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We Found Love In A hopeless Place

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Summary: After her final battle, The Powers That Be have another favour to ask Buffy Summers. Can she help to save Aragorn and Middle Earth, not too much to ask for, right? Buffy/Aragorn

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: AragornDarkRubyFR1511,856031,27017 Apr 1217 Apr 12No
We found Love in a hopeless place

Crossover: Buffy The Vampire slayer/Lord of the Rings

Pairing Buffy/Aragorn

Disclaimer: Buffy and all the amazing characters belong to Joss Whedon, Lord of the rings to J R R Tolkien and Peter Jackson. Song title belongs to Rihanna. I’m just having some fun with everything. I love the Buffy/Aragorn pairing and I am very disappointed that my fav story first knight isn’t being completed. I know that I will never live up to Asha Dreamweaver’s amazing writing skills, but I will give it a go, who knows what could happen. Please let me know what you think, and if there is criticism let it be in a nice way please lol.

“So, Buffy, where do we go from here?” I turn to look at my sister, Dawn Summers, with relief evident in my face. After years of pain and suffering, torment and even death, my time of freedom has finally arrived. My friends stand beside me, Willow Rosenberg, Alexander Harris. Friends I’ve known since I very first came to Sunnydale seven long years ago. Faith Lehane, dark slayer reformed to the side of light. Hers is a story that will live on long after she has passed, maybe even longer than my own story. She thinks she will never live up to me, but that simply isn’t true. She is truly a hero now. Rupert Giles, My watcher and mentor and my father. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

There have been losses of course, no battle comes without them. There is Anya Jenkins, who was a former demon of vengeance. She lost her powers and had to live as a human, and as she slowly became our friend and ally, she found love in the unlikely form of Xander. They always had a bond between them even when they were apart, and I always envied this. I’ll miss her a lot. Several slayers in training, who had just gained their powers due to Willows spell, had lost their lives too. And Spike, I didn’t even want to think about him yet. With his perfect platinum blond hair and brown eyes, his chiselled features, making him look so cold, but who would have thought William the bloody had a soul?

I am finally free of being the one and only, the one with the weight of the world on her shoulders. I can live my own life now, do whatever I want. Have a vacation. There are other slayer’s who can share my burden. Of course I won’t abandon them all. There will have to be meetings, rebuilding of the Watchers Council, probably with Giles in charge. Issues will have to be resolved between Willow, Xander, Dawn, Faith and I, but that will come later. We will have to have celebrations too, and funerals. This is all spinning around in my head making me feel dizzy. I’m just about to answer Dawn, when something happens that changes my world forever.

A bright circle of light begins to form in front of my eyes, right above the large crater that is all that is left of my home. The circle begins to form into a vortex, making the wind start to swirl around us, my hair swishing wildly around my face.

“What’s going on?” Dawn cries out, her voice fills with panic. I want to comfort her, tell her it’s going to be ok, that it’s not like the last time we both saw a swirling vortex that sucked me out of her life. That killed me. But I can’t tell her any of this, because I don’t know myself what’s happening.

“Buffy!” Willows voice now, and Xander’s.

“Buffy look out!” Andrew’s voice added to the mix. I am ashamed to say I forgot Andrew, but I’m glad he made it out alive.

I reach up to shield my eyes, wishing I had a pair of sunglasses, thinking, am I going to go blind? Their voices are fading behind me and all I can see is this endless white brightness, and I feel incredibly cold. Nothing makes sense, everything is crazy. My heart beat is racing so fast I think it’s going to explode. Please let it be over now. My wish is granted and everything goes black.


When I wake up it’s still very bright, but now the light is more of a silver colour than white. And it’s very foggy. I’m confused, disorientated and I don’t know what’s going on. It’s worse than being hung over. A figure is before me, vaguely familiar, but everything is blurry.

“Darling, sweet, Buffy. My beautiful baby girl. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Mum?” My voice is a hoarse whisper, and I can’t think straight. Did I go back in time? No, that can’t be right. It doesn’t feel right to me, none of this does. “Mum, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s really me.”

“But you’re dead. You died. I saw it.”

She is nodding, a sad smile on her lips and her eyes have tears in them. Can dead people cry? Maybe she is an Angel. Do Angel’s cry?

“Am I dead too? Did the Powers That Be take me away from Dawn again?” Because it had to be those damn powers that be. I suddenly wish that Angel is here standing by me. He would make me feel safe, him with his mission for the Powers. He helps the helpless and I certainly feel helpless. I’ve only felt weak once before when I lost my slayer strength and I hated it.

“No! You’re very much alive,” she is whispering, like she is afraid of me. Maybe she has a right to be afraid. Suddenly I’m feeling very angry and who knows what I could be capable of. I’m being used again, that’s what this is. Finally I have a shot at something called normal and here my mother is as a messenger for those low life Powers, hoping to get me to join in whatever they want, just because she’s my mother.

“The answer’s no,” I say firmly. “Whatever it is, whatever They want, what I want? I want to go home RIGHT NOW! I’m sick of this, always having to play it Their way. They wouldn’t let me be with Angel, They wouldn’t let me be happy. So now, I don’t want them to be happy, got it? Good. I’m done with all of it. Destiny, Fate, I’m through.”

I finally run out of steam and my mother is fully crying now. “I know. Believe me I know, my darling. But as a slayer you don’t really have a choice in this. It’s your duty to save the world. And I know you’ve just done that, and you’ve done it several times and you want it to be over. But while your world is safe for now, another world is crumbling. Another world is being destroyed as we speak. It’s a world that needs you.”

“Well, no offence to that world, but this is a little too much to ask for ok? I’ve finally, finally succeeded in my mission for once. Stopping the First Evil is a pretty big blow to the dark side. You’d think I’d get a reward. But no! I get this. And it’s not even my world we’re talking about here, this is another dimension. I don’t owe these people anything the only connection I have with them is that the stupid Powers are telling me they exist. Does this seem fair to you at all? I’m not some guardian Angel.”

“No, but you are a good person. It won’t be forever, you will have a chance to come back. And you’re friends won’t even know you’re gone because time will move differently.”

I close my eyes, trying to be patient with her. She s my mother, even if she’s dead. I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

“Can you at least tell me where I’d be going? Can you show me?”

“I can’t show you, if I do it might let Sauron know that you’re on your way to help defeat him. He might be able to sense the magic being used. We have to be careful. You’ll be going to a place called Middle Earth. “

“I have no idea what any of that meant. Just who am I meant to be helping?”

“His name is Aragorn, son of Arathorne. He is supposed to be king of Gondor, the capitol city of Middle Earth. You are also to help Arwen, daughter of Elrond, king of the Elves. You have to help them make the right choices, to help them to be happy. If they remain together, while they will have happiness for a short time, Arwen will suffer more than she knows as she can live longer than normal humans. You have to get her to go with her family into the West.”

I stare at my mother, my eyes wide. “You’re still not making any sense at all.”

“We don’t have much time Buffy, that’s pretty much all I can give you. Basically, Sauron is the bad guy who wants to destroy the world. You’re main quest is to be an extra strength too them in their final battles as they need all the help they can get. And you have o protect the future king’s happiness, and princess Arwen’s happiness.”

I hesitate, my spider sense acting up. It’s a shiver up my spine, a tingling feeling around my neck. The saying that someone just walked over my grave is very appropriate as it is how I feel. But the mention of Aragorn’s name brings with the word an image of his face. Wise beyond his years, calm, eyes and long, shoulder length brown hair. A part of me wants to run my fingers through that hair and take comfort in his strong looking arms and hear whatever advice he has to give. I’m sure I can learn a lot from him. All this catches me by surprise. How can I feel this way about anyone after what has happened in my life? My love life has pretty much been a disaster, and what about Spike? I wouldn’t say we were in love, exactly but it was defiantly something. Was this love at first sight I was feeling? I was sure that this Sauron guy couldn’t be tapping into this, this was slayer magic. This was me seeing the future. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but it was a definite attraction that I felt. One thing was sure I didn’t want him to die.

I look up at my mother but she can tell I’ve made my decision. “As long as I can come back,” I say instantly. Because if I am just going crazy, and this feeling is just an Illusion, then I won’t want to be trapped in a world where no one wants me. I actually don’t want to be trapped at all, if I had a choice to live in this Middle Earth or my own world, my own world is the only choice I have. But if we do share something then, maybe he would want to come back with me? I could always hope.

Of course, with that last thought in mind, I realise how silly I am and if I don’t want to leave my world he won’t want to leave his and he is in love. And what if we all die anyway?

“Take my hand, Buffy. I’ll lead the way.”

I take her hand not liking this one bit. “Sorry, Dawnie,” I whisper, sending her a silent wish to be safe.

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