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Hellsing Halloween (Genuka Remix)

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Summary: Continuing on from Race's Hellsing Halloween(using the blanket permission left at the end of the first chapter) Giles, Xander, and Buffy all dressed up as members of the Hellsing orginization when Ethan Rayne came to town but it didn't stop there...

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Taking Care

A/n: Some of the specifics of Xander's link to Willow was worked out in a very chaotic skype session with Cryefourme.... As to the last chapter being short, that's how all of them have been lately but it means there's actually a chapter instead of 3 more months of writers block and no chapters to taunt or mock for any reason.

Taking Care

A wide eyed Xander pounded on Buffy's door resulting in a violently ripped open door and a "WHAT?" leaving the cranky slayer's mouth before she could process who was waking her up and that they wouldn't wake her up that way if everything was fine.

"Its," Dawn hesitated then she forged forward in a rush. "Willow tried a spell, it went wrong and mom is moaning and wont get out of bed. Its mom, MOOOM! You remember her right?" As she stomps her foot at her half awake sister. "God! Normally its harder to get you to not get up, now you wont get up now that mom's in danger?"

"Step away from her little key, something is wrong with the slayer." Alucard said quietly, causing Dawn to quickly back into Xander, who instinctively wrapped his arms around her protectively, as Buffy glared at them halfheartedly before giving into a yawn.

"Wanna sleep." She whined sleepily, swaying on her feet as if she'd pulled nearly a full week without any kind of sleep what-so-ever.

"And you will." Alucard soothed as he glided forward and gently lay his hand on her forehead sending her into a deep, restful sleep, barely catching her before she fell to the floor. Next he formed a panel of shadows on the wall next to him, reached in and pulled first Angelus then Spike and Dru out of it from where they had been trapped by the sunlight in the basement.

"My lord." Dru curtsied seeming far more sane for her doses of Alucard's blood. Spike on the other hand had borne the manhandling in silence and looked at Alucard gratefully, glancing between Alucard and Dru, as he waited for his assignment. Angelus just lurked next to the wall and tried not to bristle or shrink back in fear.

"Guard the slayer, and keep her restrained if necessary. No, nibbling Spike." He told the two sternly as he led them into Buffy's room and closed the curtain firmly before casting a sun ward making the room safe for the two Master Vampires to stay in.

"Wot? I would never do that." Spike said innocently drawing an amused look from Alucard, a fond one from Dru, and a dubious one from everyone else.

"Ar.. are you certain this is wise?" Giles practically stammered.

"They will not harm her and will guard her well enough." Alucard told him lightly before turning toward Joyce's room. "I'm more concerned for the Honored Mother. Perhaps we should take her to visit Sir Hellsing." He mused with a slight frown.

"What about Willow?" Xander asked almost inaudibly.

Alucard glanced at his willful childe. "Willow is likely the reason that we did not discover the Honored Mother's condition sooner." He scolded softly. "At the moment she is merely unconscious with less damage and fewer injuries than she deserves from such foolish action. She will keep, Joyce will not. Angelus, put the girl to bed then return to my side. No snacks, no side trips." He ordered.

Angelus nodded and obeyed, carefully putting Willow to bed after clearing away the spell ingredients to ensure that something else didn't happen inadvertently while she slept. Alucard noticed this precaution but didn't comment, he knew how dangerous unattended spell components could be, he'd used them against the careless and unwary more than once. He also noticed that Angelus tried to stay out of most of the sunlight that peeked through the tightly closed heavy curtains once or twice but didn't always succeed. However his clothing was nominally up to the task of keeping him protected from these so very brief flashes of sunlight as Alucard guessed it would be, so he didn't comment on that either.

"Angelus, Alexander, Mage, Watcher, Guard Joyce and Dawn. I will be back momentarily." Alucard ordered as he slid backward into the pool of shadows he had established on the wall for his trip to their new base of operations.

As he traveled Alucard hoped that Janus had left some form of instruction on how to use his preset portals because they didn't have time to perform the ritual for dimensional transport that he had used to get to the Hellmouth in the first place. He was pleased to find that Janus had used a universal set up that he was familiar with, a touch of blood on the desired symbol and a short standard invocation then instant portal to the represented world and occasionally time. It was just what they needed. They could make the frat house livable later, right now their priority was getting Joyce to a trustworthy and knowledgeable doctor who would be willing to listen to the possible side effects of the supernatural. He headed back to the Summers' residence and wondered if he should be nice and walk out of one of the unoccupied rooms or just jump out of the wall and spook his childe and half childe...

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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