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The Green Lady

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Summary: : After the fall of the First Evil the gang leave Sunnydale to look for the newly activated Slayers, Dawn starts training with Willow after doing some accidental magic during a life or death situation and after that Buffy sends her to stay with Giles and

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackLisagirlFR1827,092062,2696 Apr 1226 May 12No

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the wonderful world of Harry Potter they belong to Joss and JK.
A/N: Thank you for those who reviewed they keep me motivated.
A/N2: I know the prologue seemed a little rushed and there was a lot of information in it I was just trying to get them to Hogwarts before I wrote chapter one anyway sorry for the wait. Please review.

Chapter One

“Giles you have a niece and you never told me?” Dawn asked outraged in the car on their way to Kings Cross Station.

“Yes Dawn.” Giles said from the passenger’s seat.

“And she’s going to be in my grade?” Dawn asked prying for information.

“Yes Dawn Cassandra is going to be in your year.” Giles said taking his glasses off and cleaning them.

“What’s she like tell me everything.” Dawn demanded.

“Why don’t you just wait and see when you meet her.” Giles said with a hint of aggravation in his voice.

“I do not like the way in which you are speaking to the Green Lady answer her.” Illyria demanded in her seat next to Dawn in the back.

“Lyri its fine.” Dawn said

“If you are certain.” She said leaning back.

“Illyria you do know that once we get on the train you can’t refer to Dawn as the Green Lady.” Willow said.

“Yes Red Witch.” Illyria said.

“Especially after that article in the Daily Profit came out after the battle in L.A.” Giles said.

“Yeah who knew demons talk to reporters, now everyone is on the lookout for the Green Lady and the Red Witch.” Willow.

“Where do they come up with these names like really sounds like something from the Lord of the Rings.” Dawn said.

“That is why your hair still shows your power my Lady.” Illyria said.

“Yeah tell me about it no amount of hair dye will cover it.” Dawn said with a huff.

“We’re here.” Giles said as they parked at King Cross Station.

They unloaded their entire luggage onto a trolley and walked to platform 9 and looked around.

“Uh Giles our tickets says platform 9 ¾ I only see platforms 9 and 10.” Dawn said.

“I feel really strong magic around here.” Willow said touching a brick wall in between the platforms and her arm went through.” I think we found our way.” She said with a laugh.

“You first.” Dawn said to Willow.

“Oh bloody hell.” Giles said pushing past them with the trolley and through the wall followed by Illyria.

“Together.” Willow said taking her hand and leading her to the wall. Dawn closed her eyes expecting impact but when she felt none she opened them and her mouth dropped open all around her there was people running around the platform and a huge red steam engine that said Hogwarts Express.

“This is awesome!” Dawn yelled standing on her tip-toes to try and see everything at once.

“Uncle Rupert, Uncle Rupert!” They heard someone yell.

When they turned around they saw a girl around Dawn’s age with shoulder length light brown hair and honey colored eyes running towards them literally pushing people out of her way to get to them. When she got close enough she throw herself into Giles arms for a huge hug.

“I’m assuming that’s his niece.” Willow said.

“What gave you that hint?” Dawn said with a laugh.

“I never did understand the act of what you humans call hugging each other and why the Green…Dawn insists on doing it so often.” Illyria said with a tilt of her head.

“It’s a form of greeting that some use, and others insist on using.” Giles said breaking away from his niece. “Cassandra I would like you to meet Willow Rosenberg your new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher and her Assistant Winifred Burkle and Willows ward Dawn Summers.”

“It a pleasure.” Cassandra said shaking their hands. “And Dawn I understand that we will be in the same year what house do you think you’ll be sorted into?”

“Well from what I’ve read I’m hoping for Ravenclaw but knowing me I’ll probably end up in Slytherin.” Dawn said with a grin.

“Lets hope not because then we couldn’t be friends.” Cassandra said taking her hand and leading her onto the train with Giles, Illyria, and Willow following behind them at a slower pace.

“Why couldn’t we be friends if I ended up in Slytherin?” Dawn asked.

“There is a feud that has been going on since Hogwarts opened between Gryffindor and Slytherin no one in the 2 houses has ever been able to get along.” Cassandra said.

“Well what’s so bad about everyone in that house?” Dawn asked.

“Its said that most Dark Wizards come from there it was You-Know-Who’s house.” Cassandra said.

“Who’s house.” Dawn said.

“You-Know-Who’s.” Cassandra said.

“No sorry but I don’t know who.” Dawn said confused.

“You know He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.”

“I’m confused or are you confused all I know is one of us is confused.” Dawn said as they boarded the train.

“Uncle Rupert I’m kidnapping Dawn and going to find my friends.” Cassandra yelled behind them and when Giles nodded pulled Dawn off into an empty compartment.

“Now I’m really confused.” Dawn said.

“You-Know-Who also known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or The Dark Lord is a very powerful evil wizard who is all about blood purity and hates everyone who isn’t a pure-blood like you or like my friend Lily a few years back he started gaining followers that call themselves Death Eaters who do his bidding.” Cassandra explained.

“What do you mean like me?” Dawn asked.

“Your parents are muggles they had no magic.” Cassandra explained.

“Well that’s just stupid why does everyone call this guy You-Know-Who what’s his real name?”

“Ok look Dawn I’ll tell you but only this one time because your new to this world in all really it should be Uncle Rupert explaining it seeing is how he’s the Watcher. His names Lord V-Vol-Voldemort.” Cassandra said with a shudder.

“Lord Voldemort, you’re kidding right?” Dawn said laughing so hard she had to bend over because her sides hurt.

“Why are you laughing?” Cassandra asked confused.

“If you know that Giles is a Watcher then you know who my sister is right?” Dawn asked.

“Buffy Anne Summers the longest living Vampire Slayer also known as the Original Slayer.” Cassandra said as if she was quoting out of a book.

“Exactly with a sister with a name like Buffy who strikes fear into the things that go bump in the night it’s kind of hard to be afraid of a guy with a name like Voldemort who seems just like a Hitler wannabe.” Dawn said.

“Well when you put it that way it is kind of funny.” Cassandra said laughing along with Dawn when the compartment down slide open.

“What’s so funny we been looking for you everywhere.” An average height girl with long red hair and beautiful green eyes standing beside her was a tall skinny girl with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

“Dawn Summers meet Lily Evens and Anne Howard my two dorm mates.” Cassandra said introducing them.

“Oh really dorm mates that’s all I think our good friend here forgot to mention that we are the only two in the year that will put up with her bookworm habits.” Anne said walking into the compartment and sitting down gracefully next to Cassandra while Lily took the seat next to Dawn.

“So you’re the new girl that everyone on the train is talking about related to the new DADA professor or something like that.” Lily said.

“Not really related but she’s always been like an older sister to me she’s just my guardian for now while my sister runs around Italy with her new boyfriend trying to figure some things out.” Dawn said.

“What house do you think you’ll be sorted into?” Anne asked.

“At this point I really have no idea but I’m hoping for Ravenclaw.” She said

“Like to study do you, so do I.” L Lily said smiling at her.

“Our Lily is the brightest witch in our year maybe the whole school.” Cassandra said.

“I don’t know you seem to be giving her a run for her money.” Anne said.

“So what are the new Professors like?” Lily asked.

Cassandra and Dawn just looked at each other and smiled.

“You can’t really ask them their outlooks are biased due to the fact that Cassandra is related to one and Dawn here is under the guardianship of another.” Anne said laughing lightening up the mood.

After that the girls talked for the next few hours about everything trying to get to know Dawn, what Hogwarts was like, who the teachers are, and most importantly the boys at Hogwarts.

“I think we are almost there we should get changed.” Lily said standing up.

“Where’s the bathroom?” Dawn asked standing up.

“It’s just down the hall do you want me to show you.” Cassandra asked.

“No I should be alright I’ll be right back.” Dawn said grabbing her bag and walking out.

Just as she shut the compartment door she turned around and bumped into a girl with long black hair pale skin and dark eyes. She was being followed by a boy with greasy black hair and a girl with long blonde hair.

“Watch where you’re going.” The girl sneered at her.

“You watch it.” Dawn said back.

“What did you say to me?” The girl asked

“You heard me I said you watch it.” Dawn said back.

“American you must be with those new teachers.” The blonde said.

“Heard there all pretty much Muggles so that must make you a Mudblood.” The guy said.

“I have no idea what that is but I don’t like the way you said it.” Dawn said clenching her fist getting angry she could feel her magic building up inside her and she had to force it down it wouldn’t be good to have anything to bad happen before even got to the school.

“What’s happening to you?” The Black haired girl asked.

“What?” Dawn asked confused.

“There’s a green glow all around you.” She said in a child-like voice.

“Bella what’s wrong with you I don’t see anything.” The blonde haired girl said.

“Cissy don’t you see it? She’s glowing green.” The girl called Bella said.

“Narcissa what is wrong with your sister.” The greasy haired guy asked.

“What are you!” Bella yelled at Dawn.

“I’m just me.” Dawn said and then turned and ran down the hall or the train while Bella yelled for her to come back.

Just as she was running around a corner she ran into something very hard and solid falling backwards onto the ground.

“Wow I really need to start looking where I’m going.” Dawn mumbled to herself. “I’m so sorry.” She said finally looking up and seeing the face of an extremely cute guy around her age with shaggy blonde hair who looked horribly tired.

“Its ok I must admit I wasn’t looking where I was going either.” He said helping her up. “Remus Lupin.” He said extending his hand.

“Dawn Summers.” She said shaking his offered hand.

“Where were you off to in such a hurry Dawn Summers?” He asked.

“Oh you know here and there.” She said not really wanting to explain the situation that had just happened when a compartment door slide open.”

“Mooney we thought we heard you out here done with your Prefects duties already, and look you brought us back a present.” A boy with what looked like a very bad case of bed head and glasses said from the doorway.

“A very nicely wrapped present too.” A boy next to him with shaggy black hair and blue eyes remarked looking Dawn up and down.

“Excuse me rude much.” Dawn said glaring at him.

“Sorry love didn’t mean to be rude names Sirius, Sirius Black.” He said with a heart-stopping grin.

“Dawn! There you are.” Lily said coming around the corner. “I been looking for you, and I see it’s a good thing I have been if you’ve been off with this lot.” She said glaring at the boys.

“Evens what a pleasure it is a to see you again.” The boy in the glasses said perking up at seeing Lily. “I don’t suppose you’ve changed your mind and want to go out with me.”

“When pigs fly Potter.” She said grabbing Dawn by the hand and dragging her down the train to the bathrooms to get changed.

Once Dawn had got her uniform on and was touching up her make-up in the mirror did she finally turn to a fuming Lily.

“You know he was cute why did you turn him down?” She asked.

“James Potter is one of the most obnoxious people I have ever met I would never be caught dead out with him.” Lily said ending the subject.

“Alright whatever you say but I should really go find Willow before we get there tell the others that I’ll catch up with them later.” Dawn said with a shrug leaving the bathroom in search of her guardian.

“Hey Dawnie where have you been?” Willow asked when she found them in the compartment meant for the teachers at the front of the train.

“Just hanging out with Cassandra and some of her friends asking them what the school is like and all that. Hey Giles did you know that the big bad here is some guy that goes by Lord Voldemort how lame is that.” Dawn said with a laugh.

“Yes Dawn the council is well aware of Lord Voldemort and have been keeping tabs on the war that is on the horizon that’s one of the reasons that Headmaster Dumbledore invited us here so that Willow and myself can help keep Hogwarts safe without drawing to much attention to ourselves.” Giles said.

“Oh ok is she asleep?” Dawn asked looking towards Illyria who as just staring out the window.

“Have no idea she’s been like that since we got in here.” Willow said just as the train came to a stop Illyria finally looked over at them.

“We should hurry there is a storm coming and I don’t want Dawn to get sick.” She said standing up.

“We should hurry then.” Dawn said standing and walking off the train followed closely by Illyria and Willow and Giles not far behind.

They entered a carriage marked for them being pulled by what looked like skeleton looking horses.

“What are they?” Dawn asked they just stood there eying Illyria while Dawn petted one.

“I have no idea you can ask the Headmaster when we get to the school, we should hurry.” Giles said getting into the carriage Dawn, Willow, and Illyria followed him.

When everyone was seated it started to pull forward when they arrived at the school all Willow and Dawn could do was stare open mouthed at the view of the castle. When the carriage stopped they got out and seen that they had arrived before the rest of the student body and where greeted by a very short man with slightly pointed ears, spectacles, and a brown mustache.

“Hello I’m Professor Flitwick the Charms Professor and Head of Ravenclaw house, the Headmaster would like you to follow me to his office so we can sort Miss. Summers before the feast begins. “ He said turning around expecting them to follow him which they did.

When they arrived to the gargoyle statue and the password was spoken “Blood-Pops” they followed the spiral stair-case to wooden door that seemed to open on its own accord.

“Ah yes welcome I hope your trip was pleasant.” A man with a long white beard and hair wearing baby-blue robes said with a smile on his face.

“Headmaster Dumbledore it is a pleasure to meet you.” Giles said shaking his hand followed by Willow, and Dawn. Illyria just stood in the corner.

“Now as you know why I’ve asked you here I fear that Hogwarts is not as safe as it should be even with all the wards and protection around it. I also understand that Miss. Summers here needs more training then what you are able to give her Miss. Rosenberg.” He said looking to Dawn.

“Yes sir we feel that Dawn having her wand she will be better able to control her magic.” Willow said.

“A unique wand it is I understand.” Dumbledore said looking towards Dawn.

“Indeed 9 inches willow wood with the hair of a Grimm.” Giles said taking his glasses off and cleaning them.

“Yes well much is to be discussed just not tonight let’s get you sorted Dawn so we can go enjoy the feast.” He said pulling out an old battered hair from behind his desk, walking over to Dawn before she could protest he put it on her head.

‘Hmm the Key I heard whispers that you were in human form I see you’ve come into your magic recently but where to put you, your smart and would do good in Ravenclaw but I see a loyalty inside of you, you were going to jump but I think its time you came into your own friends that would be willing to fight alongside you it has been awhile since I’ve seen a courage like yours it better be GRYFFINDOR’

Dawn didn’t realize it had shouted the last word out loud until the hat was off her head and Giles was hugging her.

A/N: I know its been awhile since I last updated but please please please review

The End?

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