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Hellsing Halloween (Genuka Remix)

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Summary: Continuing on from Race's Hellsing Halloween(using the blanket permission left at the end of the first chapter) Giles, Xander, and Buffy all dressed up as members of the Hellsing orginization when Ethan Rayne came to town but it didn't stop there...

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Slayer Dreams

A/n: This one turned out a little... odd.

Slayer Dreams

Alucard returned after his quick look at the portal set up and upon seeing Xander still hugging Dawn he decided to walk out of a wall and was amused to watch them all jump at his sudden arrival.

"Don't do that!" Xander fretted. "You know how often I nearly have to change my pants from you doing something like that?" He demanded.

"Yes." Alucard deadpanned making Xander look at him in shock.

Dawn smacked him lightly on the arm as she scolded him with a light pout. "That was mean." Only Alucard noticed the look of loathing and hatred that Angel sent their way. It was suddenly very clear to him that Angel was going to be a problem.

Alucard used the sire-childe bond he had with Seras and Walter to give warning that they were coming back with wounded. [Prepare. Joyce has taken ill. I will be returning with her, Alexander, Giles, Ethan, and Dawn. You may kill Angelus if you choose upon our arrival but do not allow them to know I granted permission. He may pose a threat.] Then turned back to the group before he gently picked up Joyce and, to everyone's dismay, wrapped them all in shadows for the trip straight to the portal nexus. Leaving behind an unconscious Willow and Buffy under the care of Spike and Druscilla.

In the Hellsing verse...

Upon recieving this strange message both Walter and Seras first stiffened then glanced at one another before nodding. Searas quickly went to get a medic while Walter stayed behind with Integra in her office and explained the situation, including the exact wording of Alucard's message.

Integra persed her lips before she nodded in understanding. "Deal with him. Joyce is as much my mother as she is Buffy's, treat her as such." She ordered curtly.

As Alucard and the Scoobies scrambled to help Joyce she was experiencing something that should have passed out of her reach long ago. Joyce had been a potential, and now she was having a slayer dream...

Joyce dreamed that her name was Alicia. It was both a long time ago and far into the future. The time for the meeting was upon them. She had been lucky to get a spot on the team of diplomats. True, she was only an assistant but she was still there. Then everything went to hell.

The whirlwind of blood and gore flowed from the blades of the aliens. The humans had thought that they came to talk were shocked by the attack. They were even more shocked when a voice sung out in a clear pure voice. One of the assistants, Joyce, had refused to hide and her voice sung out as she began to dance between the two lines of combatants. Both sides were shocked at this reaction but the aliens paused in their slaughter to watch and listen. There was no recognizable song, no words, and no pattern to the dance aside from avoiding the random obsticles that the fight had produced. She stopped in front of the lead alien and sung a world of hope, sorrow, pain, loss, joy, happiness, laughter, combat, and the very fight to live into the air, stilling the blades and weapons of both sides into silence over their grizzly work.

Then something amazing happened, the lead alien began to sing as well, in an unearthly voice and join in the young woman's song in perfect harmony. The human singer faltered as she recieved flashes of images and sparks of unearthly power flow into her, stinging with a fierce snap of power and emotion. The surrounding aliens began a sort of blade dance, ignoring the humans to surround the two singers and occasionally swing their scythe like weaponry into the center of the circle where the singers stood. Joyce noted the increasingly frequent and close swings with trepidation but kept singing, watching as her singing partner deftly dodged them, until she faltered once again having to dodge one of the blades and barely making it. The swinging blades imediately stopped entering the area where the two were singing and there was a sense of disappointment.

Joyce firmed her singing and sung out a challenge as if she was saying "is that all you got?". The response was for the alien singer's voice to rise as if in hope and the blades started entering their singing area once again but a bit more slowly this time, as if they now realized that she wasn't one of their species and would have different reactions. As she dodged and sung she noticed a pattern, a dance and remembered how some cultures on earth performed weapons dances. She began to time the swings and notice when and where they would emerge inside the circle. She was greatful to notice that they had been providing her with backhand swings of their weapons to dodge rather than the far more deadly forwardhand swings in which the blade proceeded the handle which her singing partner was currently dodging. Finally she found the pattern and began to dance. It was a simple dance to begin with, a familar pattern of 1-2-3, 1-2-3. She let out a laugh of joy, challenge, and determination. She'd never thought that she'd be dancing to the pattern of a waltz in a ring of alien blades.

The alien singer let out a piercing note freezing the other dancers and causing the human singer to clutch her ears in pain, biting back a cry she knew would be mis-interperated by her side, the humans. Slowly, ever so slowly, the aliens put away their weapons, except for the small circle of dancers surrounding the two singers. They merely closed their blades, folding it along the handle, edge sliding neatly into the designed slots, creating club like sticks with the potential to once again become deadly metal scythes, reaping the lives before them.

Joyce continued to dream....

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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