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The Failed Test.

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Unrevealed World.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Dawn are trying to find a newly called Slayer, Xander gets hurt, and goes to the hospital. Things get - interesting from there.

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Television > House, M.D. > Xander-CenteredLetomoFR1375,93525333,1579 Apr 1228 Jul 12No

Removing the Stitches.

Removing the Stitches.

A/N: Still don't own any of the characters herein presented. As before, I got some advice on the medical stuff, but any mistakes are still mine.

one week later

Dawn glanced over at Xander, as they waited at a red light. He had only been out of the hospital for a couple days, but he still seemed, what was the word that doctor used? Punky, that was it. Not the rude doctor, the House one, or the cute one, but the other one, the one that released Xander. And, he was right. Xander had been sleeping most of the time, and didn't have much energy when he was awake. Right now, he had fallen asleep on the way back to the hospital, to get his stitches removed.

When they arrived, she pulled out the folding wheelchair from the trunk, and shook Xander awake enough get him in it, then pushed him into the hospital. He tried to help, but with his twisted ankle only just healing, and right arm and rib issues, it was just easier for her to do all the work. Once in the doors, she headed to the information desk.

After waiting in line a couple minutes, she finally got to the front. "Hello, Xander needs his stitches removed. I wondered if I should take him to the ER, or if there was somewhere better to go?"

"Ah, the Clinic, over there, would be the place," the person behind the desk, a rather fat man, answered. She guessed he wasn't a nurse, though admitted to herself she could be wrong.

Dawn turned Xander in the direction of the Clinic area, and began pushing again. It wasn't that she wasn't strong, she was, but Xander had a certain mass to him, and while taller than Buffy, Dawn was still fairly petite. 5'7 may have been above average height, but not that much. On the other hand, she did work out regularly, and practice with weapons, so it wasn't that difficult. Heh. She could treat this as a form of exercise!

Once in the Clinic, they filled out the forms again [that is to say, she filled them out, while he added dribbles of info], turned it in, then waited their turn. It might have been a boring two hours if Dawn had been there with anyone else, but even 'punky', Xander was fun to be with. Not to mention, he had all those interesting stories about Africa, and the people and situations he'd been in while there. Finally, his name was called, and she pushed him to the room given.

It was only another 10 minutes or so, when the doctor came in, and Dawn recognized this one.

"You! I want to thank you! You saved his life. Xander, this is the ER doctor that was able to save your life, and get you into surgery so fast." Dawn jumped up, and hugged the woman, who seemed a little shocked, but only for a second, before returning the hug.

"You're welcome. So, this is Xander, is it?" The doctor swiftly looked through the file. "Just here to get the stitches out, right?"

"Unless you have something to make me heal faster? I hate being stuck like this, don't even have enough energy to walk. I felt better than this a week after my eye."

"Well, I don't know about the eye, but this was a major issue - it was only a few beats one way or the other, and you would ahve died. You got very lucky."

"Yes, that's it. I got lucky." A darkness seemed to cross his being for just a second, before he shook it off, and looked as pleasant as a man wearing an eyepatch could. Dawn looked at him worriedly for a minute, before muttering something to under her breath. Xander only caught the word 'ribbon'.

The shirt he was wearing had been either specially made, or modified, as it had buttons under the right arm, so as to make it easier to remove without moving the arm too much. It was a matter of moments before it was off, and Dr. Cameron was removing the stitches.

"How come you're here? Shouldn't you be in the Emergency Room?" Xander gritted out.

"Oh, that's where I normally am, but I like to work the clinic a couple times a month, a bit of a slower pace, gives me a bit of a rest."

"Makes sense," Xander gritted his teeth, left arm in a tight fist, vibrating slightly. It was strange, he had found, that the big injuries hurt less than the little ones, like the skin that had started to grow onto the stitches pulling hurting more than the original hit to the ribs.

"And, done! There, that wasn't so bad was it?"

"No, no, it wasn't. I've had worse."

Cameron actually looked at the chest she had been working on, and her eyebrows raised a bit. "So I see. Can I ask what happened?"

"Oh, I spent a year traveling through Africa. It - wasn't as quiet as might have been hoped."

"Are you still in pain?" The doctor looked at him concerned.

"No, just tired. Why?"

"Your arm, there. It's still twitching."

All three looked at his arm, which was quickly twitching, jerking up and down, and Xander seemed more and more concerned. "What is it? I can't seem to get it to stop!"

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