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Wall of the Hellmouth

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Summary: Sophmore year finds Buffy moving from LA to Smallville with a dangerous past. In comes Clark Kent, intergalactic traveler. Slayer and alien meet, secret heritages revealed, and of course as these two heros fall in love evil will attempt to regin supreme

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Buffy strolled into school with her head held high feeling confident for the first time in a long time. Her morning and gone pretty well, her Dad had left early to go to work but had left her lunch money and had stocked the house with breakfast. He also had her old credit card sitting on the table with a note attached to it saying she could have it back as long as she kept her grades up.

This time was going to be different than last year Buffy vowed. She wouldn’t allow her disasters destroy her life again. All she could do as she walked up the stairs into the school was repeat that over and over again.

Walking to the principles office for a meeting in her jimmy choo stilettos, a DKNY silk tank top, simple white jeans and a Hermés scarf as a headband Buffy couldn’t help but have people stare at her. She knew it was a mistake to wear this outfit but it was what Dawn had bought her for Christmas last year and she felt like it would be good to wear it on her fist day.

On top of that she had a floral Valentino backpack instead of a simple one like most people. But her Dad gave it to her as a present and would be pissed if she didn’t use it. Sadly it made Buffy stand out and even if she was used to it she wanted to fly under the radar in Smallville and decked out in designer clothes wasn’t the way to do that.

Of course attention did come from some guys and Buffy smiled glad that if they were going to stare her ass looked good in these jeans. She was not a slut, but boy attention after a breakup is always nice.

As she reached the office she noticed a very tall brunette guy about her age in a flannel plaid shirt on. She couldn’t help but appreciate the muscles she knew he was hiding under the shirt and smiled. He was pretty cute for someone she suspected worked on a farm. Actually he was down right drool urge she obviously stopped herself from acting upon. Hearing a bit of the conversation she overheard one of his friends, some black kid named Pete, say how he couldn’t have a conversation with some girl and then the blonde respond that Lana wasn’t worth his time.

Deciding to keep walking she entered the office and went back to see the principle when she was called back and Buffy sat down at his desk.

“Hello,” he said, “I’m Principal Kwan.” He shakes her hand and Buffy shakes it back.

“Um hi, I’m Buffy Summers but I’m guessing you already knew that.”

“Of course. Now Buffy I know you must be very excited to start school here at Smallville High, but first let’s look at you record and assign you classes.” He took out her record and Buffy gulped. “Why yes, it seems your record is a bit colorful.”

“I know I have a few tarnishes but,” she says only to be interrupted.

“A few,” the principal chuckles sarcastically. “You burnt down the school gym during a dance. That’s a little bit more than tarnish. The school board told me not to let you in, but your grades were above average and you had no disciplinary issues before that. Plus you had quite the extracurricular list. I believe everybody deserves a second chance.”

“Thanks sir and I promise my days of delinquency are way over.”

“Very well; everybody at this school is required to be involved in the extracurricular activities we offer and it will help you meet students. It seems you were quite the cheerleader in LA and we have an excellent squad who can take you.”

“Well,” Buffy says hesitantly, “I don’t think cheerleading is something I want to get involved in again.”

“Okay then how about another sport.”

“Actually I wanted to stay away from athletics all together. Maybe something different like photography; or I took a journalism class last year that was fun. I could join the newspaper.”

The principal’s face lit up. “What a great idea Ms. Summers. Our school newspaper gets lots of good reviews and the editor is very talented and will be a good influence on you. Maybe you can do some good too; she likes investigative journalism more than anything so try to write school related articles please.”

Buffy nods and he prints out a schedule for her, “Okay so since you are doing the newspaper I signed you up for journalism as your elective. Now Ms. Summers I believe you need to get on your way to English class.”

“Thank you,” she says and grabs her schedule before leaving the office to go find her classroom.

Buffy took a seat next to the hot guy’s friend Pete and on the other side of her was a pretty brunette. She groans at the thought of having English first. English wasn’t really Buffy’s thing and now she was going to be half asleep. As soon as she sits down she begins to feel drained and weak, not a good mix with first period.

The teacher started talking about the syllabus and Buffy took notes, it may not be important but she was determined to keep her grades up and possibly get straight A’s.

After she was done she told the class to turn to someone near them and talk about what they thought of the summer reading book for the remainder of class.

She cursed under her breath for not thinking of checking the reading list over the summer, not that she could have, and was suddenly felt a hand tap her on the shoulder. Looking to her right Buffy sees that it was the pretty brunette.

“Hi, I’m Lana Lang you’re new right?”

“Is it that obvious?” Buffy blushes.

“No,” she laughs as Buffy gives her a look. “Smallville’s just you know small and everyone knows everyone and I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

That’s peachy Buffy thought, “Well I’m Buffy Summers from LA. My Dad just got a job here so we moved.”

“LA, I’ve always wanted to go there, sadly I don’t leave Kansas much,” Lana says before the teacher shoots her a glance to get on task.

“Maybe we should talk about the book which I totally read,” Buffy laughs.

“Here we can look at mine for the class today and the library probably has some copies you can use.”

“And the book would be? Sorry I just found out I was moving here last week so I didn’t have time for homework.”

Lana smiles, “its okay we read Sonnets from the Portuguese by Emily Barrett Browning.”

“Luckily I have that book in my backpack and have read it. I actually really liked it, and reading and Buffy usually don’t mix well.”

“Really? I love poetry and books but this one just didn’t click.”

“Just don’t laugh that I have it with me. I thought it would make me seem smart if I had it with me,” Buffy admits.

Lana just laughs, “It’s okay your secret is safe with me. Why did you like it so much?”

“Maybe you just need someone to read it to you,” Buffy says as she opens the book and traces the writing on the inside. Angel had given her the book for her birthday last year and would read it to her when she was upset.

Buffy was thankful that the bell rang before Lana could ask anymore questions and she bolted out of the door and to her next class.

The rest of the morning flew by and when she saw Lana again in the halls she apologized for leaving so brusquely. But didn’t know where to go and didn’t want to be late. Lana just smiled at her and said it was okay and told her to come sit with her at lunch. Buffy told her she would and just kept walking.

Lunch came and Buffy saw Lana sitting with a boy with a letterman jacket, obviously a football player and what looked to be his football buddies and what must have been the cheerleaders.

When the brunette sees Buffy carrying her lunch she waves her over and Buffy walks over and sits down shyly.

“Everybody this is Buffy Summers we had English together and had a very riveting conversation about books so I invited her to sit with us.”

“Well I wouldn’t call it riveting,” Buffy says.

“Buffy this is my boyfriend Whitney,” she says patting the blonde on the shoulder. “She goes around and introduces everyone and Buffy smiles and says hi to everybody.

“So Buffy where are you from?” some girl named Amy asks.

“Born and raised in LA.”

“So you know like movie stars and shopped on Rodeo drive and everything?”

Buffy laughed awkwardly, she knew that was what people would think when she said she was from LA, “Actually the only stars I met were clients of my Dad, he is a lawyer. And Rodeo drive was only a shopping place on special occasions.

“Well I must say Miss Summers you are one hot babe, with a nice tan. Katy Perry was right about California Girls,” some boy says and winks at her suggestively.

Buffy rolls her eyes and Whitney breaks the awkward silence. “So who do you guys think should be the scarecrow this year”

“What,” Buffy whispers in Lana’s ear.

“A stupid tradition where the football players choose someone and tie them up on a poll for the pep rally, I hate it.

“Personally I vote Kent. He is so asking for it with the way he looks at my girlfriend,” Whitney continues.

Lana rolls her eyes, “Whitney how many times do I have to tell you we barely know each other.”

“I guess, plus he can’t even walk within 5 feet of you without falling down. What a loser.”

“Speaking of good luck stuff Whitney I wanted you to wear my necklace for the rest of the week so that you have good luck.”

“But Lana,” he protests.

“It’s fine,” she takes the necklace off and puts it on Whitney’s neck before kissing him. Buffy sighs as she remembers when she got a special necklace from someone she loved and without thinking touches her cross necklace.

Lunch passed by and Buffy had to admit it wasn’t too bad. Some of the girls asked her to join the squad after she accidentally let it slip she used to cheer, but she said her Dad wouldn’t let her and wanted her to do something more academic.

As nice as the girls were to her she knew she would find different people to sit with, she didn’t want to fall into the mean popular group like she did at Hemery. She couldn’t be a bitch like Harmony again.

After lunch Buffy made her way to gym class and she groaned at the thought of gym and prayed she didn’t have to run today.

Of course her wish wasn’t granted and the teacher announced that they were going to run laps for the entire class time. Deciding not to make more of a spectacle than necessary Buffy jogs slowly and ends up closer to the back than she had to be; not up in the front like she could have been.

She sped up a little as she saw the cute boy and matched his pace she had a feeling he was going slower than he could go. He spots her and smiles at her causing Buffy’s face to light up at his very lovely smile.

What she didn’t know was that Clark was thinking similar things.

“Hi, I’m Clark,” he smiles.

“Buffy Summers, pleasure to meet you.”

He laughs, “Nice to meet you.”

She smiles at him and the two run alongside each other for the duration of the class not realizing that they were picking up their pace and had ended up in front of the rest of the students until after class when the teacher told them that they had tied for getting the most laps of the class.

Once gym was over Clark and Buffy both went their separate ways into the locker rooms where both were thinking they should have kept better control of how fast they were running and thanking the powers that be that things hadn’t turned ugly.

The bell rang and they ran into each other in the halls. “Hey Buffy, wait up,” Clark yells after her and noticing that nobody was looking super speeded to her side.

He was glad he did because she smiled at him causing her to smile and Clark seemed to love her smile. “Hey Clark where are you headed?”

“Math in room 103. How about you?”

“Me too we can walk together,” he says before chastising himself for saying something so lame. “So rumor has it you’re from LA.”

Buffy groans and Clark gave her a funny look, “No it’s not you,” she assures him. “That’s just what everybody has been saying to me and then looks at me like I’m special or something because of it.”

“Well being different isn’t always a bad thing.”

“True, but…” she trails off and Clark quickly changes the subject.

“So Buffy Summers tell me all about yourself.”

“Not much to tell, big city girl who moved to Smallville with her Dad after her parents got divorced. How about you?” She didn’t know why she added that her parents were divorced, she didn’t tell anyone else

“Even more boring. Adopted when I was two and have grown up on a farm here in town ever since.”

“You seriously live on a farm,” Buffy wrinkles her nose in disgust.

“Hey don’t knock it. I happen to love it, it’s very homey and I even have my own barn as my man cave.”

The two laugh together as they enter the classroom where there conversation is stopped when class begins. Both of them sigh at the fact that they didn’t have anymore classes together.

Buffy was happy when school let out for the day and was so dreading all the homework she had and didn’t understand. Homework sucks she thought as she walked into the newspaper room where she was the blonde who was talking to Clark this morning.

She looks up when she walks in, “Hi you must be Buffy. I’m Chloe Sullivan, Mr. Kwan told me you were coming.”

“Hi Chloe, just put me to work.”

“Love the enthusiasm. Well mainly the paper is just me and my one friend and then a few people write an article or two, so we work pretty hard. Actually my friend should be here any second.”

Just then Clark walks into the room and smiles when he sees that Buffy was the new reporter Chloe had been talking about. She seemed more athletic than reporter-like due to how she could keep up with him running a little faster than normal people.

“Buffy this is,”

“Clark, we already met in gym.”

“Well great,” Chloe says and starts to show Buffy and Clark what needed to be done today before going off to get an interview thus leaving the two by themselves.

“So Buffy you like writing.”

“I’m trying it, never really have before.”

“Watch out then Chloe is obsessed. I would have thought you were a runner or something from gym class. You kept up with the guys and didn’t break tired or sweat.”

“Hey I’ll have you know that there is much more to me than being able to run fast and look sexy doing it Mr. Farm boy. And as I recall you didn’t look tired or anything either so can it.”

Clark laughs and turns to look at the Wall of Weird and how much it had grown since last April when Chloe started it, she must have been busy over the summer. Buffy looks to the wall he is staring at and turns to Clark, “And that is?”

“Well Chloe thinks that the Smallville is full of weird stuff involving the meteors and that is her Wall of Weird with all the strangeness Smallville is. Told you she liked investigative stuff, she probably already knows all about you.”

Just then Chloe walks in. “As a matter of fact I do,” she blushes. “Buffy Anne Summers daughter of Hank and Joyce Summers born on January 19. Broke your leg in kindergarten and again in middle school. When you were 7 your parents had another child named Dawn and she loves to dance. Last year you were the Lana of your school, maybe a bit bitchier. Parents divorced in the spring. Did I miss anything?”

“Damn you’re good,” Buffy laughs but inside wonders if she knew anything about the crime she got into last year.

“Well that’s why I’m editor,” she says with a smile. Instantly Buffy warms to the girl, she may tread to close to finding out stuff but she had a nice sense of humor.

“Yep, that’s our Chloe always finding out everything there is to know about everyone,” Clark says happily though his thoughts echo Buffy’s.

Buffy notices the look of fear in Clark’s eyes and smiles at him, he smiles back and the two of them blush. Chloe sees all of this and smirks to herself, “Well I’ll leave you two to finish the work I have to go write a Spanish paper.”

She waves goodbye and Clark and Buffy finish the rest of the work in comfortable silence.

However they finish too soon for the likes of either teenager and the two of them wall outside of the school together laughing about a story Clark is telling Buffy about the time Pete came over and tripped into the pile of cow shit.

“So you are walking home?” Buffy asks Clark.

“Yep, how about you?”

“Same, my Dad’s going to be working really late tonight since it’s his first day.”

“So where do you live?”

Clark tells Buffy the street he lives on and she smiles. “Turns out I’m going that way myself. Care to walk a damsel in distress home?”

“Of course, what type of man would I be if I let a young lady be attacked on her way home from school?”

They smile and Buffy recounts a story of being in LA and having to watch out for muggers. Clark looks at her shocked that stuff like that happens when you’re as pretty as Buffy is causing him to look down in embarrassment and Buffy to blush and punch him.

“Damn Buffy, you’re a lot stronger than you look that actually hurt,” he whines. And he was pretty shocked, it didn’t exactly hurt but he could actually feel it which didn’t even happen that one time his foot got run over by the tractor.

“Oh don’t be a baby,” she says sticking her tongue out at him once again cursing herself. She was usually good at keeping everything in check, but this was like the third time today she slipped up and used her abilities on Clark.

He smiles as the two of them start to walk over the bridge that would take them to the right part of town when an idea hits him. “Buffy have you ever been out in the wilderness?”

“Does being stuck behind an alley count?” she says sweetly and he gives her a look. “Nope I’ve traveled a lot and stuff but that’s always been to cities or resorts.

Clark smiles brighter and puts both of their backpacks down on a patch of grass and then takes her hand and makes her close her eyes before bringing her to the side of the bridge and positioning Buffy so that she would be able to see everything. “Okay open.”

She does as she is told and her mouth drops at the sight of the river and woods all around it. “It’s beautiful,” she whispers before rambling on. “I mean I’ve seen a lot of pretty things and I’m a city girl and all but that’s amazing that so many trees are in one spot together!”

“Buffy you’re rambling.”

“Shut up Clark,” she laughs. “Go to the top of the Sears tower and try not to ramble on about how different it is.

“Deal,” he tells her and the two of them lean forward closing the short distance between them when suddenly they are flying through the air and splash into the river.

Both of them start to look around them, instincts kicking in telling them to check for an attacker and spot a car with someone in it drowning. The two of them start swimming and Clark immediately recognizes Lex Luther and Buffy does too after a moment (he is famous and all). Together they tear the roof off of the car and carry the man to safety above ground.

Upon noticing that he isn’t breathing Clark starts to perform CPR and Buffy takes off the sweatshirt Clark let her wear, thanking God she had it on so that her outfit had not been ruined, therefore being killed by Dawn, and tears it into strips and wraps his wounds to stop the bleeding.

Lex coughs up water and takes a breath which makes Buffy and Clark sigh in relief that he was going to be okay.

“Who are you guys,” he asks barely able to talk.

“I’m Clark Kent and this is Buffy Summers.”

“You saved my life, thank you,” he coughs.

“All in a days work,” Buffy smiles at him as she hears ambulances behind her and suddenly EMT’s are carrying Lex to the ambulance and lead Buffy and Clark to get checked out.

Both of them are instructed to call their parents and as soon as they hear hat happened Clark’s parents are running to the car.

On the other hand it takes Buffy a few tries to reach her Dad and he tells her if she isn’t too hurt that he couldn’t get there due to a case. She tells him its okay and hangs up.

As Clark’s mom comes rushing up to him and give him a huge hug the two are given a clean bill of health, tell the police that they saw the car go over and rushed to save him, and are told they are allowed to leave.

Clark’s parents turn to lead him to the car until they realize Buffy is still sitting there. “Buffy where’s your Dad?” Clark asks.

She sighs, “Not coming, he’s caught up in a case for his new client and told me he’d meet me when he gets home.

Mrs. Kent turns towards the young girl and sees that her eyes have the same look that Clark’s do. “That’s horrible do you need a ride?”

“It’s no big deal. I’m kind of used to him ditching me when I need him.” She mutters the last part so quietly nobody would be able to hear it; however Clark heard it and dragged her to the car.

“Buffy I’m not letting you walk home after you were hit by a car.”

“You two were hit by a car!” his Mom says looking angry that nobody had told her this.

“How about we finish the story in the car,” Clark suggests. An idea that she fully agrees with and Buffy joins them in the car without anymore protest.

They start to drive and Mrs. Kent faces Buffy, “Do you want to come to our house until your Dad gets home?”

“Yeah Buffy, I even have a telescope to see the stars. But maybe that isn’t such a good idea, the light might burn your eyes out,” Clark jokes.

“Funny Farm Boy,” she retorts. “But the city lights are more than enough to burn your eyes”

“We’ll see about that.”

In the front seat neither teen noticed the look of glee on the Mother’s face. Maybe this new girl was exactly what her son needed to get over Lana Lang. She wanted to see him happy, and his obsession over Lana was not healthy.

Pulling up to the house, Clark didn’t hesitate in jumping out of the car and rushing over to Buffy’s door to open it for her. His Mother glared at him for running faster than he should have. However Buffy doesn’t notice and just rolls her eyes, mumbling about southern charm.

“So there’s food in the kitchen, Clark knows where everything is if you need anything Buffy. Clark your Dad will be home in a few minutes. I’m going to go do some chores and cook dinner if you need anything holler.”

“Yes Mom,” Clark replies.

“Oh Buffy are you staying for dinner?”

“I really don’t want to be a burden,” she says.

“It won’t be at all dear,” Mrs. Kent smiles and walks away, knowing that the young blonde would stay.

The two teens head inside the house to grab some food before walking to the barn. Once in the barn Buffy looks around and raise her nose, “Apparently the definition of teenage boy is different than in LA.”


“Well when you said Man Cave I pictured video games, booze, porn, and food, albeit the loft may be good for orgies if you don’t mind too much hay in uncomfortable places.”

Clark just stares at her for a moment before attacking her with hay. Growling at him Buffy quickly responds and throws more hay onto him. It becomes an intense battle and both of them laugh hysterically the entire time.

A few minutes later they’re sitting on a couch in the upstairs section of the barn as they attempt to get the hay off of them. “Guess that’s a no on the orgies here?” Clark chuckles.

“Hell no, it’s a disgrace to a man cave” Buffy giggles.

“Actually it’s more of just my loft. My Dad calls it my fortress of solitude.”

“Fitting name,” she considers as she takes a piece of hay from her hair. “Ugh my hair is messed up. I think I have a brush in my backpack.”

“You know,” Clark muses. “If it wasn’t for the being obsessed with your hair and clothes I would have thought you were a guy.”


“Well look at it this way, you are extremely strong and fast, athletic, obsessed with orgies, and eat a lot of food. And I cannot believe I just said that.”

“Seems as if my babble is contagious, and I used to be a cheerleader, ice skater, and gymnast so of course I’m athletic. And with that comes an extremely fast metabolism,” Buffy says nonchalantly, but Clark detects a hint of worry in her voice She reaches into her backpack to grab a brush as she notices a small jewelry box. Her hair momentarily forgotten, she grabs it and looks at the letter attached to it. “What is that?” Clark asks.

“A jewelry box farm boy, I know you may have never seen one before so here take a look. Although their usually velvet not lead.”

He shakes his head, “Understood, but who’s it from.”

“My Dad,” she sighs. “He wanted to give me a gift since I had to move here with him and he isn’t home after my first day.”

The second she opens the box Clark falls to the ground and Buffy gets an electric feeling of dread running up and down her spine along with a feeling of nausea. Looking down at the necklace she shudders and closes it.

Clark gets back up and sighs in relief, “I didn’t see it what was it?’

“A ring, an ugly one at that too. There was some ugly green gem in the middle. Personally my birthstone may have been preferable. That stuff is ugly and gives me the wiggins.”

“It was meteor rock, you know from the shower all those years ago,” he tells her glumly. Apparently nothing says welcome to Smallville like a piece of Smallville.”

“That was funny, but I don’t think I’m going to wear it. Hey doesn’t Lana have a necklace with this in it?”

Of course, Clark groans, she has to bring up Lana. “Yeah, it has the piece of meteor that killed her parents.”

Buffy sticks her tongue out, “Morbid much, or sweet depending on how you look at it. Personally I like my cross just fine.”

“Are you religious?” Clark asks.

“Um no,” she answers awkwardly. “It was a gift.”

He hits himself internally; Clark wasn’t surprised he screwed things up even more by mentioning something about what was more than likely an ex. “Well it’s nice,” he says.

Noticing his discomfort, along with her own Buffy remains quiet and looks around for a while, “So what was it like growing up on a farm.”

He shakes his head, “Are you obsessed with that?”

“Yep,” she pops the p.

“Well,” Clark draws out. “Probably a whole different planet from what you’re used to.

Both of them do their homework. Mostly they work together since they are in most of the same classes. Clark was surprised at how smart Buffy seemed to be. She seemed too much of a valley girl, except in a good way, to be so smart, but she was just as smart as he was and that was saying something since he had an advantage. It even seemed she had the same photographic memory.

If he could read Buffy’s thoughts he would see that she was smiling inside. Back in LA she had a reputation to uphold and was embarrassed to look smart, but here she could do what she pleased. She had always been smart, but she had no idea that applying herself would make things so easy that she had a photographic memory. Soon after they are called into dinner.

Walking into the house made Buffy’s temperature rise and her heart pound. She couldn’t remember the last time she had had to meet somebody’s parents; let alone a boy’s parents. She had known her friends for years and Angel didn’t exactly have parents to introduce her too. Not that she and Clark were dating, especially after a day, but she was nervous nonetheless.

Unbeknownst to her Clark was thinking similar thoughts. Even though he had known Buffy for less than a day, he really liked her. And after living in a small town for years his parents already knew everybody and their grandparents. It never occurred to him that he’d have to introduce his parents to anyone until he was at least in college.

They sit down and Mr. Kent reaches for Buffy’s hand, “Mr. Kent, nice to meet you Buffy.”

“Likewise,” she smiles putting on her hundred watt charm. Beside her Clark squeezes her hand underneath the table.

“So Buffy, Martha tells me you’re from LA?”

“Yes sir, born and raised, err until now. My parents got a divorce and I moved here with my Dad.”

They nod and Mrs. Kent speaks up, “Are you two sure you’re okay after this afternoon.”

“You know I’m fine Mom,” Clark rolls his eyes.

“And Buffy?”

“I’m fine thank you for asking,” she answers and before anyone can ask more questions she changes the subject. “This spaghetti is amazing.”

“Really,” the older woman’s eyes brighten. “It’s an old family recipe.”

“Martha’s a little obsessed with her recipes,” her husband chuckles.

“Understatement of the year,” Clark laughs. “Her cookies are like the best within a hundred miles.”

“They’re cooling right now.”

“Cookies are always good, I cannot remember the last time I had a homemade meal and dessert.”

Three pairs of eyes are on Buffy. Clark smiles and picks up a cookie, “I think you left them on the table Mom. Here you go Buffy.”

His parents give him an appraising look, but Buffy happily accepts a cookie and moans in joy as it melts in her mouth, “This is amazing,” she says between bites.

“Good thing Mom left them on the table by accident,” Clark smiles.

She nods, “I don’t think I’ve ever had homemade cookies and dinner that were this good.”

“Your parents aren’t good cooks?” Mr. Kent asks innocently.

“Um,” Buffy cringes. “They didn’t cook, period. Both of them were too wrapped up in their high society lives to care. Dad’s a hotshot lawyer and my Mom is an artist, so they were at work most nights and when they were home we did carryout.”

Martha nods in understanding, “I can understand. I’m from metropolis and whereas we didn’t grow up quite that extravagant a few friends did.”

“So,” Clark interjects sensing Buffy’s discomfort, “Mom, Dad may we be excused if we’re both done.”

“No problem,” he dad responds.

“Would you like help cleaning up?” Buffy asks.

“That would be silly dear,” Martha laughs. “I can do it. That’s not one of Clark’s chores so I always do it.”

“You can’t cook, but you can clean?” the other teen chuckles.

The blonde glares at him, “I have lots of talents you don’t know farm boy.” She pauses upon realizing how bad that sounded. “I mean like I can talk backwards. And I clean thank you very much. Dawn and I always did that together.”


“My little sister,” she explains. “She’s 6 years younger than me and didn’t move here with me. We were split up.”

“Well either way you don’t need to help,” Mr. Kent proclaims. “Clark go show her your telescope. That should transform any city girl into a country girl.”

Everyone laughs and the two teens get up to leave. Buffy walks away shyly, and Clark smiles at her. She didn’t seem to be the shy type and it looked cute on her. Side by side they walk into the fortress of solitude. As soon as they step in Buffy’s phone buzzes, she groans.

A minute later she hangs up, “That would be my Father, he’s going to be home in like a half an hour and wants me home with all of my homework done.”

“Well we did all the homework except for the English summer project,” he points out. “And that isn’t due until Friday and we get time in the library.”

“Wait what project?” Buffy asks in fear of forgetting something.

“You’re cute when you’re nervous,” Clark bursts out. “And I feel stupid for saying that.”

“If it’s any help you’re cute when you’re embarrassed,” Buffy admits and smiles. She couldn’t remember the last time she had openly flirted with a guy. Pike had been her first serious boyfriend and they just kind of happened. And then Angel was in a realm of his own. “But seriously what project?”

“A report we have to give to the class on some topic you can relate back to the book. I’m doing a comparison to Shakespeare.”

“I’ll get back to you on what I’m doing. But I really should get going. Rain check on the telescope?”

“You could come over tomorrow,” he asks silently praying she says yes.

“It’s a date,” she beams.

“You live down the road right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Let me walk you home. There might be a mugger or something in the neighborhood.”

Buffy catches his hidden message of wanting to walk her home just to walk her home, but decides to play along. “Trust me I can handle whatever there is in the night. Oooglie booglies don’t scare me, and that includes thief’s. I did grow up in the city and all,” she adds as an afterthought to sound less suspicious. “But if you must, then you may.”

They both crack up and set off down the road that would lead them to Buffy’s house. Unconsciously they both walk faster than humanly possible just as in gym. Neither as fast as they could, but fast enough for it to look suspicious if either of them thought about it.

Reaching Buffy’s door after walking down a long driveway Clark’s mouth gapes open. The girl next to him laughs, “Careful Clark there’s a lot of bugs here and you don’t want to catch any.”

“Sorry,” he blushes. “But your place is huge; it doesn’t even look like it’s in Smallville.”

She shrugs, “Dad just had it built with his signing bonus. He’s the head lawyer for some subsection of Luther Corp, but I’m not positive which one. Plus he’s still doing contract work for his old form Wolfram and Hart. In all honesty this place is huge compared to where we lived in LA.”

“It’s probably the biggest house besides from Luther’s place.”

“I guess, but personally it doesn’t mean anything to me. Your simple man cave is enough for me. I may seem like a material girl, but I’m not. That just happens to be what I have. I mean yeah I love shopping but Chloe does too and she lives here. Money doesn’t matter to me, I’ve seen a lot of horror in the world and sometimes those on the fringes of society are the best people in the world.”

“Sometimes people with money let it get to their heads, well from what I’ve seen. And those people scare me,” Clark confesses. “It just always seems as if we look like aliens to them and they want to dissect us to figure out how we live the way we do. And horrors don’t happen in Smallville, so you’re safe.”

“I hope you’re right,” Buffy sighs. “I’d let you in and give you the tour, but if my Dad finds out I had a boy inside without his permission I’m dead.”

He laughs, “Understandable, so see you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow,” Buffy blushes.

She walks inside giving Clark one last smile. Walking into her house Buffy felt giddier than she had in a long time. Venturing up the stairs to her new room she received a text from her Dad. He was going to be a half an hour late. She sighs, there would have been time to go and check out the telescope and see the stars, something that was nearly impossible to do in a city full of lights.

Once in bed she glanced over at her night table with the picture of her and Angel. Broken apart or not he was still in her heart. Together or not, Clark meant a lot to her after only knowing him for one day. It was as if he consumed her, but in a much healthier way than Angel had. All she could think about as she drifted away was his cute and dorky smile along with a small suspicion that something about him wasn’t normal.

As soon as Clark was sure that Buffy was out of sight he super sped home. It was with great reluctance that he walked into the kitchen to find his parents waiting for him. He gazes at both of them and sighs, “Am I in trouble?”

“No Clark,” his Mother says calmly. “Just tell us what happened.

And he does everything about the accident with no detail left out. During his recantation both of his parents had looks of worry on their face, though for different reasons.

“Of course Luther’s behind it,” his father spat.

“It wasn’t like that Dad,” Clark sighs. “There was a truck that had a log roll off into the street, he couldn’t have stopped it.”

“All that matter is that you’re alright.”

“But are you sure Buffy didn’t see you do anything unusual?”

“Yes Dad, and if she did she was too out of it to realize.” His parents nod in acceptance.

“So tell us more about her,” his Mother urges. “She seemed a bit shy, but you seem to like her.”

Clark blushes, “She’s not so much as shy as she is afraid of parents, well I think. Remember I did just meet her today.”

“Yet she seems to have captured your heart,” he Father reminds him causing Clark to groan.

“I know, she’s just smart and pretty and strong and funny and different and even the way she talks is just I cannot even explain it.”

“Our son has it bad Martha.”

“I’ve never even seem him this worked up over Lana,” she adds.

Completely embarrassed and mortified at the turn the conversation seemed to have taken Clark feigns tiredness and walks to his room. Once in bed he begins to drift into sleep.

His last thoughts as he slips into unconsciousness are of Buffy and how as amazing as she seemed, there were some big secrets she was keeping. He just noticed all the slip ups he had made that day around her. Yet Buffy didn’t ignore them or pretend it didn’t happen and didn’t mention it either. Plus she was helping him in the water.

Prying for secrets or knowing her favorite color, he planned on getting to know Buffy Summers a hell of a lot better.
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