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Penpals and weapons

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Summary: How can a pen pal cause a change in the weapons Buffy and Xander use????

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredrandomguyFR729110153,35422 Apr 1228 Apr 12Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer- Buffy belongs to Whedon and Smallville to Millar, Gough. Superman belongs to DC comics. I do this only to exterminate plot Bunnies.

Setting: Early in the Smallville series and a couple weeks after the start of season one of Buffy.

Xander carried the 8' long piece of oak into the library, "Here you go Buff, you snap in half and I'll commence wit the wittlin."

Giles looked intrigued, "Buffy, I didn't realize you had an interest in Eskrima, or is your intention to use both in the Florentine style. I don't have a lot of experience in those forms but I can certainly get you started. I'm so proud that you're taking an interest in a more varied methods of combat."

SNAP, Buffy broke the piece of oak in half and handed the pieces back to Xander to start sharpening the ends. "Eskimo, Florine, huh," Buffy had a confused look on her face, "Giles I just wanted to be able to stake the ones on the ground without bending over."

"So you expect vampires to lay down for you to stake them?" Giles looked confused.

"Expect it NO. Take advantage of it YES, lets face it G-Man, lately Sunnydale has a lotta sleepy vampires." Xander handed Buffy the first four foot long stake to inspect, "We're just taking advantage."

"Perhaps you could explain? and don't call me that." Giles asked.

"Sure," Buffy shrugged, "for the last few days all the vamps we've ran into have been horizontal, apparently their vertical hold isn't holding."

Giles looked at Xander giving him the male universal look that said, 'Did you understand that????'

Xander chuckled, "Every vamp we've ran into recently has been beaten and several have begged to be staked. Something other than the Buffster has a big hate on for vampires."

"Didn't I just say that?" the California princess looked indignant, "Hey, it's making patrol really easy. Take a long walk to the Bronze through some cemeteries, me and Xander stake some horizontal vampires, party at the Bronze, then walk back through the other cemeteries on the way back. Vampires are dust, I get to party and I get home in time so I don't have to sneak in." She made some staking motions with her longer stake, "Now we can do it without bending over."

"While advantageous, it could be a concern, if there is something powerful enough to do that to Vampires it would be behoove us to confirm that it is benevolent in nature. I think some research is in order tonight rather than Bronzing."

"OOOOOO research," Willow perked up, "I'll get started once I finish this letter to Clark."

"Clark???" Buffy asked.

"The Kansas farmboy Willow has been pen pals with since third grade. She had fourteen pen pals back then but Clark is the only one who still writes." Xander explained as he walked off to get ride of the stake shavings.

After he was outta earshot Willow turned to Buffy, "Yea, he's been great lately, it's been nice to talk to another guy about Jessie, it still bugs Xander to talk about it. He's been real understanding and wishes he could help out. He's a nice sweet boy."

Authors note: This came to mind as I was doing some trail cleanup this morning on my walk back from my morning run.
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