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Fast and Furious Knight

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Summary: Xander gets thrown out of the Cleveland Slayer house and so goes to LA to meet up with an online pen-pal.

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Xander's Expulsion

*Disclaimer* I Do Not Own Buffy or FF nor do make Any money from this story.

Xander cursed as he quickly packed his personal belongings into a large bag before leaving the house that he had shared with slayers on the Cleveland Hellmouth and throwing the bag in the back seat of his car before grabbing his tool chest to gather all of his tools. Throwing his tools in the trunk he gave one last look at the house before getting in the driver's seat and driving away. He was heading down to L.A. to see a friend that he had met over the Internet. As he drove he thought about what had happened that lead to where he was now.

*Xander walked through the door to the house and was surprised to see the large group of girls standing in the entrance with angry expressions on their faces.

"What's up, girls?"

The girl at the very front of the group said, "We're tired of having you loafing around the house not doing anything, Harris. It's time you grow-up and stop being a burden on us."

"Excuse me? What are you talking about, Mina? I do not loaf around the house and do nothing. I go to work every day so that we can afford to keep this house. We have electricity, water, heat, and air because I go to work everyday. On my days off I do repairs to the house that are needed because you girls can't go outside to spar or settle your personal disputes. At night I do research for you so you know what you're fighting against. Don't you dare tell me, Mina Anne, that I don't do anything around this house."

Mina sneered and said, "You are not the one who keeps this house going, Harris. The Watcher's Council pays for everything here. I've never seen you so much as crack a book since you've been here. You're no longer welcome here, Harris, so just get lost."

"Fine. You don't want me here? Then don't come crying to me when your bills come due and you can't pay them. Don't call me when your house falls down around your ears!"

With that he had stormed out of the room.*

As Xander entered L.A. he sighed as he remembered that he had a possibility of meeting up with Angel and his group.

"Oh well. If I see them I'll worry about it then."

He pulled into an all night cyber cafe and logged onto a terminal. He went to his e-mail to send a message to his friend that he was in town and see if he wanted to meet up somewhere. Normally the man answered his e-mails with-in thirty minutes and no more than an hour. When there was no answer after two hours he got worried and decided to drive by the place his friend said he owned. He got the directions to the garage and headed that direction.

When he got there he got out of his car and headed inside.

There was a young woman standing behind the counter so he went up to her and said, "Hi. I'm looking for Dom Toretto. Is he around today?"

The woman glared at him and asked, "Who wants to know?"

"My name's Xander. Dom and I met online on a website for car parts."

The woman smiled and said, "Yeah. That sounds like the kind of site Dom would be on. He's not here right now. Leave your name and number and I'll get him to call you when I see him tonight."

"Sure. You got a pen and paper?"

The woman smiled and handed over her pad and pen. Xander jotted down his name, his e-mail, and his cell phone number.

"Just tell him Boy-Toy said 'Bite Me!'"

"Boy-Toy? You got something going on with Dom?"

"Nah! It's just a nickname an old girlfriend gave me and I made it my online name to everything."

The girl nodded and Xander headed out to his car. He found a motel to stay in until Dom called him. It was nearly midnight before his cellphone rang. He looked at the display to see who it was and wasn't surprised to see that it was one of the Cleveland Slayers calling him.

He answered it and said, "I told ya'll not to call me."

"Buffy called and wanted to talk to you. You left your Watcher's phone here when you took off."

"She calls back tell her I'm on vacation and I'll call her in a few days unless it's world endage. And if you tell her I said anything but that I will know and you will be demoted from a patrol Slayer to babysitter for the youngest of the Slayers."

"Fine. Whatever."

With that the girl hung up. Xander hung up on his end as well before rolling over and going to sleep. He was woken up by his cellphone ringing. With a groan he rolled over to grab it and see who was calling him so early in the morning. Seeing the unfamiliar number he hoped it wasn't another of the Slayers.


"Boy-Toy! You got any need of some extra muscle around your place?"

Xander smiled and said, "Hey, Dom! Actually, I'm in L.A. for a while. What 'cha got going on?"

"Not much. A couple of races in a couple of days and possibly the killing of my baby sister's ex-boyfriend. You?"

"Vacation for a few days then I might get in touch with a co-worker of sorts here in L.A.. You wanna go terrorize the broody bastard with me?"

Dom laughed and said, "Yeah. That could be fun. Come by the shop today and I'll introduce you around to the team."

"Sure. I'll be there in a couple of hours."

"We'll wait for you, man."

The two men hung up and Xander got up to get dressed for fun. Once he got back to Dom's shop he was amazed at the cars that were parked outside. He was just reaching for the door when a large, bald man slammed it open.

The man glared at him for just a moment before grinning and saying, "Let me guess. Boy-Toy?"

Xander nodded and said, "Yeah. Dom?"

"Get in here, man. We're getting ready to go to a race. Wanna come with us?"

"I didn't get dressed up for nothing. Show me what you got, Dom."

Dom lead Xander into the garage and hollered, "Heads up, people! Before we head to the race I want ya'll to meet my friend, Xander. He's better known to the world as Boy-Toy."

He then pointed to each person and gave their names.

"Vince, Leon, Jesse, Letty, Brian, and, my baby sister, Mia."

Xander nodded to each person and wasn't to surprised when Vince stood up and said, "What the hell, Dom? Is one stray not enough for you?"

Brian seemed to take offense at that because he said, "Hey! Not a stray, Vince. Besides, Mia's the one who keeps me so, if I was a stray I wouldn't belong to Dom."

Xander watched the group interact for a few minutes and noticed the thin strands of light that encircled each person. He smiled when he realized that the same color was on all of them and they all lead back to Dom.

He said, "I think you all belong to Dom in a way. Some more than others."

Everyone looked at him strangely and he shrugged saying, "People also call me 'The One Who Sees' for a good reason. I notice things no one else does."

Dom raised an eyebrow and said, "Really? What do you see with us?"

"Your aura. Dom's is a deep royal purple and it stretches out to wrap around each of you."

He looked at Mia, Letty, and Brian.

"Some more than others."

He then turned to Dom and said, "So, what about these races?"

Dom laughed and said, "Yeah. Let's go, people. We got some money to be making."

The group of people quickly headed for their cars.

Dom pulled Xander to his car and said, "You better hang on tight, Boy-Toy. I don't drive slow."

Xander smiled and said, "I highly doubt you can be a worse driver than any of my girls. Their reflexes are to fast for a car's systems. Makes for really bad drivers."
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