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Gabrielle's family and adventures

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This story is No. 8 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The further adventures of the Scooby Gang's bloodlines. A continuation of the gang's adventures.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Buffy characters. I also don’t own any of the various Harry Potter characters that people recognize. I also don’t own the stuff I’m going to borrow from any of the Elder Scrolls games. I don't own anything I borrowed from DC either.

June 30, 1991 In Godric’s Hollow

Hermione Granger smiled as she looked out the window and saw her best friend walking up the path to her house. She grinned as she ran to the door and opened it before the other girl could even knock. She smiled brightly as she jumped at her friend and pulled her into a hug. “I’m glad that you’re back Mione.” She hadn’t seen her friend since the other girl had come back for Hogwarts’ winter break.

Mione Summers smiled as she hugged her slightly younger alt. Once upon a time she had been Hermione Granger as well but after meeting the Hermione Granger of this world and seeing everyone get a touch confused by how much they looked alike and the similar first names, she had decided to go by her adoptive mother’s nickname instead of her legal name. Of course she still signed Hermione on official documents and everything but for the most part everyone called her Mione and her friend Hermione. This arrangement suited them both fairly well. “It’s nice to be back.” She untangled herself from her friend being very careful not to hurt the younger girl. It had taken years, some strength reducing bracelets and a lot of work but she was a lot more comfortable with her still enhanced strength than she used to be. It was several months since she had broken anything that couldn’t be fixed with a repair charm. Luckily it had only been an easily replaceable remote control.

“I know you wrote me a lot of emails but was there anything you didn’t put in your letters?” She almost dragged the other girl into the living room to the nice comfortable couch in her enthusiasm.

Mione chuckled as she let herself fall onto the couch, “There might be a couple of things that I didn’t put in my e-mails.” While she didn’t think the school scanned her e-mail she wouldn’t put it past the technomancy teacher to peek at her e-mail.

“Do tell?”

“Most of the really interesting secrets I have are Heather’s to share.”

Hermione chuckled, “I’ll quiz Miss. Potter later, just give me something.”

“I figured out how to get a couple more of my mutant powers to work.”

“Oh?” She knew that her friend had a few strange magical powers beyond just her normal magic. She was stronger than most bodybuilders even with her strength reduction bracelets and could take a baseball to the back of the head without flinching because of a strange magical accident when she was a toddler. They had found that out by accident when they were younger. The same magical accident had also given her the ability to control the weather and turn things into some type of durable crystal. One of her most treasured keepsakes was the crystal rose that Mione had made for her by changing a normal rose into crystal. It had been one of the first things that Mione had transformed.

“Yep, I accidentally transferred George Weasley’s brain into Percy’s pet raven.”

Hermione opened her mouth and closed it in surprise, “Do you think you could duplicate that with a wand? And why didn’t you mention it before? I don’t remember reading anything about spells that could do that at least not in the magic books that they have at our local school. That sounds more like a Frankenstein type invention.” She stopped mentally working through which books to look through for answers as she considered things a touch more and asked, “Were they able to fix him?”

Mione chuckled as she held up her hands, “Okay, I might have fibbed a touch.” She held her fingers slightly apart. “I actually just sort of copied his mind to the raven rather than transferred it out of his head.”

Hermione sighed in relief, “Hey, that’s way better.”

“That’s what I thought. Fred and George were really thrilled that Percy’s raven got an upgrade though Percy was a lot less happy about things.”

“How long will it last?”

“It happened a couple of months into the term and the bird was still cracking jokes when the term ended so I think it might be stuck with the upgraded personality permanently.”

Hermione nodded, “Are you going to get in trouble?”

Mione shook her head, “As far as Professor McGonagall is concerned, it’s an accident that can’t be fixed or replicated and as I offered to buy Percy a new familiar he eventually calmed down.”

“What about the raven?”

“Percy gave him to Fred and George.”

She nodded. She only had Charlie and Bill’s stories to go on about what Percy was like as she had never actually met him. Not that she had talked to Charlie and Bill all that much but Mione’s friend Lusti was friends with Bill and Charlie from their time at Hogwarts so they had been over to Mione’s home a lot over the years. It probably had something to do with the fact that Lusti and her ‘family’ were nudists though it could also have something to do with the shield over the town that kept the ministry from noticing when anyone used magic in the town thus allowing underage children to practice their magic during the summer. “Nice. Any other tricks?”

Mione grinned, “A couple of tricks with my weather control but nothing too fancy.”

Hermione grinned, “That’s cool.”

“So what about you? Have you read any good books lately?”

Hermione grinned, “I’ve been working through some of the books that your mom loaned me.”

“Which ones?” She laughed at the look of joy on her bookworm friend’s face as she thought about all of the various magical books that her family had. She might have felt a touch used except that she had been right there with her in the library giggling over their latest finds for years.

“A Tragedy in Black, a Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments, A complete Catalogue of Enchantments for Armor, Enchanter’s primer and Twin Secrets.”

“I don’t remember those… Lots of talk about enchanting though so I‘m guessing that they have something to do with Lusti’s field of expertise.”

“Yeah, I was asking about extra credit projects and your mom handed me a stack of books and said to write up a report on them.”

Mione grinned at the idea of her friend trying for extra credit even though she had gotten top marks already and was switching schools next September anyways, “That doesn’t sound too bad. Have you gotten any of the techniques out of the books to work yet?”

Hermione shook her head, “No, from what I can understand you need an enchanting table to get things to work. They don’t mention anything about wand movements and none of the books actually mention what it takes to make an enchanting table.”

Mione chuckled, “If you want some help looking over the books I’m yours for a couple of hours at least until Rose gets done with her after school projects.”

Hermione smiled, “That would be great. My house or yours?”

“Let’s go with mine, no offense but I want to get out of my robes and relax.”

“Sounds good. Just let me grab my books and notes.”



Earlier at King’s Cross Station.

Islay Black smiled at Heather Potter and Mione Summers as they walked off the Hogwarts express carrying their luggage. “Aren’t they just the cutest?”

Gabrielle Rosenberg smiled, “Yeah.”

Heather grinned as she ran up and hugged Islay, “Puppy.” Despite not being a child anymore it was still her favorite nickname for her mother’s girlfriend. She knew that she was from another world and that Lily wasn’t technically her mother but she had been her mother for as long as she could remember so as far as everyone that mattered was concerned she was her mother.

Islay chuckled as she lifted Heather up and spun her around. Luckily they had waited in a spot that didn’t have too many innocent bystanders within easy reach. “You ready or do you need to say goodbye to any of your friends?”

Heather looked over at Mione then back at Islay, “Nah, we said goodbye on the train to Charlie and the twins and Reggie and Tonks are just being pokey. Where are mom and dad?”

“Lily is doing Rose a favor and helping out at school and James is parking the car.”


Mione chuckled as she picked up Heather’s luggage and carried it closer, “There weren’t all that many interesting people in our year but we have a couple of fun stories.”

“Oh?” Islay smiled as she watched the two girls.

Heather snickered, “Mione made the Ravenclaws cry when she got the top grade on the final examine.”

“That’s impressive.”

Mione smiled, “I just tried my best.”

Heather grinned, “Actually she broke the highest recorded score they had on record for a first year student.”

She grinned as she looked at Mione, “Way to go Mione.” She glanced back at Heather, “How did you do?”

“I got second place.”


“Maybe I‘m just evil but I can‘t help but laugh at the fact that the top Ravenclaw got fourth place in the year rankings.”

Gabrielle chuckled, “Who got third?”


Islay shook her head, “I still can’t believe that Reggie ended up in Hufflepuff.”

Heather grinned, “He’s loyal but yeah I’m a little surprised that he didn’t end up in Ravenclaw like his mother or in Gryffindor like Puppy.”

Reggie Black rolled his eyes as he walked up to the group with Tonks at his side. “Honestly, Hufflepuff isn’t so bad. Besides, Tonks made everything loads of fun.”

Tonks smiled, “I try.”

“I’m going to be sad next year when she’s not around anymore.”

Gabrielle smiled at Tonks, “What are you planning now that you’re done with school?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. I had been thinking of trying to be an auror but I’m not sure I want to work for the ministry right now considering the crap that they keep trying to shove down people’s throats.”

Gabrielle nodded, “Yeah, I mean I know Xenophilius Lovegood is a little nuts but throwing him in prison because he wouldn’t retract a true statement in a magazine is a bit excessive. I wonder how much the Prophet’s editor bribed the minister for that arrest.”

“It probably didn’t take much after the article last month about the ministry’s budget issues.” Tonks sighed, “I should get going though.”

Reggie grinned, “Come visit.”

Tonks chuckled, “You too. I’m sure Drake could use a break from mom. He kept begging me to slip him into Hogwarts a year early.”

“I bet.” He personally liked Andromeda but he thought she was a bit scary at points.

Mione smiled, “If you’re done gossiping can we go?”

Gabrielle smiled, “As soon as James gets here.”

“Good, I’m looking forward to seeing my other half.”

“Just remember that your siblings want to see you as well.”

“I’ll drag her back to the house if I can.”

Gabrielle chuckled as she looked around the train station at the crowd that was still milling about, “That sounds good.”

Islay chuckled as she noticed James walk through the entrance and head over toward them, “Speak of the devil. What took you so long?”

He chuckled, “Traffic was a pain. Is everyone ready to go?”

Islay nodded, “Yeah.”

Tonks frowned as she thought about having to apparate back to her folks’ house, “Actually do you think I could catch a ride and catch the floo from your house? I’m not really looking forward to having to apparate home from here.”

James smiled, “Not a problem.”


Mione smiled as she walked with Hermione past the community center on their way to where she lived. Aunt Gabrielle had bought the old church building a few months after they had moved here and turned it into a community center. She wasn’t sure how she had gotten the church to sell it but suspected either mind magic or that some money had changed hands. These days it mostly served as a place for the village’s children to come and play games in. They had a good number of state of the art computers and whole shelves filled with various role playing games and board games that the townsfolk could use. Andrew was the community director and he ran a wicked D&D game that she was looking to get back to now that she was back for the summer. She would probably spend some time there hanging out with people but for now she just wanted to get back to the house and start working on Hermione’s stack of books.

Hermione giggled as she watched a group of naked half Veela children run down the street tossing water balloons at each other. Over the last several years the number of magical beings living in town had increased while the number of mundane people had decreased. While they couldn’t fly broomsticks down the middle of town yet they had less mundanes to worry about than they used to. She knew that it was due in large part to Mione’s family as they had been buying the mundane people out for the last ten years. They had even bought out some of the more annoying wizards or witches that used to live in town. She was going to miss her town when September rolled around and she had to go off to Hogwarts. While she knew that she would be back for the holidays she was just hoping that Mione was right and that the library at Hogwarts was nice enough to make up for leaving home. “So what do you want to do this summer?”

Mione chuckled, “Other than help you with your project, I’m not sure. We should have some fun though as this is your last summer before Hogwarts.”

“Do you think we could get Lusti to help us build an enchanting alter?”

She grinned, “It’s worth a shot. We’ll probably have to ask Rose where she got the strange books on enchanting as well.”

“Most likely.” She smiled as she looked at her friend’s mansion. For as long as she could remember her friend’s family had been slowly expanding their mansion. The part she liked about it was that it had a lived in feel and that none of the adults worried all that much about the children coming or going or a couple of extra mouths to feed showing up at meal times. She knew that having a place to go and hang out kept her parents from worrying about her not having a babysitter during the summer. Not that they couldn’t have afforded a babysitter they easily could have as they were dentists and made decent money but it was nice to be able to just tell her parents that she was running around with Mione and have them relax about things.

She opened the gate and walked up the path with Mione. She smiled as she saw Karenna the family’s elf working in the garden. It had come as a bit of a shock when she had found mention of house elves in the wizard books because the town‘s elves weren‘t all that much like house elves. While they had a work ethic that was a bit strange to understand as a human, they fully expected to get paid for the work that they did. Most of them also wouldn’t be caught dead in pillowcases for clothing outside of Halloween or some type of joke. Most of them were also around six and a half feet tall rather than sized like an overgrown cat. They also tended to chose expensive clothes or materials to make clothes out of if they bothered to wear any at all. She figured it was because they liked to remind themselves that they weren’t house elves despite the fact that some of their ancestors were. Karenna normally wore skirts three seasons out of four and didn’t normally wear shirts unless it was unusually cold out. Today she was wearing her favorite skirt a crimson knee length silk skirt with splits up both sides that were wide enough that she might as well have been wearing two loincloths for all they covered. She studied the plant that she was working on with interest. “Hi Karenna. What did the girls find for you?”

Karenna smiled as she looked over and saw Mione and Hermione, “It’s a luminescent rose. It finally cleared quarantine this morning. I’m hoping to use them to outline the path to the manor.”

Mione smiled, “Cool.”

“They should look really pretty at night.”

Hermione chuckled, “Is it magic?”

“Not as far as the techs can tell. It might have been caused by magic but this particular plant is just a mutated plant that could be duplicated with some genetic tampering. Some of the other plants the Sunnydale retrieval team has brought back are magical though.”

“In that case can I have a sample for my mom’s garden?” She smiled brightly at Karenna. “Please?”

Karenna grinned, “When I get done with encouraging these to fast grow I’ll drop off a sample at your house for your mom.”


“You’re welcome. I should get back to work unless you have any other questions?”

She shook her head, “Nope.”

Mione grinned, “Not right now but I’ll let you know if something comes up.”

“Sounds good.”

They continued up the path to the manor’s door. Mione opened the massive door for Hermione, “My room or the library?”

Hermione shrugged, “Whichever I guess but Rose said that we wouldn’t find any reference to this type of enchanting in the library so…”

“That means it’s probably from some other world and that we might as well get comfortable as we reread the books she gave us.” She headed off toward her room.


Bella peeked into Mione’s room where a naked Mione and Hermione were sprawled on the large queen sized bed reading a couple of large tomes. “How’s the project going?”

Mione looked up from her reading and grinned at the tall pretty red haired girl with cute horns sticking out of the side of her head. “It’s going well enough. I think we have the basic idea but until we actually get an enchanting table I don’t think we’ll know for sure how well we understand the basics. We also have to figure out how to create soul gems and find a couple of monsters to fill them with if we want to get this type of magic to work.”

Hermione smiled at Bella. “Do you want to help?”

Bella smiled, “Sure, what part do you need help with?”

“If you would be so kind as to look over our report.”

Bella chuckled as she looked over the report the girls had just put the finishing touches on.


Gypsy Rosenberg smiled at Bella, Hermione and Mione as they walked into the living room. “How’s the report going?”

“I think I got it finished.” Mione frowned, “How come you didn‘t come help? I thought you were eager to hear about my experiences at Hogwarts.”

Gypsy nodded, “I am but Harry and Heather wanted someone to test out the latest combat robot they invented. I lost track of time.”

Mione relaxed on hearing that her friend hadn’t ditched her without good reason. “How good is it?”

“Way better than it has any right to be.”

“So much the same as the rest of their projects?”

Gypsy absently played with a lock of her long red hair, “Pretty much.”

Bella chuckled, “So now that we’re all free what should we do?”

Gypsy grinned at Bella, “If we track your mother down we could get ice cream straight from the tap rather than raiding the reserve supply.”

Bella sighed as she looked down at her own breasts, “Eventually…”

Gypsy chuckled as she reached out and brushed her friend’s breast with her fingers. Bella probably had less than a year before she was producing breast milk but until then she really didn‘t have a problem with getting her milk and ice cream directly from her mother’s Mooncalf pokegirl like just about all of the family did, “Yeah but until then your mom is hot.”

“I would so take offense to that if it wasn’t true and if I wasn’t basically a clone of my mother.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “You still have larger breasts than the rest of us.”

Bella grinned, “It could be worse, from what mom says, most mooncalfs have larger breasts than she does and Milktits are even worse. I sort of like not looking like a girl with basketballs stuffed in her bra.” She knew she was exaggerating slightly but she had seen pictures of some of the milktits from her mother’s original world and some of them weren’t far off the basketball mark.

Mione laughed, “That’s sort of a scary image.”

Gypsy chuckled, “I wonder if we can get Tonks to show us what that looks like.”

“I’m not even going to go there.” She shook her head, “Let’s go find Helen and then maybe we can pull Heather and Harry away from the lab long enough to catch up.”

Gypsy smiled, “Sounds good.”

Hermione chuckled slightly as she followed the rest of the gang. Drinking milk or ice cream from a woman’s tits was one of the many things about her friend’s house that she had never mentioned to her parents on account of not wanting them to freak but she had joined the group for their drinks for as long as she could remember and really wasn’t ready to give the stuff up any time soon. Yet another of the things she would miss when she went off to Hogwarts.


Harry Potter turned to look at his sister and Mione once the group was gathered in the living room eating bowls of fresh ice cream, “What happened to the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor this year?”

Mione chuckled, “He fell down the stairs on the last day of term and broke a couple of his bones.”

Gypsy winced as she looked around the group, “Who had fall down the stairs or broken bones?”

Tempest Summers raised her hand. “I had both.”

“I guess that means you win the pool.” She liked not knowing how things would play out so while she could step outside of reality like her mother Dawn and read the flow of the world she was perfectly happy not checking on the minor details.

Hermione shook her head, “I still can’t believe you bet on what happens to the teachers.”

Mione shook her head, “Just the ones for Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

Heather sighed, “The sad part is that he wasn’t a bad teacher but he decided that enough was enough after that and turned in his resignation.”

Mione chuckled, “You should see the common room’s post board, it‘s got all sorts of bets ranging from how many students they‘ll lose in Hagrid‘s woodcraft class to how many people end up in the nurse’s office because of the dueling class.”

Harry frowned, “Have they actually lost any students in Hagrid’s class?”

Heather grinned at her younger brother, “Well not permanently. The forest is a lot safer than it used to be since the Hogwarts governors started to actually press their claim on the forest and remind the centaurs that Hogwarts actually owns the forest outright.” Everyone had been a bit surprised once they started digging into old records to find out that the centaurs had actually only called the forest home for three hundred years, which wasn’t all that long compared to how long Hogwarts had owned the land. The fact that the centaurs could technically be said to owe a hundred and fifty years of back rent had helped a lot when they had protested the idea of students exploring the forest for Hagrid’s woodcraft classes.

Gypsy chuckled, “Not to mention Mom and grandma have been hunting the forest’s Acromantula population for a while. Just don’t tell Hagrid about it, he still thinks that they’re nice little pets.”

Harry shook his head, “I know mom thinks the world of him but he’s a bit crazy.”

Mione chuckled, “I can’t wait to take his class in third year.”

Hermione chuckled, “You would think running around in the forest here would be enough for you.”

Mione chuckled, “I’m going to be taking a lot of classes as well as keeping up with my mundane studies. I might as well take one easy class and I’m not wasting my time with muggle studies.” The family took enough trips into London and other such places that she had a pretty good grasp on mundane culture.

Hermione laughed, “I guess that’s fair.”

Harry grinned, “I’m looking forward to Mrs. Calendar’s technomancy class.”

Heather shivered, “You can already do unnatural things with electronics without magic…”

He grinned, “Not my fault I have a gift for inventing things.”

Heather grinned at her brother, “I blame the aliens that nuked your brain as a child for that.”

He shrugged, “I’m pretty happy with how I turned out though I wouldn‘t have minded telepathy or my sister‘s mind shield. That way I wouldn‘t have had to put up with learning to defend my mind the mundane way.”

Heather shook her head, “I still had to take those classes as well. Heck we all did. Well other than Hermione but she took them because she wanted to.”

Hermione grinned, “It’s not like I was going to turn down the chance to learn a new skill.”

Bella smiled as she set her bowl down after finishing her ice cream, “So now that we had our dessert before dinner what should we do now?”

Mione chuckled, “I wouldn’t mind asking mom about either finding or building an Arcane Enchanter so that we can play around with enchanting things.”

Gypsy grinned, “That could be fun.”

Harry glanced at the clock, “If you need help building it I can probably create the material you need. Just let me know once you have the required specs. I need to get to my art lesson with Sylvie.”

She nodded, “What are you working on today?”

“She talked Harmony into letting us make more plaster molds of her body. Her phasing power makes it really easy as we don‘t even have to cut the mold to get it off of her.”

Mione grinned, “I’ll have to stop by and make some molds as well so that I can sell some more crystal sculptures.” She was pretty happy that Harmony only charged twenty percent of the total price per piece for her modeling time and a flat five percent if all she had to do was phase a mold off a creature or person. It made things easier on her end and gave Harmony a way to make money using her powers that didn‘t involve walking into a bank vault and emptying out the vaults at night.

Harry grinned, “How did you do at Hogwarts selling your chess pieces?”

She shrugged, “Well enough, I mean it’s not life sized art but it’s not like the boys at school could afford my life sized nude statues either.” Most of the statues she sold went for hundreds or even thousands of pounds to art galleries or private collectors. She wasn’t going to tell the people that the way she got her animal statues to look so real was by turning real animals into crystal. For things like rats and other less than useful animals she would just ship them like that. For things like cats or other cute animals she would make a mold of the animal then have Harmony phase the mold away from the crystal and then turn the animal back into flesh and blood. She hadn’t tested the effect of being turned into crystal on humans yet and had no real intention of doing so but the lab rats had survived being changed back and forth without apparent injury even if they were a bit skittish for a while after the process. Luckily she had found out that she only had about a forty minute window to turn them back or it was permanent. She still wasn’t sure why it worked like that but she had been pretty careful to not approach that line with anything she didn’t want to stay a crystal paperweight.

The smaller stuff had a greater demand because of a lower price tag and was thus a lot easier to sell. The main reason she worked on the person sized statues was that she enjoyed it though she had to admit that the money was nice. She was just happy that she could use the internet to sell her statues as it kept people from wondering how a twelve year old had gotten so good at sculpture. “If I wasn’t still working on perfecting the enchantment on the chess pieces than it wouldn’t be worth it.”

Heather nodded, “Hopefully we’ll learn a better way to enchant the stuff once we get to enchanting in fifth year.”

“Exactly, but I really do need to leave.” Harry chuckled as he headed off to the room they were using as an art studio.


Rose grinned at the girls as they finished their report. “If you want, I’ll open a portal to the world I snagged the books from but you’ve got to promise to stick together.”

Gypsy grinned, “We promise.”

“So when do you want to go?”

Mione looked over at Hermione, “How about after dinner?”

Hermione nodded, “Sounds good to me.”

Gypsy smiled, “Good, that gives us enough time for Valerie to get home.”

Heather closed her eyes and concentrated on finding Valerie Rosenberg using her clairvoyance power. She giggled when she got a mental image of her getting into Marie’s car with a couple of shopping bags filled with new summer clothes. “They’re leaving the mall now.”

Gypsy grinned, “Hacker.”

“Heck yeah.”

Mione looked at Rose, “So how much information about the world do we get before we jump through your portal?”

Rose smiled, “It’s in the mountains so you might want to dress warmly. There is a yellow sun so the solar powered girls will be happy.”

Gypsy grinned, “Sweet.”

Rose chuckled, “Though there are enough magical wielding evil people running around that you’ll still have to be careful.”

“Fair enough, I’ll just hide behind Mione.”

Mione chuckled, “You would.”

“Hey, you’re just about immune to magic unless you don’t want to be, you make the perfect shield.”

Heather sighed, “I still think that’s unfair.”

Rose smiled, “Life isn’t fair.”

“I know. Do we at least get a map?”

Rose laughed as she handed over a crude map to the cave where an Arcane Enchanter device was. “Sure.”

Heather sighed as she looked at the crude drawing. “This had better make more sense once we get there.”

Gypsy looked at the crude map, “It can’t make less sense.”

Rose grinned as she reached for the map, “If you don’t want it.”

Gypsy shook her head vigorously, “We’ll take any help you want to give.”

“Good, now go wash up for dinner.” She laughed as she watched the girls rush off to get washed up.
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