in an old fashioned looking pin striped three piece suit. He even had a chain leading to a pocket watch in the vest pocket. The man had sandy blond hair that was overly styled, and was putting so much effort into looking authoritative that it was almost comical. The only thing that kept it from being so was the large group of slayers gathered behind him.

"Demons, you have been brought before the Council to prove your worth in it's eyes," the man began in English. "If you are found to be evil or wanting you will be eliminated. Resistance to these dictates is futile, so will you submit quietly or shall I have my slayers use force?"

Yukio stared at the man with as blank a look as possible.

"Are you afraid to answer," the man continued. "Fear not, for while fierce, the Council can be benevolent to those who aid it as well."

Yukio continued to look at the man blankly. He wondered how long the slayers who brought them here were going to let him continue to question them before admitting they didn't speak English.

"Or perhaps your silence is mocking. Do you think your silence will keep us from finding your secrets. Rest assured, nothing can be hidden from the all seeing eyes of the Council. You would save yourself a world of pain if you simply relented."

"I have no idea what you are saying," Rin said in Japanese, obviously unable to stand it any longer. "But your slayers keep hitting us whenever we say anything, so we're kind of reluctant to speak."

Rin got a cuff to the side of his head for his comment, but it was enough to get the man they were facing to break character.

"Huh?" he said, his face a caricature of confusion.

"Yeah boss," the slayer on Yukio's left said. "I don't think they speak English. We tried to make 'em come peacefully, but since we couldn't explain, we had to force them to come and come quietly."

"But, I had a whole speech planned," the man's tone was extremely put upon.

"Sorry, Mr Wells."

"So any idea what language they're speaking?" the girl on Yukio's right said.

"Obviously," Mr. Wells was all self importance again. "It is some kind of Asian language. I have to admit that my expertise in those languages is limited. I tend to focus on the European and demon languages. Perhaps one of my colleagues might have an idea."

"Isn't Mr Holly the expert on Asian languages," one of the slayers behind Wells said.

"Yes. Very well, we'll have to bring them inside. Three, Four, Five and Six of Eight, take the demons to one of the holding cells. Eight, go get Mr. Holly."

"We found weapons on them, sir," one of the girls holding Rin, piped up.

"Did they use them on you," Wells asked.

"No," the girl sounded disappointed.

"Then turn them over and we'll analyze them. The rest of you, write your report," he turned to the group behind him. "Slayers, thank you for your assistance. You are released at this time. Please return to your other duties."

As Yukio and Rin were forcefully marched into the building, Yukio caught sight of the Kurikara and his guns being taken through a different door. Then he and his brother were being dragged through a series of hallways and down several flights of stairs. Finally they were thrown into a cell and a heavy metal door was shut behind them. Yukio heard the lock engage, and felt some kind of spell spring to life to encompass the room.

"Otouto," Rin said. "Please tell me we are going to take the chance to laugh hysterically at that man at a later date. Especially at the code names he chose for his slayers."

"When we're not in the middle of the lionesses' den, we're laughing for days, Ni-san," Yukio replied. "I might even risk a phone call just to yell at Brother Izumi."

"So now we wait?"

"So now we wait."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Colossus" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Mar 12.

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