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Sister, Sister

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Summary: Loosely based on the tv series. Brian and Justin dont know each other yet.

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)fandomoverloadFR1589,247009945 Apr 125 Apr 12No

Meet Tia


I don't on QAF they belong to Showtime. The story is mine though.

Tia Taylor groaned when she opened her eyes.  She closed them tightly and opened them again hoping to God that what she saw was some kind of mirage.  Sadly it wasn't.  She was in a new room surrounded by boxes.  She was in Pittsburgh, and it had the perfect name because it truly was The Pitts.




Justin Taylor happily fixed his daughter breakfast.  He couldn’t believe that he was back here.  So many lost memories and so many that he wish he could forget.  Things were going to be good now.  That was what new beginnings were all about.




"You look deep in thought." she said as she dug into her pancakes.




"Sorry I was just thinking how the house seems the same even though I redecorated."




"Awe, you’re having a moment of nostalgia; that's so cute.  How about you have an even bigger one and we move back to New York!" She asked excitedly.




"I told you that your grandfather is sick.  Your grandmother needs us." He explained.




"Right, he is just dying to see his faggot of a son." She smiled.




"That is not funny, he is dying!"




God, I understand you wanting to be here for grandma but him.  Every time you are around him you have to lie." She explained.




"It is not a lie; I'm not seeing anyone right now so what he thinks is his prerogative."




"Oh sort of a don't ask don't tell kind of thing.  If he doesn't ask if you still suck cock you don't tell him you do"




"Tia Marie Taylor you will watch your mouth!" He scolded.




"Okay okay, so Grandpa Taylor gets sick and we move back to the Pitts, but can you please explain to me why I am wearing this?"




Justin took a moment to look at his daughter.  Standing there in her St. James uniform, she looked exactly like her mother.  He wiped at his eyes he would save his tears for when she left.




"The world is a bit different now Tia.  I have talked to the staff there and they are very tolerant when it comes to the gay community.  It’s a great school and you will excel there.  Now I will pick you up at three and take you to get a bathing suit."




"Oh God Dad, I have let you drag me to this god awful place; I am not going to let you parade me around in front of your boss."




"You will, Brian Kinney insisted that I bring you to the party he is having this weekend.  Apparently he is all about family at his company."




"Fine, maybe they are some good looking guys around here." She smirked.




"You will not do this here, Tia.  Please, I don't need to find you in another closet with someone.  You are too young for all of that."




"Dad I am a growing sixteen year old but I get your point.  I will behave for now.  There is probably nothing interesting around here anyway."




"Thanks at least give me a week of your best behavior.  Grab your bag and let's go."




Tia grabbed her satchel and she and her dad exited their home.


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