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Summary: The had been running for so long they both longed for a place to rest, even if only for a short while

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Anime > OtheradoxerellaFR13511,747111,07030 Mar 1230 Mar 12No

Prologue: The Mystery

Title: Colossus (Blue Exorcist/ Angel: the Series crossover)
Spoilers: All of AtS/BtVS, not comic compliant. All of the Blue Exorcist anime
Rating: teen
Disclaimer: I don't own it. Joss and others own Angel. Kazue Kato and others own Blue Exorcist
Summery: They had been running for so long, and both longed for a place to rest, if only for a short while.

They had been running for a year before they found the hotel.

At first glance, the building seemed like it shouldn't be standing. The surrounding buildings had obviously been patched. The differences in the mortar and bricks stood out even after several years of weathering. The hotel itself looked to have obvious damage, the back wall cracked and pitted. However there seemed to have been no effort made to fix the damage. The lack of care by the owners was what drew the fugitive brothers to the building in the first place.

Both of them had been reluctant to enter it at first. Despite the obvious air of abandonment there was a hint of magic in the air they could both taste on the back of their tongues. As they got closer, they could see the faint echoes of wards painted around the doorways, but a lack of upkeep had left them chipped and fragmented. Too weathered to do their jobs, they presented little problem when the two brothers slipped through the back door.

Once inside, there was little sign of the trauma that marked the exterior of the building. There were a few cracks in the plaster, but with the age of the building and the area they were in, those could have as easily been caused by an earthquake as what ever had marred the outside of the building. It was as if whoever owned the building had left the exterior in shambles on purpose to deter anyone from looking inside.

That inside was even more confusing. As the two brothers cautiously explored they found a strange mishmash of long abandoned rooms and hallways intermingled with areas that had obviously seen some efforts at restoration. However even the restored rooms had what seemed to be several years worth of dust clogging them. Some of the restored rooms showed signs of hasty packing, with bits and bobs left behind. Others were littered with forgotten boxes, as if the owners never made it back to finish gathering all of their belongings and hauling them to their new place.

The air of magic wasn't confined to the wards by the doors. There were signs of it all over the building. A large magical circle was etched into the floor of the lobby, and both brothers instinctively stayed far away from it. The air in one of the offices was thick with the stench of long expired magical ingredients, some of them still mouldering away in their containers. Broken down spells whispered across their skin when they entered some of the restored rooms, and one room had such a pall of darkness over it that the brothers avoided the floor it was on all together.

Despite all the mysteries and dangers, something about the place called out to the brothers. When they settled together on a dusty couch tucked into a nook of the lobby near a staircase, they didn't take long to decide to stay. Something about the place screamed out sanctuary, even though it seemed as if someone had taken pains to make it seem otherwise. It was that sense of home that appealed to the twins. They had been running for so long, and both longed for a place to rest, if only for a short while.

So it was that the Okumura twins came to reside in the Hyperion Hotel.
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