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Fast and Furious Knight

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Summary: Xander gets thrown out of the Cleveland Slayer house and so goes to LA to meet up with an online pen-pal.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Willow's Explosion

*Disclaimer* I do not own Buffy or FF nor do I make any money from this story.

Willow sat in the living room of the London Council house with the newly arrived Tara sitting next to her. She was listening to the girl tell about how hard it was for her to resist tearing the ones responsible for her lover's death apart and was also telling about how she, herself, had failed to resist the temptation to seek revenge.

When Tara asked how she was brought back to the side of light Willow smiled sadly and said, "My best friend, Xander, saved me and the whole world by stepping between me and the statue I was going to use to channel the Earth's power to destroy it. He just kept telling me that he loved me and that, if I was going to end the world then, I had to start with him."

The blonde smiled and said, "The Xander from my dimension was very brave. He became an Immortal when he died saving my life from a Slayer who was turned by a master vampire."

"Did he die a final death before you left?"

"No. He said that he would follow me as soon as he was able to. He was also something of a powerful mage from the Halloween that everyone became their costumes. He went as Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books."

Willow giggled and said, "That sounds about right. He went as a soldier here and got all the knowledge of the soldier downloaded into his brain. Was your Xander possessed by a hyena just after Buffy came to town?"

Tara looked at her strangely and asked, "Who's Buffy, again?"

"She's the Slayer. She's where the split in the Slayer line started."

"She was never in Sunnydale in my dimension. We had Elizabeth. My Xander was possessed by a lion and it wasn't just him. All of us were."

"Did you have a werewolf named Oz who was also a musician?" asked Willow.

"Yes. He was so excitable. We often called him our little puppy and he acted like it a lot of the time." giggled Tara.

Willow was surprised at the description of Oz.

"Wow! The Oz here is so stoic that you're lucky to hear him say ten words at one time. Mostly he has one word answers to everything and nothing surprises him. Even when he was introduced to the supernatural all he he said was, 'Huh!'. It was when the Judge was being assembled."

The two girls were still sitting there talking when Buffy came in the room looking a little miffed.

"Willow! Xander needs you to go knock Mina Anne back down to a potential. She lied to the other girls and got them to help her kick him out of the Cleveland house. Also, she's been stealing the check Giles has been sending to take care of the house bills and everything."

Willow narrowed her eyes and said, "She's so busted. I'll go first thing in the morning here so that it's the middle of the night there and she'll be all sleepy and off her game. I'll take everything I need to un-Slayer-ize her. Anything else I need to take care of while I'm there? And, if he's been kicked out of the house where is he staying?"

Buffy smiled and said, "He said he was taking this time to take a vacation and go see a friend that he met online on a car part site. It sounded like he was at a racetrack when I was talking to him just a few minutes ago."

Willow frowned and said, "He has a friend on the Internet that he didn't tell me about? Is a girl friend? A boy friend? Are they romantically involved? Why didn't he tell me about this person? Have I been a bad friend and not been paying attention to things he's said?"

Buffy smiled as she held up her hand to stop the flow of words before saying, "I'll answer in order. Yes. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. No. Now, as to why he didn't tell any of us about this friend, he most likely just wanted to have something that was just his for a while. Like you did when you and Tara first started dating. I think we all need that for a while before we introduce people to the rest of the group from time to time."

Willow nodded and was about to say something about going to bed when Kennedy stormed in.

"That bitch has started a domino effect of things portaling in!"

Willow stood in front of Tara and asked, "What are you talking about, Kennedy?"

"Another person just opened a portal in the back yard and stepped through. He's bringing about ten other people through with him!" shouted Kennedy.

Tara jumped up and said, "It must be Xander and the other survivors that he said he found."

They all ran to the back door and watched amazed as the tall, broad form of Xander Harris stepped through the blue, swirling light of the portal followed by sixteen other people. Buffy gave a soft cry when she saw her mother step through the portal. Willow gave a cry as well when she saw her childhood friend, Jesse, step through. The two girls ran from the building and embraced their lost loved ones.

Willow pulled away from Jesse and said, "Xander is going to freak out over this. You've been gone from us for nearly ten years."

Kennedy watched as the girl she thought of as hers hugged the different people that she recognized and yet still kept the blonde girl who had come through first close to her. She was pissed that her girlfriend had thrown her away as soon as the little blonde bitch had stepped through the portal. Kennedy wasn't used to being the one thrown away. She had always been the one to throw away the girlfriend or boyfriend that she had for someone new and didn't like the feeling that she now had. Seeing as how the two other women weren't going to let go of the new people any time soon Kennedy stormed off in search of Mr. Giles to get him to slap some sense into them and make them send away the new people who were taking all the attention away from her.

Over the next few days Kennedy could be seen storming around the house and trying to break into the rooms assigned to the new people when Mr. Giles had refused to send them away. She was smart enough to wait until nearly everyone was out of the house before she tried to get into the rooms but, the doors had been magically sealed and she couldn't get in. She finally decided to set up a camera system to watch everything that the new people did.

She thought to herself, *I'll catch them doing something that will put us all in harms way and then prove to the others that I was right. No stupid dimension hopping bitch is gonna steal MY girlfriend until I'm done with her.*

What she didn't know was that Giles had put a charm on her to keep track of her and everything she did. He was getting tired of her spoiled little rich girl attitude about everything that was going on.

In the mean time Willow had gathered the things she would need to take to Cleveland with her to kick Mina Anne out of the Slayer House and teleported there the day after the other dimensional travelers had arrived. She appeared in the back yard where several of the girls were laying out in their swimsuits next to a brand new swimming pool. The girls had jumped to their feet at the light of the teleport and were standing there staring at the red-head.

One of the younger girls stepped forward and said, "Miss Willow, can we help you with anything?"

"Where is Mina?"

"Inside laying down with a headache. She was out all night with her boyfriend and, I think they were drinking."

"Who ordered the pool?"

"Mina did. She said that she cleared it with Mr. Giles before she ordered it." said one of the older girls whose family was as rich as Kennedy's family was and was just as spoiled as Kennedy.

Thankfully, she was no where near as bitchy as Kennedy was.

Willow sneered and said, “Well she lied, Stacey. Call the pool man and tell him that you’re returning the pool. You had better hope that I’m in a better mood when I get done with Mina Anne. You girls had better have this house clean by the time I’m done or you won’t like the consequences.”

The girls standing behind Stacey all nodded while Stacey just stood there.

When Willow was out of earshot she turned to the girls and said, “We don’t have to do what she says. We’re in control here. Macie, put that phone down! We are not giving up the pool that we earned. Nor are we doing stupid chores around the house. We’ll just call someone to do it for us. That was about the only thing Harris was good for around here. Mina will tell little Miss Priss up there off for daring to enter our domain and ordering us around.”

The other girls looked at each other and then Macie said, “Ms. Willow is the one who gave us our Slayer powers, Stacey. She can just as easily take them away again. I don’t want to go back to being a whore for my father and his friends. I’m not going against Ms. Willow.”

Stacey glared at her and said, “Then you can just get out of this house, Macie. As can anyone else who feels the same as she does.”

To her surprise most of the other girls stood behind Macie and one said, “No, Stacey. You’re the one who will get out of our house. I’ve looked over the house bills and the house account that Mr. Harris set up and I’ve never seen a single deposit from the Council into the account. It really has been Mr. Harris who kept us afloat in this house. I can remember the pages of demon information sitting on the kitchen table waiting for us every morning and I know that we were all either out on patrol or in bed sleeping every night so it really was him that did all of the research for us.”

The other girls nodded and then a scream shattered the morning air. The girls all ran up the stairs to see what was the matter. What they found when they got there made them all wince in pain.

Willow had dragged Mina out of bed by her hair and her boyfriend was frozen jumping out of the bed. Willow threw Mina to the floor and gave a quick whispered word which caused a green glow to surround the younger girl.

Willow threw a barrier up around the door to keep the other girls out of her way before saying, “You girls had better get to work if you don’t want to end up like Mina Anne will be in just a few minutes.”

With that Willow pulled her supplies out of her bag and began the spell that would remove Mina as a full Slayer and return her to the position of being just a potential Slayer. It only took about five minutes before Willow was done and she was packing up her belongings.

She looked down at Mina and said, “You have twenty-four hours to get your belongings together and get off the property, Mina. If you’re not gone by this time tomorrow I will be back and you will be forcefully evicted. Also, if you try to take anything that belongs to the Council I will know and you will be put in the dungeon at the main house. This includes the things you bought with the money you have stolen from the Council which you will be repaying, by the way. You owe the Council one million dollars and you owe Xander alone four thousand. I would get a very high paying job really quickly if I were you.”

With that Willow released all of her magic and swept out of the room to the angry screaming of Mina and her boyfriend. She smiled to herself as she walked through the house and saw the other girls cleaning up the house. There was a small army of men outside pulling out the pool that Mina had ordered and Stacey was scowling deeply as she refused to help with anything. She silently vowed to make everyone in the house pay for ruining the good thing they had going here.

Willow silently popped out of the house headed back to the London Council House. She was surprised to find Buffy and Faith holding onto Kennedy while Giles was checking on a bleeding Tara who was laying on the floor.

“What happened?”

Buffy looked at her best friend and said, “Kennedy attacked Tara with a knife. Luckily we were all heading to Giles’s office and caught her before she could make another attempt to finish it.”

Willow’s eyes hardened and she said, “Put her in one of the cells, please. I’ll remove her from the Slayer line as well today. Also, Mina has twenty-four hours to vacate the Cleveland House with her stuff or she goes in a cell here.”

Buffy and Faith nodded and picked Kennedy up to carry her to the Slayer proof dungeon cells. Willow joined Giles beside Tara and began doing small spells to stop the flow of blood and then smearing some salve on the wound to help the healing. Once Willow was done Giles carried the blonde girl to the set of rooms that she and Willow shared. Willow headed down to the dungeons to take care of removing Kennedy from the Slayer line. As she was heading down she ran into the alternate dimension Xander who followed her down to the dungeons.

He stood back and watched her do the small ritual that removed the Slayer essence from Kennedy and, as they headed back up to the lobby he said, “I have felt that there is someone else in this world that shares my essence. Do you know of him?”

Willow nodded and said, “He’s been my best friend since kindergarten. He’s in America right now heading up the American Council House. He should be coming here in a week or two.”
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