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Penpals and weapons

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Summary: How can a pen pal cause a change in the weapons Buffy and Xander use????

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredrandomguyFR729110153,35422 Apr 1228 Apr 12Yes

Chapter two

Disclaimer- Buffy belongs to Whedon and Smallville to Millar, Gough. Superman belongs to DC comics. I do this only to exterminate plot Bunnies.

Scene: The study in Lex Luthor's mansion where he and Clark Kent are playing a game of pool.

"Hey, Lex you grew up in Metropolis, do you know anything about gangs?"

"You mean like organized crime?"

"No, I mean street gangs."

"I know something about them, I can't say I know a lot. Why the interest?"

"My pen pal lives in an area with a lot of crime and gang activity and the cops seem to be ignoring it."

"Well street gangs typically start with a group of youths from a particular area with some form of mutual interest, such as protecting a neighborhood or a criminal enterprise."

"Hmmm," and then Clark asked a question which caused Lex to send the cue ball bouncing off the table, "have you ever hear of any street gangs based on wearing clothing from the seventies?"

Later on that night in Sunnydale, Buffy and Xander were taking Giles' encouragement of vigilance to heart and using this slack time to work on superior slaying techniques.

They decided to use a contest of who could best combine staking the vertically hold challenged Vampires with a popular dance and Willow would judge them on a zero to ten ranking.

After executing a perfect combination of staking several vampires while doing the Macarena. Buffy looked over to Willow. Who was holding a notebook above her head that had a 9.5 in large numbers on it. "HA, Xander beat that!" Buffy taunted him.

"Ahh, making me bring out the big guns early Buff." Xander shook his head till his neck cracked then proceeded to do the Snoopy dance through a group of prone vampires staking every one.

Willow clapped through the entire dance and when he completed she immediately held up a 12 on her notebook.

"WILLOW, it's zero to ten....." Buffy complained.

"It's the Snoopy dance, it deserves a ranking all it's own." Willow replied firmly.

She pouted, "Giles, we need a watchers ruling is that fair?"

crinkle, was the only response as Giles was rubbing so hard he broke his glasses.

Authors note: I get some strange ideas when I run.

The End

You have reached the end of "Penpals and weapons". This story is complete.

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