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Wall of the Hellmouth

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Summary: Sophmore year finds Buffy moving from LA to Smallville with a dangerous past. In comes Clark Kent, intergalactic traveler. Slayer and alien meet, secret heritages revealed, and of course as these two heros fall in love evil will attempt to regin supreme

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

After the demonstration at the Kent Farm, Giles spent a lot of time trying to train Buffy and Clark with their abilities. However his attempts were very feeble, he had no clue how exactly he was supposed to work with it when he had no clue what he was working with in the first place. A few failed tries left them all in a funk, so he returned to Buffy’s old training regimen until he had some more answers.

Buffy and Clark weren’t too happy about it; they weren’t positive how he was going to get the answers. Both were terrified that he was going to go back on his word and contact the council. So far it seemed as if it wasn’t going to happen, but they couldn’t be sure they still didn’t know much about Giles.

Pete and Chloe had joined the duo on a patrol one night and it actually didn’t turn out as disastrous as anticipated. They managed to slay a vamp, which looked small compared to the demon that Buffy singlehandedly took down, without too much help which was a big plus. And Buffy and Clark had managed an entire patrol acting like a human and a slayer even though it was more difficult to control their strength then to even fight.

All in all things had been going smoothly. Nothing too bad, nothing too great, things were pretty much normal. The teens were happy for that because they spent the time working on their relationship and getting to know each other better. Clark had learned a lot about Buffy before she came to Smallville, especially about Dawn who was one of Buffy’s favorite subjects to discuss. Without too much supernatural stuff in their lives it was obvious that she thought about her sister a lot. It confused him a little because she had a few months to deal with it, but the pain seemed brand new. From what she said it was because she was preoccupied over the summer, however she never gave a reason why. Actually she seemed to be hiding something about her summer vacation, but he never pressed.

Spending time with just each other and going on normal dates proved to be very beneficial for the couple. It made them feel a lot better to be well normal and they had a lot of fun. Clark admitted he had never been on a date and Buffy assured him that she hadn’t been on an actual date in over a year. She described Angel as being antisocial and when he asked why that was she would just laugh at him.

The four friends spent a lot of time together as well, and more often than not it turned into three with Buffy, Clark, and Lex. All three of them had become great friends and Buffy and Clark found him to be hilarious and just refreshing. Buffy found a lot in common with him as well. Her upraising had not been quite the same as Lex’s and she was not nearly as well off, but they understood one another in a way that a “born” and bred Smallville boy could not. Clark did try his best to not let jealousy take over but sometimes it was hard. It was a good thing he was friends with Lex or else he may have a problem; that and the fact that he and Buffy spent almost every moment together.

And with the more lax slaying schedule more time began to let up for high school responsibilities, even though not everyone was happy about this. “Man, I don't know how I let you talk me into this,” Pete complains.

“Every Smallville High Student needs to complete 30 hours of community service,” Clark reminds him

“Yeah, but we could have served our community by lifeguarding the girl's swim class at the Y, instead of hanging out with the denture crowd. I mean, what's the attraction?”

“You’re such a pig Pete,” Buffy laughs at him.

“Buffy chose this,” her boyfriend rats her out.

“There’s your attraction then. Come on Buffy why this though?”

“Because I can help people in a normal capacity plus there was something I wanted to check out. From what I can tell there’s something off about the woman we’re seeing first, some of the nurses say she can see the future.”

Both boys look at each other, not believing that at all but shrug it off and walk up to the second floor to go and see the elderly woman. When they walk in she’s staring at the window and the sound of her voice shocks the three teens, “It takes three of you to read to me now, does it? Don't just stand there. Come in.”

“How'd you know there were three of us?”

“Well, I'm blind, not deaf. I heard your little friend's shoes squeaking all the way down the hall. Even more so I’m guessing the young lady’s shoes are leather boots, more than likely Tory Burch.”

“Nice guess,” Buffy cracks a smile.

“Can you really tell the future?” Pete blurts out.

Buffy snorts, “Way to go Pete. Real subtle.”

“What's your name?” she asks Pete, completely unfazed.

“Pete Ross.”

“Mr. Ross, if you want your fortune told, go to the circus. Oh... Oh.... It’s a long walk home, Mr. Ross. Check your pockets.”

“Oh man...I locked my keys in the car. Dude, you and your girl are on your own.”

“Now...what are your names?” Cassandra turns to Buffy and Clark.

“Clark Kent, and this is my girlfriend Buffy Summers. Now what book should we read to you today?”

“Hey Clark if you have this handled I’m going to go to the next person on the schedule so we can give both more time. It was nice meeting you Cassandra.”

She reaches out to shake Buffy’s hand, but she was already down the hall outside of the room of the next assignment on her list. Walking in she sees an older man in a wheelchair and her heart stops. First a blind woman and now a paraplegic, did she have to go to all of the handicapped patients? It wasn’t that she was uncomfortable, she was just not used to it and felt way too sympathetic.

“Mr. Bollston? It's Buffy Summers.”

“Summers. I don’t know anything about the Summers; oh that’s right you and your father moved here to work for the Luther’s earlier this year. The Luther’s by the way didn’t just come here a few years ago. Lionel Luther’s relatives lived in Smallville and worked on a farm for years before they arrived.”

“You're a local history buff,” she states. “I don’t do too much local history, but I do look at it once in a while.” It was demon history, but she found it best not to mention that part.

“It's kind of my obsession. So...are you my next victim?”

Buffy takes a deep breath to stop herself from snorting, “You don't look that scary to me.” And she knew scary, this guy was not it.

“You should have known me in my younger days.”

“I'm sure you were quite the heartbreaker.”

“How about a spin around the grounds,” Mr. Bollston suggests, “and you can tell me what the Summers history was wherever you came from. Maybe I can start looking through history of other places.”

The room was a bit stuffy for the young slayer anyway so she nods enthusiastically and rolls him through the hallway and outside. Going down the steps was not an option, so instead they made their way along a long path until they reached the lake. “It's so beautiful. I don't know why more people don't come out here.”

He waves his hand dismissively, “They're too busy watching television. Say, would you mind running back to my room and getting me a scarf? I don't want to catch a chill.”

Buffy complies enthusiastically. She felt weak and sick, the same symptoms from meteor rocks and upon looking she noticed some in the lake. So she turned away and walks back up to the room to get the jacket, only when she returns to the lake Harry was missing. Even his wheelchair was gone. She take a rock and throws it to the other side of the lake and screams, she couldn’t ever do anything right. Making sure nobody was around she runs to the building and tells the people what had happened before going to Cassandra’s room to wait for Clark.

Contrary to Buffy, he was having a fine time with his charge. He found Cassandra to be funny, nice, and a good sport with everything. After reading a few chapters of Pride and Prejudice, which he found extremely boring, she asks him for a glass of water. As he hands it to her their hands brush against one another and she gasps.

“What’s wrong,” Clark asks.

“Someone close to you is going to die, soon,” she tells him. That was when Buffy walked to the room and Clark gets out as soon as possible, a little too fast actually and almost runs into Buffy.

“we should go,” he says quickly and grabs her hand, pulling her away.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she mumbles and since their ride had ditched them and the hall was empty they sped off towards the farm. They stop running once they reach the farm and walk at a normal pace to go and find the Kent parental figures. Both were silent in thought, too afraid to say anything to the other.

They find both of them in the barn doing farm work. Clark unplugs the machine and turns to them, “Guys, when you need this kind of stuff done, just ask me. That's what Bufy and I are here for.”

“Oh yeah Clark because you don’t care if I get hurt.”

He glares at her, “It’s different and you know it.”

“Is something bothering you, Clark?” his Mother asks them and he shakes his head.

“No, I just think we should start putting safety first. If you haven't noticed, this stuff is pretty dangerous.”

“Well, this is a farm,” his father points out the obvious. “It kind of goes along with the territory. Seriously son, what's going on?”

“Yeah I’d like to know too,” Buffy mumbles, still freaked out from her experience at the nursing home.

“When I was at the retirement center, I met this old blind lady. I know this sounds crazy, but she can see the future.”

“What did she tell you?”

“That someone very close to me will die soon.”

“Listen, Clark,” Jonathon sighs, “you can't let some old...lady... scare you with a half baked prediction. She probably just does it to scare the nurses anyway.”

“She told Pete he'd be walking home. Seconds later he realized that he'd locked his keys in his car,” Buffy informs them.

“No one can tell the future.”

“What if she can?! What if she told me because there's something I can do about it?”

Martha cracks a small grin, “Then she should have given you a little more information, like name, time, and place.”

“Even if she can predict the future, there's nothing she can do to control it. Nobody can,” Clark’s dad assures him.

Clark still looks skeptical as does Buffy, “I don’t know Mr. Kent from my experiences people can tell the future. There’s a few demons that can.”

“She looked human.”

“Which doesn’t prove anything or some powerful witches can. Back in LA when I first was called my watcher took me to see a mage who could see the future. And as it turns out he was right,” she shivers at the memory.

Both Martha and Jonathon weren’t fully convinced, but sighed and went back to doing work; Martha in the kitchen getting ready for Mr. Summers to come for dinner and Jonathon going to feed the animals. Clark didn’t let either of them work with any the machines and was watching them the entire time to make sure they were completely out of harm’s way.

And Clark had no idea how much hard work it took to make sure that they were safe. Today it seemed as if everything was dangerous. If you were cooking and the knife slipped you were dead. If the animals turned on you, you were dead. If the old structures collapsed on you, you were dead. Even with his powers he wasn’t able to be in more than one place at once and to his chagrin Buffy wasn’t willing to help.

Clark was just confused. She started seeming down earlier after she lost Harry, but it seemed to just be getting worse and worse. He didn’t get her at all and whenever he asked about it she just said that it was okay. But he knew that she was lying, there was no way she wasn’t in a bad mood based on how she was acting. Dinner was canceled, but that was only because it was too much of a hassle with him trying to protect everyone. this time it was his family, not hers so he couldn’t see what would be wrong.

Eventually the Kents kicked the two out. Their son was driving them insane and they weren’t getting anything done. So with much reluctance Buffy dragged him to the coffee shop to hang out with Chloe for a bit.

“It's not your fault, Buffy,” Clark assures her after about fifteen minutes of them sitting there with a silent slayer.

“Do you know anyone else who's lost an entire old person in a wheelchair?” she snaps and looks down apologetically.

“No,” Chloe says after a moment of thought. “That’s pretty impressive, even by Smallville standards.”

“Maybe he was kidnapped,” Clark suggests.

“Who'd want to kidnap Harry? He's just a harmless old man.”

“Aren’t you the one who told me that appearances could be deceiving,” Clark asks her.”

She shakes her head, “Yeah but my slayer senses would have gone off.”

“Maybe a koi turned into a piranha and ate him,” Chloe suggests and puts her arms up in defense as they give her a dirty look. “You asked for my help. I'm just thinking out of the box.”

“I like your theory,” a young guy they didn’t know says from behind them.

“You know, you might want to work on your eavesdropping technique,” Buffy retorts a little pissed off and a little afraid he heard the slayer bit.

“Sorry. I'm...uh...I'm new in town. I just heard this is where young people congregate.”

“Yeah, we congregate here often,” Chloe says slowly. “Hi, I'm Chloe, that’s Clark and the rude one is…”

“Buffy Summers, the name on the paper your writing was a big clue. Good luck finding your missing old person.”

Clark holds Buffy back as she starts getting closer to choke him when Chloe looks at him appreciatively, “You play beautifully.”

“Thanks I was supposed to attend the Metropolis Conservatory.”

“Didn’t that close in the 70’s?” Clark asks.

“yeah, I mean I wish I could have played there if I lived during another time. It was nice chatting with you, but my um Mom needs me home.”

“That was rude,” Buffy pouts once he leaves.

“Extremely,” Chloe agrees. “Hey why don’t you put a missing person flyer in The Torch? We can go work on it now.”

She nods and Clark sighs, “what time should we meet up for patrol?”

“I think I’m going alone tonight, come on Chloe let’s go.”

Chloe shoots her friend a sorry look and gets up and leaves, effectively ditching an utterly confused Clark. He always went patrolling with her, what was wrong?

Early the next morning Buffy showed up in the Kent kitchen for breakfast like every other morning as if nothing was wrong. Clark was still confused since she seemed so distant, but shrugged it off as him being paranoid due to the prediction. That was until she didn’t even greet him with a hug or a kiss as she normally did. Hell he realized that he was talking to his parents more than she was talking to him. She barely said more than a word or two to him the entire time.

His attempts to start a conversation as they walked through town to get Buffy a latte before school also turned out to be a lost cause. She just wasn’t saying anything and giving him the cold shoulder. Both of them turn around suddenly as a screeching pair of tires stops right before them as they were about to go and get the coffee.

“You might consider rounding those curves at a speed that won't actually break the sound barrier,” Buffy proposes.

Lex snorts, “Where's the fun in that?”

“Seriously. You could get hurt.”

“Why the sudden interest in my health Clark?”

“I met this woman at the retirement center, and she can kind of see the future.”

“Yeah? She tell you your future?” asks in an amusing tone, showing that he didn’t believe him at all.

“Not exactly. She said someone very close to me would—“


“I know it sounds nuts, but when you talk to her, it's like she really knows,” he pleads with him.

“Come on, Clark. She knows when she has a good audience.”

Buffy smiles and giggles a little for the first time that morning, “You sound exactly like his parents.”

“That's gotta be a first,” he agrees.

“Lex, I think this woman is the real deal to,” Buffy admits.

“Then the question you've gotta ask yourself you really wanna know the future or would you rather live in blissful ignorance?”

Clark looks at him quizzically, “Don't you wish you knew how it was all gonna turn out?”

“Life's a journey, Clark. I don't wanna go through it following a road map.”

“I agree with Lex,” Buffy chimes in. “Knowing your future is only going to make you go crazy trying to change it, Clark you’re proof of that. So I’m going to be blissful ignorance gal.” Said alien was positive that there was something more to her strong reaction, but he stayed quiet.

“It still wouldn't kill you to drive more slowly,” he chides Lex.

“Why? I have you two ad friends. You changed my future once, right?”

“we’ve got to get to school,” they say at the same time.

“You never told me this woman's name.”

“I thought you weren't interested,” Buffy scrunches her nose, not wanting someone else to talk to her.

“Maybe I'll ask her for some stock tips.”

Clark nods, “Cassandra Carver.”

Once at school Buffy went straight to her first class, leaving Clark alone in the hallway. And if he wasn’t mad before, he was now. This was just getting to be ridiculous. How was he even supposed to know what he did wrong if she didn’t tell him! Until now he had no clue having a girlfriend was going to be so difficult.

And when said girlfriend was an alien/mythical being with superpowers that difficulty was multiplied by tenfold.

So needless to say the morning did not go smoothly for Clark. His classes were more than a nuisance and all he wanted to do was get out of them and find out what was going on with Buffy. Plus he was still terrified that his parents were in grave danger. With so much on his mind it wasn’t a surprise to him that he was not able to concentrate on anything and more than likely failed a test.

By lunchtime he was tired, and it was hard for him to even get tired. His head hurt from all the worrying that he had been doing and vowed to himself that he would go home for even just a minute to go and check on his parents. He met up with Pete and Chloe at the cafeteria to get lunch, Buffy was nowhere in sight. If her behavior wasn’t erratic already this would prove that something was wrong, she always found him as quickly as possible.

She wasn’t at the quad nor was she in the library and her classes. Eventually they found her in the Torch office working on an article that she had yet to finish. And even though she did like the paper, she wasn’t as into it as say Chloe and never gave up her lunch to work on a story. Something was up, that was for sure.

“Whatcha working on,” Chloe asks as she bounces over to her own computer.

“Harry Bollston's real name is Harry Volk. He was a murderer. Figured it might do some good to research him.”

“Are you sure?” Pete questions tentatively.

“Positive. I got off of the phone with the police, you know, to tell them what I knew about Harry and they told me to be careful in case he goes after me.”

“A murderer? “ Clark repeats apprehensively, this could be why someone was killed. “Why would they let someone like that stay there?”

“Because it happened 60 years ago, when he was 17. I guess they figured he was just a harmless old man who moved back to his hometown to die. Back in the 40's, he was studying to be a concert pianist. He was up for a full scholarship to the Metropolis Conservatory. But his teacher recommended somebody else.”

“So he killed his teacher?”

“No. He said the teacher killed his dream, so he killed the teacher's dream. The man's son. “

“we have to find him,” Clark informs everyone matter of factly.

“Clark as much as I agree this isn’t out job,” Pete tells him. “why is this getting to you so much.”

“Yeah Clark it isn’t even a demon thing.”

Buffy rolls her eyes, “He’s just worried because the elderly woman he read to yesterday warned him somebody close to him would die soon.”

“She can see the future,” Clark explains. “So be careful all of you.”

“Are you sure?”

“She saw Pete’s future,” he points out and Pete nods in agreement.

“Should we ask Giles about this?”

“He’s in Canada or something on a watcher’s retreat,” Buffy tells them dismissively, afraid that while around his peers he would spill the secret. “I’ll look into it, um why don’t you guys just let me handle it.”

“Buffy this is my problem,” Clark growls.

“And I can deal with it myself Clark.”

Pete and Chloe give each other a look and escape the room to avoid getting in the middle of the happy couple’s first fight.

“What’s your problem Buffy?” he whispers. “You’re shutting me out.”

“Just don’t Clark,” she warns him. “I’m not in the mood.”

“Then talk to me,” he begs.

She shakes her head and a tear drops down her face. “I don’t know how.”

After that he drops it, “Maybe we should go and see Cassandra and maybe get more information out of her.”

“No,” she screams and punches the table, leaving a dent in the metal. “Stay away from her.”

“I can’t, if you’re that worried come with me later.”

Buffy nods and runs out of the room with tears running down her face. Clark groans and punches the wall, leaving a dent in it as well and was relieved that he could blame it on Buffy. So now when he does talk to her she doesn’t even answer! That was the last straw, he runs home to get away from the tension with Buffy and to make sure his parents were safe.

As the bell rang signaling the end of the day he gets back to school and was waiting outside Buffy’s last class. She didn’t ask him where he had been during gym and math and he didn’t start giving her excuses. Instead they just rush to the retirement home staying as far from each other as possible without looking too suspicious.

They’re allowed up to Cassandra’s room and once again she was able to tell that it was the two of them that were outside of her door, explaining that it was due to her vision impairment and that her other senses had gotten stronger.

“What you told me, I can't get out of my head,” Clark lets her know.

“It’s making him do the wacky,” Buffy adds as if nothing was wrong.

“Imagine how I feel. When it first started happening, I, uh...I thought it was a curse. I kept getting snapshots of things I couldn't control.”

“When did they start?” Buffy wonders, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

“When I first lost my sight. It's funny--I woke up that morning, like any other. Then the meteors came. One hit a field behind my house. The flash burnt my optic nerves. Although my Mother had always been able to see the future as could my Grandmother, it must have skipped me until then.”

“I’m sorry,” Clark and Buffy apologize together.

“It's not either of your faults. It's amazing how one moment can change your life forever.”

“I know the feeling,” Buffy snorts. “As if your life is no longer yours to control.”


“My friends and family, they think that you're...” Clark trails off.

“A fraud, huh? People are afraid of the unknown, Clark. They only want to know if everything's gonna turn out all right. I can't guarantee that. What I can show you are sign posts on your journey. What you do with them is up to you.”

“I've got so many questions in my life. I just want some answers,” he sighs and finally sits down next to her.

“I could show you,” she offers.

“Please don’t Clark,” Buffy cries.

“You don’t believe dear?”

“I believe all too well,” she sighs. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Buffy I need this, maybe it will give both of us answers.”

“Close Clark. Now...take my hand.”

He does as she says and suddenly all three people in the room seem to be transported somewhere else. The sky is black with night and there was nothing but a barren field around. The scene cuts to Metropolis, but it wasn’t Metropolis. Instead the buildings were crumbling and all of the people looked scared. Demons roamed around the streets killing as they please as did just plain evil humans.

People scream and suddenly two figures come flying through the sky and start killing off all of the demons and fighting with the humans, stopping them from hurting anyone.

Cut scene again to an endless graveyard. Buffy and Clark were in the middle of it and the graves closed together to form a circle around them. All the graves around them were of people they knew and loved, family friends, everyone including people who were important to Buffy in LA.

The two scream and they all look around, back in the room, Buffy and Clark still screaming. Cassandra stares at nothing in panic. That was the worst vision she had ever had, and more so how had the two seen what she saw? Nothing like that had ever happened before, and Buffy had not even been touching her. She couldn’t say anything though for the two had disappeared.

Clark got home as quickly as he could, not surprised in the least that Buffy was not there with him. He makes his way inside to his parents and starts to explain to them what he saw.

“Clark, maybe you were having some kind of hallucination,” Martha tells him and puts a supportive arm around his shoulder before going and getting him a cookie.

“It wasn't a hallucination. It was a glimpse of the future--*my* future. Well mine and Buffy’s.”

“And you saw an endless graveyard?”

“Like we were the last people on earth.”

“Look, son...I don't know what you did or didn't see, but come on--you gotta consider the source.”

“Your dad's right. We don't know anything about this woman.”

“ I know she lost her vision in the meteor shower,” Clark pronounces as if it changed everything.

“Oh, uh, and that makes it so she can predict the future?”

“Is it so crazy? I get hit by a car and I'm fine. I walk through fire and I'm OK. Buffy can almost fly and can shoot fire from her eyes. What’s next?”

“You can't let this one image--whatever it means--consume your whole life,” his Mom voices.

“What if it is my destiny? To outlive everyone that I love? I don't wanna be alone!”

“Technically you’d be with Buffy. Where is she anyway?”

“We’re kinda fighting right now.”

“About what?”

“I don’t know,” he groans. “She won’t say anything to me and then she got mad about me seeing Cassandra again.”

“She must have her reasons. Maybe she’s run into a fortune teller before.”

Clark blushes, “I didn’t think of that.”

“And in the meantime maybe you shouldn’t see Cassandra again.”

“I think this woman has the answers.”

His dad shakes his head, “The only person who controls your destiny is you.”

“Well right now, I don't feel like I have control of, anything,” he grunts.

After that he walks away and goes to hide in his fortress of solitude. All thoughts of buffy did seem to go away though. Now he was not only worried about the immediate future and his parents, but also of the future and general and what that was going to bring. He couldn’t imagine the vision becoming true, it would be horrible, but he did believe Cassandra. Maybe he could change the future though. How, he wasn’t sure, but there had to be a way.

An hour later Clark’s mood had not improved at all and he went outside to shoot some hoops, hoping that maybe it would get him out of his funk. It didn’t work, although he did manage to beat his record. On the contrary he was in an even worse mood. Why was he goofing off when he had lives to save?

His phone went off right then and he sighed, Chloe wanted them all to meet up to go over some information. For some reason everybody was headed to Buffy’s house this time. Usually the met at the Torch or the Beanery so it was a little disorienting going there, Clark wasn’t even sure if his other friends had ever been to Buffy’s. Plus he wasn’t in the mood to see her if she was going to be a bitch again.

The information could be important so it was probably best to go. Needing to kill some time he decided to go and do some more work around the farm so that his Mom didn’t have to do it. Once that was all done he walked over to Buffy’s and noticed the missing car from the driveway. He was pretty sure Mr. Summers was supposed to be home and figured it was a good idea to give his parents a later date for the dinner.

Clark had timed it so that he was the last one to arrive. It would have been too awkward for him and Buffy to be in the same room by themselves if they were still fighting. And on top of that it wouldn’t do them any good to get even more pissed at one another. There was a chance the two of them would be needed to go and save the world.

“What've you got?” he asks as he sits down on the desk chair in Buffy’s room.

“A guy was found dead in his house. He was blindfolded and strangled with a piano wire.”

“Which is the same signature Harry Volk used in 1945,” Buffy adds.

“Sounds like a copycat,” Clark says.

“A copy-cat of a murder that happened 60 years ago, two days after the original killer happened to disappear? I don't think so,” Chloe snorts as if it had to be something more sinister.

“Harry's in a wheelchair, Chloe,” Clark reminds her. “Not exactly in prime condition to go on a crime spree.”

“Well, I found this picture of Harry from the 40's,” Buffy grabs the picture and hands it to Clark, making sure to not touch him.

“It looks like the kid we saw in The Beanery.”

“Maybe he's got a grandson or something.”

“Or...maybe when Harry pulled the Houdini he found a way to get his younger body back,” Buffy proposes.

“I don't think we should start looking for time machines just yet.”

“OK, fine. Where do you think we should star?”

“If someone is following in Harry's footsteps, maybe they sent him some fan mail,” Chloe muses.

“Buffy and I will take care of that,” Clark volunteers them and Buffy glares at him.

“Deal, Chloe and I will do some more research,” Pete decides.

The two leave to go to the Torch for research while Clark and Buffy stay where they are in an awkward silence. “So you were late,” Buffy articulates with no expression.

“I didn’t want it to be awkward,” he admits.

“Well if you didn’t want awkward it was a good thing you didn’t come earlier. Neither Pete nor Chloe had been over before and they stared at my house in awe. They were even worse than you. Is it that amazing?”

“I mean if it wasn’t for the Luther mansion I’d say it was the biggest house in Smallville,” he laughs and Buffy smiles a bit. “You want to talk yet.”

“Just please don’t see Cassandra again.”


“Psychics and me don’t mix, we’re like oil and water.”

“What happened?” he asks and moves next to her.

“Saw one in LA after I was called, told me Dawn would die.”

He kisses her head, “I didn’t know.”

“Of course not, but please don’t go.”

“Sorry,” he frowns, “but I need to. I need to know what we all saw.”

She scoots away from him, “Clark please don’t.”

“What else is wrong?”

“Nothing,” she snaps. “So you won’t go back?”

“I have to,” he states and gets up and walks away leaving a stunned Buffy there in complete bewilderment.

She starts to cry and puts her head into her pillow. Why wouldn’t Clark just listen to her? It was such a simple task yet he wouldn’t even do that for her. And on top of that he was still prying when she obviously didn’t want to discuss her feelings! Sometimes she just wished Clark understood her better. A large part of her was worried that they rushed into a relationship and that it would turn out like her and Angel’s had. That would devastate her, she really liked him and did not want to see them become so distant.

Needing a distraction she walks downstairs and makes herself a sandwich. It filled her up, but she was still in a terrible mood. Also in need of a friend to talk to she walks outside to go and make her way to Lex’s. Her dad still wasn’t home, but she did her best to ignore that small fact, her attempts were pretty trivial though.

Without Clark around she had nobody to drive her there so figured if she ran the majprity of the way and walked once she was close there would be no suspicions. So she took off and once there was led straight to his office. Lex wasn’t there though so she found the butler who led her to another room. This was one she hadn’t seen before and she had to stifle a gasp when she saw the destroyed Porsche sitting in the middle of the room.

“Is this the Porsche from---I don't understand. Why do you still have it?”

Lex notices her and turns to face her, “I once read about a rich man who survived a hotel fire. He hung onto the ledge for an hour before the fire department rescued him. Afterwards, he bought the hotel...always stayed in that room. When they asked him why, he said he figured fate couldn't find him twice.”

She wrinkles her nose at the prospect of fate, “I thought you didn't believe in fate?

“I don't,” he agrees. “But everytime I look at this car, I wonder. I had a team go over this thing inch by inch. They tell me there's no way the impact could have ripped open the roof like this.”

“They must have made a mistake,” she smiles hoping that he would believe her.

“Do you remember anything about the accident?”

“No, just that Clark and I pulled you out. That's it.”

“I thought that you might be able to tell me more,” he laments.

“I'm sorry.”

“It's a little strange to be walking around when every shred of evidence says I should be dead.”

“Trust me I know the feeling,” she mumbles. “My old school burnt down during the Spring Fling and I was supposed to die, but somehow I didn’t.”

“Both unsolved mysteries I guess.”

“Maybe fate has something else in mind for you.”

The billionaire laughs, “You've been spending too much time with your friend Cassandra.”

“Trust me Lex, I can’t stand the woman. I mean I have nothing personal against her, but the psychic thing isn’t my thing.”

“Seems like a story there,” he plainly states.

“You’d be right,” she tells him without any explanation. “ But don’t dwell on the past and the accident , the question you need to ask yourself now is, where do you go from here?”

“You may be right,” he nods and leads her into his office so that they can sit down. He offers her a drink, but she turns it down. “So you seem to have something on your mind. Care to share?”

“It’s everything!” she exclaims and goes into the details of her fight with Clark, leaving out the parts that were secret of course. Well leaving that out along with the Dawn thing, just saying how she saw a psychic and it didn’t turn out well. Nobody but Clark and his parents knew about her. Since she was already on a roll she starts to go and talk about the issues that Clark wanted to get out of her.

About her parents ugly divorce and how it was her fault, although she didn’t say why. How after the settlement her Dad got custody only because her Mom couldn’t stand to look at her anymore. And then he was never home. She had to do all the shopping and the cooking and the cleaning. Then in the end he was never home, for anything, even when it was something important to him.

Lex looks at her empathetically. He knew all too well the type of issues that she was talking about. That was why she told him and no Clark; Clark wouldn’t be able to get it. Of course he would care and try to comfort her, but in the end he just didn’t understand the same way that Lex did. His family was too perfect with fights and arguments few and far between.

Getting everything off of her chest felt really good too. It didn’t help anything really, but it was if a big part of the pressure was relieved and it was easier to breath. Lex had some good advice though. After a few games of pool, Buffy lost a few on purpose, she had to leave. Walking out she felt a lot better than she did walking in.

On the other side of town at the retirement home Clark walked in and decided to pay Cassandra a visit before looking through Harry’s things.

She looked at him with a surprised face, a bit creepy saying that she couldn’t actually see him yet was staring right at him. “The other night you left in a hurry. Sit. I... uh...I hoped you'd come back.”

“I'm sorry. You saw that...whatever it was.”

“I always see them. The question is, how did you?” her voice full of astonishment.

“I don't know,” he sits down next to her. “Wasn't I supposed to?”

“Nobody ever has.”

“Why me? And Buffy saw it too and you weren’t even touching her.”

“Well, we both know... you're not like other people and neither is your girlfriend.”

Clark laughs uncomfortably, “Sure I am.”

“No Clark. I've seen you, the both of you...before we ever met. More than once, I've touched people, and I've seen such pain and despair and...but then you two were there, and the pain was gone. I think that's your destiny, Clark--to help people. To save them from fear and darkness.”


“Well, that's for you to figure out. You can fear the future, can embrace it. The choice is yours.”

“Who are they?”

“People who need your help.”

“How am I supposed to help them if I don't know who they are?”

She shakes her head at him and smiles sadly, “I'm not a radio--I don't pick up continuous transmissions. That's all I have.”

He starts to walk out of the door, “I’ll figure it out. As soon as he turns around Cassandra clears her throat and he turns back towards her.

“Clark...your secret is safe with me. Please tell buffy that too, she seemed a bit worried about that.”

Instead of correcting her about why Buffy was acting how she was he tells her that he will and makes his way down the hall to Harry’s room. Hopefully he was going to find something, because if it was a wannabe killer that may attack his family then he needed to find out who it was and stop them.

There was no fan mail, there was no mail in general. Nothing suspicious in the dresser, or the desk, or anywhere where someone would put stud like that. Lastly before he left Clark looks under the bed and finds an old shoebox. Fan mail was missing from the box though. Instead it was full of Smallville Ledger clippings, mainly obituaries and articles about his own murders and his career. Harry seemed to be obsessed with the past 50 years of Smallville history. Looking through it some more he sees a picture of the man who was just murdered and another one of Zoe, the girl who worked at The Beanery attached to article about Zoe’s grandmother and a diary entry about how the late eve Garfield had destroyed his dreams.

He stares at it wide eyed and putting it together quickly cleans up after himself and runs at his top speed towards the center of town. Upon arriving at the Beanery he sees the young man from the Beanery the other day who had eavesdropped on them with a piano string trying to kill Zoe.

Clark punches the guy and he spits blood out onto the street, mumbling about respecting your elders. Another punch knocks him out and he grabs the unconscious Zoe and hands her to a civilian outside of the shop. The cops come and grab the guy and after making a statement Clark gets out of there as soon as possible.

He was torn about calling Buffy, and in the end he decided to go home and talk to his parents and call her after to relay what he had learned. Unexpectedly his parents weren’t too excited about him saving Zoe. Unlike with football they were proud, but they were much more concerned about Cassandra.

Just like Buffy they didn’t really like him seeing her. They were scared that she was making him go crazy. Jonathon was also upset that she knew his secret. It wasn’t his fault though! She didn’t find out from him, well kind of but it was the vision not his words. The argument was short lived however if it could even be called an argument. His parents understood what had happened and were just glad that he was safe.

The next day the gang had made plans to meet at Thee Torch in the afternoon, being Saturday they wanted to sleep in. Clark woke up early however so he headed towards the hospital to talk to the John Doe who he was pretty sure actually had an identity.

But once at the hospital he found out that the John Doe disappeared during the middle of the night and in his place was the missing Harry Bollston. According to him the John Doe was obsessed with his cases and had kidnapped him. He was unconscious and when he woke up he was tied to the bed.

The story was fishy at best and Clark still had time to kill and figured it would be a good idea to talk to Harry himself. Entering the room he doesn’t offer any pleasantries, “You know, I found a picture of Zoe Garfield in a box under your bed.”

Harry was in his bed and looks at Clark, “ And who are you?”

“Clark Kent, but we've already met.”

“How dare you go through my belongings!” he shouts, figuring it was the only wqay he would have found the picture.

Clark does not let it faze him. “How do you explain the pictures?”

“Why do I need to explain it?”

“You know what Harry?” Clark says menacingly. “I think you and this kid are the same person.”

“I'd say you have a very active imagination,” Harry tells him, although he sounds very nervous.

“I don't know how you did it, but I know it's you.”

“You said your name was Kent? Grandfather Hiram, father Jonathan? Funny...I don't remember you on the family tree.”

He takes a moment to calm down before getting mad, he was really getting annoying. There was an article in the paper about him, along with everyone’s births and deaths, so he knew that the man knew and was throwing the adoption into his face. “I’ll be watching you,” he warns before getting harassed to leave by a nurse.

If he wasn’t positive before, he was positive now. Harry was the murderer and somehow was becoming younger. Where was Giles when they needed him?

After visiting the murderer it was time to meet up with everyone. He made it to the Torch before Buffy and once there Chloe throws all of the information she had onto the table. “This is everything I could find on Harry Volk. The Ledger carried stories on the trial, the murder, the name it.”

“Is anybody watching this guy? Pete asks and when nobody answers he purses his lips, “What exactly are we looking for.

“I dunno. There's gotta be a connection between the people Harry's going after,” assures them.

Chloe’s face lights up as she looks through the papers, “In Zoey Garfield's statement to the police, she said that Harry accused her grandmother of killing his future.”

Before anyone can respond Buffy comes running in, at a slayer speed, and looks at them all in fear, purposely avoiding Clark’s eyes. “Harry's gone. They found his wheelchair out by the koi pond half an hour ago. And I forgot to tell you guys the other day, there were meteor rocks in them. Which is bad because well obviously a homicidal maniac who’s wanted revenge for 50 years is on the lose but at least we know who’s doing the timewarp.”

Clark pretends to not let that bother him, “We gotta figure out who he's gonna kill next.”

Pete motions them to look at the paper he was examining, “Clark, take a look at this.

“What is it?”

Chloe answers, “It's a list of the jurors that worked on Harry's trial.”

Reading off of it Clark’s eyes widen as it starts to make sense, “Rudolph Gage, Eve Garfield... He's killing the descendants of the jurors that convicted him.”

“Talk about not letting it go,” Pete murmurs.

“Clark, what is it?” Buffy asks, scared of the pained look in his eyes.

“ Look at juror number eleven.”

“ Hiram Kent. Wasn't that your grandfather?”

“Harry's gonna kill my dad,” he exclaims before rushing out of the room to go and save him. To his surprise Buffy is right on his tail and once in the hall they speed off. And even though he was shocked that she was helping he was extremely glad that she was. Even though after thinking about it he realized it wasn’t that surprising considering people were in danger and a fight didn’t mean that she didn’t care for him and his family.

Getting to the barn they were confused when Jonathon stepped out of the truck with nothing wrong. Instead Martha was nowhere to be seen and Harry’s truck was at the barn. Instantly in a panic mode the three split up and look everywhere, but they couldn’t find her.

Meeting back at the barn Buffy turns on her super hearing and gasps when she hears Martha calling for help. She points to the silo and they start towards it. As soon as they get there it was obvious that there was no way someone could be alive, the grain was too high and oxygen would have been long gone. The only okay news was that Harry was trapped there too.

Not letting his Mom die Clark dives in and manages to pull her out, alive and well. Buffy pulls out Harry, neither of them were going to let someone die even if they were a killer. Harry was still unconscious so they leave him on the ground.

Martha gives them all hugs and grabs her son’s face, “Cassandra was wrong, Clark. Nobody's gonna die”

The cops came a few minutes later and at that point Harry was in his older body once again. It was a good thing too because they told the cops that he had admitted to hiring the younger man to go and kill the descendants of the jurors for him. He was going to jail, not back to the retirement center where he could fall into the lake again.

Thankfully nobody remembered that his wheelchair was in evidence so there was no way he could have done it. All of the evidence against him was too strong for it to matter anyway.

Once the police left Buffy and Clark head towards the retirement home; even though Buffy still didn’t agree with seeing the fortune teller she thought it would be best to at least apologize and explain her reasoning. So the two head up to her room, still maintain a good distance away from one another.

But as soon as they arrive Clark goes and check’s her pulse, she was dead. In the end she had predicted her own future. Not in the mood to stay there Clark turns away and walks outside and sits on a bench.

Buffy sits next to him, “She was a demon you know.”

He looks at her confused, “What do you mean? I thought it was the meteor rocks.”

“It was,” she nods and explains. “I called Giles to ask about it and he gave me a huge lecture on demon genetics. “She wasn’t all demon, her great-grandmother was. When she said her Grandma and Mom could see the future it was because they were ½ and ¼ demon. She didn’t have enough demon to get that ability until the meteor shower brought it out. That’s why I only got the tiniest bit of a feeling but not enough to be obvious.”

Clark nods, “that doesn’t change that I liked her.”

“Of course, trust me I have no place to judge about liking demons,” she snorts and Clark doesn’t even try to understand what she meant.

“Are we okay?”

“I don’t know,” she tells him. “I can’t forgive you yet Clark. You went behind me when I specifically said not to and I just, ugh I can’t explain. That I could forgive, I get it. Mainly it was because of why I was mad before. And don’t ask I don’t feel like talking about my father right now.”

“So where does that leave us?”

“Maybe we should take a break?” she suggests. “Maybe we rushed into a relationship and should be friends first.”

“So one fight and that’s it?”

“No,” she says quickly. “Clark I cannot imagine not having you in my life. I just am scared we’re getting too serious too quickly. My last relationship ended because of that.”

“Will you give me a chance in a little while?”

“Of course Clark, who else could deal with someone so out of this world but someone else who’s out of this world.”

Against his better judgment he cracks a smile, “friends?”

“best friends,” she smiles and hugs him.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW poor Clark! I had trouble writing them fighting, but don’t worry things aren’t going to stay sad for long. Um tell me if you prefer one giant chapter for each episode or two smaller ones.

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