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The Green Lady

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Summary: : After the fall of the First Evil the gang leave Sunnydale to look for the newly activated Slayers, Dawn starts training with Willow after doing some accidental magic during a life or death situation and after that Buffy sends her to stay with Giles and

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter I am by no means making any money off of this.

Summary: After the fall of the First Evil the gang leave Sunnydale to look for the newly activated Slayers, Dawn starts training with Willow after doing some accidental magic during a life or death situation and after that Buffy sends her to stay with Giles and Willow who have just taken a teaching position at Hogwarts.

A/N: The time-line is all messed up but this is just how it played out in my head hopefully I am able to finish this one fairly quickly reviews keep me going and please bear with me I’m currently looking to a beta. Oh and I’m making Dawn 15 at the end of season 7 sorry but I kind of need it that way for everything to fall into play.


“The Green Lady will come to the aid
Of the Dark Daughter and the Chosen One
Both of whom will be marked by the Dark Lord
One as his chosen bride and the other as his equal
Only with the love of the Green Lady will they be safe
When the Dawn reaches’ it’s most powerful will all be safe”
Prophecy told by “Unknown”

Summertime an Ally In Rome

“BUFFY!” Dawn yelled as the vampire knocked her stake out of her hand, and pushing her into a wall.
Dawn and her sister Buffy were walking back to their apartment from one of the night clubs that Buffy’s new boyfriend had told her she had to try out when they were jumped by about 10 vampires, which shouldn’t have been a problem seeing is how Buffy was the longest living Vampire Slayer. However these Vampires didn’t seem to be fledglings they seemed older and sensed what Buffy was and they didn’t go forward one by one they jumped on her 4 or 5 at a time it was hard for Dawn to see.

Dawn herself had staked 3 but when the one had knocked her back she hit her head and felt the blood seeping into her hair. The blood sucker had her pinned against the wall and she felt his teeth sink into her. All Dawn could think of was that Buffy wasn’t going to get to her in time, and that she never got to say goodbye to anyone. That’s when she felt it.

It was a tingly tension starting in her stomach and she felt it spreading once it reached her head and neck she felt like all the tension was released out of her and a green light seemed to engulf her whole body moving outwards. She felt the vampire biting into her turn to dust, she looked over towards her sister and seen the vampires on top of her turn to dust as well.

“Dawn?” Buffy asked running up and grabbing her sister the second her hand touched Dawn the green light started fading back into her.

“Buffy what just happened?” Dawn asked shocked.

“I have no idea but I think we need to call Willow.” Buffy said.

“Ok that doesn’t sound good and is my head still bleeding?” Dawn asked as they started walking back to the apartment,

“Not that I can see however it is still dark out I’ll check when we get home we are only about a block or so away.” Buffy said pulling out her cell phone and picking up speed.

“Willow I need you to meet at my place Dawn just did magic and I mean big time magic.” She said into the phone. “5 minutes ok see you then.”

“What she say?” Dawn asked

“She said she will teleport over and meet us in about 5.”

“Ok we better hurry then.” Dawn said while picking up her pace to a run.

When they arrived at their apartment Willow was already standing in their living room waiting for them she frowned upon seeing Dawn.

“Dawnie please tell me that you’ve turned into a punk rocker and that’s not because of your burst of magic?” Willow said.

“What are you talking about?” Dawn asked.

Willow pulled Dawn over to the mirror and when Dawn looked up she just started to cry, there was green high-lights in her waist length brown hair. Buffy just stared with her mouth hanging open.

“Willow fix it.” Dawn pleaded with tears still falling down her face.

“Dawnie if this was cause by magic I don’t know if I can but I promise you I will try. Now tell me everything that happened.” Willow said with a determined look on her face.

“Well me and Buffy were walking home from Lust and we got about a block away from home when we got jumped by about 10 vamps and they weren’t fledglings they seemed older more experienced and that’s what didn’t make sense older vamps don’t travel in a group that big unless it’s with minions, About six of them jumped on Buffy and the rest came after me, I think they knew she was a Slayer because they wanted to bring her down quick but they came after me one at a time like they were playing around. After I staked 3 of them the last one finally took things seriously and knocked my stake out of my hand and that’s when he pushed me into the wall and I hit my head and it started to bleed a lot, when he bit me.” Dawn paused and got a faraway look in her eye.

“Dawn what is it?” Buffy asked.

“That’s the first time a vampire has bit me without my permission.” She stated still with a frown on her face,

“What do you mean without your permission?” Buffy asked almost yelling.

“I let Spike bite me once about 3 years ago when I was 11 because I wanted to see what it was like. He argued with
me for hours but eventually I talked him into it.” She said with a shrug.

“Let me see.” Buffy demanded

“See what?” Dawn asked with an innocent look on her face.

“Don’t play dumb with me where he bit you.” Buffy said through clenched teeth.

“Jesus bossy much.” Dawn said pulling down the side of her shirt so that they could see the scar right above her shoulder.

“Dawn that’s not just a simple bite Spike marked you as his.” Willow exclaimed touching the mark and closing her eyes.

“WHAT!” Buffy yelled.

“It repels other vampires turns them off from wanting to bite her it basically claims her as property of Spike, and anyone who harms her has to deal with him or his line.” Willow explained. “It’s pretty much the strongest protection a vampire can offer if they can’t always be with someone.”

“I can’t even think of this right now can get back to my baby sister doing magic.” Buffy said rubbing her forehead.

“I’m not a baby I’m 14 years old.” Dawn said with a pout.

“Yeah you should count yourself lucky that I have been training you and letting you come patrol with me.” Buffy said.

“Guys back on topic.” Willow said clapping her hands.

“Sorry.” They both said at the same time.

“What happened next Dawn.” Willow asked.

“Ok where was I, oh yeah so the vampire had just bit me and then I started thinking how much I hated him and that I didn’t want to die and then I started feeling this weird feeling in my stomach and then it started spreading through my body and when I felt like I was gonna be sick it just kind of exploded out of in a green light and turned all the vamps into dust.” Dawn finished explaining.

“That’s not very much to go on I can do a spell that will detect any other witch in the room do you mind if I use it?” Willow asked.

“Go for it.” Buffy and Dawn said at the same time.

“Quae parere potest revelare” Willow chanted her eyes flashing to white for a second then back to her normal green.

A pink dot glowed in front of Willow and then started floating around the room until it paused in front of Buffy and continued to move on towards Dawn where it multiplied flying all around her head.

“Stop makes it stop.” Dawn yelled swinging her hands around her head when a green light shot out of her fingertip making the pink lights explode.

“I would say there is your answer.” Willow said with a smile. “My theory is that the Keys energy lay dormant in Dawn until she really needed it and that activated it and it seems that there isn’t a way to shut it off. Dawn you need training.” Willow said.

“Oh no I don’t think so.” Buffy said.

“Buffy if she doesn’t have proper training this can go bad very quickly.” Willow said shaking her head.

“Fine the only way I am letting my sister get trained in magic is if she studies under you. That way I know that she
will have someone I trust looking after her.” Buffy said.

“Buffy I can’t move to Rome I’m stationed in England running the coven there.” Willow said.

“That’s the only way.”

“She would have to come with me.” Willow said.

“She is standing right here you guys are talking about me like I’m not even in the room you haven’t even asked me
what I want.” Dawn yelled.

“Fine Dawn what would you like to do.” Buffy said tapping her foot.

“If I went with you Willow would you be able to fix my hair?” She asked.

“I can try.” Willow said with a smile.

“Then I want to go with her.”

“Ok we can be packed by the end of the week.” Buffy said.

“What do you mean we?” Dawn asked.

“Well you don’t really think I’m going to let you move to England without me.” Buffy said shaking her head. “Will we
will be there in a week.”

“I’ll see you then and Dawn try not to use anymore magic until I can fully test your levels.” Willow said hugging them and then teleporting out.

“Let’s try to get some sleep and get started in the morning.” Buffy said hugging her sister and walking out of the room.

Buffy and Dawn had been settled in with Willow in the countryside of England Buffy making trips into Slayer Central and Dawn practicing and learning from Willow. Dawn had more control then when Willow had when she started collage. It seemed like the Keys energy had just been waiting to come forth and be used and when it wasn’t it would shoot off accidental energy they had learned that the hard way when Willow had to go on a mission for the Council for 2 weeks and Buffy said Dawn wasn’t allowed to use any magic without Willow being there. For the past 2 months Dawn and Willow had been going on patrol with Buffy and some of the other Slayers so Dawn could practice using her magic in life threatening situations. They had been with Willow for about 6 months when Faith showed up with a dire emergency that would change everyone’s lives forever.

It was around 10:30 when there was a pounding knock on the apartment that Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and sometimes Kennedy were staying at. Buffy grabbed a stake and answered the door cautiously. When she swung the door open they seen a very out of breath Faith standing there looking panicked.

“Faith what’s wrong?” Willow asked rushing in. “Aren’t you supposed to be in Scotland guarding the Hellmouth there?”

“I was until I got a frantic call from Vi she overheard a call to Giles while she was playing secretary, Angel needs our help he’s taking on Wolfram and Hart and I mean literally and Giles refuses to help him.” Faith explained in a rush with an angry look on her face.

“How could he do that?” Dawn asked with a shocked look on her face.

“Guess someone is still holding a grudge.” Faith said with a shrug. “B we need to help him I’m leaving in less than an hour with or without you I would prefer if it was with though.”

“I’m coming.” Buffy said.

“So am I.” Willow said walking into the other room to gather some things that she would need.

“Me three.” Dawn said jumping up to go get changed.

“Like hell you are.” Buffy said.

“Buffy the more fire power you have the better this is what I’ve been training for why bother training me if you’re not
going to use the power that I have.” Dawn said.

“Little sis has a point B.” Faith said throwing weapons from the chest behind the couch in a duffel bag.

“Fine but if you die I’m telling.” Buffy said.

“If I die I’m haunting you for the rest of time.” Dawn said sticking her tongue out and then running into her room to get changed.

“I have about 6 minis downstairs waiting too.” Faith said.

“I’ll call headquarters good thing about this new council I have more pull then Giles does.” Buffy said picking up her phone. “This is Buffy Summers pass code The White Rabbit I need 20 girls who have been there the longest to be ready in 30 minutes.” She said speaking into the phone and then hung up no questions asked.

30 minutes later Willow teleported Buffy, Dawn, Kennedy, Faith and the slayers that Faith brought with her to Council Headquarters to pick up the others. When they had grabbed the other Slayers they headed to LA.
When they got there they couldn’t believe what they saw LA looked like Hell itself had been released. Demons ran loose everywhere. The 26 mini-slayers ran forth hacking and slashing wherever they seen a demon. Buffy wielding the Scythe of the Slayers and Faith holding Olaf’s Troll Hammer.

“Angel should be around here somewhere I tried to get us as close as possible to him.” Willow said closing her eyes.

“This way.” She yelled running down the alley.

They all took off after Willow. Buffy and Faith wanted to go faster but they knew the only way to find Angel was to follow Willow so they took to cutting down every demon in their path they heard Dawn and the minis following close behind. When they ran out into the open street they saw a sight that amazed them, Angel was fighting what looked to be a dragon, Charles Gunn seemed to be sitting on the ground up against the wall with a blue women in leather looked to be guarding him and cutting down everything that even got close to him. What really surprised them was that Spike was fighting along side Angel.

“Oh I am so going to kill him” Buffy said running forward chopping off the head of the demon trying to sneak up behind him.

“Dawnie go help Gunn try and heal him if you can.” Willow said her eyes and hair turning white as she ran after Faith who was trying to get to Angel.

Dawn ran up to the black man and the blue women. The blue women went on the defensive when she seen the pair of Sai daggers in Dawns hands.

“Illyria relax she’s one of us. Dawn it’s good to finally meet you wish it was on better circumstances.” Charles Gunn said.

“You do realize that all that red stuff is supposed to be on the inside right.” Dawn said with a frown.

“You know Spike said the same thing.” He said trying to laugh but just ended up coughing.

“Well I’m here to fix you up.” Dawn said running her hands over his injury’s while muttering under her breath her palms started to glow green and she could see the wounds on Gunn healing as she went over them with her hands.

Illyria was looking at Dawn funny when they heard a loud screech and all three of them looked up to see the dragon falling to the ground with Faith and Angel on its back. All Dawn could do was smile.

“Let’s go there are plenty of demons to go around.” Dawn said as helped Gunn up who looked fighting fit.

“Stick close to me little witch.” Illyria said pulling Dawn back into the battle.

“What are you anyway?” Dawn asked running along-side of her.

“I am the God-King Illyria one of the original Old Ones.” Illyria said while ripping off a demon head.

“Oh okay that’s cool I guess.” Dawn said with a shrug stabbing into a demon with her Sais.

“You are mortal but yet you fight I do not understand.” Illyria said.

“Yeah well where I come from its fight or be killed and you see that short blonde girl over there.” Dawn said pointing over to Buffy who looked to be yelling at Spike while she was killing a mass quantity of demons. “That’s my sister she trained me, and the brunette helping Angel is her sister in arms Faith she trains me sometime as well they are the 2 longest living Vampire Slayers.”

“I still don’t understand please do not die I would like to continue this conversation.” Illyria said.

“Yeah you too.” Dawn said shooting a fire ball out of her hand at a demon.

That’s when she saw it a very large black demon close by them seemed to be building up something in his body and looked about ready to release it right towards them. Dawn grabbed Illyria and pulled her behind her just as the demon started shooting out flames from its entire body.

“PROTEGAT TUERI.” Dawn yelled with a green shield coming up to surround her and Illyria and the energy seemed to be moving outwards like before turning all the demons in a five foot radius around her and Illyria to dust.
Illyria just looked at her in shock.

“What?” Dawn asked.

“Thank you.” Illyria said.

“Hey we have a conversation to finish.” Dawn said with a shrug pulling her along over to where Willow was.

“You ready to finish this Dawnie.” She asked.

“Let’s do this.” Dawn said grabbing her hand and closing her eyes when she opened them her eyes were green and Willows were white.

“Nullam dapibus daemones potestatem invoco ad infernum ubi venerunt, peto ut vos volo Cras sagittis interficientis et ultimus versus.” They both chanted

“Screw this I suck at Latin, I call on the power of the Key.” Dawn said her voice going deeper as she drew on her power.

“As the last Guardian of the Slayers I demand you to do my will.” Willow yelled her hair glowing white.

“Restore this City to what it was.” Dawn yelled

“Do our will we.” Willow yelled.

A white light shot out of Willow while a green one shot out of Dawn when the light was drawn back into them they looked around and they saw no demons or bodies the city looked like it had ever been touched. Willow and Dawn collapsed to the ground. Illyria catching them she laid Willow on the ground and picked Dawn up in her arms.

“Dawn, Willow.” Buffy and Faith yelled running over to them Faith kneeling down to Willow and Buffy walking over to Dawn in Illyria’s arms.

When Buffy tried to take Dawn from Illyria she growled at her.

“She’s finally been returned to me I’m not letting you take her from me.” Illyria stated stepping back from Buffy.

“What did you say?” Buffy said raising her Scythe.

“I was the guardian of the key for 1000s of years when I ruled this city and I will guard her once again.” Illyria said.

“She is my sister.” Buffy said getting ready to attack.

“Illyria give Dawn to Buffy she won’t keep her from you.” Angel said.

“What like hell I won’t.” Buffy said.

“We should see what Dawn wants when she wakes up.” Spike said.

“You don’t get to have an opinion Mr. I’m Going to Pretend I’m Dead.” Buffy said to him.

“The Hyperion isn’t far from here we need to get inside.” Gunn said.

“I’ll carry her.” Illyria said “You need to help the Red Witch.”

Buffy didn’t like it but complied and kept an eye on her sister as they walked. When they got to their destination
Illyria laid Dawn down in one of the beds and stood at her bedside keeping guard over her while everyone else seen to their own injuries. Dawn woke about an hour later.

“Oh my head hurt.”

“You used a lot of power.” Buffy said sitting on her bed handing her a glass of water and an aspirin

“I will tell the others that she has awakened.” Illyria said walking out of the room.

“Wow she must really want to finish that conversation if she has been in here the whole time.” Dawn said.

“What conversation?” Buffy asked.

“When we were fighting she was asking me about why I fought.” Dawn said.

“Well for some reason she thinks she is your new protector.” Buffy said with venom in her voice..

“That’s because I am.” Illyria said from the door way behind her stood Angel and Spike.

“Not now Big Blue, Willow is still out.” Spike said.

“No now is the time. “Illyria said walking over to Dawn’s bedside and kneeling “I swear a life oath as the God-King
Illyria to protect the Key Dawn Summers for the rest of time as it once was it will be again.”

“Wow.” Dawn said.

“Looks like Little Bit just got herself a new body guard.” Spike said.

“Speaking of body guards do you want to explain to me why you marked my sister?” Buffy said turning her eyes to

“You died love and I couldn’t be with her all the time and she likes to sneak out so what other way did I have to protect her.” He explained.

“You marked her?” Angel asked walking over to Dawn. “She’s a member of the Aurelius line now.”

“Hey she is right here you guys always do this” Dawn said from the bed.

“Sorry Dawnie this is all just a lot to take in right now. I’m going to check on the others.” Buffy said walking out of the room Spike followed her.

“Is there still green in my hair?” Dawn asked Illyria.

“Why wouldn’t there be it shows lower beings to fear you it symbolizes your power.” Illyria said.

“Is that why you have blue?” Angel asked.

“Yes muck. Why do you think your opponents on the field ran from you and were calling you the Green Lady they fear your power little one.” Illyria said.

“Shut up they were not calling me that.” Dawn said with a laugh.

“Yes little one and with me and the Red Witch at your side you will bring this world to its knees and make all bow under your power.” She said.

“No, no taking over the world.” Dawn said.

“You have power why not use it?” She asked.

“Angel could you leave us alone for a minute?” Dawn asked.

“I’ll be right outside the door.” He said.

“Illyria come sit.” Dawn said patting the side of her bed when Illyria sat Dawn took her hand and tried to explain the best she could. “We can’t use our powers for bad it goes against everything that I believe in I try to fight the good fight and if you’re going to stand by my side then so are you.”

“If that is what you wish.”

“It is now let’s try to get some sleep before Willow wakes up and wants to teleport me back to England.” Dawn said laying back and closing her eyes.

“Rest I will watch over you.” Illyria said stroking Dawns hair.

5 months later Early Summer

It was a week after Dawn had turned 15 when she woke up to the smell of bacon and jumped out of bed and ran
down the stairs. She stopped in the kitchen doorway when she spotted 2 owls sitting on the windowsill and Willow on the phone with Giles.

“Yeah I got it now and there is a letter here for Dawn to, I haven’t opened it yet and if it’s what you say we need to get ahold of Buffy ever since she moved out she barely calls.” Willow said. “Dawn just woke up ill call you back Giles with our answer.”

“Is that one for me?” Dawn asked pointing to a letter with her name on it.

“Yup, why don’t you open it and we can talk.” Willow said sitting down.

Dawn walked over and cautiously stared at the letter it was from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Dear Miss. Summers,

We are happy to offer you a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry we send our deepest apology’s for not sending this when you came of magical age at 11. If you could send a reply back with this owl we look forward to seeing you on September 1st.

Deputy Headmistress
Minerva McGonagall

Dawn looked up at Willow with a smile on her face.

“Are you going to take the job?” She asked.

“I would like to but it’s a decision that we both have to make. Giles is going and would like us both to come.” Willow

“What about Illyria?” Dawn asked.

“She tends to go where you go so she will be coming as my assistant.” Willow said.

“I guess we are going to magic school. Buffy is going to freak.” Dawn said laughing.

A/N: If Dawn seems a little childish it’s because I’m making her 15 in this and if you can think back to 15 year old Dawn she was pretty much a brat. More will be told about the next chapter they will be going to Hogwarts. Anyway please review and tell me what you think.they will be going to Hogwarts. Anyway please review and tell me what you think.
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