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Change of Heart

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Summary: Crossover featuring Willow, Angel and Duncan

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Highlander > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Duncan
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/Willow
AesSedaiFR18839,441012,8317 Apr 127 Apr 12No

Wild at Heart

Summary: During season one of 'Angel', Willow and Angel become lovers, Willow is in love with Angel, but Angel has made it clear that this is only sex. Our usually cuddly vampire is a real jerk at certain points in this fic. Everything is good until season two when Darla shows up and Angel becomes obsessed with her again. Willow will eventually become involved with Duncan. Is there any chance for her and Angel?

Author's Note: This is going to be a series fic; that follows the plot of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', Season four, up until the episode "Wild at Heart", this episode will be a little different in this series, and everything will be going the same on 'Angel', Season one, until Willow shows up. There may be a few other time discrepancies, but work with me here. Any changes in plot line will be in the story, probably in the chapters that have titles that are the same as those from 'Buffy' or 'Angel'. This will cause the plot to be a little choppy at times, because I will only put in the differences and the changes that will make a difference to the main plot. But as soon as we get past the episodes that are needed to change, the plot will even out and the chapter titles will become original to the plot introduced. I know it's confusing, but just read, and I think you'll like it. Also, I tend to dislike music fics, but I put a couple of songs in this fic, because there are a few songs that I would think that would be very appropriate to the plot. The plot is set after Alexa died in Season four of 'Highlander' in Seacouver, Washington.

Rating: NC-17- sorry kiddies

The primary relationships in this fic are: Willow/Angel, Willow/Duncan, and there's a possibility of Willow/Duncan/Angel. I'm not sure yet, that's way into the future of this series, and these characters tend to take on a life of their own. And by Duncan, I mean Duncan MacLeod, from Highlander, this is a crossover fic.

Spoilers: There are spoilers for 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' up through the first half of season four. There are also spoilers for 'Angel' we'll just say anything within Season's one and two are fair game.

Disclaimer: Standard, I do not own these characters, but I do own the alternative universe to which they exist. For this story one must 'suspend disbelief', but watching these shows and reading these stories shows that you all are capable of this; so I'll leave it to you.

Ch. 1 – Wild at Heart

Sunnydale, CA – 1999

Willow was in a good mood, classes were going well, she seemed to have more friends in college than she ever had in high school, and she had a boyfriend that she loved. When the red head awoke on that sunny day, she had no idea what awaited her at her boyfriend's cage across town. Her happy smile seemed to be infectious on her walk to the "Expresso Pump", and then to the mausoleum that was currently housing Oz's cage.

The walk just served to pinken her pretty cheeks, and her short, but bouncy and vibrant red hair, just added to the redhead's beauty. She was confident in herself for the first time in...well...forever. This Wiccan beauty decided she was going to ask her wolfy boyfriend to get an apartment with her; living apart was no fun, and she could look for a place near his cage for his wolfy nights. What better way to celebrate their two year anniversary.

Willow giggled in excitement, and made her way down the staircase leading to her future.

The next five minutes would feel like a lifetime to the witch. She saw their naked bodies curled around one another, touching at the most intimate of places. They failed to notice her until she dropped the two coffees she was holding in her hands not feeling the burns that permeated her skin due to the still scalding hot coffee. She didn't feel a thing.

The two heads on the makeshift mattress popped up when they heard the noise behind them, only one of them looking guilty. Oz sighed; this was not how he wanted Willow to find out about him and Veruca. He had planned on ending it tonight before their date, him and Veruca are soul mates, they have things in common that Willow would never understand, and eventually he would have either turned Willow into a werewolf, too, or killed her, he knew this in his heart. Oz cared for Willow too much for that.

Willow stood her feet planted to the cement ground she watched as the couple got dressed hurriedly, Oz rushed out of the gate, because he knew it was only a matter of time before she came out of this and ran away.

He approached her with his hands up, slowly, making sure not to touch her. Willow's eyes were glassy, not seeing him standing in front of her. "Willow...Willow." Oz whispered trying to bring her out of it without startling her. She finally came back her eyes shining with tears threatening to spill over.

"Why?" She growled out angrily, refusing to budge from that spot till she had answers. "Is it because of what happened with Xander last year? Because we never went past kissing, and..."

"No,'s just...Can we talk about this outside?" Oz made a last ditch effort to get away from the scrutinizing eyes of both Willow and Veruca who sat waiting for him to end this relationship with the redhead so they could be together.

Willow's eyes let him know there was no way they were leaving till she got some answers to her questions; they contained a fire that Oz had not seen there, ever.

"This was not solace, Willow, tonight was supposed to be our last night as a couple. I'm leaving with Veruca and her band; they need a new base player. Also...Veruca and me have a lot in common, one another..." Oz lowered his head, deciding that what ever retribution Willow handed out to him would be justified. He heard her footfalls before he realized she had no plans on confronting him further with his indiscretions.

That night both Willow and Oz left town, separately, neither of them thinking they would ever return to Sunnydale, California.

The bus ride to LA was the longest she ever remembered taking, and despite being exhausted from today's events she couldn't sleep. The people who surrounded her made her nervous, she had to share half her seat with a burly man who look like his hobby involved long hours in a tattoo parlor. Even his head had tattoos on it, oh well, too each his own. The ride was uncomfortable to say the least and Willow huddled against the window watching the dying grass and weeds pass as the bus passed them at a fast speed. She hoped they got to LA soon, because this little Wicca needs to pee, and there's no way she is climbing over Cujo. She had taken to calling him that when she noticed the snarling pit bull on his right arm.

Willow had spent the day dropping her classes, and packing her meager amount of stuff that she could afford to carry with her. She left a note asking Buffy to please take the rest of her stuff to her parent's house when they found her a new roommate. She hadn't been able to face Xander, Buffy, or Giles before leaving, it would have hurt too much, and she needed this. So she left notes for each of her fellow 'Scooby Gang' members and left. It was too late in the semester to transfer; she would have to wait until the spring. Until then she could get a job, and an apartment. Both things that she had dreamed of doing after college, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Her parents gave her enough money a month to afford a small apartment in LA, but she needed other necessities, so she would take her savings, get an apartment, get set up, and then look for a job.

Willow sighed for the millionth time, Cujo gave her a dirty look, but she ignored it and went on thinking. She needed a plan; the last time she had done anything this spontaneous she met her Vampire Double, and she knew what she had done today was much more drastic than what she had done that day. She didn't want to leave Sunnydale, but everyone had someone, and would only feel pity for her, and she just couldn't take that on top of the pain she felt. Xander and Anya were going at it like...bunnies...yeah; she could afford to say that in her mind without risking saying it front of the ex-vengeance demon. Riley and Buffy we're getting to know each other, but they clearly had feelings for one another, and Giles was clearly playing the role of Hugh Hefner with as many women as he could.

Willow was jerked by her loose seatbelt out of her meandering thoughts when the bus suddenly stopped. They were finally there. Willow was scared, but determined to make a life on her own, without anyone's help...well maybe just her parent's allotment every month would help, but none other than that, Willow thought with a resolve face.

Willow excused her self all the way up to the front of the bus determined to get a cab before the sun fell, and she was stuck there with the creepy crawlies that will come out at night. Willow was so determined to catch a cab she didn't notice the cleanly cut man trailing after with curiosity on his face.

Methos, AKA Adam Pierson, had just stepped off his bus when he felt the familiar tingle in the back of his mind of a pre-immortal in the vicinity. Looking around he finally identified her, she was a 5'4" little ball of fluff, in a pair of blue jean overalls, with a T-shirt underneath with a picture of a green frog on the front doing the cha-cha. She had short, very red hair that was partially pulled back from her face with some small clip to show a face that could only be described in classical terms. This one didn't look like she would last a month, but Methos knew looks could be deceiving, Methos being a prime example of that.

Methos decided to follow her and find out who she was so he could get her name, etc, and make sure that she had a watcher, and an immortal watching over her. If he had the time he might have like to take on the job, but he was to emotionally fragile since Alexa passed away, and he couldn't do this to himself.

Methos trailed her to a motel room in the Eastern part of LA, not a desired place to be, especially one as young and innocent as her. Methos decided to let Joe know as soon as possible about this girl, maybe...hey, Duncan could be this girl's trainer. He would like her with all that red hair. He'll probably lay an instant claim on her. Besides Duncan needs someone more dependable than Amanda, she will never settle down, it's just her way.

Methos found out her name is Willow Summers...hmm...cute name, her parents sounded like hippies, but to each their own. He wrote down the motel she was staying at and the room number. He would have to contact Joe immediately to put this plan in action, she looked alone, and he saw no wedding ring.

It didn't take much to bribe the motel manager *snicker* out of any information for just twenty dollars, poor girl, doesn't know what she's getting herself into staying at this flee bag of a motel.
He found out that she has a nervous babble, giving away her life story in the first five minutes, at least, enough to get her into trouble. She was moving to LA to start a new life without anyone's help, and planned on renting a cheap apartment here in the city.

'Well that should be enough information to keep track of her', Methos assumed. 'I've got a bus to catch.'

Willow snuggled against her pillow wishing it was an actual person; she missed the feeling of someone wrapped around her body. Willow cried into her pillow knowing she wouldn't have time to do so in the future. She would go to the library tomorrow and find newspapers with advertisements for apartments within her price range, and start the hunting, and then it was job hunting time, how depressing.

Falling asleep, the red witch dreamed of another male from her recent past that had left them in the lurch, Angel. He hadn't said so much as a goodbye or thank you for the soul before he left; Goddess knows what part of the country he slunk to. She dreamt of him loving her and making love to her, as he touched her in places that she had never thought as sexually significant before, she wondered where this dream came from. She had never thought of Angel in this respect before, and had never dreamt a naughty dream about any man before, but she was having one now. Willow woke to a conspicuously wet feeling between her legs, and decided to shower before starting her trek to the library.

Angel Investigations – 3:00 pm later that day

Angel slumped in his chair, the day had started off bad, and it had quickly gotten worse. Cordelia had invaded his place due to roaches infesting her own, and Doyle, his seer, was about to be killed because he couldn't pay back a debt to a demon. He had made an agreement with Doyle that he would talk to these Demons if he got Cordelia out of there, and at least they were gone now, he could have some peace before taking the sewers to Doyle's apartment, and awaiting the first demon to show up looking for a good fight, Angel was in need of one.


Angel had been there two hours when the phone rang; he picked it up knowing it wouldn't be one of Doyle's demon 'friends'. They didn't just want his money any more; they wanted blood.



"Yes, Doyle, I'm here at your apartment, I thought you were helping Cordelia look for an apartment?" Angel asked, annoyed, at the thought that Cordelia might be invading his apartment again.

"I am, as a matter of fact, we've found one that's perfect for the princess, courtesy of my contacts." Doyle responded smugly. "But that's not the point. I just had a vision; this red head is going to be attacked tonight at this East Los Angeles Library at about 10:00pm. She's got short, dark red hair, green eyes; she's wearing a pair of blue jeans with an overly large black sweater on." Angel groaned at the thought of driving all the way to the East side of LA, but it didn't look like he had much of a choice. When the powers spoke he listened.

"What's going to attack her?" Angel asked.

"There's going to be a little over ten vampires there tonight." Doyle said, knowing this wasn't going to go over well.

"What!? I couldn't save this girl with the entire gang here." Angel was furious, why would the powers give him a job that was impossible to complete?

"Well you had better move quickly, maybe you can get her out of there before these vampires attack. If you do make it in time, the ptb made it clear that you would win the battle; apparently this girl can fight too. Well I've got to go we are going out to celebrate the new apartment." Doyle said in an excited voice. The phone was hung up without further ado.

"But...damn it." Angel got up to leave when there was a crash from the door and a demon walked in that looked to be in a very bad mood. There was threatening on both sides, but in the end he got the demon to agree to a reprieve if he gets the money for Doyle to pay back.

Angel cursed seeing what time it was after this mess, he had a mere two hours to get across town, and traffic was still hell even at this time. What were the ptb thinking?

East Los Angeles Library – 9:45 pm

Willow was exhausted and frustrated, all of the apartments in LA were so expensive, and what little she had brought with her would only work to put down on the first and last month's rent. There would be no food, utilities, or furniture, and this was for an apartment on the East side of LA, she really disliked this side. 'Maybe I shouldn't have left Sunnydale' Willow thought, but she retracted immediately. 'No, I'll just have to get a job sooner than I expected, and then I'll be able to afford a nice little apartment and furniture. I just need to stick it out at this motel a few more days.' With that thought she got up, stuffing the spiral with all the apartments she thought would be interesting to look at into her brown leather backpack. Willow was making her way to the front desk when she ran head on into what felt like a solid wall. Willow would have fallen back if the wall hadn't caught her with its arm. No, not a wall, a very tall, strong, and attractive... "Angel?" Willow gasped. "What are you doing here?"

" nice to see you, but I'm here to save someone, so I've got to go." Angel started to back away from her, disturbed that he actually ran into her tonight.

"Okay, well I won't pester you any more." Willow said with a put out tone, turned around, and started to leave.

'Short red hair, who can fight.' Oh...oh. "Willow!" He yelled, rushing by the front desk, and the librarian who was trying to shush him. When he caught up to her he pulled her around to face him, she looked angry. "I'm sorry, but I thought the person I was supposed to save was someone else. I never imagined it would be you. I remembered as I was walking out that my seer said the girl had short red hair, and could help fight..." Angel lowered his voice to a whisper "these vampires." Willow looked into his eyes, and felt their sincerity, so she gave him a shy smile to ease his worries.

"So when and where are these vampires attacking?" Willow asked, a little worried, but also kind of happy to see someone she knows.

"They are attacking here, and by my watch, in the next five minutes. If we hurry we could probably make it to my car?" Angel asked.

"No, if they don't attack me it'll be someone else." Willow said, not wanting anyone to die in her place. So what if this was a few vampires, Angel, was a kick ass master vampire, and she was a bad ass Wicca with some fighting skills acquired through years in the company of Buffy.

Angel nodded his head, knowing she was right, but not liking the odds. They decided to wait out front like she would have for the bus to pick her up normally. At exactly 10:00pm the vampires showed, but there where only four of them that he could sense or see. The battle was quick and painless, for Willow and Angel, anyway. Willow fought with one of the vampires, while Angel took on the other three. Before Angel could dust the other one Angel saw his third vampire turn to dust with a floating pencil, none the less. He quickly finished his battle with the second one, staked it, and wiped off the dust from his black trench coat.

Willow was grinning like a Cheshire cat, obviously proud of herself. Angel looked at the bus stop; the bus had already come and gone. "Where are you staying? I'll take you home."

Willow's grin quickly left her face, she noted the slightly annoyed vampire, and decided she wouldn't be taking a ride from him, unappreciative jerk! "I don't need a ride I'm staying at a motel a couple blocks away from here. I can walk." She turned to go when she felt a hand grip her arm; she tried to shake it off, but to no avail.

She heard him mutter something about 'fool women' and 'saving her only to get herself killed'. She felt like hitting him at that moment, she thought about using her paralyzing spell on him, but then he would be left here for anyone to take advantage of, tempting, but no. Before she knew what was happening she was placed in the car and buckled like a two year old, how humiliating.

"Where are we going?" Angel asked, wanting to get home so he could brood alone, and in silence.

Willow felt her lips go up in a devilish smile as she thought up a good way to get even with him. She looked at him, the smile gone, and "take a right at the light." He started up the old convertible, and did as she instructed, she instructed him to take another right at the stop sign, and then a right again, and then another right. She told him to stop. He noticed what she did and was not as amused as she seemed to be with his obliviousness. "Willow," Angel growled, "I'm tired of playing these games; you are not getting out of this car until you tell me where you are staying, and I take you there." Willow's smile fell again, she might as well give in or they would be there all night. She quickly gave him instructions to her motel, and turned away hurt by the way he was treating her. As soon as they pulled up, she unbuckled to get out of the car; he stopped her with a hand.

"You're staying here?" Angel looked concerned.

"Yep, I stayed here last night." Willow didn't feel like arguing anymore, she just wanted to get inside, and cry the tears that were even now threatening to spill over. Angel let go of her arm, and she finished getting out of the car. "Thank you...for saving me." Willow said, still angry, but grateful none the less.

He didn't respond, but she didn't stop for one either. She nearly ran to her room, closing the door and damning Angel for cutting down her accommodations after every thing he had already done that night to offend her.

Angel felt bad for treating her that way, but she just served to remind him of Buffy and what could never be. He wanted to get home and get lost in his memories...but he couldn't do that, Buffy would never forgive him leaving her to stay at this rat trap by herself. He got out of the car, he could feel demons and vampires close, but didn't know where. There were probably a few staying here. He followed the scent of vanilla and cinnamon? To one of the rooms, and knocked. At first he wondered if he had confused her scent with someone else, when no noise came from the room, but he knocked again.

Willow heard the knocking, and ignored it; she wanted to be left alone. The second time she feared she couldn't ignore it so easily. She left the chain on, and opened the door slowly. It was Angel. She let a confused look cross her face. "What are you doing here?"

"Get your things together your coming back to my apartment." Angel demanded.

Willow stood there in shock, was he really inviting her to stay with him? No, that wasn't an invitation, it was a demand. "I think not." She said quickly, and started to close the door.

"Willow if you don't open this door I'll knock it down and drag you out." He was very serious about this threat, but hoped the threat would be enough.

"You can't come in here without an invitation." Willow smiled at this point, knowing she had him.

He grinned evilly "No Willow, that doesn't work for motel rooms, and there are other vampires staying here, I've seen them." This scared the hacker, she close the door and took off the chain and let him in. He stalked in, obviously he wasn't lying. She ignored him, but got her stuff together without arguing. There is no way she was staying there another night knowing what she knows now.

Angel's Apartment

Things were still strained between them by the time they got back to his apartment. It appeared to be in the basement of his business, hmm, she didn't know he was a private investigator. He led her down to his apartment by the narrow stair case, not wanting to wait for the elevator to come up. Someone must be in his apartment. This didn't make Angel anymore happy. Doyle was sitting at the table playing with a stack of cards when he entered.

When Doyle looked up he saw the unhappy face of his boss, and a beautiful redhead peaking out from behind him. Doyle smiled at her. So the boss had decided to start bringing home the women that he saved, it's not like he couldn't the ptb had said that his soul was permanent now. No Angelus would result from a happy.

Willow gained confidence at the man's smile, he had pretty blue eyes, dark hair, and very pale features, but she was pretty sure he wasn't a vamp; otherwise Angel would have staked him by now. She smiled in return, and came out from behind Angel's hulking figure. Doyle walked up to her slowly not wanting to scare the kitten.

"My name's Doyle, and what would your name be kitten?" Doyle had already given her this name, but he would gladly know the other.

"Willow Rosenberg, friend of the..." She stopped nervously looked at Angel for confirmation that he knew about that sort of thing, when she had it she went on "Slayer, and also a technopagan." The little delightful witch held out her hand for him to shake, Doyle was entranced, if it wasn't for his feelings for his Princess, he would love a shot at this girl. 'Such interesting girls from Sunnydale, I wonder if they all come from healthy stock, such as this.' He shook her hand, which told him a lot about this woman she was both strong and weak, she had the potential for fire within, and she just needed the right companion to show it to her. He looked to Angel, but the vampire had already disappeared to the kitchen for his dinner. This little red head was obviously not here for his pleasure, but for some other reason.

"So what are you doing in this neck of the woods at this time of night? Hey, I remember you; you're the girl from my vision, the one with the vampires attacking you last night." Doyle looked at her in awe.

Willow wasn't used to all this attention and she was feeling slightly uncomfortable, she would gladly put up with Angel's surliness to get away from it. At that moment Angel came into, unknowingly, save her.

Angel was tired, it had been a long day, and he didn't want to listen to these two flirting all night long, so he decided to stop it. "Doyle you said there were supposed to be ten vampires tonight, but there were only four, has one of your visions ever been wrong before?" Doyle looked confused, his visions were always right on the money, straight from the ptb, they never messed a vision up, because they were all knowing. Angel shrugged, a little worried, but he decided it was best to let this go if he wanted to get any work done.

"Let's go see Cordelia's apartment tomorrow morning, is she all moved in?" Angel queried, hoping she was for his sanity sake.

"Yes, she is all moved in and might I say..."

"You may not." Angel cut him off. "Go home; the demons are willing to give you a reprieve. I'll get the money for you to pay them tomorrow." Angel left no room for argument going into his bedroom and shutting the door.

"And doesn't he have a kind Irish heart." Doyle said, copying the deeper Irish brogue of his elder Irishmen. He looked over at Willow, and felt sorry for her; she was very much like a kitten brought in from the rain, with a neglecting owner. He put his arm around her, and told her not to worry.

Willow gave him a smile in response. She would not cry, she told herself. "I'll be okay. Do you know where he keeps the linens and things and I'll make up the couch for the night. Hopefully I can find someplace else to stay tomorrow." She really, really hoped.

Doyle showed her where he kept them, and left, she felt a bit ridiculous putting silk sheets on couch cushions, but there were no others. This had been the worst day of her life, and she knew despite Angel's surly attitude he must care a little, or he wouldn't have rescued her from that vamp tramp motel. She let her tears put her to sleep that night, feeling a little more secure than the previous night, but still feeling very down from that day's events.

Angel heard her crying, knew he was the cause for it, and he felt bad. He should have at least offered to give her the bed and told her goodnight, he would be nicer to her, despite the memories she inspired.

Willow was excited she had helped to save Cordelia from her apartment, and was offered a place to stay in the same day. She didn't know how well they would get along living together, but she was definitely appreciative. The Xander incident still hung between them, but Cordelia was willing to give her a chance, she knew what it was like to have nothing. Willow was going to pay half of the small rent, and would be able to help Cordelia finish furnishing the apartment, and buy a new wardrobe in the process. Life had taken a turn for the better. Angel was also being nicer to her. He woke her that morning with a plate full of scrambled eggs and coffee. She loved the eggs, but the coffee was bitter.

The red witch smiled appreciatively, and he had smiled back. Willow's breath was taken away when he did this, she had never seen him smile like this before, and he was beautiful. Witches don't blush, she told herself, and looked back to her plate of eggs.

That night she and Cordelia sat down for a Q & A session. What had happened in their lives over the summer, and so on. Willow told Cordelia about the Oz incident, and Cordelia felt bad for the girl, at least Xander had wanted another chance with her after the fluke. She let Willow cry on her shoulder, and made herself a promise to be nice to Willow.

"Willow let's go shopping tomorrow, we'll get you a new wardrobe, and things for your bedroom." Willow smiled hesitantly, she had heard horror stories from Xander about Cordelia's shopping trips, but she decided to do it, if it meant making friends with this former cheerleader.

"Kay, but nothing to extreme, I don't have a lot of money, and I need to find a job..." She stopped when she saw Cordelia shaking her head.

"You'll be working with us at Angel Investigations. Hasn't Angel told you yet? We could really use your Wiccan skills, and your computer skills." Willow was flabbergasted; she didn't know what to say. The redhead felt like she was finally going to be appreciated for her skills, and that made her feel good.

"He hasn't said anything, but it was a very busy day." Willow defended him, since he had been kind to her that day.

"Well, he asked me and Doyle if we would mind if you join the team and we both agreed. He'll probably ask you tomorrow at the office. You need some rest Willow, and I'll loan you some linens until we can get you some of your own." Cordelia assured her with a smile. She would have to inform Angel and Doyle about what happened with Oz tomorrow, so they would be wary to bring up the subject of her guitar playing, werewolf, ex-boyfriend. Why do men have to be such beasts?
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