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Summary: Saving the world can become a habit. Six years after the battle of Sunnydale, the slayers find themselves on the front lines against a new enemy. Which begs to ask; how exactly does one stake a 50 foot tall vampire?

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God of War

A/N: Well, it has been a while since I added a chapter to this story. I got kind of hung up on how I wanted this all to work and it took some time to figure out the set-up that would eventually get the Slayers into the battle. Fans can thank CaptMcIntyre for the nudges that got me working on this again! =D And now I nudge him back relating to his SotL story! ;)

God of War

Sol IV, The Red Planet, Ka, Nirgal, Ares, Mars. Early robotechnology had enabled the world's leading nations to finally do what had been dreamed of by the likes of Von Braun, Goddard and Tsilkovski. Humanity grasped the high rung and swung itself outward, establishing a new home away from Earth. Unfortunately, we took our problems with us. Three thousand people paid the price because of one suicidal fanatic. SARA Base was left as a memorial to those innocents. But when you are running for your life and short on supplies. I like to think that those three thousand souls joined with us today.

-Personal Log of Captain Henry Gloval. Commanding Officer – SDF-1

PROMETHEUS Veritech Pilot's Ready-Room

Dawn looked around the theater-like room as the squadron commanders and their wing leaders shifted in their seats waiting for the CAG and the SDF-1's XO to begin the briefing. As usual, when there were fighter-jocks in attendance, the saucer-heads had been relegated to a confined back corner of the stadium seating. Buffy, Faith and Kennedy slid into the seats directly in front of her and Andrew, her sister twisting around to face her.

“So, anything juicy?” the blond pleaded.

Having already been in the room for a half-hour, Dawn shrugged. “Nothing we didn't already know or expect. I took a look at the charts they've posted and noted down our assigned area of operation. Looks like they don't want us directly over SARA. Guess they're not sure we can really fly.”

Buffy rolled her eyes while Faith snickered and Kennedy frowned.

“ROOM!” Commander Wolff's voice carried over the myriad conversations, causing everyone to leap to attention.

On the heels of that movement, Commanders Roy Fokker and Lisa Hayes, respectively the Commander Air Group and the Executive Officer of the SDF-1, entered the room.

“As you were,” Roy ordered, causing the assembled pilots to return to their seats. He then gestured the bridge officer to the podium. “Commander Hayes.”

Lisa nodded and began the briefing. “As you all are aware, Mars Base SARA was abandoned in place after the terrorist attack that annihilated its population. Due to our desperate need for additional supplies and critical spare parts to execute repairs we will be landing the ship there in approximately 18 hours. We expect to be on the ground for between twelve and twenty-four hours, during which time we will empty SARA Base of all usable supplies and spares.

“Due to potential residual effects from the toxin, anyone who finds themselves on the base will remain fully suited, even if life support is up and running in that local area. They will also undergo a full decontamination sequence. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go provide briefings to the Destroid and Civilian contingents for this operation.” Stepping away from the podium she nodded to the CAG, “Commander Fokker?”

Roy nodded as he stepped back to the podium. “Thank you Commander Hayes. Room, attenTION!”

Lisa nodded slightly to the pilots before turning and exiting through the same door by which she had entered.

“Okay everyone,” Roy picked things back up. “Settle them, we have a lot to go over here. Assignments first. Wolf Squadron, you're orbital cover. Expect a twenty-four to thirty-six hour deployment. Long D loadouts are being prepared for your mech by the PROMETHEUS deck crew.

“Slayer Squadron. You have two missions. First, you have no atmospheric flight experience, therefore your primary assignment is aerobatic familiarization within your patrol area. Lieutenant Commander Tanner's wing, Skull 4, Skull 6 and Skull 8 will be accompanying you to provide instruction. Your secondary mission is strategic combat reserve. Lieutenant Commander Summers, should that contingency be activated I am trusting you with my men.

“994 Red, 995 Green, 996 Blue, and 997 Orange Squadrons are on Guardian Mode ground sweeps outside the Destroid perimeter.

“Finally, Skull Squadron, we're Combat Air Patrol directly over the ship and SARA Base. Two-Thirds initial deployments for all units with a two hour rotation. Once the initial all clear sounds deployed forces will be half mobile and half Battleoid security.

“Slayers, you're exempted from the one third rotation. For the initial six hours you're on full deployment.”

Twenty Miles East of SARA Base

Grabbing the wheel of the heavy truck firmly in his hands, Xander stared through the windshield at the ass end of a line of heavy Destroids who, like him, were waiting for the SDF-1 to touch down and the huge landing ramp of the DAEDALUS to deploy. A solid thud echoed through the giant metal chamber as a shock of motion rattled through the truck's springs and the knees of the articulated war machine in front of him flexed deeply. The loud wail of a siren and the flash of red lights had him performing a fifth check on his pressure suit seals moments before a metallic screech and flash of natural sunlight announced the opening of the landing ramp. All around him mecha and wheeled cargo vehicles fired up their systems.

“DAEDALUS Control to Destroid advanced element, you are go to deploy.”


Reaching out to the controls on his dash, Xander dialed back the volume on his truck radio as the four ranks of walking tanks marched down the ramp and established a horseshoe shaped perimeter in front of the ship. Glancing in his rear-view mirror he noted the double line of ten buses loaded with stevedores from the Macross City docks.

“DAEDALUS Control to salvage team. You have a go.”

Xander keyed the transmit button for the mic in his helmet. “Affirmative DAEDALUS. Okay Salvage team, you all have your assignments. Drivers, slow and steady, let's move out!”

With a slow grind, he dropped the heavy truck into its lowest gear and slipped the clutch. With a lurch it began to ease forward, then nosed over the edge of the ramp. To either side, similar vehicles performed the same evolution. Hitting third gear by the bottom of the ramp Xander pulled in behind the already advancing Destroids, taking care to keep to the clear lane being left between their deep sets of footprints in the Martian soil.

Zone Tango – Burroughs Base

“Okay Slayers,” Lieutenant Commander Tanner's voice came over the radio. “Burroughs Base was never completed, but the runways are fully intact atop the mesa. We'll start with touch and goes, just like we've done in the simulator. Watcher first, then everyone else by the numbers. After ten of each we'll all land and I'll give a quick primer on aerobatics. Sunrise and Warlock with swap seats and do more touch and goes while the rest of us put on an aerial circus.”

“You ready for this Andrew?” Dawn asked as she safed her systems for the maneuvers.

“Ready as I'll ever be,” his voice announced in her ear.

Dawn cinched her straps tighter and schooled her face into an expressionless mask while Warlock initiated his first atmospheric approach.


Buffy forced herself to watch as the Cats-Eye five miles in front of her drifted down slowly, its main wheels kicking up a red cloud of dust a third of the way down the strip. More dust swirled into the thin Martian air as Andrew threw the throttles forward and the ungainly recon bird accelerated down the runway clawing its way back into the sky.

By this point Slayer 1 was too busy with her own approach to admire the smooth climb Warlock had executed.

“Well done Warlock,” Tanner's voice crackled from the speakers. “Continue your heading to the ten mile marker and circle right for your second approach. Slayer One, pattern is clear.”

Buffy acknowledged the call then side-slipped her Valkyrie to adjust for the cross-wind sweeping away the dust Watcher had kicked up atop the mesa. Wings stretched wide at the full forward position, she drifted the massive fighter down, kicking the rudder at the last moment to point the nose straight down the runway as her wheels met concrete with a screeching thump.

Grinning like a loon, she rammed the throttles to their stops, giant gouts of flame erupting from her engines as the afterburners kicked in and she roared back into the air.


Skull 4 stood in the middle of the group atop the mesa, their Guardian configured Valkyries and one wheels down Cat's Eye arrayed around them. “The most important thing to remember is that air has mass. It will resist your movement. Those snap turns and rolls, charging a Battleoid through the furball at high speed, they're all far more difficult, if not impossible in an atmosphere. The second thing to remember is gravity. When you combine resistance with gravity it is very easy to fall out of the sky if you do not manage your energy properly. You've all done this in the sims back on ship. Now you get to feel it for real.

“Sunrise, while you do your touch and goes, Six will take Angel Flight, Eight will take Anya Flight and I'm taking Spike Flight and we are going to lead this merry band through a fun little game of follow the leader. Barrel rolls, Immelmans, loops, booster climbs, pretty much the whole air show. Next opportunity, I'll get you and Warlock into a trainer and we'll let you do this in something that can pull off the maneuvers.”

Buffy unfolded from her seated position. “Faith, Kennedy. Assemble your pilots. Spikes! Mount up, power up and check in!” With that she led Vi, LuAnn and Liz to their mechs at a jog.

“Angels on me!” Faith cried out, running for her fighter as Rona, Leah and Emmy laughed along behind her.

Kennedy looked at April, Mandy and Debbie the remaining four pilots. “Okay Anya Flight are we going to let a pair of teams named after vampires out fly us?”

“//HELL NO!//” her girls shouted.

With a grin she sprinted to her bird, as Faith shouted out over the comms, “Ride them hard!”

“//Put 'em away broken!//” eleven female Valkyrie pilots shouted back in her ears much to the consternation of the three Skull Squadron men.

Salvage Operation SARA Base

Xander was worried. So far everything was going significantly ahead of schedule. The teams had already emptied the entire remaining stocks of non-perishable food items and hoses run from the ship had nearly drained the entire base potable water supply. On-site tests showed that the toxin that had been released to kill off the residents was a short lived variety that had broken down years before.

As he backed his rig up to the loading dock for the storage warehouse on the east side of the base he began scanning all around, including up. After-all, 'other shoes' did drop on one's head from above.

His radio chose that moment to crackle to life. “Salvage team, finish loading the trucks on site and get back aboard.”

“Damn it!” Xander shouted before keying open his mic. “Salvage Lead. Okay everyone you heard the ship. Lets get these last loads on the trucks and get out of dodge! All trucks not currently backed to a dock return to the ship immediately. Bus Drivers, light 'em up! Marshals, I want headcounts before each bus moves out. We leave no one behind!”

Zone Tango – Burroughs Base

“Cats Eye Two Oh Seven, SDF-1,” Claudia Grant's voice crackled over the speakers. “Can you make a pass over the mountains west of SARA Base?”

“Take it Warlock,” Dawn called over her shoulder as she focused on the climb-out from her eighth touch and go.

“Cats Eye Two Oh Seven Watcher, affirmative. Out.” Andrew cut the voice connection to the ship and fired back up the ship's sensors and weapons systems. Above their head, motors whirred to life and the giant, saucer shaped dome began its slow rotation. “Systems are back on-line Sunrise. Initiating data link with Slayers and SDF-1.”

“Slayer One, Sunrise,” Dawn radioed her sister. “Watcher has mission tasking from base. Sensor sweep of mountains to our south, west of SARA.”

“Affirmative Sunrise,” Buffy replied. “Angel Flight, close escort on Watcher. Everyone else form up for possible action. Spikes center, Anyas left. Sorry Skull Four, playtime's over. Form your wing and take the right flank.”

“Skull Four acknowledges.”

“Okay Slayers, lets take a line west of Watcher's track. That gives them two retreat options, us or the ship. Initiate lin-o-site coms and go radio silent.”

“Warlock, can you bounce our laser feed off of Lobo One?” Dawn asked.

“Already on it Sunrise.”

Mars Orbit – Wolf Squadron – Cats Eye 114 Lobo One

“Lobo One, Watcher Warlock. Can you relay lin-o-site data feed to SDF-1? We're going passive and dark.”

“Watcher, Lobo Eyeball. Affirmative. Sitrep?”

“Base detected something hinky, tasked us to take a look.”

“Understood Watcher,” the Wolf Squadron controller answered. “All Wolf Squadron units. Heads up. Something may be happening below.”

“Lobo's Two and Four go to active scans. One and Three passive.” Commander Wolff ordered over the squadron frequency. “Everyone be ready to punch a hole for SDF-1 to make orbit.”

Mountain Valleys West of SARA Base

Lord Khyron, Commander of the 7th Mechanized Zentradi Battalion, let a glorious sneer grow on his face. No expression felt more appropriate than that as he contemplated the destruction he was about to reek upon the weak Micronians. He briefly contemplated walking his command pod over to the wreckage of the battlepod he had shot down moments before. Squashing its pilot into the arid dust would certainly allay his bloodlust long enough for the blasted gravity mines to achieve full power.

“How much longer?” he growled into his comms.

“Ninety percent Lord Khyron,” the Zentradi soldier monitoring the mines answered.

A flash of light overhead drew his attention and he caught a brief glimpse of a Micronian reconnaissance plane.

“It will have to be enough,” Khyron muttered as he reached out to toggle his comms. “All forces move out. Crush all resistance! For the glory of the Zentradi and Khyron!”


“CRAP!” Dawn heard Andrew's shout from the back seat of the Cats Eye without needing the intercom.

With a click felt down her spine, ice-water ran through Dawn's veins. “Talk to me Warlock.” Reaching out, she threw the switch that relayed their conversation over the lin-o-site laser comms to the nearest Valkyries and to the SDF-1 via Lobo One.

“Battlepods, Sunrise,” Andrew answered. “Hundreds of them arrayed through the valleys between us and SARA Base.”

“Understood.” Slipping the throttle forward another notch she eased the ship onto a westerly heading. “Angel Flight, I don't think they've spotted you stay west of my track, am falling back to Slayer Squadron.”

Faith's voice crackled back over the laser comm, her image on the left panel pixellating. “Acknowledged Sunrise. Keep lo-pro west of Watcher.”

“What are you thinking Sunrise?” Andrew asked.

Dawn glanced up in the mirror that gave her a view of her back-seater. “While I think they saw us, if we stay passive and hold this course they may think we're an outbound patrol and we didn't see them. Which means they won't worry about us.”

SARA Base SDF-1 Bridge

Dawn's voice crackled over the bridge speakers. “So long as they don't come after us, they won't see Slayer Squadron, which means we have a tactical and potentially a strategic advantage.”

Lieutenant Claudia Grant stared openly at the monitor as the pilot of Watcher spelled out her plan. With unconscious movement she flipped the switches to include Skull 1 in the communications loop via a scrambled channel.

“Watcher Sunrise,” Roy Fokker's voice broke in. “Skull One. I like what you're thinking. Slayer One, hammer or anvil?”

A fuzzy and heavily pixellated image of a chuckling Buffy appeared on his panel, indicating how many bounces the laser signal went through before being repeated by the SDF-1. “Slayer One, we're the hammer. Skull One, you draw them in. We'll smash 'em flat.”

Captain Gloval's voice intruded on the planning session she was listening to. “Claudia, bring the gravity control system on-line. Prepare to lift the ship.”

“Aye Captain.” the ship's second officer toggled the intercom connecting to engineering. “Engineering, bring gravity control systems on-line and prepare to lift the ship.”


West of SARA Base

Buffy's eyes scanned rapidly across her console, checking the feed from Watcher's passive sensors as her squadron began a low orbit behind the mountains lining the western edge of SARA Base. “Okay Slayers, Skull and the others are going to draw the enemy force in. Once the enemy are focused on them, it's our turn. Watcher, opening round goes to you.”

“Warlock, I'll have DeathBlossom ready to go.”


Xander clung to the wheel of his truck as he slalomed through the forest of mecha that now dotted the road from SARA Base to the SDF-1. He was tail end charlie, following the last busload of stevedores back to the ship. He could see dust billowing from beneath the mammoth vessel as it prepared for lift off.

Already, all of the Destroids had retreated aboard and were in the process of deploying to the ship's upper decks where they could engage their clamps and act as light-weapons batteries. Unfortunately, Mars' gravity prevented the defenders from deploying to the lateral and ventral positions until after the ship made orbit.

Screaming dust plumes trailed in from the east as the Valkyrie Guardian patrols answered the recall orders to establish a defensive perimeter between the ship and the known enemy positions. Dodging one final group of fighters redeploying from Guardian to Battleoid, Xander's truck hit the DAEDALUS ramp, its springs protesting loudly at the torture of hitting the incline at high speed. Not slowing, his entire rig went briefly airborne as it crested the ramp and launched itself onto the hangar deck.

Slamming the transmit button, he nearly yelled into the microphone as he careened wildly across the deck toward the link to the main body of the ship. “Bridge, Salvage Lead. All salvage teams are on board.”

Only then did he apply the brakes and begin to bring the rig back under some semblance of control.

Wild vibrations rattled up through the deck causing Xander to once again have to fight to control his truck. “What the HELL!”


“All squadrons! SDF-1 is unable to lift. Enemy has deployed gravitic mines. Prepare to receive incoming attack!” Claudia set the message to repeat twice as she began organizing the ship's defense. How Lisa made this job look so easy she would never figure out.

As she directed the fighter squadrons and armor units to positions to act as the anvil for Slayer Squadron's hammer she could hear the Captain instructing Commander Hayes on what she was needed to do to disable the mines. Grinning, she made a mental note to write Vanessa a commendation for her little suggestion. Assuming it worked.

On the sensor feeds from Lobo flight in Mars orbit, Claudia saw the first signs of enemy movement. Battlepods leaping out of the canyons and charging down the mountain slopes.

West of SARA Base

“All units, this is SDF-1. Enemy is attacking from the mountains. Incoming battlepods. Skull Squadron deploy high. Red and Orange, Battleoid mode and try to slow them down as they come through the base. Green and Blue squadrons establish north-south defensive line between SARA and SDF-1.”

In the back seat of Watcher, Andrew studied the feeds coming down from Lobo and being broadcast from the ship. As the first Battlepods moved within range, fire began to be exchanged between the two forces, growing thicker as the waves of enemy pods came faster. The fighting moved through the base becoming deeply intense as Valkyrie's with defensible positions held out viciously against charging chickenwalkers.

As the enemy moved deeper into the base, Buffy had the squadron drift its orbit closer to the mountains, staying low to keep the peaks between themselves and the enemy. Finally, the two defending squadrons were given the order to disengage and pull back to the main defensive line.

“Okay Slayers,” Buffy's voice came over the link. “Time to start our run. Form up, Watcher center forward. Spikes on their left with Skulls outboard. Angels on their right with Anyas outboard. Watcher, the show's yours!”

In the front seat Dawn firewalled the throttle and pointed the nose of the recon plane skyward, letting the raw thrust in the light Martian gravity enable the ungainly craft to perform a maneuver that only fighters could pull on Earth. Leveling off from the zoom-climb, Andrew glanced out the windows of the cockpit at the squadron deployed slightly below and behind his plane. Making one final check of the feeds and noting the position of the enemy force he keyed his mic. “Slayers, Warlock. Watcher going hot!”

Cinching his helmet down tightly he threw the switches to bring the active radar systems of the Cat's Eye online. Two powerful pulses from the rotating dome quickly gave him an accurate picture of the battle below. Now came the hard part.

Pushing one final button, he activated the special targeting mode that Willow had designed into the Watcher Cat's Eye. Using the thinking cap integrated into his helmet, Andrew began assigning enemy pods as targets. Very soon he had completely maxed out the system and there were still hundreds of pods. He quickly mapped out a set of generic target coordinates several thousand feet above the enemy formation and pushed them out over the combat data net.

“All fighter squadrons this is Watcher. On my mark fire continuous missile barrage to the indicated coordinates.”


Andrew studied the enemy formation and changed a few targeting assignments.


In the front seat, Dawn caressed the locked trigger for her hellram launchers. In spite of the fact that her weapons were the squadron reserve.


Andrew switched the radar over to active targeting. “This is Watcher, Deathblossom active! All squadrons fire fire fire!”

Thousands of missiles arched skyward from hundreds of Valkyries, Destroids and permanent missile emplacements on the SDF-1. All closing on a fixed point directly above the enemy. As the missiles entered Watcher's capture box, they received new targeting information and were redirected downward into the massed enemy formation. If it weren't for the mind-machine integration enabled by the thinking cap, Warlock would never have been able to keep up with the pace of the targeting. Barely as fast as the targeted units were destroyed he was able to reassign resources to new targets, staying ahead of the influx of missiles.

As Xander was fond of saying, there's no such thing as overkill. If it's dead, then you used enough kill, if it's not, you haven't.

When the rain of missiles finally stopped falling, more than half the enemy pods had been obliterated.

And still the defenders were outnumbered.


“Nice work Watcher!” Buffy crowed over the Slayer Squadron frequency. “Slayers, Guardian mode and attack!”

Fitting action to words, Slayer One shifted to the hybrid plane-robot configuration, slowing over the battlefield and taking aimed shots at the disoriented battlepods below. The twelve fighters of Slayer Squadron plus the three Skulls attached to them were soon picking off pods left and right as the ground deployed Valkeries and Skull Squadron turned back into the fight.

Warlock's voice became a constant over the open net as he steered fighters from all six squadrons into the battle.

“DAMN IT! Slayer Eleven, I'm out of ammo!”

“Slayer Six, I'm low too!”

“Two B, same!”

Buffy glanced at her own readouts, seeing herself under a hundred rounds remaining, and still the SDF-1 was grounded. There was no time to disengage and re-arm. If they tried the ship would be over-run.

“Slayer Squadron!” Buffy called out. “What are we?”


Buffy's grin turned feral. “And what do we do?”

“//WE SLAY!//”

“Spikes Kick ASS!” Buffy yelled.

“ Anyas Take names!” Kennedy answered.

“And Angels party all night long!” Faith sang.

“Battleoid mode!” Buffy ordered. “Pair off and go up close and personal!”

Fifteen Valkyries dropped from the sky like angry gods. Landing in the midst of the remaining battlepods they went hand to hand in a display of martial aggression unheard of by any opponent the Zentradi had ever met. Without weapons the twelve fighters buzzsawed into the enemy, tearing open their machines, punching their pilots unconscious, ripping legs, arms and weapons-mounts from the pods and leaving a trail of broken machinery and Zentradi in their wake.

SDF-1 Bridge

“Goddess what I wouldn't give for a nice sword about now.”

“Hell yeah! Willow, you listening in? We want melee weapons!”

“Stop jawing and keep ripping!”

“Hey! Quip fu is part of the package!”

“Quip fu is for the enemy, not your own team!”

Gloval looked over at his second officer as the voices of the women in Slayer Squadron continued to sound out over the speakers. While the other squadrons were engaged, it seemed that the Slayers, small as their unit was, were bearing the brunt of the fight.

“Oh, you didn't shoot that yellow crap at me!”

“Easy Vi, he only scorched your paint.”

“HEY! I traded good ration tickets for that custom paint!”

On the monitor, one of the Battleoids started marching through the middle of the melee grabbing onto a command pod and proceeding to rip it apart one piece at a time until the pilot was exposed. She then continued to do unspeakable things to said pilot, eventually leaving him a quivering and broken wreck in soiled underwear laying on the battlefield.

“Captain, Lisa's got the base reactor building to overload,?” Vanessa called out. “Projected time to explosion two minutes!”

The Captain looked up at the monitors. “Claudia, recall all squadrons and have Fokker detail someone to pick up Commander Hayes.”

“Aye sir!”

Cats Eye 207 Watcher – Above SARA Base

“All squadrons, recall. Return to SDF-1. Base SARA reflex reactor overload in one minute thirty seconds. Repeat all squadrons get airborn or return to the ship!”

Andrew checked his monitors. In spite of the losses inflicted, the enemy still outnumbered the defenders. The slayers were close engaged with the enemy and to hard pressed to withdraw. Any attempt to retreat would free the enemy to engage them with ranged weapons. “Sunrise, I'm activating Deathblossom, prepare to ripple fire our missiles on my mark.”

“Understood Warlock,” Dawn growled in reply, somewhat upset by Andrew's impromptu choice of name for the weapons system. “Weapons hot.”

Once more Andrew pushed coordinates out to all the mecha engaged in the fight. “Anyone with remaining missiles, salvo fire to transmitted coordinates on my mark! Slayers, prepare to disengage on my command.”

“Slayer One acknowledges.”

Hastily marking all the battlepods around the Slayers, Andrew flipped the switch to activate the targeting mode of the radar. “Fire missiles!”

Dawn triggered off the six pods dangling beneath her ship's wings as a ragged wave of more missiles rose from the defensive line while a more substantial wave launched from the ship where there had been opportunity to reload the launchers.

As the first missiles tipped over at the initial point Andrew keyed the mic again. “Slayers disengage NOW NOW NOW!”

On his monitors the twelve ships of Slayer Squadron and the three Skulls all leaped skyward, converting to fighters and climbing on thundering jets and the missiles roared downward onto the enemy. As the first missiles began to strike a tremor shook the ground, growing into a massive wave that leveled the buildings of the base. As the tremor moved outward, the SDF-1 ripped free of the now disabled gravitic mine.

In the center of the base, on the heels of the last escaping Valkyrie, a bright blue ball of energy broke the surface, expanding to swallow the collapsed buildings and enemy forces that were not quick enough to escape.

As the SDF-1 continued to climb out, the surviving Valkyries began landing in the main ship docking bays while an exhausted duo swung their reconnaissance plane around to make an approach to the welcoming deck of the PROMETHEUS.

Mars Orbit – SDF-1

Overhead the steady thump of landing operations indicated the recovery of Wolf Squadron's fighters and Cats Eyes was continuing apace. Meanwhile, below deck, two smelly and tired former residents of a small city called Sunnydale were glad their craft had finally been brought below where they could exit the ship.

Andrew stood on the hangar deck of the PROMETHEUS grinning broadly up at his pilot as she vaulted out of the cockpit and slid down the ladder to the deck. Loud cheering could be heard from the plane crews as the other pilots exited their craft. The pilots were clearly leading the crowds toward the Cats Eye hangar. Landing lightly on her feet Sunrise scowled deeply. Covering the distance between them in two long steps she hauled back and slammed her fist into Warlock's jaw, sending him skidding backwards across the deck on his ass.

“OOOOWWWWW!” Andrew whined. “What the hell Dawn?!?”

“I am NOT a six foot tall, green skinned lizard named GRIG!”

A/Endnote: Slayer Squadron Callsigns, Flights and Minor identifying information:

Buffy – Slayer 1 Spike Flight 1, 4, 7, 10
Faith – Slayer 2 Angel Flight 2, 5, 8, 11
Kennedy – Slayer 3 Anya Flight 3, 6, 9, 12
Vi – Slayer 4
Rona – Slayer 5
April – Slayer 6 Appie
LuAnn – Slayer 7 Frenemies w/Leah
Leah – Slayer 8 Frenemies w/LuAnn
Mandy – Slayer 9 Deep south
Liz – Slayer 10 British
Emmy – Slayer 11
Debbie – Slayer 12 NY Italian
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