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And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

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Summary: Buffy is on a simple mission to Eden Prime, what could possible go wrong?

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect TrilogyNamelessFR1513,580181,3322 Apr 122 Apr 12No
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy. Mass Effect belongs to Bioware & Electronic Arts.

A.N: This A.U for Buffy and will contain elements from the comics that may or may not be changed to suit my wants and needs for the story.


“A simple mission, they said.” Buffy grumbled as she dodged beneath a grasping metal arm. “Enjoy the tranquil scenery while you're there.” She grunted as she spun on her heel and her sword clove through the neck of her opponent. “It'll be a cakewalk.” The disgruntled slayer informed the collapsing body as she turned to survey the battlefield. Beheaded, bisected, and dismembered metallic remains were strewn across the small platform amidst silvery pools of hydraulic and coolant fluids. Seeing that there were no more opponents to fight in the immediate area Buffy relaxed her grip on the hilt of her sword, as she slid the short blade into the scabbard that rode behind her right shoulder.

She cautiously scanned the area as she re-sheaved her weapon, looking for anything useful that she could scavenge. Her standard load-out of petrified wood and blessed silver were next to useless against synthetics. Most of the bodies had nothing of use, but the last held a block of armour piercing ammunition, Buffy shook her head with puzzlement as she looked at her opponents guns. Why would they carry ammo that was incompatible with their own weapons. Buffy gave a mental shrug as she filed it under never gonna be explained and ultimately unimportant, as she switched out the block of silver in her shotgun with her find.

Looking out over the balcony railing the slayer saw that the colony defenses were falling silent, indicating that they were either running out of targets to shoot at, or that the emplacements had been overwhelmed. Buffy hoped that with the earlier retreat of the gigantic, cuttlefish-shaped, alien ship that it was the former. The sound of fighting in the near distance broke the slayer out of her thoughts. Snapping the breach of her shotgun closed, she peeking around the edge of the buttress she had taken cover behind and down onto the large platform below. The first thing Buffy noticed was the large alien statue/device that seemed to contain an eerie green glow.

“Well that's not ominous looking in the least. Nuh hu.” Buffy muttered to herself as the sound of voices approached.

Three figures stepped into view, Human, one male and two female and; if their armour was anything to go by, Alliance Military. 'Huh! Two fleet and a ground-pounder, that's a mix you don't see everyday.' The trio cautiously approached the alien tech, the indistinct murmur of their conversation drifting up to the slayer, one of the women, that Buffy guessed was the team leader, turned away her hand raised to her helmet indicating she was calling in a report. The man also halted, but the ground-pounder continued towards the monolith, which began to whine.

Buffy moved to vault over the railing as an invisible force grabbed the white and pink armoured soldier, her feet vainly scrabbling to gain purchase against the metal decking as she was pulled towards the alien device. As the slayer fell through the air the commander grasped her squad-mate around the waist, throwing her out of harms way only to be caught in the grip of the artifact herself. She was pulled up to hang suspended in the air as the slayer landed in a deep crouch, with her left arm extended straight down, the palm of her hand laid flat on the cool metal deck with her fingers spread.

The whine was now audible to those without a slayer's enhanced hearing and something within the sound was agitating the slayer spirit. Buffy quickly rose into a sprint towards the stricken team, rounding a large crate just as the thing exploded showering them all with debris, which were absorbed by their kinetic shields, and blown off their feet by the shock-wave. White and pink filled the slayer's vision as her back slammed into the crate she'd just passed and then she knew no more after the female soldier's helmet impacted with the slayer's head.


Captain David Anderson was no stranger to a mission going Fubar, the old axiom of 'no plan survives first contact with the enemy' was as true in this day and age as it had been when it was first made. His own Spectre evaluation assignment being a prime example from personal experience. Eden Prime was meant to be the combination of a covert pick-up and Commander Shepard's first Spectre evaluation, the possible interference from the undesirable elements of the Attican Traverse had been a given, instead they had a premier colony in smouldering ruins, the re-emergence of the Geth, a rogue Spectre on the loose, and an unexpected guest lying unconscious in their med-bay.

According to Alenko, she had popped up out of nowhere just as the beacon exploded, and the fact that non of her weapons were drawn could be an indication that she had been attempting to assist them with the situation with Shepard. The thought about weapons drew his eye to the eclectic—if not down right strange—selection of arms the woman had been carrying, the shotgun and sniper rifle were fairly standard human issue, even if their ammunition was anything but. Blocks of petrified wood, silver, copper and low grade tungsten had been found stored inside various pockets on her person.

Then there were her bladed weapons. The sword appeared to be Japanese in origin; a Wakizashi if he remembered correctly, and if it was authentic should be in a museum somewhere rather than on the back of the enigma that had landed in their laps. Finally—weapon-wise—there were the brace of very sharp knives that had been artfully concealed about her armour, again, they were a mix of materials, wood, silver, copper and iron. As for her armour, it was both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Black with dark grey panels in a herringbone pattern, instead of the usual brown and green mottle. Their guest was the owner of an Asari commando's armour. The form fitting apparel obviously having been tailor-made to fit her smaller frame indicated that it had been given by—rather than stolen from—said commandos, a previously unheard of event.

Her state of the art omni-tool—that had Alenko drooling—had an encryption code that was as impressive as it was strange, ancient Sumerian cuneiform in a dialect that was foreign to their data-banks. 'Cuneiform!' The one file that they had been able to un-encrypt turned out to be nothing more than an impressive collection of late twentieth/early twenty-first century popular music that was as eclectic as her choice in arms. 'Just who the hell is she.' A niggling memory teased at the edges of his thoughts, but before he could nail it down the comm clicked open and Doctor Chakwas nasal drawl filled his cabin.

“Captain Anderson. Our guest is showing signs of waking.”

“And Shepard?” The worry for his XO and protégée evident in his voice.

“Still out I'm afraid. She is showing signs that she's in a rem cycle though.” Chakwas informed him wearily.

“I'm on my way.” Anderson said a he rose from his desk.


Buffy quietly returned to consciousness. Pain was the first thing that she registered, a dull throb in both her back and across her temple. The restraints securing her to the bed was the second. The slayer tensed her arms, only to relax again as her sensitive hearing caught the overstressed creak from the straps holding her down. 'Good, standard medical restraints. I can snap them quickly enough, if I need to.' She also caught the sound of shifting cloth to her left and the soft squeak of shoe leather on the metal deck from her right. 'Two guards, slightly restless. Probably been standing there awhile.' Movement from further away and slow, regular shallow breathes indicated the presence of two others in the room. 'One of them is asleep… or unconscious. The team leader from Eden Prime?' The quiet swish of a door opening stirred the air, bringing the unmistakable scent of Medi-gel to Buffy's nose. Purposeful footsteps entered the room, the stride distinctly military.

“Is she awake yet Doctor?” A deep male voice, well used to command asked.

“Yes,” An amused female replied. “and she has been for the last couple of minutes.”

Buffy sighed as she opened her eyes, blinking rapidly as she became accustomed to the dimmed light of the med-bay. Standing at the foot of her bed was an Alliance Military Captain. Hard brown eyes bore into her own from beneath a stern frown. “I'm Captain Anderson of the SSV Normandy. Who are you, who are you with, and what were you doing on Eden Prime?”

“Major Summers, Omega Section,” Buffy had to give the man props that his only reaction was the slight widening of his eyes in surprise. “And… classified.” A flick of Buffy's eyes indicating she was reluctant to speak in front of the others.

Anderson gave a subtle nod. “I assume you have a way for me to verify that.” His tone held the suggestion that he'd space her if she didn't.

“Omega.Alpha-one.nine.nine.six-Prime Actual.” Buffy arched an eyebrow at Anderson. “I'd suggest not entering that at any other terminal than the one in your cabin.” She paused as a mischievous twinkle entered her eyes. “Unless you want things becoming funky around here of course.”

Anderson gave Buffy a quelling glare before turning to address her guards. “Release her restraints and allow her to stretch,” He turned to look over his shoulder. “Doctor's orders permitting of course.” The greying medic nodded her assent as he faced his men again. “But she's not allowed to move further than a metre from her bed.”

Barely waiting for their “Aye, aye Sir.” and salute, he left.


'Damn, why did she have to be with the bloody spook squad.' Anderson stared at the confirmation on his screen. The information it held was scant at best. Next to the standard Alliance military Mugshot was her name, 'who the hell names their kid Buffy?' the fact that her rank of Major was a courtesy rank, and that any assistance requested should be provided to the best of his ability. Also included was a one time download of Summer's biometric data that would wipe itself from the data-pad a half hour after being downloaded and any attempt to copy the information would fry the data-pad.

Anderson leant back in his chair, his steepled fingers nudging his chin as he thought. The history of the early twenty-first century was murky at best and a hotly debated topic in academia. Earth had been consuming it's resources at an astounding rate and the global economy had teetered on the point of collapse often swinging between periods of boom or bust. Popular entertainment in it's various forms had been a massive industry, giving the people their circuses to go along with their bread. Science and industry had been making great strides forward in their pre-Mass Effect understanding of the universe.

Yet for all they did know about that period in Earth's history there were massive holes in the information they had. The size and scope of the deleted data was a pretty clear indication of a cover-up. A cover-up on such a scale that it had been impossible to hide that something had been going on during that moment in time even though they had succeeded in obscuring what.

Then he'd attained some seniority as a captain and been ordered to Arcturus Station for a briefing. Only to have his world view turned on it's head, Magic had once been real, vampires, demons and other creatures of nightmare had once been numerous and determined to remove Man from the top of the food chain. Yet, Humanity had had their Champions. Vampire Slayers, witches and others that had known about the things that hid in the dark. Things had generally been in a stalemate, a few wins here a few loses there, but then—for reasons still unknown—magic had died and the barriers between dimensions had slammed shut.

With neither the slayers or vampires able to replace their fallen, and with the magic users no longer able to cast spells the war became a battle of attrition until only remnants remained and faded into obscurity. Time passed, and then the Prothean ruins on Mars were discovered leading Man to the Charon Relay and the galaxy beyond, and where humanity had travelled, those remnants had followed in their shadow. Omega Section had been established to deal with those remnants, a curious blend of Alliance Military and the tattered remains of an NGO from that period.

Anderson sighed as he lifted his hands to massaged his temple in an effort to assuage the headache that was threatening to form. The last thing they needed was the spook squad's brand of craziness on top of the mess they were already dealing with. Opening the comm he began to get things moving.

“Alenko. Collect our guest's things together and stow them in the empty locker next to Shepard's.” He ordered the Lieutenant as he downloaded Buffy's biometric data.


Buffy perched on the end of bed wearing a borrowed shipboard uniform. The over-long sleeves and trouser legs were rolled up, making her look like a reject from a retelling of Huckleberry Finn. Her bare feet swinging, she continuously hummed the chorus to 'In the Army now.' The joke was obviously falling flat with her two guards, but the smirk Doctor Chakwas was throwing her way told the slayer she had found another aficionado of rock. The swish of the door opening interrupted her monotonous rendition of the Status Quo song as the other female team member from Eden Prime entered the room.

Wearing a uniform that actually fit her, the young woman was clearly of Mediterranean or Latino origin and obviously liked to carry her self in a no nonsense, professional manner. Despite Buffy's issues during her thing with Satsu, she had managed to come out of that mess with a greater appreciation for the female form, and this young lady definitely had curves in all the right places.

“Sorry for the head-butt Major.”

“Meh, don't worry about it.” Buffy waved the soldier's concern away puzzled by her level of apprehension, it seemed at odds with how minor the incident had actually been. “It's not the first time I've been on the receiving end of a Glasgow kiss, and I've played the role of crash-bag Buffy a time or two before.”

Any further conversation with the now bemused woman was cut short by the return of Captain Anderson, as the soldiers in the room snapped to attention, well the conscious ones did anyway. The captain turned a data-pad over to the doctor and a quick scan proved that Buffy was who she said she was. “ If you'll follow me Major, I believe we have things to discuss.”

Buffy raised her bare feet, wriggling her toes at the captain as she gave him a pointed glare. “Ahem, yes. Your gear has been stowed in locker just outside the Med-bay, if you'll join me after you've changed.”


Snapping the last magnetic clasp into place, Buffy gave Williams a brief nod—the slayer having discovered her name during the friendly small talk while she was getting changed, though the Gunnery Chief hadn't seemed to be amused when asked if her armour was available in lilac—and left her to watch over the Commander.

The mess deck was illuminated by muted orange lights that made the few members of the crew who were loitering about on their off shift look like they all had a bad fake tan. One of them, baring a striking similarity to Xander, cautiously approached the slayer as she wondered if he was one of her long dead friends brood. Xander and Dawn had spawned a reasonable number offspring in their time, children that had gone on to have families of their own, but Buffy had lost track of who was who—or where—a century or so back.

“Ah, Major? The Captain asked me to return your omni-tool.” His softly spoken voice was some what raspy. “I've gotta say, that's a sweet bit of kit. I kinda wish the Alliance would spring for something like that for us regular grunts.”

Buffy glanced up from where she'd been reconnecting the device to her left arm. “The Savant X? Yeah the Serrice Council make some good stuff.” Buffy flashed a grin at his obvious enthusiasm for all things tech, 'maybe one of Willows.' “Hey listen, once I'm done with Captain Anderson I'd be happy to let my inner geek out.”

“Sure, we can speak later Major. The Captain's in the briefing room on the command deck, just go up the stairs and through the door and head for the stern.”


Anderson was on the FTL comm with Admiral Hackett when Buffy entered the room, the admiral's scarred visage broke into a grin as he spotted the slayer.

“Buffy, I should have known sending you to Eden Prime would end up in an unparalleled level of destruction.” The obvious warmth in his gravelly voice causing Anderson to raise his eyebrows in surprise at the demeanour of his usually stoic friend.

“Hiya Steven, and… Hey! I was minding my own business when those Cylon wannabes attacked.” Buffy pouted as she crossed her arms under her chest in mock insubordination, before becoming serious. “Those cyber zombies worry me though. Their transformation is a bit too close for comfort to what happens to people that have been turned since the Severing.”

“Do you suspect a connection?” Hackett asked his expression becoming pensive.

“Too early to tell. We'll need a lot more information before we can draw a conclusion, but if there is a connection the implications are worrying.” The Slayer replied thoughtfully.

“Indeed. The diaspora may have reached that critical mass we were worried about, if so… The haystack just got a great deal bigger.”

“Excuse me.” Anderson interjected. “Haystack?”

The admiral nodded his consent for Buffy to explain. “Vampires can pass as human, unless you have experience in what to look for, but have pretty much limited themselves to Alliance controlled space so far. Mainly because they find other species blood indigestible, and so risk starvation or discovery if there aren't enough humans to disguise their presence. Now that humans are travelling further and in greater numbers, settling on places like the Citadel and Thessia they'll have enough 'food' to spread out into the galaxy yet remain hidden.”

Buffy sighed. “It was a bad enough deal that they can walk in the light of some alien suns. If they're out in the wider galaxy now, tracking them down and eliminating them just got a lot harder.”

“The Alliance has mostly managed to keep a lid on their existence from the other species.” Hackett broke in. “The Citadel Council have been informed of the basic facts, so pursuit in their space is possible… even if there are a lot of hoops they like to make us jump through to do it. As for the others, well. You already know how a lot of them regard us.” The admiral turned to regard Buffy again. “Speaking of pursuit, was there any trace?”

“Oh she'd been there. Dru's hard to forget once you've met her, and a number of the colonists remember her being around at about the same time as that beacon was discovered. She'd already left by the time I arrived though.” Buffy reported. Noticing Anderson's questioning look and his mouth beginning to open she decided to pre-empt the captain. “Drusilla. A very old vamp. She's very cunning, very sneaky, psychic… and bat shit crazy.”

“It's possible that the beacon is what drew her to Eden Prime in the first place.” The slayer paused thoughtfully, casting an assessing glance at the captain before continuing. “Just before the damn thing exploded I felt the Slayer Spirit becoming very agitated, I've no idea why, but with that, and Dru's peripheral involvement too… I'd hazard that it is so not of the good.”

The room fell silent as they contemplated the facts they had, there were too many missing pieces of information to formulate a clear picture. What they really needed was…

“Is Commander Shepard awake yet David? We really need whatever Intel she can provide.” Hackett had obviously reached the same obvious conclusion as Buffy.

“She wasn't the last time I checked, but it's been awhile. She may have awakened since, I can go and check.”

“Do that. Report what she has got to say when you reach the Citadel.” The admiral hesitated, before taping something into a keyboard that was out of view. “I'm seconding the major to the Normandy, if Drusilla is involved Buffy's particular skills could be invaluable. Hackett out.”

Anderson stared at the blank screen for a moment before turning to the new addition to his crew. “Welcome aboard Major. Don't take this the wrong way… but I hope to God that your expertise won't be needed.”

“You and me both, Captain.” The slayer replied as he hurried away. 'You and me both.'

The End?

You have reached the end of "And Miles To Go Before I Sleep" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Apr 12.

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