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Sister, Sister

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Summary: Loosely based on the tv series. Brian and Justin dont know each other yet.

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)fandomoverloadFR1589,247009985 Apr 125 Apr 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Share My World Part 3

Chapter 8.  Share My World Part 3




Hands. Hands were everywhere.  Justin didn’t know what he liked more about Brian: what he was doing with his tongue or the way his hands danced over his body.  How did this all come about really?  That was the question.  Brian had once again asked about his adoption of Tia.  There was no adoption.  There was no adoption.  Tamara had been stolen from him while he was practically a vegetable. Sh was stolen by the man who was currently undoing his belt.  He had to do something.  What they did in the bathroom was fun, but this, now? He had to be the voice of reason.




"The door." Justin managed to groan out as Brian rubbed his hardening cock up against his equally hardening one.




Brian smiled when he said that; boy, was he in for the surprise of his life.  He pressed a button under the desk and the door closed and locked. He loved the look of both shock and determination on Justin's face.  His eyes lit up; and from that moment, he knew he would call him Sunshine. That also made him remember another time in this office.








"I can't believe you pulled this off.  Brian you are only 30 years old." Ken smiled at his lover as he sat on his desk.




Brian smiled up at his lover.  It was because of him.  He never felt the way he felt about Ken with anyone else.  Sure there was Mikey, but he knew now that their friendship was the most important thing to him. He and Deb showed him that love had nothing to do with blood. He had just launched Kinnetik and he was about to do something to prove his love.




"Hey, you sort of zoned out there for a minute is everything alright?" Ken asked concerned.




"I talked to Melanie today. She's going to help us find the right agency to get a child."




"Oh my God!  I love you!" Ken squealed attacking Brian with his mouth.




Brian couldn’t help the giggle that escaped his mouth  This man made him happier than he thought he ever could be in his life.




"Now, to show some secrets of the office." Brian smiled pressing the button under his desk causing the door to close and then lock.  Ken let out a surprised yelp as Brian's chair began to recline.




"Brian?" Ken moaned as he straddled Brian.




"Shhh. Don't talk; just feel." Brian kissed him deeply.




End flashback




"No! We better stop.  I mean the first time we did this we had no clue who each other were.  Now though, not only am I your boss but there's the thing about the kids.  My attorney says we have a case.  What about yours?" Brian asked as he fixed his clothes.




"I am not going to need a lawyer.  There was no adoption I'm Tia and Tamara's father."




There, he had said it; but never in his wildest dreams did he expect what happened next.








Jennifer was speechless. As she turned page after page of newspaper articles and pictures taken at a safe distance.  She didn’t know if she should be saddened or happy.  This Brian Kinney seemed to love her granddaughter, and he had money.  She had gotten the best care and had been doing good for the last couple of years.  He knew, though; he knew there was a missing piece.




"How could you do this?  How could you look at Justin and Tia every year and know this?"




"I didn’t in the beginning.  It was six years before Justin was able to care for Tia.  That’s when I went looking.  This is a cruel world and I thought because of her illness that maybe she didn’t get adopted, but she had.  That's when I started my investigation to see if I could get her back.  The guy's a fag, but a rich one. It’s going to be hard for Justin to get her back."




Disgust.  That’s what she felt.  She remembered why she wanted a divorce.  How could he do this?  The happiest day of her life truly would be when this guy died.








Tamara was like her father in so many ways.  She was thrilled when Arlinda Chanders gave her the biggest hug.  It was true.  The blonde she had seen for a brief moment at the swimsuit store.  That was her dad.  She stared at the photograph she had been given. It was a very nice picture of her parents.  Daphne, her mother, was smiling and Justin was pointing at her belly.  She was wanted. Her parents wanted her.  The pregnancy was an accident but she was wanted. Things happened and her mom died and her dad.....




"I need to go to dad!" she shouted rising to her feet.




"What's the matter?" Tia asked.




"This is just...I need my dad now!"




"Come on.  I’ll take you. I just can't believe there's two... Come on, I will take you where you need to be." Arlinda smiled as she gathered her purchases.








Justin was wiping the blood from his mouth.  The guy went from trying to shove his cock up his ass to punching him the face.  He had a short fuse.  Maybe he could use this as means to get his daughter back.




"What the fuck was that for?" Justin finally asked.




"This whole time I was thinking you were a victim.  You gave her up. Didn’t wanna pay her hospital bills!  Do you know how many times I almost lost her.  I've sat by her bedside.  You know that there are only eight more cases like hers in the world.  They never should've been separated!  So, is that why you came to work here?  You think I'm going to let you have her? No Fuckin way!"




"Dad!" Tamara shouted from the doorway.




Brian could tell that she was upset.  She was breathing deeply and her eyes were huge.  What happened next hurt, a lot.  Words could not describe what he was feeling at this very moment.




"I’m so sorry.  We're together now.  I’m not going anywhere." Tamara cried on Justin's shoulder.  He could never replace Brian.  Brian was her father.  But today, Tamara learned part of the reason they were separated.  He had nearly lost his life as well that night. She would love him just as much.




"Dad, I just..." she paused when she looked up to find Brian and Tia gone.




"Wait!" Tia shouted when she finally caught up with Brian.




"What do you want?" Brian asked a bit harshly.




"Anger much!  You know she didn’t mean dad like she does with you. She had been acting crazy since we left the bookstore.  She just found about his accident and the fact that he was in a coma the night we were born. Be an adult, for God sake!"




Brian couldn’t help but laugh. That fire that Tamara had; he thought he had something to do with it but, no, he didn’t.




"Where's your mother?"




"She died that night.  Dad still blames himself.  There's just so much you don't get.  They did this to have this moment together.  Maybe you and I could go somewhere and talk while they get acquainted?"




"I guess." Brian replied, as she joined him in the elevator.  He noticed one thing about her that he immediately liked.  She had Sunshine's eyes





The End?

You have reached the end of "Sister, Sister" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Apr 12.

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