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Hellsing Halloween (Genuka Remix)

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Summary: Continuing on from Race's Hellsing Halloween(using the blanket permission left at the end of the first chapter) Giles, Xander, and Buffy all dressed up as members of the Hellsing orginization when Ethan Rayne came to town but it didn't stop there...

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Druscilla sung softly under her breath as she held Miss. Edith and watched over Buffy as Spike paced the room, occasionally going next door to check on Willow. Dru watched her childe pace and noted how happy he was, she knew the fact that the No Life King had healed her for the most part was a large part of that. He hadn't stopped her visions but he had managed to provide a type of anchor for her when he healed her physical wounds and a number of her mental wounds. Wounds across her mind that had been inflicted by Angelus. She blinked as she got a sudden image of Angelus facing down a group of humans disdainfully, the guns the humans carried though had a dangerously holy sense about them in Druscilla's mind's eye. She sighed as she simultaneously watched the scene play out and saw her surroundings. Spike had noticed the slightly distant look and stopped to check on her, she noted absently. That was alright. She needed to see what was about to happen to her sire though. Druscilla focused harder, holding up her hand so that her childe would not interrupt what she was doing. She watched Angelus taunt the humans, saw them hesitate until a Nosferatu that was dressed as a butler gave an order. They fired. The look of complete and utter shock on Angelus' face right before he turned to dust gave Druscilla a feeling of both immense and viscous satisfaction as she felt the pain of the sire-childe bond being severed. She opened her eyes to see Spike staring at her in mild shock, having experienced his own version of the sire-childe bond being severed.

"Spike? We're free. Lord Alucard has freed us. We belong to him now." Druscilla informed her childe with a wide beautiful, radiant smile.

Spike looked at his Dru, his sire, and knew that it was true. "Bugger." He whispered. "He can't hurt us any more?"

"No," She confirmed still smiling. "He can't."

Spike slumped to the floor in relief, tears of blood beginning to trickle silently from his eyes. Dru opened her arms and he silently scooted over and recieved his hug.

"We're free." She whispered fircely.

"Now we're only bound to Alucard." Spike agreed. "The bastard can't force us to do anything any more." They wept their tears of blood and continued to guard the two girls who were once their enemies...

Hellsing Manor...

The "Hound" hunting unit of the Hellsing organization watched as the revenant that they had been tasked with destroying disolved before their very eyes into ash.

"I wish it was always that easy to catch them off guard." Mikeson said wistfully as he lowered then checked his weapon, sliding the safety on before holstering it.

"Then we would be out of a job and it wouldn't be nearly so dangerous to try and keep the public safe from these monsters." Walter told them with no little irony ringing in his voice.

"Sir? Why did you allow him to turn you?" Another soldier asked hesitantly.

"It was a choice between me being turned or Sir Integra possibly dying to help him accomplish something that needed to be done. We each made a choice and this is where it led. Now if you will excuse me I must inform Sir Hellsing that the revenant is destroyed. She had a particular interest in this one." Walter told them before walking away to do just what he had said, leaving them flabergasted and gapping over his response.

"Bugger. We're dropping the ball if the creature needed help doing something without killing Lady Hellsing." Yet another soldier spat out.

"Could we have even done anything if the creature needed help?" Mikeson asked making them all look at one another in worry.

"Doesn't matter, we should have at least had the chance and the balls to try." Said the questioning soldier. "For god and country, but also for Sir Hellsing."

"For Sir Hellsing!" They chorused.

"Right, lets try and get everyone off of their collective arses and keep anyone else that Sir Hellsing might care about from having to make that sort of choice." Mikeson said grimly.

"A bit late for that." Alucard chuckled as he appeared from the very shadows. "Integra's new mother was injured and is visiting with one of her younger sisters. I shall have to speak to your Queen about them. The magic that made them family is volitile and irriversable. After all we wouldn't want her majesty to accuse Integra of hiding relatives now would we?" He laughed as he faded back into the shadows on his self assigned mission to ^discuss^ the unique situation with the current Queen of England or at least their version of it.

"I think that we should check with Mr. Dornez and then run everyone through their drills. Keep everyone busy and not let them shoot someone who might be a new Hellsing." Someone said faintly.

"Good idea." Mikeson said. "Alright, pack it in. We're done here." They headed back to the barracks.

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