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Winter's Child

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Hidden Secrets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The world’s origin had been lost. Though similar to her past world’s it is vastly different. The return of power will have consequences. Can she handle the price or be lost in the hunt?

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DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-CenteredLadyHealerFR18981,5991314127,8078 Apr 1229 Jul 14No

Chapter Two: The Date

Disclaimer: There are a couple quotes from Batman in this chapter.

Author’s notes: I would like to thank Davee and Prettykittyd for the recommendations. I would also like to thank Arkaedia whose review inspired a few scenes in this chapter. Thank you to everyone else who reviewed, it means a lot.

Updated Author’s notes as of 6/10/12: The Beta version is now up. I would like to thank Bil for editing this for me.

Chapter Two: The Date

Elizabeth wondered what was she doing as she tucked her hair into a loose bun. It was Friday night and soon Tim would be here to pick her up for their first date. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was doing the right thing. She like him, god did she like him. She had been tempted to ask him out for a while and was glad when he spoke up. But if she was right about him being Red Robin then it was bound to be a complicated relationship filled with lies. Did she really want to step into that?

Sighing, she briefly checked her appearance in the mirror. It wasn’t like she had a stellar history with guys. Her relationships with Angel and Riley in her past life had not ended well. And in this life, she had been too shy to date. Until she got her memories back anyways.

She flipped opened her purple notebook on her desk and looked through the newspaper clippings from the last month she had collected. Though it was all guesswork, it still felt right. She was positive that the last two study dates Tim had canceled were because he was out on a case. But should she keep pretending that she didn’t know what he was doing now that they were dating? How was she supposed to act when he was late, continually canceled, or had to cut out early? It was bound to happen. She did the same in her past life.

Furthermore, did she want build a relationship on lies and pray that it wouldn’t blow up in her face? Because it would. Why couldn’t she be attracted to a normal guy? The simple answer was that they’re boring. At the sound of knocking she called out, “One moment.” She hid the notebook underneath her mattress, quickly readjusted the left strap of her silvery white dress and opened her bedroom’s door. “Hi Mom.”

Joyce paused in her greeting and frowned in concern. “What’s wrong?”

Elizabeth forced a smile. “Who says there is anything wrong?”

“Having second thoughts?” Joyce asked as she stepped inside the room.

“No! Yes.” Elizabeth threw her hands up into the air. “Maybe?” She sighed and fidgeted in place, stopping herself from leaning against anything and creasing her dress. “I just… I don’t know. I’m not exactly being honest with him. Can a relationship built on lies last?”

Joyce smiled and pulled Elizabeth gently into a hug. “We all have our secrets, sweetheart, and they don’t have to come out on the first date.” She rubbed her hands in circles on Elizabeth’s back. “As you get to know him you can begin to let go of the secrets. If you need help both David and I will support you. I’m sure he has secrets too.”

Elizabeth snorted as she pulled out of the hug. “Oh he does. It will take a crow bar to pry them out of him.”

Joyce raised an eyebrow. “Already know what they are, huh?”

“Pretty sure.” Elizabeth admitted before looking at her mother worriedly. “Should I let him know? Just to get it out into the open or should I wait for him to bring it up first?”

“You could.” Joyce agreed as she guided Elizabeth towards the bed and sat next to her. “Or you could give him hints so he could come to terms on his own. You could do that for both of your secrets.”

“I can’t tell you.” Elizabeth stated as she laid her hand on her mother’s.

Joyce placed her other hand on top of Elizabeth’s. “I didn’t expect you too.” She rose and pulled Elizabeth with her. “Now as beautiful you look, you are missing something.”

Elizabeth looked at her mother, amused. “And what is that?”

Joyce picked up the white gold heart shape necklace that Tim had given her a month ago and held it out. “This.” Carefully she fastened it around Elizabeth’s neck. “Who knows, maybe one day you will replace the picture of David and I with Tim and you. Perhaps with a picture of a child.”

She chuckled and turned around. “A little too early to think about, don’t you think? This is just the first date.”

“Maybe, but he has already been good for you.” Joyce paused by the doorway and smiled back at her. “He’s waiting in the living room, by the way.”

“What?” Elizabeth glared at the clock. “He’s twenty minutes early! If it wasn’t for my nerves I would still be getting ready. What was he thinking?”

Joyce laughed softly. “He’s probably just as nervous as you. It’s sweet, but you might want to rescue him from David.”

“Point.” Elizabeth shook her head and followed her mother to the living room. “Tim…” Elizabeth froze as Tim rose from the couch, grabbing his crutches and turning towards her. She could feel her mouth go dry. He looked really hot in that tux. He was always good looking, but damn could he pull that look off. She allowed her eyes to wander over his figure. The crutches only enhanced his image, knowing that he could easily use them as weapons. She discreetly licked her lips. Was it wrong to wonder if he would look just as good without his clothes?

He smiled at her. She felt her confidence soar as she caught him staring at her in wonder. “You look gorgeous, Liz.”

She stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek. “So do you, Tim.” She gently took the offered rose and briefly smelled it. “Thank you. Just let me put this in a vase before we go.” She smiled again as she disappeared in the kitchen. Her mom was right. There was hope for this relationship, it was just going to take baby steps and lot of prodding.

Elizabeth returned to the living room after a few minutes and chuckled as Tim ran his right hand through his hair nervously while glancing at David. “I’ll have her back by ten, sir.”

“Good.” David stated with a nod, then wincing as Joyce slapped his arm.

“Ignore him, Tim, as long as she is back before midnight it is fine.” Joyce stated. “I trust that both of you won’t make me a grandmother before wedding vows.”

Tim’s eyes widened in shock and he ducked his head down as he blushed. “No ma’am, I wouldn’t.”

Elizabeth chuckled and looped her arm around Tim’s. She smirked at her mother before teasing. “So no following yours and Giles example, huh?”

“Brat.” Joyce stated, chuckling.

“I aim to please.”

Joyce smirked back. “I’m sure Tim will enjoy that.”



Both David and Elizabeth had exclaimed together, mortified.

“No, I’m not interested…” He glanced at Elizabeth and blushed deeper at her raised eyebrow. “Umm, I am but…” He glanced at David and paused a moment at his glare before gently pulling Elizabeth towards the exit. “I’m really not ready for that.”

Elizabeth amusedly chuckled and placed a finger on Tim’s lips to silence him. She glanced at her mother. “Four words: police car’s hood. Twice.”

Joyce folded her arms over her chest and smiled. “Two word counter: Baby pictures.”

Elizabeth looked at her mother confused. “Didn’t those get destroyed?”

“Not the copies I sent to Jeannie. Those include bath time.” Her mother stated as she leaned against the wall.

Elizabeth shook her head. “And on that note, we’re leaving.”

As they walked out of the door Tim leaned closer to her and whispered curiously. “Do I want to know?”

“Not unless you have lots of mental bleach.”

Who were they after and what did they want with their targets? Nightwing wondered as he trailed a member of the assassin group that had been in Gotham for the last few weeks. The group was highly trained but weren’t hard to spot after being out almost every night this week. But he and the others had still failed to plant on a tracker on them so they had very little information on them.

Nightwing ducked behind a corner to prevent from being seen as the assassin glanced back. They had figured out that search had started a month ago. Despite the price on Red Robin’s head from his ending the assassin tournaments, this group didn’t seem to care about that. They wanted him dead because they believed Red Robin was protecting their target, except he wasn’t. No one could figure out who their new target was since the ones already taken had no contact with Red Robin either.

He carefully peered around the corner before continuing to follow his prey. So far they had taken six girls and all of them had been emerging Meta for a month or less. Lailah Bell, Kaede Young, Naomi Torres, age thirteen. Safia Morgan and Abigail Smith, age fourteen. Eileen Haris, age fifteen. If Dania Jones was included you had seven girls who all had increased strength, visions, and accelerated healing. Except this group didn’t want those girls, they wanted a specific one that they were still looking for. So what were they doing to the missing girls now?

No dead bodies had showed up. With any luck it would stay that way. He glanced to his right and smiled as he spotted Tim and Elizabeth through the window of a nearby restaurant. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was good to see Tim enjoying life outside of their night life again. Elizabeth had been good for him.

Nightwing frowned. One month ago, Elizabeth had gained her Meta powers. If this group knew would they go after her too? The oldest girl this group had taken was fifteen but would the fact that Elizabeth was nearly eighteen make any difference? She may have to go to a safe house. If they could keep her in one, that is. Nightwing suppressed an amused smirk. He was sure Tim would enjoy trying to accomplish that. He glanced back towards the assassin he was following and cursed. He was gone. He quickly studied his surroundings. There were two assassins on the roof of a nearby building. Where was the one he was following?

“You should not have followed me hero.” The assassin he was looking for stated from behind him.

Nightwing turned sharply on his heel as he raised his escrima sticks and blocked the assassin’s first attack. “What can I say? I felt like dancing.”

Tim chuckled as he leaned back in his chair. The night had been going wonderfully. Elizabeth seemed to be enjoying herself despite the slight hesitation at the entrance of the restaurant. Of course, most teens couldn’t afford to eat here, but they really did have the best food around with excellent service. He smiled briefly before continuing with his teasing. “Should I be jealous?”

“I’d be worried if you were. Inanimate objects shouldn’t be the cause of our first quarrel.” Elizabeth teased back and patted his hand. “Alas, Mr. Gordo had passed on. Jr. perhaps?”
He laughed and shook his head. “Not exactly who I had in mind.”

“Not a pig person, huh? Perhaps you would like a little birdie instead.” Elizabeth suggested as she leaned back in her chair, smirking. She then sighed and glanced briefly out the right side window. “All kidding aside, Mr. Gordo did see me through some pretty rough times.”

Tim looked at her in concern. She was still going through rough times. “Liz…” He reached over the table and softly took her left hand into his hand. “Are you sure you don’t want me to have the Wayne’s lawyers to press a suit against the school? You have a good case.”

Elizabeth glanced back at him. “I’m sure. It’s not worth the hassle when I’m not returning for senior year.”

“Transferring?” He questioned, curiously.

“Nope.” She answered, popping the p. “I plan to take the GED.”

He gently squeezed her hand. “Do your parents know your plan?” From the corner of his eyes he spotted Collin glaring at them from the entryway. He had been stalking Elizabeth lately and none of Tim's warnings had gotten him to back off. Collin was planning something and Tim had a feeling that he would strike soon.

Elizabeth shook her head before she tilted her head slightly to the side, inquisitively. “What has your attention?” She twisted around in her chair and studied the room. As she spotted Collin she groaned and turned back towards Tim. “My unwanted stalker, peachy.”

Tim looked at her, amused. “There is such a thing as a wanted stalker?”

“You.” She smirked and leaned back in her chair as she crossed her arms.

What was she implying? He shook his head. “I haven’t stalked you, Liz.” He leaned forward and teased. “Are you suggesting I should?”

Elizabeth shrugged. “Maybe. Though, I could probably think of more productive uses of that energy.”

Tim barely prevented himself from spitting out his water in shock. Was she implying…. “Umm Liz, I’m flattered really, but I don’t really think either of us is ready for the more, umm, sexual aspects…”

Elizabeth snickered as she placed a finger on Tim’s lips to silence him. “Gutter mind much, Tim? Breathe. The clothes are staying on until at least our third date, probably longer. It will depend on if we reach a point where both of us are comfortable enough to move forward.”

She was going to be the death of him, Tim decided as he removed her finger from his mouth. That gesture really shouldn’t be attractive. “Please tell me you at least put a restraining order on Collins?” But she did keep him on his toes.

She shook her head. “I can handle him should it come down to it.”

“Liz…” He started to argue, but paused at the ring of his phone. He looked at Elizabeth. “Excuse me for a moment.” At her nod, he pulled his cell phone out. The number was blocked. “Hello.”

“I’m impressed Timothy.” A deep male voice stated. He knew that voice for he had heard it in the catacombs of Paris several months ago when he ended the assassin tournaments. He still didn’t know who this immortal was other than he wasn’t Vandal Savage. “You’ve taken the line away from the Shadow Men. Only I have done that before. You’re truly my heir.”

He glanced at Elizabeth. She was frowning as she watched something out of the window. He followed her gaze and spotted Nightwing outside fighting assassins. A sinking feeling entered the pit of his stomach. He doubted his date was going to end well. “What do you want?” More importantly what was he talking about? What line? Were the Shadow Men the assassins who had been attacking him for supposedly protecting a girl?

“Your date is your Chosen, correct? She is beautiful. She may one day rival the skills of mine.” Know-it-all stated, ignoring his question. Tim frowned. Whoever he was, he was watching them right now. Discreetly he looked around, not spotting anyone that seemed to be paying attention to them, but the watcher might not be in the room either. “You’re lucky they don’t know your identity or they would be aware of whom you are protecting. Keep her hidden and trust no one else with her protection. If they catch her, the fate that awaits her will be far worse than death.” The assassin group was after Elizabeth? But it seemed that this person was guessing too. Tim glanced at Elizabeth again before turning his attention back outside to Nightwing’s fight. He was dodging the assassins’ blows and didn’t seem to need assistance.

“What is their goal?” Tim questioned cautiously, aware of Elizabeth listening in to his half of the conversation.

Elizabeth turned away from the fight scene and raised an eyebrow while whispering. “Do you need to leave? It’s alright, we can reschedule our date for later.” He looked at her confused. Why was she giving him an out? He shook his head and held up one finger, silently pleading for one more minute. Nodding her agreement she turned her attention back to the fight outside.

“You do not understand your duty. That must change.” He stated. “It must wait, for now, you’re going to have company soon. Don’t tip your hand Timothy, it would be disastrous for her should the Shadow Men realized that you are Red Robin.”

“What…” Tim started to question when he heard the window shatter as Nightwing was slammed through it.

Nightwing pushed himself back to his feet, ignoring the wounds littering his body. He kept his attention on the assassins at the edge of the broken window as he ordered. “Everyone, stay back.”

Tim stuffed his cell phone back into his pocket and glanced at Elizabeth. He frowned in worry as she stood up. “Liz, what are you doing?”

She glanced briefly at him before studying their table. She proceeded to grab the two butter knives and a glass cup. “Finding a way to help.”

Tim quickly grabbed her wrist, forcing her to stop before she made her way further towards the confrontation. “No. He can handle this.” She really couldn’t stay out of trouble, could she? He glanced back to the combatants. Neither side had moved. Tim narrowed his eyes as he spotted one of the assassin lifted his hand to the left side of his head.

“It’s three versus one, not exactly fair odds.” She argued back.

“He knows what he is doing.” Tim countered. He glanced around. There were a handful of items he could use to aid Nightwing if it came down to it. Their meal hadn’t come yet so he had no plates and the most helpful items were already in Elizabeth’s hands. But what did she think she was going to do with the glass?

“He’s hurt.” She tugged at her wrist again and he tightened his grip in response. His hold would be useless if she used her strength, but he had to try. He looked into her eyes and could see the determination along with a touch of anger. He was not going to be able to hold her the next time she tried to break free.

“He’s doing fine.” He stated as he studied Nightwing. Overall, he was fine though he was favoring his left side a bit. Bruised ribs would be his guess. He also had a few cuts throughout his body and no doubt had several bruises.

“You’re lucky this time, hero.” The assassin commented. “We have orders to disengage, but we are to give you one message. Have Red Robin give us the Chosen, now, or the hunts will begin again. It’s his last chance to prevent a blood bath.” From the corner of his eyes Tim spotted Elizabeth bite her lower lip as the assassin said Chosen. He frowned. Did Elizabeth know something about this Chosen? Why was it the more he learned about her the more questions he had?

“Who says it’s him protecting her?” Nightwing countered. “This is Batman’s city and we all answer to him.”

The middle assassin chuckled darkly. “Nice try, but you cannot fool us. Red Robin is the shield. It is his symbol that blocks our priests’ sight of the Chosen. For as long as the Chosen is not in our possession the hunts will continue. Each day a target will be taken and if the Chosen is not given to us within twenty-four hours afterwards they will die.”

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and yanked her wrist free of Tim’s grip. She took one step forward and opened her mouth to talk when Tim covered it with one of his hands. “Don’t.” He ordered and held her glare with his own when she turned towards him. “It will only make the situation worse. They don’t have anyone yet.” He was lying. They had the missing girls. Did he just sign their death warrants? Or did he read the situation correctly? The targets were someone else. Someone that was supposed to mean more to them. Who?

“Who are you after?” Nightwing demanded.

The assassin smirked as he rolled a smoke bomb in his hand. “You’ll know soon enough.” He threw it to the ground, smoke filling the air. Once the smoke cleared the assassins and Nightwing were both gone.

There had been no sound of a struggle so Tim was certain that Dick was safe. He studied the area around them as everyone started to calm down. His phone went off again; it was a text from Oracle. It read: Wingnut is sorry for crashing your date. He wants you to know that he is fine and wishes you luck on the rest of your date. BTW, I want to know when you started dating again. Did you let Stephanie know that you’re no longer available? Oracle out. Tim shook his head, amused. Stephanie will probably want to kill him. It’s just how his luck worked.

Elizabeth sighed. She grabbed his hand and slowly pushed it away from her mouth. “Our date is over, isn’t it?”

“What?” He questioned as he looked over at her in shock. Elizabeth wanted to call it a night? He thought she was tougher than that after their experience with the Joker. Or did she know something? “Umm okay, I can take you home if you want…” Was this a sign that his night job was going to doom their relationship? “Do you still want to continue dating?” Should he really keep trying?

“Of course I want to continue dating.” She looked back at him confused. “Don’t you have business to take care of?”

“Huh?” He is never going to fully understand her, is he? Why did it feel like she was giving another chance to disappear in order to go to work? And by work he meant Red Robin. “What are you talking about? I made sure my schedule was clear tonight.” There was no way she could know.

She raised an eyebrow and pointed at his phone. “The previous conversation didn’t end well.”
He fought down a blush. “It’s nothing that can’t wait.” The others never needed to know about this slip. “You wouldn’t happen to be interested in continuing?”

She smiled and looped her arm around his left. “I think I can be persuaded, but let’s get out of here.”

“Message sent.” Oracle stated through the com.

“Thanks Babs.” Nightwing replied as he peered down into the restaurant’s window. No one was hurt to his relief. He smiled as he watched his younger brother and Elizabeth walking towards the exit. Hopefully they weren’t ending their date. He glanced over his shoulder as Batman stepped out of the shadows behind him. “I got a tracker planted. It’s looks like they are headed north.”

Batman nodded. “Good. I’ll take it from here. Get your wounds treated.”

“You’re just annoyed that they have stayed ahead of us.” Nightwing stated as he stood and carefully stretched. “Where’s Robin?”

Batman glanced down into the street. “He’s patrolling the western districts.”

“I’ll go join him.” He paused next to Batman. “I spotted your background searches. She’s a good girl.”

“I don’t trust her.” He stated as he turned away from Nightwing and pulled out a grappling line.

Nightwing snorted. “I figured as much. There’s a lot that doesn’t add up, I give you that, but there is more than just that for you.” He watched as Batman lined up his shot. “Let it go and give her a chance. Tim likes her. Really likes her. Your support would mean a lot to him.”

Nightwing sighed as Batman swung to the next building without replying. Great, he was going to be stubborn. Tim better appreciate his efforts, not that he would ever know he was making them. The life of an elder sibling was so underappreciated.

“Stake him already!” Elizabeth demanded as she leaned forward. She glared at the TV as the couple ran through the house to escape the vampire chasing them. “Oh, come on! You passed five usable weapons in that room alone.” She groaned and leaned back against Tim. “They’re dead.” She stated flatly as she glanced up into Tim’s amused face.

He chuckled and swiped his left hand through her loosened hair. Her bun had withstood five minutes of this treatment before his fingers had destroyed it. Not that she was complaining, it was enjoyable plus it got them to cuddle. “To be fair, they are going up against Dracula.” He excused as he grabbed a handful of popcorn with his right hand.

She snorted. “He’s not that impressive.” Was it too much to hope that he didn’t exist in this world? He was so annoying in her past life.

“So you wouldn’t run screaming if he suddenly appeared or became trapped in his thrall?” Tim teased lightly.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and poked him in the chest. “You are so not implying that I’m a damsel in need of rescuing.”

“Would I?” He questioned back as he offered her some popcorn.

“Yes, repeatedly.” She replied, ignoring the popcorn as she crossed her arms. “Besides, I would have to rescue you before you became his midnight snack.”

“I haven’t called you a damsel before, Liz.” He replied as he ignored her barb. He had an odd look in his eyes as he studied her for a several moments before shaking his head. “You speak about vampires like you’re talking from experience though.”

She looked at him sharply as her eyes widened slightly in fear. “It’s not a schizophrenia relapse, I promise.” Red Robin or not, it would be unlikely that he would believe her without proof and there was no proof. She quickly glanced at the clock. It was getting close to midnight. She started to rise off the couch. “Look at the time; I really should head home before David starts to worry.”

Tim quickly followed and grabbed her wrist, stopping her retreat. “Liz…” He gently turned her head towards him. “Please look at me.” Slowly she raised her eyes and spotted the look of concern in his blue eyes. “I never thought it was a relapse. You told me once that you were attacked and I believe you.”

She snorted. He stated that once as Red Robin too. “It’s one thing to say it. The truth is crazier than the lie. You wouldn’t believe the truth.”

He pulled her into a hug. “Give me a chance, Liz.”

She shook her head, pulled out of the hug, and walked across the room. She leaned against the wall next to the door and remained silent for several moments, conflicted about what she should do.

Tim joined her against the wall and took her left hand into his. “Liz, please.”

She sighed. If he didn’t believe her now, he never would. She was afraid of losing him. Her past life had greatly shaped who she is now. If she didn’t tell him then there would always be a barrier between them. Did she want that?

It would be better to suffer now before she truly lost her heart to him, wouldn’t it? Was it too much to hope that he had seen weirder things during his career as Red Robin? “Fine, but don’t interrupt.” At his solemn nod she bit her bottom lip nervously for a moment before she started. “Let’s say that rebirth was possible. Now you wouldn’t know that you were reborn because you don’t remember that life. But your friends in that previous life, well, they are not ready to let you go so they find a way to bring you back.” She stopped talking and stared at her feet. She refused to look at Tim. She didn’t want to see the look of disbelief on his face.

She felt Tim squeeze her hand gently before he questioned. “Did they succeed?”

She looked at him in shook. “You don’t think I’m crazy?”

He shook his head and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. “I knew something happened. I had my theories.” There was a strange look in his eyes again and she couldn’t understand what it meant. “Please continue, Liz, fill in the holes.” She had to wonder how much he had put together as Red Robin.

She shook her head bewildered. She took several slow deep breaths. “They did manage to bring me back, but I wasn’t whole. What they didn’t realize was that I had already been living and by bringing me back I was stuck between two worlds. Most of the time I was there but sometimes I was here. Most of the time I remembered only one life, rarely both. It was after a fight when I was hit with something causing me to become more strongly connected to this life. Except now there are no more lapses in either set of memories”

He squeezed her hand again. “It was at this point you managed to convince the doctor that you had recovered and were released, right?”

She nodded before she glancing at the clock. Her eyes widened in alarm. It was twelve-fifteen already. “I need to get home.”

Tim followed her stare and groaned. “Your parents are going to kill me.”

She smiled back amused. “Nah, I think mom likes you.”

“She might, but your father doesn’t.” He stated as he ran his left hand through his hair.

Elizabeth tugged him towards the door. “Well, assuming that David and I haven’t scared you off, care to get breakfast tomorrow?”

He smiled. “It’s a date.”

She claimed to be reborn. She was right when she said it sounded crazy. Tim leaned back in his hidden lair's chair. An hour ago he had escorted Elizabeth home for the night. To his surprise her parents hadn’t been angry. If anything they had been amused. He was starting to believe that her family loved to confuse him.

He punched in a couple commands on his computer and pulled up the footage of Elizabeth’s time in Mercy Mental Clinic. Rebirth. Return in both body and soul. It contradicted every known law of science. He paused the footage on the day when Elizabeth’s fighting went from wild to sharply focused. Yet, it fit. It made the pieces come together as they never did before.

There were other possibilities, he knew, he had already gone through them. One by one he had crossed them off the list. Tim sighed and pushed his left hand through his hair. To be trapped between two worlds had to be terrible. Would that have happened to his loved ones had he chosen to bring them back if he had accepted Ra’s offer over a year ago? Would they have forgiven him if he had?

Had Elizabeth forgiven her old friends for the pain they must had put her through? The pain they must still put her through. It couldn’t be easy with two sets of memories and the loss of all her loved ones in her previous life. How did she stay sane?

Tim shook his head. This wasn’t getting any of his work done. He punched in a couple of commands and rose, pulling the cowl over his head as he did. “Computer, compile a database for stories of a Chosen cross-referenced with Shadow Men.”

He could figure out Elizabeth’s past later. The doctor’s notes gave him a good starting place. He already could tell that he was not going to like what he would find. From what he had read her previous was hard and filled with betrayals, and her current life wasn’t shaping up to be any easier. But she had him in her corner now.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel that she knew something about this Chosen from her reaction in the restaurant. Red Robin prepared his grappling line as he walked to the exit. Hopefully she wouldn’t punch him when he asked her.

Doing her own research sucked Elizabeth decided as she yawned and clicked on the next website. She had found plenty of movie and book references but nothing like the legend of the Slayer. Did it even exist in this world? The assassins had talked about a Chosen. Did they mean the Slayer or was she jumping at shadows?

She logged off the Internet and closed her laptop. What she really needed now was Giles and his dusty old books. She wasn’t getting any answers this way. Elizabeth frowned and stared at the ceiling. David said he had managed to gather a few past case files involving the Eihwaz symbol and would give them to her in the morning. She glanced at the clock. Somehow, she doubted he would be happy to woken at two in the morning. She just couldn’t shake the feeling that they were running out of time.

She looked to her right at the sound of her bedroom’s balcony window opening and spotted Red Robin enter. “Oh goody, my personal stalker is back.” She greeted as she rose from her chair. Self-consciously she tugged her black shirt down. It was the only thing she was wearing besides her underwear. It didn’t help. The shirt still barely covered her butt. “Would you have awoken me if I was sleeping or do you have a fetish for watching me sleep?”

Red Robin stared at her for several seconds before he turned slightly to the wall. “What do you know about the Chosen?”

She raised an eyebrow as she smirked. There was another tally for Tim being Red Robin. “Who says I know anything?” She walked towards him and glanced out the window.

He turned towards her. “I don’t have time for this Elizabeth. People lives are on the line.”

She frowned as the bat signal appeared in the sky. A feeling of dread entered the pit of her gut as she studied it. It was mutated. Was that a shape of a hand by the right wing? The tail was wrong, fattier. Was there something on the signal? A body? Above the bat signal was the words: no more chances. “You’re going to need to take a rain check.”

“Elizabeth…” Red Robin started, sounding slightly annoyed.

She silenced him with a finger on his lips. “Look.”

He followed the direction of her eyes before glancing back at her. “I have to go.”

“I know.” She stated as she stepped back.

“I need that information.”

She held his gaze for several moments. “I’ll have the information ready the next time we meet.”
He nodded as he stepped out the balcony’s window. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“I know.” She replied as she watched him swing to the next rooftop heading towards the police station. She doubted he had heard her. She frowned and left her bedroom. She needed to find those case files now. It couldn’t wait for morning anymore. Time had run out.
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