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A Slayer in Lima

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Summary: When Willow did the spell to activate all the slayers, a tiny brunette in Lima, Ohio was one of those lucky few to be called. See how she handles being one of thousands of slayers.

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Television > Glee
Movies > Fast and the Furious, The
BillieGaleFR18510,1264257,05330 Mar 1210 Apr 12No

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING of Buffy, Glee or Fast and Furious, I'm simply borrowing characters for my own use.

A/N: This story mainly centers around Rachel and her friends, though there will be two Buffy characters present constantly. For those of you who read my other story Starting Over in Raccoon City don't worry bc I'm not abandoning it, I just wanted to get this story up and running. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.


The tiny brunette sighed morosely as she sat on the roof of McKinley High, legs dangling over the edge, kicking back and forth. She had the dreams again, only this time she finally understood what was happening. There was another world out there, a world where monsters from movies exist, the supernatural world. And now she was right in the middle of it, along with thousands of other girls. They were called Slayers, girls chosen to fight and maintain the balance between good and evil. Rachel didn't want to have such a huge destiny on her shoulders -who would?- but knew she couldn't just ignore it.

Letting out another sigh Rachel pushed herself off the ledge, landing in a crouch on the damp grass below. Dusting off her hands she made her way home, letting her mind wander. Junior year starts tomorrow, another year of insults from Glee and my supposed friends and of the blatant bullying of the jocks. At least this year I'll make damn sure those stupid slushie facials stop. I guess it's a good thing that I've worn a mask at this school and no one know anything about the real me, not even Finn, the idiot! Poor sod actually thinks I like him when I was just being friendly. I'd much rather fuck Quinn or Santana or Brittany. Rachel giggled at her last thought, imagining the reactions she'd get from the Unholy Trinity if they knew.

She stopped when she realized she was outside her house. Sometimes she hated her home, well house really because ever since her fathers started living at their apartment in Cleveland, it wasn't home anymore. They'd left when she was 13. Sure they loved her and provided more than enough money, mostly out of guilt, but still, they weren't there for her. Shaking off those thoughts Rachel made her way inside, locking the door behind her. Tomorrow is going to be Hell.

Well what did ya think? Was it good or do I need to work on some things? R&R to let me know what you would like to see or would change.
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