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Bumping Into Old Friends On the Street

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Summary: In which the Doctor explains a painful thing to Amy and Rory after a chance encounter with the most loyal of companions during the couple's first visit to London.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats StoriesloyaleskamoeFR71498011,05110 Apr 1210 Apr 12Yes
Amy clutches her husband’s arm excitedly as she and Rory stare like tourists at London. It was amazing how that they saw all sorts of epic and alien things, but the capital of their country could still awe them. The Doctor smiles fondly as Amy squeals and points to Big Ben, just becoming visible through the concrete and steel valleys of the city.

Then he laughs, with ridiculous exaggeration. Amy and Rory give him questioning looks, but he merely whispers for them to play along. He goes on to talk about how he was staying late at the office one day, when his keyboard button got stuck! How wacky was that?

Amy didn’t resist telling him it wasn’t at all.

Instead of responding, their guide bumps into a red-headed woman on her mobile, sending a whole slew of documents to the ground.

“Oi! Do you mind! Watch where you’re going, mate!”

The Doctor mutters some vague apologies as they pick up her things, but keeps stealing glances at her face. After an awkward moment, while the red-head tells her caller that some idiot, in a bow tie of all things, slammed right into her, the Doctor hands the woman the rest her papers.

“You’re the lady who won the lottery the day after her wedding,” he says softly. “I recognized you from the Chiswick Gazette.”

The lady’s eyes narrow with suspicion. “Yeah, that’s me. What of it?”

“I just wanted to say congratulations, and that I hope you and your husband are happy.”

“Um, thank you,” she says, bemused. “Yes, we’re very happy.”

And the Doctor smiles. “You deserve it.”

She gives him an appraising look, as to see if this guy was for real. Evidently, she thought so, because the smile she sends back is sweet and sincere.

“Well, I have to get these to my husband. We’re buying a house!” She holds the papers up excitedly.

“Off you go then, missus! I wouldn’t want to keep you from that!” The Doctor tells her, laughing.

With an amused grin and a wave, the woman resumes her phone call and her direction.

The Doctor’s returning smile was melancholy, sad, and full of regret. He turns back to his companions. “Her name is Donna Temple-Noble. She saved the universe once. All she wanted was to see what was out there. Now she never will.”

“Did she travel with you?” Rory asked.

The Doctor nods and forces another, more cheerful smile. “But enough about that! I know of this great chips booth just up the street!”

And his companions knew they’d get nothing more from him. Though Rory understood the implications. Donna traveled with the Doctor and was damaged by it. He looked at his beautiful wife and knew that the sooner they parted ways with her oldest friend, the better.

Amy took his hand and they followed the Doctor down the streets of London to get some chips.


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The End

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking