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Wall of the Hellmouth

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Summary: Sophmore year finds Buffy moving from LA to Smallville with a dangerous past. In comes Clark Kent, intergalactic traveler. Slayer and alien meet, secret heritages revealed, and of course as these two heros fall in love evil will attempt to regin supreme

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Chapter One

Disclaimer- Buffy belongs to Whedon and Smallville to Millar, Gough. Superman belongs to DC comics so don’t sue me! Some of the lines are from both the Buffy and Smallville universes, although they may be twisted to fit in the context.

Spoilers- starts at the beginning of season 1 of Smallville only it’s sophomore year instead of freshman year. Clark knows he’s an alien but nothing more than he finds out in episode 1. BTVS is pre- season 1 but uses some references and characters from the series to talk about Buffy’s life in LA such as characters like Willow, Xander, and Angel. It will make more sense as you read.

Chapter 1

Buffy smiles as she looked down at the one lone box sitting on the floor of her room. The very last box she had to unpack and she would finally be able to say she lived in Smallville, USA, literally. Upon opening the box Buffy notices that it is a box full of memorabilia from home. Her old home, she mentally corrected herself.

The first thing she took out of the box was a picture of her and her friends at the movies. If memory served her correctly she believed they had seen some sappy chick flick about some alien chick that got stuck on Earth when her ship crashed. She remembered it being stupid and never wanted to go in the first place, but Xander insisted because the main character had a nice ass.

The picture was from the summer before freshman year and Buffy grinned at seeing Willow wearing her favorite turtle neck in the middle of July. Next to Willow was Daniel Osborne, AKA Oz, who Willow would start dating sometime later that year. Xander was standing next to Oz and had his hand going behind Buffy’s back giving her bunny ears. He loved to do that to everyone even though they were starting high school.

Next up was a picture of Buffy sitting on Pike’s lap on the first day of school. At the beginning of the school year they were going out, but Pike and she had slowly drifted apart as Buffy got more involved in cheerleading. At the end of their relationship she could have sworn he was more into COD than his girlfriend. They stayed friends though, even after Pike moved to New York in the middle of the year.

After her trophies came out and were put away neatly on her shelves Buffy took out her cheerleading outfit and laughed at all of the memories it brought back.

Upon starting freshmen year Buffy decided since Hemery High had no ice skating or gymnastics that she would join the squad. Everyone quickly noticed that she was a natural and Buffy became the most popular girl over night. Her lifelong friends had gotten pushed into the background until the end of the year as she hung out with her new friends like Cordelia, Jennifer, and Kim.

She put the uniform away and took out the sash she had won at the Winter Formal for winning the title of Snow Princess. Buffy vividly remembered the way her and Cordy had fought for weeks since they both wanted to win, but in the end Buffy had won and Cordelia and her had created a sisterly bond. After everything that happened Cordelia was her only cheer friend left.

The picture of her with her tiara was taken right after she won the title and right next to her was her date Angel with his arm wrapped around her with a goofy smile. Buffy and Angel were one of the few young couples who had truly been in love. They would always love one another, but things would never work out. Angel was older for one thing and had too much guilt for his past; none of her friends accepted him and her parents would never approve. Plus it was kind of forbidden to see him, not that it stopped her.

At the end of the year Angel broke her heart saying that he wanted a better life for her than he could provide. She argued and argues, but in the end she could never say no to his chocolate brown eyes when he got his head stuck on something; so they split apart after the most wonderful and sappy six months of her life.

The last item in the box was a photo album with pictures of Buffy, her Mom, her Dad, and Dawn; but mostly pictures of her and Dawn.

Dawn was 7 years younger than Buffy and was the annoying sister that she loved to hate. Looking at the pictures made her heart scream out for her family to be put back together. She looked at one particular picture of Dawn and her at the ice cream parlor and remembered that day. Dawn had just finished her first real dance recital and Buffy had taken her out for ice cream to congratulate her.

Quickly shoving those thoughts away Buffy took the album and shoved it in her closet before she noticed one more box lying on her bed.

Buffy sighed at realizing she wasn’t done unpacking; however she knew if she didn’t finish it she would be dead when she went down to dinner. She opened the box and screamed. Frightened and cursing under her breath she closes the box.

Loud footsteps come stomping up the stair and quickly get louder as the figure enters Buffy’s room, “Are you alright sweetie?”

A sigh, “Yeah Daddy I thought I saw a spider, but it was just fuzz.”

“You sure that was it?”


“If you’re sure Buffy; we both know just imaginative you can be. Well than be down in 20 for dinner.”

Buffy nods and her Dad disappear down the hall causing Buffy to sigh in relief that her Dad didn’t probe into her life too much. If she was with her Mom, well her Mom liked to know everything about Buffy’s life.

Mostly, her Mom did have that selective memory thing going on.

Twenty minutes later a much calmer Buffy decided to hide the box in the back of her closet and made her way into the kitchen. She sees her Dad plating dinner, scallops topped with a cauliflower puree with a side of roasted potatoes.

“Must have spent a long time cooking Dad,” she giggles glancing at the boxes sticking out of the trash. Buffy didn’t get her genes to burn water from her mom.

“You know me, chef at heart.”

She takes a bite, surprisingly just like they made at a restaurant down the street form her house in LA. “It’s good. I’m surprised that a small town like this could have a place with food like this.”

Her dad sighs, “I know this change is big sweetie, but it won’t be bad. I promise.

Buffy mentally cringes, her Dad’s promises never really followed through. On the outside she gave him an odd face, “When did I ever say it was bad?”

He laughed, “Buffy you didn’t have to, last week you lived in Los Angeles. You are a city girl and always will be, but you know after last year maybe the change won’t be so bad for you. Plus Metropolis isn’t too far and I hear they have an excellent mall if you are in need to max out my credit card. If memory serves you love to do that.” It was all said lightheartedly but Buffy couldn’t help but pick up on his hopefulness that things would get back to how they used to be.

That’s all she wanted too.

Buffy smiled at her Dad, “its okay Daddy maybe I can become a small town girl. Just don’t expect me to start working on a farm. That is one part of Kansas I am very happy to not ever have to be okay with.”

“Deal,” he says before kissing her on the top of her head and going to clean up dinner.

Deciding that that was more than enough Father Daughter bonding for the day Buffy decides to skip out on helping clean and goes upstairs to change into her pajamas before going back downstairs and lying on the couch.

She mindlessly starts to flip through channels in order to get her mind off of tomorrow. Buffy was scared as shit to start her sophomore year at Smallville High: home of the crows. It wasn’t that she was nervous people weren’t going to like her; until things began going horribly wrong last year she was quite popular.

No she wasn’t scared just like any other girl starting at a new school would be. Buffy was terrified that somehow things were going to turn deadly. Apparently some strange things happened in Smallville. Lots of weirdness ever since the meteor shower that put Smallville on the map and Buffy liked things normal. She and abnormalness just were like oil and water with the whole non-mixy thing

Eventually she saw some horror movie and turned it on. More than chick flicks Buffy loved horror movies. More specifically monster movies. It used to drive Angel crazy how much she loved them. Not that he would ever complain when she started to snuggle with him.

A monster movie was exactly what Buffy needed and once the credits started rolling she was in the chipper mood she was in right before she opened the box and had her Dad running upstairs.

Yawning she walks up the stairs and settles into bed even though it was relatively early. It was unusual for Buffy to ever go to bed early but she decided she could use some much needed beauty sleep to prep for school in the morning.

At least she was starting on the first day of the year though, makes it a little less awkward. And with that thought the young girl drifted off into dreams full of blood.
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