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Cyrano de Lo-Jack

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The normal guys". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Temporary Deputy Sheriff Xander's escort task gets a canine complication...

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Television > Eureka
Television > West Wing > Xander-Centered
randomguyFR1373,11412120,17631 Mar 1228 Apr 12No

Lo-Jack 1 - Secret Service 0

Author's note: Thanks for all the reviews for a Weapon's Savant, this fic is the direct result of one of those reviews. This fic starts to explain why Xander is allowed in Eureka

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, West Wing or Eureka, doing this strictly for the extermination of plot bunnies

Crossover: Eureka

Time-line: This happens the same week as "A weapons savant"

"So Agent, my daughter is out in danger and you are saying that it was caused by a stray dog!" President Bartlet's voice was tense as he grilled Agent Toscano.

"Mr. President we have no reason to believe she is in danger, the man that was in the hovercraft with her is very competent, I think they just got separated and are on their way back. Due to the last minute nature of this trip he was not fully briefed on procedures. We know they haven't left the Eureka EM shield and Zoey probably just convinced him that they were fine by themselves. She's in a contained safe area." Rob Butterfield got President Bartlett's attention.

"Yea the most dangerous thing here are the wolves and the bears in the hills, and Xander's got an amazing ability to handle them." Taggert added, "And don't be too hard on the girl Mr. President, that dog is evil incarnate, it's not surprising he got the better of her."

Upon seeing the expression on the Presidents face, Sheriff Carter quickly said, "Taggert, stop helping."

"Who is this XANDER anyways Leo, he's a 17year old sheriff's deputy, how was a seventeen year old Deputy with a stupid name trusted with my daughter."

"Mr. President, Eureka law enforement is not your standard small town unit, the Sheriff is a decorated US Marshall and the normal deputy is from Army special forces. Eureka also has special dispensations for prodigies and Xander was vetted by???" Leo McGarry looked to Ron for the answer.

"Major William Cobb of Army Intelligence vetted him this past fall for up to presidential security for special circumstances." Ron answered.

"Really, Billy knew this kid?" Leo asked.

Ron Butterfield nodded, "Sir, I've worked with Major Cobb a long time, if he gave him that ranking then your daughter is safe with him. But we've got agents out looking for them now to reestablish contact."
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