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Gabrielle's family and adventures

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This story is No. 8 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The further adventures of the Scooby Gang's bloodlines. A continuation of the gang's adventures.

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Chapter Eighteen

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Buffy characters. I also don’t own any of the various Harry Potter characters that people recognize. I also don’t own the stuff I borrowed from the elder scrolls game. I also don’t own any of the DC characters I borrowed. I of course don’t own any Star Wars stuff either. I don’t own the summon stuff from the final fantasy games either.

December 2nd

Erik scowled at the bowl of ‘food’ that had been slid through the apparently solid metal door. He wasn’t sure what charm allowed them to do that but the door and walls were as solid as they looked from this side. While it might technically have been food it wasn’t very appealing. If he hadn’t been stuck in the same cell for three days already without better food he wouldn’t even consider eating the nasty smelling sludge their captors were calling food. He hadn’t been all that amused to wake up to find out that his international taskforce, himself included, were dressed in pink muggle prison jumpsuits so painfully bright that they made the eyes water just looking at them. If there had been any females on the taskforce he would have ordered the team to strip out of the filthy muggle clothes but as there weren’t any, the suits were slightly less horrible than looking at a room filled with naked men. He still couldn’t figure out why the international council hadn’t sent a second taskforce to free them. He poked at the foul smelling bowl of sludge. “What is it?”

One of the other wizards sighed, “Some type of water based rye gruel… though it might technically be called soup because of the badly cooked lima beans and the liver mixed in.” He scrunched his face up in a disgusted look. “Tastes about as bad as it sounds… there might even be a hint of peanut butter in there…”

Erik scowled as he looked around at his team. The first day had been spent comparing notes, they had expected to be rescued within hours of waking up. Sadly that hadn’t happened. The second day had been spent planning their escape, sadly no one ever opened the door so they couldn‘t even rush the guards or anything. They had no wands so there wasn’t much they could do to escape that way. The bowls and remains of the gruel just vanished several hours after the second meal of the day so it wasn’t like they could even use the bowls as tools or anything. There was a toilet in the corner with the most horrible itchy paper that they had ever used as well as a urinal against the wall. None of that really helped him figure out a way to get out of the prison. “Options?”

One of the younger taskforce members said, “Hopefully they’ll let us go once this misunderstanding is cleared up.”

Erik shook his head, “They’ve got no right to do this… we just have to hold out until we’re rescued.”

On the other side of the wall Andrew Wells watched the prisoners on the large view screen. “They’re quite delusional aren’t they.”

Cordelia snorted, “I’d blame it on the fact that we let Dawn cook their food but the truth is that only two of the twenty wizards are even close to being decent human beings… we’ve got writs to do with the others as we please… while your project is a bit insane… at least we’ll get some use out of them.”

Andrew smiled brightly, “I’m glad that someone likes my idea of using samples of magical creatures mixed into polyjuice.”

Cordelia sighed, “You totally took that straight from the books…”

Andrew shook his head frantically, “Did not… they used a cat hair in the books… this is much more interesting.”

“Your mind is a scary place…”

He grinned, “So how soon until Rose gets here to send them through a portal?”

“She should be here in a couple of minutes.”

Andrew asked hopefully, “Do you think she would let me pick what to pull out of the portal?”

Cordelia shook her head, “Unlikely, though I guess anything is possible…” She noticed that he looked like he was going to start whining and talking about his ideas, “If you write out a list then she might…”

Andrew shut his mouth and quickly went over to start working on writing a list. “Great.”

Cordelia briefly wondered if the older Andrew would ever change.


Erik wasn’t amused to wake up and find that he was surrounded by a bunch of naked mutated human like animals. Quickly glancing past the group he could see that they were in a small valley between two hills. He wearily looked back at the strange creatures just to be sure that they weren‘t planning on eating him. “What the hell is going on?”

A lion tailed man scowled, “They knocked us out and drugged us.”

It took him a couple of seconds to realize that he recognized the mutated lion man in front of him. “Where are we?”

“No idea… but I don’t think we’re on earth…”

Erik stared the guy like he had just suggested something stupid, “Why do you say that?”

“Because there are two moons, last I checked that wasn’t normal.”

Erik stared at the sky where sure enough there were two moon, “It’s a damn trick…”

“It’s a damn good trick…”

Erik brushed off the fact that someone was obviously playing a trick on them by enchanting the ceiling to look like a twisted night sky. “Is everyone here?”

“Nah, the two new guys are gone.”

“Curses… do we have any supplies…?”

“Just a couple of muggle tents… the damn things are tiny on the inside… and some camping gear…” He stopped as he spotted a party of people riding horses coming over the ridge. “Looks like our luck has changed.”


Rose snickered as she closed the portal on the evil twisted game world that they had tossed the mutated ex-wizards into after Gabrielle drained them of magic. “Way cheaper than feeding them for twenty to life or until we could arrange a transfer to a different jail.”

Crimson chuckled, “I agree.”

“I could give you the exact figures for the cost of feeding them…” Taika smiled at her master to show that she was mostly joking.

Rose hugged her pokegirl assistant. “No thanks… you might as well spend your time on something important like scheduling the holiday celebration.” She was glad that Taika actually liked accounting almost as much as Anya. It wasn’t something she was particularly fond of.

Taika frowned, “But I’ve had that done for weeks now…”

Rose snickered, “And this is why I’m glad that you’re here to help Crimson keep the town running.”

Crimson smiled at Taika, “I appreciate your help. Speaking of help… If you have time I was wondering if we had the money for a couple of projects around town…”

Taika looked at Rose, “Can we go over the statistics later for your project?”

Rose smiled at Taika, “That’s fine. I’ll go see how a couple of other projects are going.”

“Thanks boss.” Taika leaned over and kissed Rose then started walking toward the mayor’s house.

Rose chuckled as she watched Crimson and Taika head off. She figured that she should go check to see what she could pull out of the world she dumped the wizards to.


December 4th

Sylvie smiled at her models, “Just a couple more seconds then I’ll have all of the pictures taken that I need.”

Tara was glad to be done as they had been at it for an hour working on different poses so that Sylvie, Mione and their rich client could pick what look they wanted to turn into a statue from the collection of photos. Luckily she was kneeling on a mat so it wasn’t too hard on her knees.

Caitlin Rosenberg giggled, “Good, because I want to wiggle.”

Gabrielle thought that Tara and Caitlin made a rather cute image. Tara was on her hands and knees naked while Caitlin was sitting on her back in a blue and white schoolgirl outfit. With Tara kneeling down and her cat tail she reminded her a bit of a tiger. “That’s because you’re a naughty little girl.”

“You like it.”

Gabrielle laughed, “You’re right I do.”

Sylvie snapped the last picture she wanted. “Okay, you’re done.”

Tara chuckled, “You’re all evil. You know that right?”

Gabrielle laughed.

Caitlin giggled as she slipped off her mom’s back. “That was fun, when are we going to make the mold for the statue?” Caitlin wasn’t all that thrilled with the process they used to make the molds as she didn’t really like to have a plaster like substance all over her body but for a fourth of such a large sale she was more than happy to suffer through some annoyance.

Sylvie smiled, “As soon as the client picks out what look they want.”

Tara twisted around so that she was sitting on her bottom facing Sylvie, “At least it pays well.”

Sylvie chuckled, “Yeah… old Japanese guy with a schoolgirl fetish and plenty of money to burn… It wouldn’t pay half as well without Mione’s ability to turn the product into crystal. Though I guess Harry could do the same.”

Gabrielle shrugged, “Most of us could do something similar though it wouldn‘t be as durable without more effort than it’s worth.”

Caitlin grinned, “Tell me when you need me for something, I’ve got homework.”

“We will.” Gabrielle watched Caitlin leave with a chuckle, “You’re a great model Tara.”

Tara blushed slightly, “Just make sure you charge him more if he wants one of the more risqué shots turned into a statue.”

“I don’t know, I thought the image of your daughter leaning down cupping your breasts was amusing.”

Sylvie personally thought the shot of Caitlin with her hand between Tara’s legs cupping her mother’s crotch was the best shot. “You’re our telepath, we’ll charge whatever you think is fair or we’ll walk away.”

Tara had to agree that bargaining as a telepath had its advantages when it came to trying to get the best price that both parties could be happy about. “True.”

Gabrielle shook her head, “I‘m just amazed that people will spend money on luxuries when monsters are coming out of the woodwork…”

“The people we typically sell full sized statues to have enough money that they can afford it…” Sylvie blew Gabrielle a kiss, “You’re both way too distracting…”

Tara snickered as she picked up a couple of Sylvie’s surface thoughts, “We should leave her to her work before she jumps us.”

Gabrielle offered Tara her hand, “Well in that case, let’s go find Willow and have some fun.”

Tara allowed Gabrielle to pull her to her feet. “Sounds good.”

Sylvie smiled, “Thanks, I’ll join you after I finish putting together a portfolio for the client.”

“Sounds good.” Gabrielle smiled as she left with Tara.


Sunday December 15th

Islay looked at where Lily was seated on her bed with a blanket wrapped around her staring out the window. “Knut for your thoughts…”

Lily turned so that she could look at her girlfriend, “I’m just thinking about all of the monsters running around…”

Islay frowned, “Thinking about how dangerous things are?”

Lily chuckled, “Not really… I was just thinking about what type of upgrades we could get from the monsters.” While that was true to a point, she was worried because the monsters seemed to be getting stronger and she wasn’t sure where it would stop.

“You finally figured out how to forge the artifacts recovered from Crouch into something useful… and now you’re looking for more power… are you sure you shouldn’t have been sorted into Slytherin?” She smirked.

Lily snickered, “They don’t put muggleborn there…”

“Just as well. We should probably go grab some food while there is still some left.”

Lily let the blanket fall revealing her naked body, “Or we could have some fun first…”

Islay laughed, “Nah, I want to eat first then we can have some fun on the couch in the living room.”

Lily chucked as she headed for the door to Islay’s bedroom, “No promises.”


Buffy glared at the strange fire breathing moose like creature that was standing in the middle of a busy London street. “The next time we volunteer to slay a monster… make sure that you ask what exactly it is…”

“I don’t know… charging in blind without enough information gives me flashbacks of Sunnydale.” Xander smiled as he raised his paintball gun and pointed it at the moose.

Methos watched the strange fire breathing creature wearily as it turned toward them. He raised his sword and waited for his chance to get a hit. “This is going to be messy.”

“You’re the one that wanted some mystical upgrades.” Buffy readied herself to hit the creature with her scythe if Xander’s plan didn’t work.

Methos shrugged, “I think it’s a racket… I mean if you’re a cute girl all you have to do is let the witch mess around with you… if you‘re a guy you have to do a bunch of life threatening missions.”

Buffy snorted, “So not happening…” She looked over at Xander’s paintball gun and frowned, “Do I even want to know what your paintball gun is enchanted with today?”

“Something that should help… if it doesn’t work stab it…” He felt his heart speed up as the creature charged them. He pulled the trigger and hoped that Gabrielle’s gun worked.

Buffy watched as the creature flickered for a second before it sped up. She assumed that meant that whatever Xander had tried to do hadn’t worked so she charged forward then dove to the side of the creature to avoid the thing’s antlers and brought the scythe down on it’s neck as hard as she could. She was glad she had swung as hard as she could because it had felt hitting a metal pole. Thankfully her slayer strength and the scythe were enough to cut halfway through the creature’s neck.

Methos jumped out of the way as the creature crashed to the ground. “That’s one way to do it.”

Xander shot the still twitching creature again and smiled in relief when it vanished this time. “Second shot worked.”

Methos raised an eyebrow, “Teleportation paintballs?”

“Yeah, sends them back to be drained…”

Buffy glared at him, “You could have said what the plan was…”

Xander shrugged, “I wasn’t sure how well they would work.”

Methos twitched slightly as he heard the cheering from the crowd of people that were looking out of alleys and down from balconies. “It’s strange to have people know about what we do…”

Xander shrugged, “It’s a nice change…”

Buffy smiled slightly, “Let’s hurry to the next monster sighting before it hurts someone.”

Xander snickered as he thought about the next monster that they were going to be fighting, “If there are four of them can we name them…”

Buffy snorted, “No… I don’t care if they’re giant turtles we’re not naming them after the ninja turtles…”

Xander grinned, “But it would be fun.”

“No… just no.”


She chose to ignore his comment as they made their way toward the next monster on their list. They had transferred over a thousand slayers from Avalon and they were still having problems keeping up with the monsters that were appearing all around the world. They had assigned the slayers to small groups then scattered the groups around the world where the local governments were willing to accept the help. Between that and local magical talent they were managing to keep a lid on the worst monsters for now… It was the for now part that worried her as stronger and stronger monsters were appearing. It was becoming more difficult for the slayers to actually kill the monsters which was why Buffy was running around with the scythe. It was one of the few things that could actually kill some of the more dangerous monsters.


December 21st

Gabrielle pulled the red haired girl into a hug, “I’m glad that you came Rasha.”

The tall red haired channeler smiled at Gabrielle after being let go, “You called, we came. That’s how it works my queen.” She winked.

Gabrielle chuckled, “It’s good to have you here.”

Crimson Black looked over the group of panweres that were standing in the manor’s courtyard. Rasha was wearing a knee length black kilt and a gold ring. The twelve or thirteen year old next to her was wearing the same outfit while the rest of the troops had grey kilts. The fifty young soldiers standing behind them had a number of Celtic runes tattooed on their arms or some times their chests. She recognized a few of the faces standing at attention but not as many as she would like. Considering they would be helping with the town’s security she planned to fix that during the solstice party. Plus they were rather attractive. “I’m glad that you came.”

Rasha smiled, “As I said, the queen calls, we come. We brought fifty one panweres if you count myself and fifty one and a half panweres if you include my bouncing assistant Joy.”

Joy Al’thor resisted the urge to flip Rasha off for her good natured teasing, she might be young but she could fight. Not that she was supposed to as she was only here as Rasha’s assistant. “I’m pleased to meet you.”

Crimson smiled, “I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s celebration.”

Rasha nodded slightly. She was trying to maintain a professional attitude even though she really just wanted to either start patrolling or jump Gabrielle. “Same.” She turned to look at her troops, “Start with a sweep of the forest then sweep the area around the town. I want everything in tip top shape for the party tomorrow. Dismissed.”

The fifty troops almost as one vanished as they activated their rings and vanished from sight.

Gabrielle watched the fifty mostly invisible troops split up and head off to work on their assigned tasks. She was glad that Rasha was getting a chance to get some command experience as it would help her later when they eventually went back to deal with their world’s dark god. “No Elnore or Meric?”

Rasha shook her head, “No, they’re on loan to Lady Faith and Lady Alexandria Harris. They‘ll be here for the feast and party tomorrow.”

She was glad that Xander‘s daughter had some backup because she didn‘t like the idea of any of their people being out alone. “Ah, happy hunting then.”

Gabrielle glanced back at the manor, “Let’s get out of the cold and get some hot chocolate.” While she knew that Rasha and Joy were both wearing rings that gave them armor and a certain amount of cold resistance any excuse for hot chocolate was a good one in her book.

Rasha smiled, “I’d like that.”


Gypsy Potter smiled as Joy walked into the manor’s living room, “How are you doing?”

“Good.” Joy waved excitedly at Gypsy Rosenberg, Cassie Potter, Valerie Rosenberg and Harry Potter. Cassie was sitting on the floor in front of Gypsy’s chair. “It’s good to see you again.”

Gypsy ran her comb through Cassie’s hair, “Are you looking forward to the feast and dancing?”

“Yeah, are you entering the competition?”

Gypsy chuckled, “Nah, it wouldn’t be fair as my mom is a judge.”

“Oh, right…”

Valerie said, “Pull up a chair and relax.”

Joy sat in the empty chair, “What were you discussing?”

Harry shrugged, “Not much, mostly we’re still unwinding from the train ride.”

Joy nodded, “I’ve never actually ridden in a train before…” While they had spread out a bit on their planet over the last ten years thanks to the influx of people both from the ‘cloning’ experiments and from recruitment from the Isle of Madmen, they had better ways to get around than using trains.

Cassie shrugged, “They’re sort of fun for the first bit… then they’re just boring unless you can see out the window… and then they’re still sort of boring unless there are interesting things to see.”

“I can see how that would be true… How is school going?”

Gypsy shrugged, “It’s not too horrible, I’m trying to stay out of trouble…”

Harry coughed, “And failing…”

“I haven’t gotten in trouble since I helped Morning Glory…”

“Yeah, I know… let’s see, interesting stories…” He had a couple of good stories that wouldn’t get him in trouble.


December 22nd

Odin groaned as he woke up in his broken coffin, “Where am I?”

Thor tried not to chuckle at the groggy look on his father’s face. “Just outside of Los Angeles.” He sighed as he realized that there hadn’t been a Los Angeles the last time his father was awake. There hadn’t even technically been a united states either. “I’ll get a map…” He wondered briefly how many other gods were waking up.

Odin sat up and looked around the house that he found himself in. “Why here?”

“My presence served to cloak yours.” He didn’t want to just come right out and say that he was the stronger god but at least for now that was very true.

“Cloak it from whom?”

“Ares… he’s trying to cut down the number of gods that come back… he’s been looking for your coffin a very long time.”

“Why didn’t he find it?”

“Loki has been keeping it safe for three hundred years…”

Odin scowled as he climbed out of his coffin, “I guess I owe him a drink.”

Thor grabbed his globe off the desk and brought it over to the living room table. “Probably… so we’re here…”

Odin sighed as he realized that he didn’t have enough power to teleport back to Valhalla. He would have to find an alternate way to get back to his seat of power. “Tell me everything…”

Thor started summing up the last three hundred years of history.


James Potter jumped back in shock as he caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror out of the corner of his eye. He turned to stare at the mirror only to find nothing strange. He shook his head to try to dispel the image of the black cloak that he could have sworn he saw in the mirror. “Now I’m hallucinating…” He rubbed his face took a couple of deep breaths then stared at the mirror again for any hint of the black cloak he had caught a glimpse of. Nothing, nada… just the same face that he had seen for the last decade or so. “At least today should be interesting.”

Lily called out from the bedroom, “Unless you don’t hurry then we’ll miss breakfast.”

“Good point.” He tried to push the strange hallucination to the back of his mind.


Luna giggled as the twenty candles in the dinning room lit all at once. “Neat isn’t it?”

Ginny stared at the candles that Luna lit without a wand or incantation or anything. “How did you do that?”

“I’m not sure… I figured it out a couple of days ago when I woke up in the middle of a nightmare and my candle was burning… but this is the first time that I’ve been able to light more than five candles at once.”

“Wish I could do that.”

Cassie Potter frowned as she looked at the burning candles. She had felt Luna light the candles. The magic used hadn’t felt like the bubbly blonde’s normal magic. Nothing at all like what she was growing used to being able sense. The last several days she had noticed an increase in her mystic senses. She wasn’t sure what exactly was causing it but Lilyanne figured that it was a side effect from Gabrielle’s empowerment ritual. Though considering the fact that Bella and Ginny hadn’t noticed anything similar she wasn’t sure how that worked.

The worst part was the visual hallucinations she was hoping would go away eventually. She hadn’t mentioned it for fear that she would get locked up until Lilyanne could figure out exactly what the problem was but for the last couple of days she had been seeing various glimpses of other images when she looked at some of the people around town. For example Luna occasionally had eyes of flame while Harry occasionally had a black cloak around his shoulders that flapped as if a constant breeze was ruffling the edges. Her mother had flowers in her hair, which had been a problem because apparently she didn’t. That’s when she had found out that the stuff she was seeing wasn’t real or at least that other people couldn’t see it. Well Luna could see the flowers in her mother’s hair but hadn’t thought anything of it at first because it was a feast day and the flowers looked rather nice. Luckily her mother had conjured some flowers for her hair and hadn’t taken much notice of her daughter’s strange behavior on account of how busy she was. “We should probably see if there is anything that we can help with.”

Ginny shrugged, “They’ve got plenty of helpers from the school… but I guess you’re right, we should at least ask.” She was glad that Bill had been able to spring her for the day. She had been spending as much time in Godric’s Hollow as she could get away with lately because it was more interesting than spending it at home.

Cassie plastered a grin on her face and headed out with her friends.


Gabrielle sighed as she looked around the party. She was currently sitting on one of Mione’s benches watching the children and teens have fun as they ran around town. It was a nice change for most of them getting to run around under the open sky without worrying about anything other than having fun. She should be happy, there were hundreds of cute naked girls from their Moria schools running around the village green but even that wasn’t getting more than a passing thought as she tried to figure out how to deal with the strange magic she could feel. She had felt it building for the last several days but she had woken up and ‘known’ that today would change things. Today, everything would change for the people of earth, she wasn’t sure why she felt like that but she ‘knew’ with a certainty that scared her that today would change everything.

Helios looked down at the red haired lady watching the crowd, “Drachma for your thoughts?”

Gabrielle looked up at Helios, “I’m just trying to figure out when life got so complicated…”

Helios snickered, “I image at the beginning… that’s probably not what you meant though.”

“Not really no…”

“It gets easier you know.”

“To what?”

“To laugh and smile while understanding far more than the people around you ever will… knowing that you could reach out and burn them all to ash with a thought…”

She sighed, “We’ve going to have to go back to how things were aren’t we?”

“If you mean lose all the technology that humans tried so very hard to get? Then no… I don’t think that’s the problem. If you mean we’re going to need heroes to fight the monsters, I would have to agree with that.”

Gabrielle glanced over where she could see Selena and Lily working on some detail of the party later tonight. “Are you going to tell your daughter?”

Helios sighed, “I hadn’t planned on it then some people started the ball rolling… it’s too dangerous not to tell them as the monsters will be attracted to her and Luna… I’m more worried about Luna and the rest of the children than I am Selena.” He knew that his daughter could take care of herself.

Gabrielle smiled, “We’ve got guards here…”

“As impressive as your guards are… if some of the other gods find them.”

Gabrielle sighed, “Yeah… any suggestions?”

“Train one of the demigods to use the artifacts or make more weapons and train them all. Even that might not help depending on how many rogue gods are running around.”

“How bad is the world going to change because of this?”

Helios shrugged, “It should be interesting… if horrifying… I suspect that a number of people will wake up in the morning and find that they aren‘t human anymore… or at least not completely. The wizards will find that they’re more than they thought… and evil will get a boost as it’s happening on the darkest day…”

“That’s what I’m afraid of…”

Helios smiled, “A little fear isn’t a bad thing… it keeps you human.”

Gabrielle snorted, “You’re not human.”

Helios chuckled, “Try not to hold it against me. Now if you’ll excuse me, there are a number of cute girls around… surely at least one of them would like to dance.”

“Of course.”

“Oh, one more thing… take some time and dance… have fun… tomorrow is tomorrow and the town will be safe tonight, you have my word. Even on my worst day, I’m still more than a match for anything on the mortal plain.”

Gabrielle felt relieved to have some help keeping her people safe. “Thanks.” She glanced over the crowd of girls and decided that she should enjoy the moment while she could.


Buffy watched a naked Faith dance on the picnic table with her equally naked younger alt, “That’s still so weird.”

Faith snickered as she watched her alt and Buffy’s alt, “Yeah… how did the hunting trip go?”

“Not bad… we captured a couple of monsters so I’m hoping that we can get some upgrades out of it.”

“Same… baseline slayers aren’t cutting it here… if it wasn’t for Rain’s tattoos we would have lost a couple of girls.”

Buffy sighed, “I’d say the girls are just out of practice but they’re getting more practice than I am back on Avalon… we’ll just have to get tougher.”

“You’ve been spending too much time with Methos…”

Buffy knew that spending years with the guy had caused her to think about survival more than she had for a while there. “Nothing wrong with wanting to live…”

“I’m glad because there is so much to live for.” Faith ran her gaze over her alt. “So very cute.”

“You’re evil.”

Faith snickered, “Maybe a bit grey… good never seemed to pay.”

“I can’t fault you there…” She thought about all of the various times that they could have used some help and hadn’t gotten any.

“How bad do you think tomorrow will be?”

Buffy sighed, “Probably bad enough that it will make us wish to be back in Sunnydale.”

Faith snorted, “Nah, I visit Shadow Earth’s Sunnydale enough.”

“True… still it’s going to be bad.”

Faith glanced over at where her girlfriend Keira was chatting up a group of smoking hot girls, “In that case I think I need another drink…”

“Drink… yeah… have fun.”

“I plan on it.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Gabrielle's family and adventures" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Apr 13.

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