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Life with the Slayer

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Summary: Trying to deal with an ego-maniacal stepbrother you have severe UST with is NOTHING compared to learning you now have superpowers and are expected to fight the forces of darkness. (A Buffy/Life with Derek crossover)

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Television > Life With DerekWrytergrrrlFR131813,0552246,18216 Apr 1211 Jul 14No

Chapter Two: Nora

Disclaimer: See Chapter One.

AN: I'm feeling inspired today so here is a second chapter already. I don't have a regular updating schedule so I don't know when I'll post again. It might be today but it might be a month from now. I'm still getting into this whole fanfic writing thing for the first time in years so I'm not really organized yet.

Chapter Two: Nora

Nora knows her children think of her as something of a flake.

Casey has been the adult in their household for a long time. She's opinionated. She's outspoken. She's willing to fight for every serious or silly thing she believes in.

Nora has taken a backseat to her daughter for years. And she is okay with this.

Her children don't know this, but Nora is just making up for the childhood she didn't have.

Once upon a time she lived in a completely different world. A world her innocent little children (even Derek) couldn't possibly imagine.

A world of darkness and death. A world of training and obeying. A world of waiting waiting waiting for one girl to die and the next to be Chosen.

Once upon a time Nora was a Potential Slayer, raised by a Watcher to be the Council's perfect little soldier. And she was a very good little soldier. She didn't make friends. She cut ties with her family. She read books on demonology and performed katas every morning and evening.

From age 12 to 17 Nora was exactly the girl that the Council wanted her to be. And each day she waited waited waited to find out if all her training and preparing would serve a purpose.

But it didn't happen for Nora. Other girls were Called and she wasn't and eventually she turned 18 and the Council said she was done. She was too old to be a Slayer and her time of waiting was over.

They offered her a place in the Council but she held up her head for the first time in her life and said No. They said she was done so she was done. She left her Watcher (not her Watcher anymore or ever again) and she went out into the world and she made mistakes but also made conquests and she went to college and met a man and started a family and lived a life she hadn't even dreamed of before.

And when her first relationship fell apart because she really had no idea how to hold an adult relationship together, she still managed to keep her children healthy and happy and safe. She met a new man who made her feel like she was 16 and falling in love for the first time and they had fun together and she married him because she was still living the life she never thought she'd be able to have.

But Nora isn't a flake, like her children seem to think she is. She knows what exists under the bed and hidden in the dark recesses of the closet. She keeps Holy Water in her underwear drawer and a wooden stake under the mattress. And she keeps the phone number to her Watcher (even if he isn't really hers anymore) in the back of her wallet.

Just in case.

Just in case the worst happens.

Just in case her family is attacked by something horrifying.

Just in case something horrifying happens to one of her family.

Just in case her beautiful, strong, opinionated, wonderful eldest daughter wakes up one morning and shatters things around her with inhuman strength.

Just in case the never-was Slayer looks at her beautiful teenage girl one day and realizes that there will be no never-was for her.

She didn't know Casey was a Potential. She didn't know it was even a possibility. No one from the Council ever came knocking on her door like they did with her mother a million years ago.

She didn't know Casey was a Potential. It is a surprise and a shock and a nightmare all rolled into one.

But now she knows. She knows Casey ISN'T a Potential.

Casey is a Slayer.

Suddenly the stake in her mattress and the Holy Water in her drawer are not enough. Fleeing to the other side of the world doesn't seem like enough.

Because Nora is not a flake. She has never really been one. It was just a disguise she wore around herself after being a soldier for so long.

A perfect little soldier. Who wants to resist all of her training and all of the rules and regulations instilled in her head for years.

But she can't. So after George heads out to the office and the kids are all off to school, she pulls the phone number from the back of her wallet. The phone number she never wanted to call again but couldn't make herself get rid of.

She pulls out the phone number and she calls it for help.
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