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Of, Slayers, Callings, and Life and Death

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Summary: It's not long after the death of her boyfriend Luc, that the life of Tru Davies experiences yet another massive upheaval in her life when the twin she long thought dead walks back into her life, and along the way discover dark secrets behind the Calling.

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A vague disclaimer is no one's friend, I do not own any of this. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are owned by the amazing Joss Whedon and his company Mutant Enemy. And Tru Calling is owned by the folks at Original Film, Oh that Gus! ,Inc. ,and 20th Century Fox Television.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Of Slayers, Callings, Life, and Death

Save Me!

Thunder rumbled across the darkened city streets of New York as Elise Lehane ran down the back alleys. She just couldn’t be too late. The mysterious man who served as the opposite force to herself, Death, as Elise had come to call him due to not knowing his identity, had sent someone out to kill one of her children. Lightning briefly illuminated the dim streets of the alley way, she was getting close, she could just feel it. As one solitary gunshot her whole world came crashing down and her heart seemed to stop for one single moment. Running forward with all the speed she could must she burst around the corner and took in the sight…her youngest daughter lay dead and bleeding out on the ground and now the assassin had turned toward her other daughter who was cowering against the wall. A scream fueled by her rage broke from her lips as Elise charged the man, both of them tumbling to the wet ground and the gun flying off into a garbage pile. Seeming to realize his assignment had failed and not wishing to face an angry mother the man struggled free from Elise Lehane’s grasp and fled from her wrath as fast as possible.

Elise walked toward the limp form of her daughter, her feet felt like lead and her heart as it had stopped beating entirely. “Tru, come on sweetie,” she whispered to the dark haired girl huddling along the wall, and doing her best to keep the emotion raging inside her from breaking through in her voice, “You’re safe now, I’ve got you.” The four year-old sobbed in her mothers arms as Elise gazed forlornly down at her other daughter who now lay dead,
‘Come on,’ she pleaded mentally, ‘Come on, please! I know you can do this, you won’t leave me, it’s not your time.’ She rose to her feet cradling Tru in her arms, the tears flowing freely as they were forced to leave Tru’s twin lying dead there, she’d need to find a phone to let the police know and they could collect the body. It looked like Death had won again.

“Why won’t she wake up, mommy?” Tru asked, fear still evident in her voice, “You can’t forget her!” Elise was about to reply when she felt a small hand grasp her ankle and her dead daughter shifted to look up at her with sightless eyes…

“I need you, mommy!” Elise could have jumped for joy as the day rewound…she would save her daughters this time, both of them.

Elise stood hesitantly outside the door of the slightly seedy apartment, it wasn’t all that bad, but it was much worse than the last place her sister had had…the two of them hadn’t really spoken in quite a while, and they’d never really gotten along, but she hoped that this would save her daughter standing hesitantly behind her holding onto her leg. She walked tentatively up to the door and knocked. The door was jerked open by a frazzled looking dark-haired woman, her gloomy expression seemed to brighten slightly when she saw her sister though, Elise took this as a good sign.
“Ellie? Wha-what are you doing here?”

“I really hate to do this to you, Liz,” Elise said quietly, “But I’m sort of in a bad situation involving my work…a-a-an-and I won’t be able to really do my job and look after my daughter,” it wasn’t a complete lie, she really couldn’t do it since Death seemed to be specifically after Tru’s twin, “I need you to take care of her for as long as it takes, I hope that isn’t too much trouble. I can pay you pretty well for this, money shouldn’t be an issue.” Liz seemed deep in thought for a moment, looking at the dark eyed girl hiding behind Elise and doing her level best not to be seen.

“I’ll do it,” she finally said, “I got my own kid to take care of as well though, so I can’t promise too much except that I’ll do my best, Ellie. As long as I’m able and as long as you need.” She came the rest of the way out of the apartment and helped her sister carry the belongings inside.

It was finally time to part ways and Elise knelt sadly in front of her daughter, “Be good to your aunt, Faith, ok?” She pulled the sniffling little girl into her arms, “Oh, sshh, don’t cry, baby, it’s not forever, I’ll come see you when I can. But you have to be strong now, all right? You be a good girl, Faith.” She sadly got back to her feet and walked back to the car, it broke her heart, but it was the only way to keep Faith safe, when she got home from Boston she’d make it look as if Faith had gone missing and been killed, it was the only thing she could do. She watched in the rear-view mirror as her small daughter vanished from sight back into the house with her aunt, who knew when she’d see them again, or if it’d ever be possible…

“Faith, come on, wake up,” the voice of Robin Wood shook Faith out of her sleep. She opened her eyes and blinked sluggishly. Shaking her head to clear the grogginess she sat up in the passenger seat.

“We almost there?” Faith asked suppressing a yawn. Xander was finally getting back from his stint in Africa rounding up Slayers, Watchers who’d survived the First’s attempt to wipe out the Slayer line, and laying the ground work for Slayer and Watcher training houses. And before heading off to Buffy and the main headquarters of the Slayers in Scotland he’d be making a stop on the Hellmouth in Cleveland to check up on how things were running there, hence why Robin and Faith were driving to New York City to pick Xander up. Faith wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about the prospects of that, it’d been years since she was this close to Boston and her place of origins, it felt almost as if it’d been a whole lifetime ago, she’d been through so much and grown up a lot since fleeing the city with Kakistos on her heels.

“Yeah,” Robin remarked quietly, “We’ll be at the airport in about forty-five minutes, just going to be making a quick stop off for gas, thought maybe you could use a break to stretch your legs.” Faith merely grunted in response, things hadn’t really been going well with Robin lately, she still valued his friendship and advice…but there just wasn’t a connection like she’d thought at first, not in the way it’d first seemed. They both had their own separate issues that kept getting in the way, it often felt to Faith that Robin was constantly comparing her to his own mother and just didn’t measure up. She sighed lightly, if things continued the way they were they’d have a breakup sooner rather than later. But that wasn’t really what was disturbing her now, she’d been having something that was quite similar to Slayer dreams recently. The odd thing was they sort of matched half-forgotten memories of her mother and her life wherever she’d lived before being taken to Boston by her mom, her real mom not her more often than not drunken aunt who’d raised her and that she referred to as her mom more often than not, and then there were some bits that just didn’t make sense, like the last one she’d just had. If she didn’t know better she’d have probably said what she’d just seen in her vision was impossible. She sighed again, running her hand through her brown hair, ‘The hell is goin’ on with me right now?’ Maybe she’d get in touch with Giles about what she’d been seeing.
Robin was coming out of the gas station’s convenience store now and climbed back into the car, “You ready to head out again?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be…le’s get this on the road,” Faith replied, for now her visions would have to wait.

Meanwhile, in one of New York’s cemeteries, Tru Davies walked quietly amongst the headstones…the funeral for her boyfriend, Luc, had ended not long before. Harrison had tried to come up with something to cheer her up but she’d just blown her younger brother off claiming to want solitude right now. She was just feeling so empty and numb, ‘Oh God, why did this have to happen…we were just beginning to make up, and now he’s gone.’ She wiped angrily at her tears as they started flowing anew muttering, “Damn you, Jack! You have no idea what you’ve just started.” She stopped now and looked down at the grave in front of her, she hadn’t meant to come here and frankly wondered what had guided her to this particular grave. She looked down sadly and read the tombstone Faith Lehane, 1982-1986, it was her twin sister’s grave.

“I wonder, what would you have been like,” she remarked quietly, “I wish I could have saved you…I wish I could have saved a lot of people.”

“And that’s the sad thing i’nit,” a voice with a Brooklyn accent came from behind her, “That you can’t save everyone…” Tru turned around glowering at the man as he came closer, he wasn’t very tall and he looked kind of like a bum with his somewhat ratty suit and batter bowler hat, “Girl like you really shouldn’t be out here alone at night, specially place like this…things get, dangerous.” Tru couldn’t really tell what the feeling was, but deep in her gut she was getting some strange sensations from this guy, he just didn’t feel normal, or dare she say it…even human. She was glad she’d had all those self-defense lessons over the years as she steadied herself on her feet and took up a defensive position.

“Who are you?” she demanded, suspicion written all over her face as she narrowed her gaze.

“Name’s Whistler, kid,” the man remarked, “You might say I’m a messenger of sorts, and right now I got a message for you, there’s a storm coming, everything’s gonna change. Do you have the strength to weather it, ‘cause ya don’t…well this endless cycle may never be broken. There’s an end to all of this in sight, but if you’re not careful it could be yours.” He pulled something out of his coat, “Here, take dis, and keep it close, you’re gonna need it for what you’re ‘bout to face in five minutes.” Tru looked inquisitively at the stake of wood Whistler had just handed her, what the hell was she supposed to do with this? “Be seein’ ya round, kid. Keep up good work.” He tipped his hat to her and then turned and was just gone, leaving a very confused and baffled Tru alone in the graveyard.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Of, Slayers, Callings, and Life and Death" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Apr 12.

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