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A Slayer in Lima

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Summary: When Willow did the spell to activate all the slayers, a tiny brunette in Lima, Ohio was one of those lucky few to be called. See how she handles being one of thousands of slayers.

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BillieGaleFR18510,1264257,05230 Mar 1210 Apr 12No

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING of Buffy, Glee or Fast and Furious, I'm simply using the characters for my own devices.

A/N: So it's been a few days since my last update so I hope you enjoy this one and I'll make this chapter longer than the others. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Also, I realized I forgot to translate the Spanish in the previous chapter so I'ma do it now:


Tenemos visitantes, cuatro de ellos. Tres mujeres y un hombre. Todavía hay mucho que ustedes todo no saben sobre mí. - We have visitors, four of them. Three women and one man. There's still a lot that you all don't know about me.

Te puedo ayudar? - Can I help you?

Comprendes español? - You understand Spanish?

Sí, yo hablo español. - Yes, I speak Spanish.

Santi, calma usted mismo y mover hacia atrás. Déjelos hablar. - Santi, calm yourself and move backwards. Let them speak.

puta - bitch

Usted sabe esto va a terminar? - Do you know how this is going to end?

mal unos - bad ones

hadas - fairies

puta cula - fucking whore (not the exact translation but it's basically what it means)

Chapter 4

Previously: "C-Cordelia? But you died," Xander stuttered in disbelief.

"Actually I didn't, the Powers' decided I needed to ascend for a while so I could truly learn my abilities. time up there has no meaning," Cordelia Chase said casually. "Now, back to Rachel. She's staying here in Lima, end of story. A senior slayer will be assigned to live here with her to train her. You will not take this child anywhere, Buffy Summers."

"She needs to be around others like her, not normal high school students."

"Have you forgotten your own high school years? You became one of the best slayers because you were surrounded by normal friends," Cordy stated bluntly. "Besides, I'm also going to be here. I'm a Seer, Buffy, so I know it's best for Rachel to be surrounded by people that love her. If she goes to Cleveland, then your precious baby slayers will ostracize her, they will try to break her. All because Rachel already has good control over her abilities, because she knows instinctively how to fight and react to situations. And you want to know how it all starts?" Cordy didn't wait for an answer. "Kennedy there is going to try to get in Rachel's pants and when Rachel rejects her, Kennedy starts spreading the rumor that Rachel tried to rape her and that she has male genitals. Now imagine how hundreds of hormonal girls with super strength will react to a rumor like that?"

"She'd be lucky to survive a week," Faith said honestly. "Add in that Red would believe the little shit without question."

"I wouldn't let that happen," Buffy argued, standing angrily. "Dawn, Andrew, and the others would also be there to watch over her."

Cordy's body tensed as her eyes whitened slightly. "Rachel Berry is not going to Cleveland, Slayer. The girl is not your jurisdiction."

"She's a slayer, Cordelia, which makes her my jurisdiction."

Faith shook her head at the other Chosen One's stubbornness. The Dark Slayer motioned for the baby slayer and her cheerleader friends to follow her outside. Shutting the door behind them the brunette turned around. "Nobody has bothered to ask but, what do you want to do, Rachel? Do you want to go or stay here?"

"Rachie can't go anywhere, we're her only family," Brittany said adamantly. "She has to stay here so she can meet her gay shark. It's, like, the only way."

"Only family?"

"What about the senior Berry's?"

"Gay shark?"

"Shut up, all three of you," Rachel called as three voices threw questions at her. "Quinn, 'Tana, please wait until later when we're alone. I promise to explain things. Faith, a gay shark is a dolphin, which is a lesbian. Brittany sees the world a little differently than others, most times I can honestly say I don't understand but then when I think over what she said, it's obvious."

"Did you know that unicorns and penguins live in rainbows?" the tall blonde asked happily. "You're a dark penguin but that short blonde is a white rabbit. How come you're dark?"

Faith froze at the question, letting out a shakey breath. " wasn't, I was in a bad place when I was younger. Got in with the wrong crowd and did some bad things."

"The dark doesn't touch your soul, but it lives within you. Like the grey penguin," Brittany said firmly.

Rachel and Santana chuckled at Faith's confusion while Quinn smiled fondly. "Don't worry, you'll figure it out eventually."

"The dark unicorn is coming."

The group looked up as Cordy stormed outside with a huff, throwing her hands about as she muttered under her breath.

"Scale of 1-10," Quinn muttered to Santana.

"'Bout a 3, hasn't got the attitude," the Latina mumbled back.

"I'd go with a 5 but needs improvement. Really, it could've used a door slam," Rachel added glibly.

"I wouldn't even rate that," Brittany said with a giggle. "It wasn't Rachelesque."

"Not all of us can be a diva like the Hobbit," Santana argued playfully.

"If you four are quite done, we need to talk." Cordy cut in, amusement coloring her tone.

"Words of doom," all four girls muttered simultaneously.

"What's the verdict, Queen C?" Faith asked curiously.

"I'm going to find a way to send Buffy to Antarctica without any luxuries," the Seer mumbled as she sat down next to the Dark Slayer. "For now, the little terror has backed off. Rachel is staying here, but Buffy is sending two experienced slayers here to watch over Rachel. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to tell you that."

"I would've known anyway," Rachel said with a shrug. "Who will be staying to train me?"

"Buffy said Kennedy will be staying," Cordy said with distaste.

"Hell no, that puta ain't stayin' anywhere nears my Hobbit," Santana said angrily.

"She will not be training me," Rachel stated firmly. "If Buffy wants her to stay, she'll have one less slayer. I expect someone more trustworthy and experienced than that girl."

"I can stay," Faith offered quietly. "It's not like I have anything I'm doing at the school. The others don't want me there, that's for damn sure."

"Problem solved," Quinn said. "What else is there to discuss?"

"Normally every slayer has a Watcher, but with me, Faith and your friends here it'll be just as good." Cordy said. "Faith and I will be living here with you. Before you say anything, it's simply because we need to train you, not to watch over you. Yes, we care for you and your well-being but you're old enough to know when something is wrong or right. Besides, I'm a Seer so I'll know if something is wrong."

"Will you train my friends as well? I don't want them to get caught in a situation without knowing how to escape it," Rachel asked softly.

"If they want," Faith said with a shrug, not caring one way or another.

"I can help Brittany with her gift as well," Cordy offered.

"We're definitely in, Hobbit. We won't leave you," Santana said fiercely, getting nods from Quinn and Brittany.

"Well, we've got to go since we have school tomorrow. Rach, you've got detention with Coach for the rest of the week," Quinn said as she and her fellow Cheerios stood. "Oh, and Coach wanted me to ask if you'd consider joining the Cheerios?"

"What? Why does she want me?"

"I can only guess that whatever happened in Figgins office surprised her and earned her respect," Quinn said unsurely. "Plus you threatened physical harm when protecting Britt."

"Yea, Coach would definite up appreciate that," Santana added with a smirk.

"And, like, I'm totes her favorite after Becky," Brittany said, smiling largely.

"I guess I could join since I quit Glee," Rachel said hesitantly.

"Totes awesome, Rachie. Don't worry, we'll, like, look after you," Brittany said happily, bouncing over to the petite singer and giving her a hug.

After the three Cheerios had left Rachel led the other two women inside, leading them upstairs. "Cordy, you're welcome to have the master bedroom, Faith, you get the guest room. To get this out of the way, my dads live in Cleveland. I've lived here alone since I was 13. There are only two rules: you break something, you replace it. Number two, do not mess with my shop in the garage. Other than that, I don't care what you do. Scratch that, rule number three, please do not bring anyone here to have sex with. I really don't need to hear that. Good night."

A few months passed and soon it was December. Rachel, Cordy and Faith had set up a daily routine that included the petite diva's best friends. In the morning the tiny slayer got up early, worked out, showered, ate breakfast, changed into her Cheerios uniform (yes, she became a Cheerio) and left for school. Once there she met up with her friends for practice. After school the four girls would go to Rachel's where they'd immediately start training with Faith and Cordy. When they stopped, Brittany went with Cordy to train her gift while the other four went to the garage. Quinn would watch as Rachel, Santana and Faith worked on the diva's Ford Shelby. The students of McKinley had been shocked when Rachel walked down the hall in a Cheerios uniform surrounded by the Unholy Trinity. The Gleeks were especially shocked but that quickly turned to dismay and panic when Rachel showed no signs of even missing the club. Now that the tiny diva had friends that cared about her, she didn't miss Glee at all. Yeah, she would've loved to be in it just to sing, but she just couldn't put up with the others snide insults.

With each day that passed the group of six women grew closer, they grew to be a family. Faith took on the big sister role while Cordy filled in the role of the mother figure. Rachel could honestly say she loved all of them, Cordy especially, but sometimes she wished her real mother would've given her a chance. It was even harder not to think about Shelby's rejection now that the woman was teaching at McKinley.

Rachel shook those thoughts off, instead focusing on what her teacher, who was unfortunately for the brunette Shelby, was saying. When the bell rang the tiny diva started packing her stuff away only to groan when Shelby asked her to stay back.

"Yes, Ms. Corcoran?"

"I'm sorry, Rachel," the woman whispered sadly. "When I met you last year I was so scared I'd be a bad mother. I was scared that you'd realize just how much you don't need me that you'd have sent me away. I told you that I wasn't ready for a teenaged daughter, but I never meant it. I want you, Rachel, I really do, but I'm so scared that you won't want me. I'm so, so sorry for hurting you."

Rachel stood frozen, shocked at her mother's confession. She really wanted her mom but wasn't sure she could trust the woman not to hurt her again. "I can accept your apology, Shelby, but I'm leery of trusting you. I want to believe that you want me, I do, but I can't just give you my trust. I want you, not as my mother but as my mom. I want you to know that. But we will have to take it slow, there are certain aspects of my life that are completely different than when we met last year."

Shelby felt her tears fall when she realized Rachel was giving her a second chance. "Thank you, Rachel. I promise to try to be there for you, and that we'll go at your pace. I'm so grateful for you giving me a second chance."

Giving the woman a hesitant smile Rachel asked, "Are you free this weekend? Faith is taking me and my friends to the mall, so you're more than welcome to join us."

"I would love to, thank you. Quinn Fabray is one of your friends, right?" Shelby asked. When Rachel nodded she continued, "I can bring Beth, so she can start getting to know her daughter."

"Quinn would love that," Rachel said with a smile. "We're meeting up there at 9am in the food court."

Later on that day Rachel was walking with Santana past the choir room when they heard Shelby's voice.

"Rachel? I thought you had Glee now?"

"I quit at the beginning of the year. I got tired of the others putting me down constantly," the diva said honestly. "The curly-haired, hobbit infested teacher tried to get me suspended when I threatened to kick Mercedes' ass because she called Brittany retarded."

"You've been hanging out with Coach too much," the Latina muttered with a smirk.

"She does make up the best insults for Schue's hair," the petite girl said with a laugh.

"That man is the most pathetic teacher I've ever met. He preached about being a family then did nothing when the others, myself and Quinn included, would rag on the Hobbit here. Then he jumps on my Hobbit for threatening violence when he wasn't present, and when he's witnessed me and Q say we'd like to punch Rach, he did nothing."

"Calm down, 'Tana," Rachel said softly. "I'm over what happened."

"You know they still haven't found four new members? They're all still hoping you'll 'come to your senses' and go back," Santana said with a snigger, using air quotes.

"Do you miss Glee?" Shelby asked quietly, a plan forming in her head to get revenge.

"I miss some aspects, like just jamming out with a group. Sure, I still sing, but it's different when you're in a group." Rachel said honestly.

"I've got a crazy idea if you're up to it," Shelby said shyly. "It serves two purposes: providing you with what you miss and shoving it to Will Schuester." Shelby explained her plan to the girls, drawing maniacal laughs from the both of them, along with their support.

As the two Cheerios headed towards Rachel's car the diva rolled her eyes when she saw two girls, a redhead and blonde, trying to watch her inconspicuously. Faith had said their names were Violet and Jessica. Tossing the keys to Santana she laughed when the Latina whooped and ran to the car. Settling in the passenger seat she said, "Christmas break is in a week."

"How are you planning to race if we're flying there?"

"When I was 14, I went back to L.A. and bought a condo that I had remodeled to my designs. Then I bought an old corvette, a '63, and worked on it all summer. I fixed it up just like this one. That's what I'll be racing."

"I can't wait to meet your old crew," Santana admitted as she pulled into the driveway. "They sound pretty cool."

"They're definitely something," Rachel said amusedly, leading the way inside. She stopped when she saw Buffy and a redhead seated in the living room across from Faith and Cordy. "What's going on, Cor, Fae?"

"Buffy here has decided to test your skills," Cordy said with the slightest hint of irritation. "Still wondering why she brought Willow."

"I just wanted to meet the girl Kennedy's been speaking ill of," the redhead said simply.

"Why don't you just ask Violet and Jessica? They spy on us enough to know," Rachel asked coolly. "Fae, where's Britt and Quinn?"

"They're in the back, doing the usual," the Dark Slayer said with a soft smile. "You know the routine, Rae."

"Gotcha, sis," Rachel said, running upstairs with Santana so they could change. Dressed in sports bras and yoga pants the girls made their way outside to their friends. Standing opposite of them they fell into the familiar movements of their warm up. With their eyes closed, neither girl saw the other four women come outside and take a seat, watching them.

As they finished warming up Rachel paired with Brittany and Santana with Quinn and both pairs began to spar lightly, their eyes still closed. After half an hour they changed partners suddenly, Rachel with Quinn and Santana with Brittany. Their sparring picked up, each girl moving faster and adding more power gradually, though Rachel held back her slayer strength. An hour later they switched again, Rachel with Santana and Brittany with Quinn. They were sparring heavily now, each giving and receiving blows that would later bruise. This time they didn't stop until one of them was pinned.

Faith and Cordy watched with pride as Santana started getting the upper hand, using every trick taught to her. Buffy was shocked that a normal human was beating a slayer. "Why is she losing? She's a slayer."

"Not everything is about winning or being a slayer, B. Rachel isn't letting Santana win either, she's just not using her slayer powers. She's so in tune with herself that she can choose whether or not to use her abilities. The only thing Rachel can't control is her metabolism and her five enhanced senses."

Rachel groaned when her back hit the ground, hard. Gasping for breath she kicked her leg out, grinning when Santana hit the ground with a muttered curse. Turning her head she saw Brittany flip Quinn off of her and straddle her, holding the other blonde down.

"I win," Brittany burst out, panting.

"You cheated Britt, you made me laugh," Quinn argued, pouting.

"Did not."

"Did too."





"Nu-uh. Faith taught us to use every advantage we have. 'The goal is not to win but to survive,'" Brittany quoted, giving the blonde under her a smirk.

"Fine," Quinn said sulkily. "Faith also said it's better to get laid after a fight, but that's not true 'cause Cordy nearly went all crazy girl on her."

"Q, what the Hell does that have to do with B beating you?" Santana asked.

"Makes me feel better, S, so shut up," the blonde said sullenly, pouting. "Off of me you get, young Jedi."

"Why? Why did you let her watch those last night?" Rachel asked Faith beseechingly. "You know what she's like."

"You know the rules, Rae. It was Q's turn to pick," Faith said with mock sympathy.

"Whatever," the petite diva muttered. Getting to her feet Rachel pulled her friends up and led them through their cooling down routine. As soon as they were done they collapsed back on the ground. "What do you see, Britt-Britt?"

"I can see your gay shark, such a pretty gay shark," the blonde said with a smile. "Quinn's lion is there too, but he's hurt for some reason. Q will help him, though, so he's, like, going to get better."

"What else, cariña?" Santana asked gently.

"Q's lion is bald, which looks funny, and a white wolf with blue eyes. There's also a black jaguar, she's got dark brown eyes with little gold flecks." Brittany's brow scrunched together in confusion. "For some reason there's also one of those little fluffy dogs that always bark, it's got tattoos."

The other three girls giggled at the last one, picturing it in their heads. They curled together, wrapping the blonde Seer in their warmth

There you have it, the next chapter. Hope y'all enjoyed it and it met your standards. R&R to let me know what ya think.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Slayer in Lima" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Apr 12.

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