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The Frogs must die...

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The normal guys". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Giles takes the White House tour at the same time Ethan Rayne is in Washington so clearly they need an to call in an expert. (References things that are happening in currently ongoing fic Cyrano de Lo-Jack but it's not required to read this).

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Television > West Wing > Xander-CenteredrandomguyFR131635092,8621 Apr 121 Apr 12No
Author's note: The concept for this story came from reading "The List" by Dragonhulk. If you read it (which I suggest), the chapter that inspired it will become clear.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, West Wing, doing this strictly for the extermination of plot bunnies

Crossover: Eureka

Time-line: This happens sometime during Xander's senior year of high school and sometime during season four of West Wing. I know I'm probably warping the time line a bit here but continuity should be a guide rather than a master. (I think I have to credit Walt Simonson with that quote but I can't confirm that he wrote it.)
References things that are happening in currently ongoing fic Cyrano de Lo-Jack but it's not necessary to read this.

"Thank you for coming across the country to help us, Mr. Harris." Leo McGarry said as he, Xander and Josh Lyman walked into the his office.

"Mr. McGarry, we've just saved the world together, Mr. Harris is my father, can you please call me Xander."

Leo mentally reviewed the section on Xander's father from the briefing he received and winced slightly, "Thanks for your help, Xander."

"Hey, how often does a guy in high school get to fly across the country in a SR-71 with a pilot who can intelligently discuss the Simpsons. Besides Buffy and Cordelia would kill me if I let the fashion industry in Paris be destroyed. Um, when do you think Giles will be allowed to go home?"

"Well Mr. Giles did assist in a conspiracy to cause the United States to attack another country." Josh Lyman said, "The fact that the President of the United States assisted him in said conspiracy because they were under a ????"

"chaos spell" Xander supplied.

"chaos spell, prevents us from charging him with anything. But we probably should consult Lord John Marbury prior to releasing him." Josh smirked at Leo's reaction to that name.

"No consultation is required," Leo growled, "Mr Giles will be released as soon as he is debriefed so we can know what sensitive material he was exposed to. We do unfortunately have to talk to Lord John because we are talking about holding Ethan Rayne a British citizen for magical terrorism."

"There's actually a law against that?" Josh asked.

"Not yet, but word of this mess gets out and some idiot in congress will try to make a name for himself by proposing it."

"Well I'm not telling anyone, uh does Giles know I'm involved yet?" Xander asked.

"No, he hasn't been given any information on how we caught Ethan Rayne." Leo replied.

"Can we please keep it that way. He doesn't need to know I know about this. None of the group back in Sunnydale knows about the friendships I've developed outside of town."

"Kid, you did good and deserve recognition from more than just me and Josh, but trust me kid, this is going to be keep as need to know as possible. So much so that you won't be able to see her before you go back. I'm sorry but she can't know you were here."

"I understand, we don't really fit into each others worlds anyways sir."

"Well Agent Davis's report on finding you during your 'nature walk' and the call logs since then indicate otherwise." Leo grinned, after the previous night it felt good to be able to pick on the boy a bit.

Xander looked sheepish, "Would you believe that the dog tripped us into-" he was cut short by a tall woman bursting into the room.

"WE ACCIDENTALLY ATTACKED FRANCE LAST NIGHT AND NO ONE CALLED ME!!!! WHO DO I GET TO KILL FOR THIS SCREW UP!" CJ Craig looked around the room to see Josh and Xander both pointing fingers at each other.

"HE DID IT!" Josh and Xander said simultaneously.

Author's note: I planned on this being a ficlet designed to exercise a plot bunny but as I wrote it it became a story. Sigh, this makes for three ongoing fics at the same time, I promise to update frequently.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Frogs must die..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Apr 12.

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