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The Failed Test.

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Unrevealed World.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Dawn are trying to find a newly called Slayer, Xander gets hurt, and goes to the hospital. Things get - interesting from there.

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Television > House, M.D. > Xander-CenteredLetomoFR1375,93525333,1429 Apr 1228 Jul 12No



A/N: Still don't own any of the characters, or settings. Only this idea.

Princeton/Plainsboro Clinic

"Normally, I would take blood for this, from your arm, and test it, but I'm not sure - your leg. I can get some from your leg. Uh, but you will have to disrobe. Sorry."

Xander looks slightly glum, before startling and looking at his arm again, as it continued to jerk. "Go ahead. Not like Dawn hasn't seen any of this before."

Dawn's eyes went out-of-focus for a moment, then snapped back. "Yep, good ol' Sunnydale. You know I used to trade favors to let the other girls see you when you were showering?"

Xander snapped his gaze to her, even as he stood so the pants could be lowered. "What sort of favors could you have possibly traded, and I locked the door, I made sure of it!"

"You locked it, and Spike had already shown me how to pick the lock," she smiled at him, before helping to tug his jeans down. "Not like it was hard, it was an inside door!"

"You picked the - ouch - lock? Should have guessed. I thought that was just that once that I forgot. And what favors did you trade for?"

Cameron drew the blood, before putting the cotton to the draw on his thigh. Dawn stepped up again, and held it in place for the moment till the tiny wound scabbed over, and a bandaid could be applied. The doctor continued to listen to the couple as she filled out the request forms.

"Yeah, Buffy came along the hall once, and we had to scatter, didn't get it relocked. And I mostly used the favors for jumping line to the bathroom. Reminds me, Rona still owes me a favor from that." The last line was muttered to herself.

"Okay, if you'll come back tomorrow, we will see what the test shows."

"Tomorrow?! Not sooner?" Xander was a little anguished by the wait. His arm had settled down a bit, but was still jerking about once every minute or two.

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid not. I'm going to have to put a rush on it as it is."

"Okay. Thanks. Just let me make him presentable," Dawn raised Xander's pants, and closed them up, before unfolding the wheelchair. "and we're ready to go. Just come here, right?"

"Or if you come between 8 and 4, and it isn't too busy in the ER, I can help you there."

"Okay!" Dawn was hardly going to argue with the idea of spending more time with Xander. And, if this kept taking an extra day here, an extra day there, not to mention still trying to find the new Slayer . . .


the next day

"The initial test shows it is syphilis. However, we did a nontreponemal test, and they do have a percentage that are false positives, especially if one has been exposed to malaria, as your file indicates you were, Mr. Harris. So, I would like to draw more blood, if possible, to do a treponemal blood test, specifically an FTA-Abs test. It will take a bit longer, but give us a truer indication."

"Again, please call me Xander." Xander started to use his left arm, which had seemed to settle down to a jerk every few minutes, but still jerking uncontrollably, to get ready for mroe blood to be drawn. Dawn leaned over to help him. This wasn't jsut because he needed it, though he did. She wanted him to get used to the idea of her removing his pants, for whatever reason.

"Right sorry, Xander. Now, I'm sorry to have to ask this, but have you two been intimate? If you have, Ms. Summers, I'll need to test your blood, too." Xander's face had grown ashen at the mention of getting intimate with Dawn.

"No, no, we haven't. Not yet." Dawn's voice is matter of fact. As though it is only a matter of time.

"Mr, ah, that is, Xander, have you had any sexual partners in the last year? If so, they may need to be contacted, depending on how the second test comes back."

"Ah, no, no partners for a long time. My ex-fiancee past away, and, let me think. No, it would have been before that, so, she was before I would have contracted it."

"Before you would - you know when you got the syphillis?" Cameron was a bit shocked.

"Oh, yeah. Dawn! Didn't you write it down?"

"No. I told you when I was filling out the form, it went away." She sounded slightly irritated.

"Ah, Syphillis doesn't just 'go away'. It can go into a latent stage, for years sometimes, it's not uncommon for it to be latent as long as 20 years, sometimes more. But without treatment, it doesn't just 'go away'. Fortunately, if that is the cause, we have a simple treatment, doesn't take long, a few weeks, and it will be out of you forever." Cameron got out the needle to draw the additional blood. The patient may think it was syphillis after all, but she was going to be sure.

"Oh." Dawn was a little surprised. She hadn't known that. Of course, her area of study was languages, fighting, a bit of magic, and lately Giles had been pushing her into management classes. Nothing medically oriented.

"I've got the blood, and if you'll come back in 2 or 3 days, we should have the results for you."

"Thanks Doc." Xander waited till his arm had spasmed, before he zipped up. He was sure it was the 'funny syphillis' coming back at him, and couldn't wait till it was gone. Thankfully, he was a little less tired, a little more himself every day.


two to three days later

"So, it is definitely syphillis. More specifically, because of the way your arm is spasming, I believe it is neurosyphillis. Now the treatment is intravenous penicillin, for at least 10 days. You can either be checked in here, or if you want, we can do this on an outpatient basis. You will be given a large bag, with an IV line, and have to come in every single day to get it changed."

"That one. Definitely that one. I am not sticking around the hospital any longer than I have to. No offense."

Cameron smiled. "Not a problem. I understand. Anyways, if you will wait a few moments, we'll set up your IV, and attach the first bag. Remember, it has to be kept above your heart."

"Can't we tape it to his shoulder?" Dawn asked.

"Possibly. We'll have to see how it goes."

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