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Life with the Slayer

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Summary: Trying to deal with an ego-maniacal stepbrother you have severe UST with is NOTHING compared to learning you now have superpowers and are expected to fight the forces of darkness. (A Buffy/Life with Derek crossover)

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Television > Life With DerekWrytergrrrlFR131813,0552246,18216 Apr 1211 Jul 14No

Chapter One: The Beginning

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Life with Derek. I don't know if I wish I did, because than I would be responsible for everything, including the characters and situations I don't like, and I'd be mad at myself over them. So I'm happy to leave ownership to the creators/writers/producers/whatevers of both shows.

AN: This is a Buffy/Life with Derek crossover. I've been reading a lot of Dasey fanfic lately and somehow was inspired. I don't know exactly where this story is going so far, but a Dasey pairing is probably on the horizon. I also don't know how adult the content will get, so I'm rating 13 right now but might up that later if necessary. This takes place after the Buffy TV series, and sometime when Casey and Derek are 17 in Life with Derek (though I'm not sure what actual episodes I'd place it around). I'm not going with the Buffy comic book storylines, and obviously the LwD will become AU since I am making Casey a Slayer. I think most of the changes I'm making will explain themselves as the story progresses.

Chapter One: The Beginning

This is how it begins.

She wakes up and breaks her alarm clock.

She has never been the violent type (except with Derek). She has never been less than a morning person (unlike Derek). She has never had an issue with her alarm clock going off before (she only has issues when it DOESN'T go off, courtesy of Derek).

So why she slams her hand down on it hard enough to break it is something she can't even begin to understand. She stares at the remains of the clock on her night stand and cannot think of one rational, reasonable explanation for such a thing happening.

There are, of course, completely irrational reasons she can think of it happening. But she doesn't focus on those, because that means she will have to focus on other things that have been going on recently that she doesn't want to focus on.

Dreams of girls. Girls she has never met. Girls throughout history. Girls fighting. Girls dying.

She doesn't want to think about dreams of girls dying.

She doesn't want to think about how she feels like she recognizes these girls. Even though she has never met them, she feels connected to them. Like she feels connected to Lizzie, and even Marti. Like these are her sisters, only ... different. More and less.

Dreams of her sisters dying are too heartbreaking to contemplate.

Broken alarm clocks smashed to pieces by a random swing of her fist are also too much to contemplate.

So she does what she has learned to do best in the years she has found herself sharing a house with Derek. She IGNORES.

She ignores the alarm clock as she gets out of bed and goes about her morning routine.

She ignores her dreams that have become more and more frequent in the last three weeks.

She ignores the way she lifts the ENTIRE BED off the floor when searching underneath it for one of her favorite earrings. She was obviously imagining things there because there is NO WAY she could lift the furniture like that all on her own.

She ignores the worried look on her mother's face when she heads down to breakfast, trips over Derek's hockey equipment, and DOESN'T fall on her face. Instead she swivels, turns, bends a bit in a way that she couldn't do before, and manages to remain on her feet.

Everyone stares at her as if they have never seen her before and she would be freaking out if she wasn't so busy IGNORING.

And then Derek waltzes into the kitchen and makes a snide remark about her outfit for the day and pushes all the usual buttons to make her want to scream and she bolts from the kitchen and the house in a huff of teenage fury.

And not even she can really ignore the fact that, as she is slamming her way outside, she manages to pull the entire front door down off its hinges to leave it lying at a precarious angle in the doorway.

But as this is just the beginning, Casey McDonald does everything in her power to pretend that she is ignoring the warning signs just the same.
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