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Hellsing Halloween (Genuka Remix)

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Summary: Continuing on from Race's Hellsing Halloween(using the blanket permission left at the end of the first chapter) Giles, Xander, and Buffy all dressed up as members of the Hellsing orginization when Ethan Rayne came to town but it didn't stop there...

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The Beginning of the Aftermath

A/n: Genuka here! I decided to relax and ignore the program that's due for part of my final in programing and write a little bit more to this, might even adopt it properly and put it fully on my account. *thinks about it, finds it appealing, and decides that it can be properly decided later (aka this story... genuka remix)* Any way I hope you enjoy my addition to this wonderful little story! ENJOY!

A/n2: On a review of story posting rules I've not added this or any other chapter to Race's Hellsing Halloween to avoid having any issues with the moderators.

The Beginning of the Aftermath

Alucard looked at the girl and laughed, “I wondered why we stank of chaos magic!” He disappeared into shadows.
Willow looked around and asked "Um where's Giles?"

Alucard appeared behind Ethan and saw of all people Walter standing before the chaos mage. Staying in the shadows he watched as Walter beat the information from the other man “I never thought Walter could be so violent.” Alucard heard the instructions to destroy the bust and grinned he added a little spell before the bust was shattered.

For three residents of Sunny Dale life changed forever as they merged with their costume personas.

The severely beaten Ethan slipped out the backdoor of the shop as both Xander and Giles groaned and started to come around from their brief stint of unconsciousness. Giles having had more experience dealing with chaos magic from his youth came around just barely faster than Xander and upon seeing Xander asked warily. "Alucard?"

"Not quite G-man, heh; but I can feel the geas still connecting me to Sir Integra so I'm betting that the little addition that Alucard tossed into the chaos mix of that stupid statue worked. We, you, me, and Buffy, are now merged with the people we went as on Halloween. How does it feel to have Walter's combat knowledge? By the way Alucard actually respects you, Walter I mean. Weird, huh?" Xander responded weakly almost breathlessly. "Um, G-man? Is their enough magic still around to finish turning me?"

"What?! What do you mean finish turning you?!" Giles asked in alarm. "Don't tell me that there was enough to turn you into a true Nosferatu during the spell?"

"Yep, that's what I'm telling you. Looks like Alucard's got a Childer in an alternate dimension now." Xander chuckled his breathing labored as the magic continued to work attempting to finish the process of making him into a full Nosferatu just as Alucard had been.

"Bloody Hell! Lets get you somewhere safer." As Giles moves, getting up, he notices that his entire muscle mass ratio had changed as well as loosing some scars while gaining others with an added bonus of more fluid movement. "It seems that you weren't the only one affected physically, I've gained more than Walter's memories." He informed his son in all but blood and name.

"Cool. Did you manage to keep the mono-wire gloves?" Xander gasped trying to keep a light tone and to not panic over the situation as his mentor gently picked him up from the shadows of the room where he had collapsed when the Halloween spell was shattered.

"I'll look later, right now we need to get Buffy and get you both somewhere safe. Safer than this or the library. I fear that you two at least will be staying with me for the time being." The older man informed Xander with a slight smile as he moved him out to his car which was still out in front of the shop his old "mate" had used.

"Willow? Buffy?" Xander rasped.

"I sent them back to Buffy's house we're going to pick them up now. Just rest." Giles assured him. "We will be there shortly. We'll have to train Willow so that she can handle any revenant that comes after her. Stay with me Xander, don't you dare die on me!"

"I'm not going anywhere, G-man. I think I'll just take a little nap, though..." Xander finally drifted off into unconsciousness.

Giles looked over his shoulder into the back set of his "Classic" car. "Damn you, Alucard! Why did you have to mess with the spell?" Giles demanded while hitting his steering wheel, continuing his drive to Buffy's house and pulling up moments later.

As Giles pulled up Buffy still dressed as Integra minus the wig rushed out of the front door. "Giles? Are you okay? Where's Xander?" Buffy demanded. "Is he still Alucard? Are you still Walter? 'cuz I still have Integra's memories and the gun's still real. Mom's not back yet. Oh, God what are we going to tell her? There's no way that she won't notice this."

"Calm down." Giles ordered sternly. "What have I taught you? Is this how I raised you to act?"

"Wha? Walter?" Buffy's eyes went wide, then embarrassed she muttered. "Sorry."

"That's better. Now help me get Xander inside. Alucard messed with the blasted spell before I could break it and I need to look Xander over. I don't think we have the time to get him to my flat. Would you mind inviting him in so that we wont have any problems on the off chance that he might actually need the invitation in this universe?" Giles soothed.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, Xander please come inside, and Xander if you hurt my mum we'll find out if you got Alucard's regenerative abilities." Buffy warned the unconscious teen, as she picked him up as gently as possible from the back of Giles' car and carried him into her house....

A/n: Good place to stop for now. I hope that you enjoyed this and I plan on adding more later. This story was just to good to ignore. :D
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