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Witch Way

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Summary: Xander is the new instructor at a school that might just get more trouble than his own.

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Television > Sabrina the Teenage WitchTjinFR1317060123,64018 Apr 1218 Apr 12Yes
(A/N) You can blame CrazyDans Saber-what story for this, I do not own BtVS or Sabrina.


Stomping into the classroom, Xander sent very bad thoughts in the direction of one Rupert Giles, the man solely responsible for him being here.

The Council seers had pointed out several worrisome points of interest in the area and like all bad ideas, the Council decided to ‘infiltrate’ someone into the local student body.

Stopping at the front of the room, the one eyed man glared at the assembled teens before him and let out a nearly silent growl of frustration. “Morning. I won’t say ‘good’ because it’s not. My name is Alexander Harris and I will be filling in for Mr. Pool from now on. While I am sure you will all wish him a very happy time in Bermuda, where he is no doubt already spending the thirty-seven million dollars he won, it is my sad duty to get everyone back on track. Let’s get started,” Xander declared before pulling down the image of a dissected frog. “Today we will be working on finding the primary parts of a frogs anatomy; liver, heart, lungs. Pair up into teams, be careful with the scalpels and if everyone is done by the forty-five minute mark, we can spend the remainder of the class watching Looney Toons. Any questions?”

Looking around at the shocked faces, Xander nodded. “Good, then pair off and lets be about it. Any funny business and the instigator will be spending extra hours washing and bottling little froggy eyes for this year’s Halloween games” Xander looked happy with that thought before mocking a disappointed realization look, “Oops, now I’ve done it. Now nobody will be playing what’s that flavor.”

Ignoring the assorted sounds of disgust and in one very odd case, actual disappointment, Xander started to watch the children go about their task. It amazed him that just a short decade ago, he was sitting in a similar spot trying to divine a good grade in the entrails of a froggy corpse.

Already the kids were pairing off into their separate groups, the geeks hissing and whispering in their corner while sending withering looks towards the oblivious nerds in another. The ‘Imitation Cordy’ crowd was already complaining about the task and commenting on the impact it would have on their nails, hair, etc. Assorted other, minor groups were forming with a few odd ducks out in the breakers, but they quickly found someone to attach themselves to and the day’s adventures in slice and dice began.

A minute later, Xander spun around as all his Hellmouth-born instinct screamed before focusing in on one of the teens desperately trying to catch an animated frog. Watching the two work, he made a mental note of them, Jenny Kelly and Sabrina Spellman. If he was lucky, one was just a budding witch. If not, then there was a good possibility that there was a latent Necromancer among the student population and that was a situation that he was not fully prepared to handle.

Taking another glance around the room, Xander half listened to the excuse the teens managed to come up with and just barely managed not to roll his eyes. Had the Scoobies’ dodges ever been this bad?


Sitting in front of the computer, Xander opened up the file and after a little creative copy and paste work with Willows Magic ones and zeroes, he had full access to the files on both Kelly and Sabrina. While he was willing to bet his last Twinkie that Spellman was the witch, the irony was just too good to pass up and he had been a watcher long enough to not take anything for granted.

Pulling up the extended family, Xander noticed several rather crude attempts to hide or mislead searchers about a Katrina Spellman before the greater extended family name caught his eye. Catherine Madison and her twin sister Carrie Madison, second aunts to Sabrina, it seemed one had disappeared and the other had run off to California.

Leaning back, Xander rubbed his good eye in disgust before picking up his phone and dialing Giles. It looked like the Scooby luck was still holding strong.

The End

You have reached the end of "Witch Way". This story is complete.

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