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The Immortal, the Doctor, and the Slayer.

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Summary: A different look at the Immortal, the 11th Doctor's missing years, and Buffy's time in Rome.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack HarknessLetomoFR1543,9980113,81513 Apr 1226 Jun 12No

Bastard Child of a Weevil and Human.

Bastard Child of Weevil and Human.

A/N: Still haven't forgotten this, or any of my stories, but real life keeps interrupting. Irritating, that. Still, it did give me time to figure out how to do this so I get what I want in. Still don't own any of the characters involved. As before, words between { and } are in latin.


The Immortal had noticed a lot of activity on the supernatural front lately, and then, a few months ago, most of the extra-dimensional beings seemed to go into a frenzy of hiding, running, searching for portals to escape. He still wasn't sure what had caused it. But, he was sure he would soon enough. He had heard, through one of his contacts, that 'the Golden Slayer' would be visiting soon. He couldn't wait to meet her!

Of course, he could still, a millenium and a half later, remember his shock at finding out that Vampires were real . . .

about 40 years after being sent to the past . . .

Jack had only been 'the Immortal' for a few years now. It had taken him a while to set himself up. Despite what the Doctor said, he wanted to take his time, set himself up right, so that he wouldn't be easily gotten rid of. Plus, calling himself 'the Immortal'? While it may be true, it was also sort of self-aggrandizing, beyond even what he was comfortable with.

Still, he had done things he hadn't wanted to before - working with Torchwood practically required it - and he could do it. He would do it.

Part of that was establishing himself with both the highest levels of society, and the lowest. Oddly, the highest was easier. He had enough gems, and now enough land, that he was fairly easily accepted. It didn't hurt that a firm of publicans, who were named after their animalistic 'gods', had been able to provide him with citizenship papers, for a suitable bribe. He had even started a slight trend among the young bucks for wearing a dark blue, the color of his robes, closest he had been able to come to his probably now destroyed Great Coat.

The lowest levels of society, on the other hand, were a bit harder to break into. His former personage of a bodyguard, and skill with knives, was useful, but not enough. His robes, of which he had had many made, were actually also useful for hiding at night. He might still need to sleep, but he had also been trained to be able to go without sleep for long periods of time. Which allowed him to slip out, and skulk through the town, getting a feel for it.

"AAAGGGrrgle . . . "

He heard the beginning of the scream, and raced to see what it was. Probably a rogue slave, attacking a freewoman, but he wasn't sure. It had definitely been the sound of a female screaming though, and he was still, even in the 51st Century, hardwired to race to try to save women in pain.

What he found a couple blocks away, in the alley off the main street, was a woman, blood running down from the injury on the side of her neck, all but dead, and--

What was that attacking her? The bastard child of a Weevil and Human? It was almost halfway between the two. Hmm, that was one things Torchwood had never studied, could the two species interbreed? Whatever it was, besides naked and dirt-encrusted, it was definitely the aggressor.

{"Back! Away from her, you!"} He clanged his knives together, wishing he still had a gun he could have used to shoot the being with.

The figure looked up, it's eyes almost glowing yellow, before it dropped the dead woman, and growled at him. Jack crouched into a battle-ready stance, and prepared for battle. He had faced Weevils many times, he knew what to be ready for.

He wasn't ready for it's face to change to that of a normal man. Which meant he dropped his guard, long enough for the creature [man? Weevil half breed?] to jump him. Despite his distraction, he still managed to shove his knives into it, one in the belly, in in the chest. The being, must be extra-dimensional, a small part of his mind thought, ignored the wounds, changed it's face back to the half-way form, and bit into his neck, but rather than chewing, or ripping, it seemed to be - sucking?

It wasn't but a moment or two before he was faint, despite the repeated stabbings to the creature, and Jack was graying out, fading, black.


A few minutes later, Jack woke to find himself in only his under clothing, his nice grey robes gone, along with his knives. They had apparently been taken by the creature. Looking up at the sliver of moon, Jack cursed, got up, checked the woman [definitely dead], and started the process of sneaking back to his manor house.

He would have to begin to ask some questions, and see if he could track the thing in the morning. Without electrical lighting, it was too dark to do anything now.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Immortal, the Doctor, and the Slayer." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jun 12.

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