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The Fourth Charmed One

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Summary: . After sending Angel to Hell, Buffy makes the decision to go back and talk to her mother, Joyce Summers. During the conversation Joyce reveals that Buffy was adopted in San Francisco.

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cole TurnerpipertolkienFR1898,31413011,73411 Apr 1214 Jan 13No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter One: Angry Outbursts

The Fourth Charmed One

Summary: In answer to the challenge #6581. After sending Angel to Hell, Buffy makes the decision to go back and talk to her mother, Joyce Summers. During the conversation Joyce reveals that Buffy was adopted in San Francisco. With only her birth mothers name, Patty Halliwell, to go on; Buffy heads out to San Francisco with Joyce’s permission and blessing to find her real family.


After sending Angel to Hell, Buffy makes a decision and goes to talk with Joyce. She hasn’t seen any of her friends since before the battle. When Buffy and her mom talk, it’s revealed that Buffy was adopted by Joyce and Hank in San Francisco and the only clue to her birth parents is the name Patty Halliwell.
Buffy wants to go find her birth parents/family so Joyce gives her consent to go San Francisco and Buffy doesn’t want the gang to know. Then the gang later finds out and tracks her down, like halfway through the story. Phoebe gets a vision about Buffy being their sister or something that lets them know about Buffy.
When she gets to the city, she looks up Halliwell and finds the Halliwells in the phone book and their address. To confirm that Buffy is their sister they summon Grams and Patty, their mother’s spirit. All the Power of Three spells turn into the Power of Four.
The Underworld gets wind that another Charmed One is in existence but they overlook/don’t know she’s also The Slayer. So Cole doesn’t know it either, yet.
In this story, Leo and Piper get back from the Elders before they all meet Cole at the crime scene with Darryl, which Buffy goes with them to. They meet Buffy after Leo and Piper get back and then the next day Piper, Prue, Phoebe and Buffy are at the crime scene.
When Cole meets them, he is drawn to Buffy (like he was drawn to Phoebe when he met her in the series) and he picks her to be the one to get close to. Buffy is drawn to him (just like Phoebe was) but her love for Angel and her hurt keeps her from getting close for a while.
The Scooby gang, when they find Buffy with the Charmed Ones and Cole, are very bitter and angry that Buffy ran away. Xander and Willow especially. Xander is self-righteous that Buffy abandoned the Hellmouth and Willow is upset that Buffy left and when she finds out Buffy is a Charmed One and part of a magic family line, she gets a little jealous. They want her to help with the Mayor or something. Because Buffy was never in Sunnydale, Faith doesn’t go evil.

*Buffy discovers that she is actually a year older than she was originally. She thought she was 18, she is actually 19-20ish.
*Buffy retains her Slayer powers and status
*Buffy gets witch powers
*She can orb, her father was Sam, her mother’s whitelighter.
*No Phoebe/Cole, though I am a major fan of it, not in this story.
*The Underworld knows about the new Charmed one but they do not know that she is The Slayer. Cole eventually finds this out when he’s already halfway in love with her.
*When Buffy learns the truth about Cole, she reacts the same way Phoebe did, she still loves him and fake vanquishes him. The relationship between them eventually has to last.
*In All Hell Breaks Loose, Prue doesn’t die because they have Leo’s healing and Buffy’s as well

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT under ANY circumstances make any profit off of this story. Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to the magnificent Joss Whedon and Charmed belongs to the equally magnificent Constance M. Burge.

A/N: Set in season 3 for Charmed and after season 2 and during season 3 for Buffy.

Chapter 1: Angry Outburst

Into every generation, there is a Chosen One,
One girl in all the world.
She alone will wield the strength and skill to stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness
She alone must risk her life to stop the spread of their evil, and protect the innocents.
She is the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy Summers lives with her mother Joyce Summers. Their house located in Sunnydale, California, which just happens to be located on top of a Hellmouth. Buffy and her Watcher, Rupert Giles, are guardians of the Hellmouth; protectors of the innocent as Xander and Willow, Buffy’s friends, might say. Buffy Summers is what the Watchers Council calls a “Vampire Slayer”.

“Mom, I’m home.” Buffy said as she walked into her house through the back door and entered the kitchen. The fight from earlier had taken a lot out of Buffy, both mentally and physically. Heaving a big sigh that almost came out as a sob; she remembered the last thing her mother said to her, “Buffy! You walk out that door; don’t even think of coming back!" Letting a few tears fall down her face then wiped them away angrily. I need to get out of here, NOW she thought as she ran upstairs and started to pack her duffle bag, not even stopping to look up as her mother walked into her room.

“Do you have anything to say to me Buffy or are you just going to leave?” Joyce asked with concern in her voice. She knew that she had made a terrible mistake and regretted the things she said to Buffy before she left to god knows where. Joyce also knew that the day would come when she would have to tell Buffy that she was adopted, and after Buffy left earlier that night she knew that the day had come. No more lies, no more secrets, just the god’s honest truth.

Without looking up at her mother she asked, “What is there to say?” while gathering her Slayer supplies from the trunk of her closet and dumping it all at the bottom of her duffle bag.

“How about you start off by telling me the truth Buffy? That would be a good place to start.”

“Do you not see what I am putting into my duffle bag? Come on mom, I know we are both blonds but there is no need to act stupid…it doesn’t suit you. Besides I told you before I left the house, I am a vampire slayer mother. I mean honestly, when you were washing the blood, dust and grime off of my clothes, what did you think I was doing?”

“You honestly want my opinion? I thought you were in a gang again just like you were back in L.A. just like you burned down you old high school gym.”

Buffy’s eyes went hard, looking at her mother dead in the eye, her eyes cold and heartless. “If you honestly cannot conceive the fact that your daughter is a vampire slayer instead of gang member, then honestly you are not the mother I grew up with.”

There was surprise and anger in Joyce’s eyes, and anger turned to cold and heartless. “Well since we are laying out all our cards here, I can tell you one thing is for sure Buffy, you are not my child and will never be my child.” Joyce threw down an old looking paper onto Buffy’s duffle bag, then turned and headed for the door. “I want you out of this house before dawn.” And just like that Joyce was gone.
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