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KiGo, New and Old

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Summary: An ultimate Hero finds an ultimate Evil, one that makes her find that she still has a reason to stick around. Tentatively rated 18, but might be changed in the middle.

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Cartoons > Kim PossibleHappyWonKinobiFR1842,534132,15021 Apr 1217 Aug 12No

A talk with Betty

Disclaimer: I don't own a thing. Not a darn thing. (Well, unless I say I do, and I own this plot and one character, maybe more. If you use my character, then please give me kudos, and leave a review telling me what the story's called so that I can tell if you are treating the person/thing right.) Anything I own, I will tell you what it is as it comes up.

A Talk With Betty

"Ah! Hello! You're Dr. Director, right?"

She turned around, startled. "Who are you?"

"I'm the reason Kim Possible is dead and your informant as to how it happened. However, I will only tell you if you promise on your life, your job, anything and everything that will make sure my one wish comes true no matter what."

"What is it?"

"That I get sent to her after I finish talking."

She hesitated, then sighed. "That can most definitely be arranged. Please, have a seat."

A big, flashy smile. "Nah, I'll stand. Wanna get a burger while I talk? I have been known to be rather long-winded."

Dr. Director considered it. "Well, why not? Just let me grab this and we'll have a nice long walk in the park." She smiled as she grabbed a recording device, pushed the record button, and jammed it into her pocket as the two of them left the room. "So, how about you start from the beginning?"

Short hair flew around. "Nope. I'm gonna start from before the beginning. Not from my perspective though. From Kim's. And yes, I am very trustworthy. In this if nothing else."

A/N: Nice beginning, don't you think? A good setup to start a complicated piece.
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